Best Shocks For GMC Sierra 1500

(Last Updated On: June 22, 2020)
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If you think it is time to replace or upgrade your GMC Sierra 1500 shocks, then you are in the right place. In this article, you are going to find the best shocks for GMC Sierra 1500 along with their usages. Yes, you can use these shocks for any purpose, but we have listed the shocks with their best usage—E.g. for highway and commuting.

FYI: Shocks are an important part of your suspension system.

After extensive research of hours, we have only ended up with the top 3 best shocks. In this article, you are going to find GMC sierra 1500 shocks for commuting and highway, shocks for Hauling and towing as well as best shocks for off-road usage. Also, after the shocks review, we have answered the most asked question how long vehicle shocks last? And we also tried to give you tips in making them last longer than average life they have. So, buckle up and start your smooth ride with new shocks!

If you are in a hurry then, the following are the best Shocks for GMC Sierra 1500 with their best function.

Shocks Best For
Monroe 911533 Commuting and highway Check Price
Rancho RS999297 Hauling and towing Check Price
Bilstein 24238304 Off-road Check Price



Monroe 911533

best GMC sierra 1500 shocks for commuting

As we already mentioned in the table above, these are the best shocks for commuting and highway. And for street use. Monroe 911533 offers the following features.


Monroe 911533 are rear shocks and are suitable for GMC Sierra 1500 models. These are monotube shocks so, you should be expecting them to give you better handling and control.

These shocks are exceptionally good in reducing the body roll and give you stability during sharp turns.

Monroe 911533 features a high-pressure gas charge that is suitable for dividing internal oil and nitrogen. As a result, it increases the spring rate as well as boost the damping effectiveness. In the end, you will have more control.

It comes with a hydraulic lockout system to minimize the external impact and pressure on the suspension system.

It also has a dust shield, and the material used for the dust shield is rubber.


These shocks are budget-friendly. We know this is not a drawback, but they are not very long-lasting, according to our research. And can get squeaky after some time.

To help you further, we have listed the pros and cons below.

Pros Cons
Easy to install Not long-lasting
Works excellent for light trucks



Monroe 911533 are the best shocks for GMC Sierra 1500. They are most suitable for daily usage. As well as for commuting and highways. These shocks are easy to install. It does not break your bank and works excellent. However, as they are tended towards daily usage, they have a shorter life. As they will take more toll every day. So, you can experience the shorter life of these shocks as a drawback. But you can also avoid this with proper maintenance. Also, if you have less usage and your way does not contain a lot of sharp turns, they will stay much longer with you.

In short, we highly recommend these shocks for daily use.


Rancho RS999297

best gmc sierra 1500 shocks for towing and hauling

If you use your GMC Sierra 1500 for hauling and towing, then Rancho RS999297 are the best shocks for you. However, if you want to use them for daily use and other purposes like off-road, you can use them efficiently. These shocks are truly modifiable.


To explain Rancho RS999297 benefits, let us take a look at their top features.

These shocks offer a large tri-tube body of 2.75 inches that helps increase the cooling capacity of the fluid.

These shocks are strong and durable as they have nitro carb rod. As we said, these shocks are highly adjustable because Rancho RS999297 comes with 9 position turning options. You can adjust them quite easily according to your needs.

Rancho RS999297 are gas-charged shocks meaning you will get excellent shock performance for your GMC Sierra 1500. Gas-charged shocks aids in minimizing the air to oil blend.

These shocks are exceptionally good in providing smooth rides as well thanks to its banded piston made off filled graphite.

Rancho RS999297 are rear shocks as well.


There are no significant drawbacks found during the research; however, these shocks can be expensive for some.

Pros Cons
Highly Adjustable Expensive
Excellent Performance
Easy to install



These are also the best shocks for GMC Sierra 1500. According to our research, they are incredibly useful for hauling and towing. However, their adaptability makes them excellent shock for any purpose. You can even use them for Off-road. Also, no cons have been found, but they can be expensive for people who are on a budget.

Bilstein 24238304

best gmc sierra 1500 shocks for off road

These shocks are best for off-road usage; however, you can use them for any purpose you want. Kindly note that we only mentioned the best goal of shocks. That does not mean you cannot use the shocks for other purposes.


Bilstein 24238304 offers height adjustability. The two mentioned above shocks are rear, but Bilstein 24238304 are front shocks.

These shocks are also gas charged. They offer a front lift, which can be ranged from o to 1.85 inches.

These shocks have monotube design inside and zinc finish outside. Also, they are an excellent option for adding handling and height to your vehicle.


There are no major limitations. Period!

Pros Cons
Excellent shocks for GMC Sierra 1500 None
offers incredibly good handling
Makes suspension smooth



Without any doubt, Blistein is one of the famous brands of automotive in the United States of America. They offer quality products and after-sale services. Trust us, these are excellent shocks for GMC Sierra 1500. The handling of your vehicle just gets better by adding these shocks. These are a profoundly good option for making your suspension smoother.

Also, we found no cons, and that’s surprising for us as well.

Above we have listed the best shocks for GMC Sierra 1500, but below, you are going to find information on how to make your shocks last longer. So, without any further ado, check out the guide that will probably help you in making your shocks last longer.

How to make your shocks last longer?

Generally, we know that the life of your vehicle shocks is 50,000 to 100,000 miles. However, it is not necessary it can be longer and less totally dependent upon the usage. But the real question is how to get the more out of them? As both front and rear shocks are an essential part of your suspension system, and they are responsible for avoiding bounciness while driving, especially on bumpy roads. Today, we are going to give you some tips so you can get more life out of your shock absorbers.

Try to avoid uneven roads as well as potholes

Indeed, no one can take control of the conditions of the road. However, if you have an option between bumpy and non-bumpy roads, go on the non-bumpy way even if it will increase the distance of your destination.

If you have no option and you only got the uneven road, then we highly recommend you drive slowly on these rough bouncy roads. Also, avoid the potholes to get the most out of your shocks.


Avoid bouncy roads and potholes as much as you can.

The rule is straightforward. Put less stress on your shocks and get more life out of them.

Say no to overloading

Every vehicle has a suspension system, and it has a safe weight limit. If you put more weight on it sooner or later, your suspension system will take a toll, and the most burden will be on shock absorbers. So, know the weight capacity and avoid straining your shocks.


Never put more weight on your shocks than they can bear.

Frequent stoppages

Ah, the smoother, the better the life of shocks. However, if you have a lot of stoppage on your way, you are going to have troublesome shocks. These frequent stoppages are usually accurate for tailgaters who use a lot of brakes. So, tailgating people if you can avoid the stoppage, please do to make your shocks last longer.


Fewer breaks are good for the health of shocks.

Weather affect

Everything is avoidable but not the weather, so what can you do if you live in a snowy, rainy, and salty area? These conditions surely add quick rust to your shocks, and you can do nothing about it. But yes, you can clean your suspension system often to avoid rust.


Clean your shocks and suspension system regularly.

Wrapping it up

This is the end of the article. If you are here, then you probably know the top 3 shocks for GMC Sierra 1500 as well as how to get more life out of your vehicle shocks.

We have listed these shocks after extensive research. Also, we have listed their purposes, but you can use them according to your needs, above mentioned shocks suitable for any need. We only highlighted the best usage of them in the quick search table.

You can let us know your thoughts and questions via the comment question below.

Have a safe and smooth ride!

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