Best Stationary Bikes for Bad Knees In 2020

(Last Updated On: February 14, 2020)
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Bad knees is an issue of a whole lot population of the world, it is so common that there are hundreds of memes on this. Where it’s not that serious of an issue but to make the situation better, exercising is the most effective way. Exercising, in general has a lot of physical as well as mental benefits, let alone a stationary bike. You can never be done by talking about the benefits of exercising. Stationary bikes are relaxing on the joints, as sitting on the exercise bike means that instead of on your legs you will rest your weight on your pelvic bones. That is why it is an excellent option for people who are suffering from stiffness, bad knees or joint pain. So, in this article we compiled a list of ‘best stationary bikes for bad knees. Also, you can check out our list of best stationary bikes for seniors.

Exercising regularly has tons of benefits ranging from a sounder sleep, to a better cardiovascular health, to strengthen your lungs and heart, to a great help in fat burning, to look better and so much more. Bad knees needs your attention, so you have to bring that stationary bike at the convenience of your home, so that you can take care of your body and health more than ever.

Below we have listed some of the best stationary bikes which are suitable for bad knees. Make sure to go through the details of all of them and figure out which one is better considering your exercising needs to you home space to the price. So, without any further delay, let’s take a look at the top three best stationary bikes for bad knees.

Quick Search & Comparison of Best Bikes for Bad Knees

Stationary Bike Resistance Levels Weight Capacity
Marcy Me-709- Editor’s Choice 8 300 lbs Check Price
Schwinn Recumbent Bike 230 20 300 lbs Check Price
EXERPEUTIC 900XL 8 300 lbs Check Price



Marcy Me-709- Editor’s Choice

best stationary bike for bad knees

The very first stationary bike we are mentioning here in this list is by Marcy. Walter Marcyan established Marcy Gymnasium Equipment Company in 1959. He was a visionary and an innovator, he believed that everyone should have the freedom and opportunity to exercise in their own homes with professional grade equipment’s. Walter’s designs are still used in commercial and home applications.

The Extraordinary Marcy brand continues being the best in what they make by offering innovative and new products to the people. It is impossible to talk about the best stationary bikes and not add Marcy’s bike in the list. Their bikes are professionally designed with practicality and comfort in mind.


Let’s talk about the features of this Recumbent bike by Marcy.

This stationary bike uses a smooth magnetic resistance system features eight preset levels of resistance which are delivered by eddy current and makes it perfect for both fitness beginners and professionals. The resistance can easily be adjusted with the tension knob to design your cardio training based on your individual fitness level. Additionally, this exercise bike features the sharp panel display which is an odometer and tracks the speed, calories burned, distance traveled, and time in bigger numbers so that they can be easily read.


If you are looking for an easy and better way to lose unwanted pounds, increase cardiovascular endurance or need a bike which helps you with your bad knees, this ME-709 magnetic recumbent exercise bike is meant for you. With this ME-709 you will benefit from the same type of exercising features which are normally offered on larger and more expensive exercise bikes without giving up precious floor space.

This recumbent exercise bike is made with a compact design which effortlessly fits into small exercise spaces and helps you with bad knees, shape, toning your physique and increase your body’s cardiovascular endurance while also helping you lose weight. The bike offers counter balanced weighted pedals with foot straps which keeps your feet in a proper position.

This ME-709 is made of premium 14 gauge steel tubing, rubber, and PVC and has a quality structure which combines design and functionality with powder coated finish. It is durable and strong enough to withstand heavy daily use and resist chips, scratches or any damages from the environment. The uniquely designed seat with the contoured handles helps in proper body form by allowing your body to easily adapt to the equipment’s design and aid in taking maximum advantage on your target area. This recumbent bike’s design is created so that it is easier on your knees and back.

The ME-709 recumbent exercise bike is armed with wheels allowing for maximum mobility so that you can effortlessly move it and store it wherever you want. The total dimensions of the assembled bike are 55.5 inches by 25 inches by 37.5 inches.


This bike is one of the best bikes in this price range and even better than somewhat expensive ones. But there are few things you should not expect from this ME-709 Recumbent bike. First thing’s first, though some reviewers have found that assembling is pretty easy and gets done in no time but few reviewers claimed that assembling is hard and takes time. Secondly the ergonomically designed pedal straps are not wide enough to fit in your feet if you are wearing big sneakers. If there is more than one person who are planning on using this and they differ greatly in size than you must acknowledge that adjustment will be very cumbersome. Despite of these slight flaws, this is a great recumbent bike.

We mentioned the pros and cons of the Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike:

Pros Cons
Super affordable. Straps on the pedals are not wide enough to fit in big sneakers.
high weight limit.
Compact design takes lesser space.



To conclude, this ME-709 recumbent bike is a great deal, offering basic level of exercising system but with 8 preset levels of resistance. Save gym memberships and make your home the most convenient workout or exercise place. Overall, it’s the best option for your knees if you are on a budget and live in a small space, therefore looking for a compact designed bike, totally recommended.

Schwinn Recumbent Bike 230

Stationary bike with excellent features

The second bike we are mentioning here in this list by Schwinn, which is another popular brand which makes some of the best stationary bikes by keeping durability, functionality and practicality in mind. This is a great bike and is the most expensive one in the list.


First thing’s first, let’s talk about the features of this Recumbent bike by Schwinn. Initially, this Schwinn 230 recumbent bike offers 20 levels of resistance, which means you will enjoy a wide range of workout intensity options. This Schwinn bike allows a high speed and high inertia drive system for any easy start up and quiet workouts, so you do not get distracted by the noise. The built in input port for MP3 players and the USB port lets you device to be fully charged.


Well, overall the design of this Schwinn bike is an extraordinary addition to their existing models. This stationary bike is designed with the seat rail slider system which allows an easy adjust lever which personalizes the fit for each rider. The goal tracking capability of this recumbent bike allows users to set the riders exercise goals like, distance, time and calories. The dual track LCD screen this exercise bike features, displays 22 preset exercise programs which increases visibility to programs and the goal tracking.


Well, overall, this bike is amazing and has a durable design but there are a couple of things you need to know to make sure that the features this bike does not offer are the ones you do not need or care about. Firstly, the back and the seat are made of plastic, which definitely shows that they are not exceptionally comfortable. But even though they are made of plastic, they are not as uncomfortable as you think it would be, it is fine and comfortable to sit on does not affect your workout at all, especially if you are not doing it for longer hours.

Secondly, the stationary bike only allows to add 2 profiles, that means if you want to add the data of a 3rd person this might not be of help. It is not necessarily a put off, specifically if only 2 or less people are going to use it.

Below we listed the pros and cons of this Recumbent bike Schwinn.

Pros Cons
A super smooth ride on all resistances. Back and seat is made of plastic.
Slider seat is easy to adjust and overall a sturdy bike. Allows only 2 profiles.
A lot of programs to choose from.



To sum up, this stationary recumbent bike by Schwinn is still an amazing bike regardless of the minor flaws. These might not be the flaws for everyone as individual needs vary from person to person. You might not even be looking for a bike which has more than 1 profile or plastic seats might not be an issue too as long as they are comfortable to sit on.


one of the best stationary bike by Exerpeutic

The third and last bike we are mentioning here in this is by no other brand than Exerpeutic. It would be impossible to add stationary bikes without a bike from their company.


This Exerpeutic Recumbent exercise bike offers a Bluetooth smart cloud fitness with the free MyCloudFitness app which is available on Android and iOS to check your workout from your mobile device. The app offers three workout goal settings like, distance, time and calories burned.

Along with that, this recumbent bike features 8 level of magnetic tension control system which allows the rider to adjust resistance level from lower to higher. The Smooth Torque cranking system permits a smooth and consistent pedaling motion. Moreover, an easy to read 3 inches large LCD display indicates the information from your distance to the scan. The precision balanced flywheel and the V belt drive provides a smooth and quiet operation.


This recumbent bike offers a Step-Thru design which provides a very easy on and off capability, and as a result providing a more comfortable and effective workout. The heavy duty steel frame construction is durable and can has an extended Weight Capacity up to 300lbs.

It is also designed with the large oversized seat cushion and the back rest for the riders of any size. It is designed with an easy and quick seat adjustments for users between 5’3” and 6’6”. The Hand Pulse helps in heart rate monitoring and the leg stabilizers prevent any extra movement when exercising.


There is no big of a problem with this Exerpeutic recumbent bike, but you must know that assembling is not easy, handlebars and seat are not so comfortable.

Following are the pros and cons of this Exerpeutic recumbent bike:

Pros Cons
Super affordable. Handlebars are not in an ideal position.
Great display. Seat is not so comfortable.
Very sturdy.



Regardless of the flaws, this Exerpeutic recumbent bike is still an amazing stationary bike for the bad knees. And is also suitable for both starters and professionals.


People who exercise daily, especially the ones who use exercise bikes are better able to develop a healthy lifestyle, accelerate fat burning, tone their bodies, strengthen their lungs and heart, enhance their cardiovascular healthy and look and feel better and healthy. But if you have bad knees, you have to make sure that you find the one suitable for your knees and helps in relieving the pain instead of intensifying it.

We already made sure to add some of the best stationary bikes which are also great for bad knees. But to further make your purchase reliable and perfect you have to consider the following features listed below. So, without further ado, let’s get right into out buying guide.


Price is definitely one of the first thing you need to decide on. Preset your budget, so that it can further narrow down your options and make your purchase easier. The prices of stationary bike’s do not vary a lot in comparison to road bikes. The functions and the number of program variations mostly help in determining the prices of stationary bikes. More programs and functions mean, you have to pay more to get those but, if you are really someone who does not want professional level of programs, just go for the normal ones, they are definitely worth it.

The brands also affect the prices, as some professional brands offer good durability and warranty while other brands are not that reliable. We made sure to add, only the best brands in the list so that you get the experience of your lifetime.

Expensive bikes do not mean that they are the most reliable ones. Sometimes, going for the expensive ones is the most improper way as you are relying on the product just because of its price. Check out if it offers all of the features you will need and not any extra features which you are never going to bother about. Same goes for cheap ones, do not simply go for cheap ones to save money, getting a cheaper stationary bike which does not have features you are going to need is a waste of money.


Anything which can be customized will always be more suitable in contrast to the fixed options and there are no exceptions when it comes to stationary bikes. An exercise bike which has adjustable handlebars enables the user to create personal settings for various rides. Though a fixed handlebar is also okay, but it can restrict your exercise especially to someone who is injured. Having fixed handlebars limits your exercise, so the more and adjustable the movements are, the better. Stationary bikes features handlebars, which can be reclined, lifted or can simply be lowered or lifted.

The handlebars affect the lumbar position of your body and can also affect how crouched your body will be. Your position can most likely affect your knee and the cycling motions. Working with adjustable handlebars is also great for people with bad backs.


The seat carries as much importance as the handlebars. It does not only handle the weight of the body but also decides how long can a person be seated on it. The seat also decides the sitting position of the rider and tells how well the body is supported. Best seats are not only well cushioned and well-padded, but they are also well placed, making them comfortable to ride on. Seats typically allow two movements: up and down.

People with bad knees may want to either lower or lift the seat to allow a general work out on foot. One of the very common posture is a 25 degrees on the knee joint, which helps in a comfortable exercise. Additionally, the seat should also be easy to adjust and reposition. Having an adjustable seat and not adjustable handlebars may not serve the precise purpose, which is why most of the stationary bikes with adjustable handlebars also have adjustable seats.

Moreover, the seats should be capable of handling high weights, as most of the people working out have high weights. Even if not, it’s better to have a bike with high weight endurance.


Weight capacity is about how much of a weight can a bike handle. The more the weight a bike can handle, the better it will be. This also is highly dependent on the kind of a material a bike is made up of. Bikes which have aluminum frame are relatively lighter, which does not mean that they are not durable or will hold less weight. Steel stationary bikes are more durable and sturdier, which is what most of the bikes are made up of.

The frame and the seat needs to be able to hold 250 lbs. of weight and it’s amazing if they ca hold more than this. So, the weight of the rider needs to be considered before deciding a product. Seat padding and the width highly determines how much of a weight a bike can handle. If the weight is distributed well on the seat, it reduces pressure on the ‘sit bone’ areas.


Resistance control is about the pressure the person requires to apply to turn the pedal. The point of resistance on the bike pedals is to stimulate the normal conditions. The amount of resistance has levels on mostly all bikes with 1 being the lowest and easiest level, which is meant for starters and 8 being the highest level which is way tough. Choosing the level depends on how much intensity can you bear and be comfortable in.

A bike having resistance control provides customized options which are perfect for bad knees. The rider can easily adjust the resistance to a higher level when the knee is better and can eventually lower it when they feel like the strain is too much on the knee. All of the options listed above offer resistance control permitting the simulation of various terrains at the turn of the button.


If you are most likely to be moving your bike around, then consider either a folding model or the one with transport wheels. The folding options are great since they save space, not to forget that this makes them a little less stable. But the flexibility of foldable ones as they are easier to pack, and transport anywhere may be worth it. Other than foldable ones, bikes with wheels do not pack away into small spaces but can easily be moved around the room. And additionally, they offer much more stability allowing a ride which is way safer.

While few users believe that portable wheels are not one of the main feature a bike should have, as exercise bikes are rarely used. Those stationary bikes which do not come with the wheels will definitely be difficult to move around and may damage the floor as they have rubber padding. Portable wheels are ideal for senior people or people with bad knees as the wheels make it easier to push the bike along the floor. But the choice at the end is entirely up to you and differs from person to person.


Space is now becoming one of the most considerate aspect for any room. Items which leaves more space spare are preferred which is why foldable bikes are ideal. The fact that stationary exercise bikes are at home makes them a hurdle that is only used during the workout. But the bikes mentioned above have a compact design so that they do not take away a lot of your space. You can also lower the height of seat and handles when the bike is not in used to make the space look relatively open.


One of the most rewarding and the best thing about stationary bike is that you can easily monitor your progress and other necessary information like, heart rate. Some of the bikes offer challenges while some even lets you share information across the community. The information displayed on the screen is super beneficial and crucial. The necessary information displayed on LCD include the mileage, heart rate, time, calories, speed and some extras like, challenges and music.

Opt for the stationary bike which offers the information mandatory for your individual needs. The more information the bike displays the better it is, but remember, it costs more with extra information. Bigger LCD screens are better as they provide better visibility for the user in contrast to the smaller ones. They also can be touch screens or can have buttons, affecting price definitely.

But on the other hand, if you are not particularly interested in the quantified feedback of your workout. Then most probably the feedback display screen would not be the top priority.


Well, the noise level depends on the bikes. Some brands seem to care a lot about the noise issue and try their best to minimize the issue, but some brands do not pay any attention to the sounds. The noise levels of the recumbents bike may vary. The manual resistance bikes tend to be noisier than the magnetic resistant bikes.


To sum up this article, we must add that the stationary bikes needs to be chosen after some research or a little know how of what you are purchasing as it is a long time investment and you are not going to upgrade it, at least not anytime soon. So, take some time and delimit what you need, all sorts of features which you need in your bike should be listed so that it is easier for you to decide.

We made sure to help you as much as we could do. All of the top and best stationary bikes for bad knees are listed above and their features, design, limitations, pros and cons along with them are there. Every little information is mentioned above for you to make a fair judgement; the good and the bad included. Additionally, the buying guide above will further assist you to make sure that you do not blindly go for any of the bikes but look separately for the features for a better purchase.

So that is it, we have done our part, we hope now the decision will be easier for you and you will make the best out of it. Best of luck ahead, Exercising is good for your health, regardless of your age and injuries. Look better, feel better, and move better.

Happy Exercising!!!

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