Best Baby Swings for Small Spaces In 2020

(Last Updated On: April 24, 2020)
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Finding a small compact baby swing in the market that also provides great soothe, comfort and entertainment to your baby can be a hectic task. Well, you don’t have to worry now. We have taken care of this task for you. We have analyzed dozens of baby swings and came up with three best baby swings for small spaces.

As soon as a baby arrives in this world, the house gets crowded with baby stuff and there is no corner left where you don’t find his/her things. With already stuffed rooms, getting a full-size baby swing makes you feel like that you don’t even have a place to put your feet in. More above, small, and compact baby swings are a lot easier to deal with and are easily moveable from one place to another. They don’t take much space and makes the room look spacious and airy.

FYI: If your baby suffers from acid reflux check out these baby swings.

Let’s get started with the three best baby swings ideal for small spaces.

Quick Search & Comparison of best baby swings for small spaces

Baby Swing Weight Dimensions
Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom- Editor’s Choice 7.01 pounds 22.50 x 28.50 x 23.00 inchesCheck Price
Fisher-Price Colorful Carnival 9.76 pounds 25.39 x 19.84 x 25.04 inchesCheck Price
Bright Starts Whimsical Wild Swing 4.08 pounds 28.50 x 22.50 x 23.00 inchesCheck Price




Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom- Editor’s Choice

best baby swing for small spaces

This is the first baby swing in our list!

Ingenuity cozy kingdom portable swing keeps your baby comfortable as well as protected and secure when you’re busy with other tasks. It has been made in China.

Let’s move towards its amazing features!


The swing features gentle music that will keep your baby calm and contented. There are six original melodies with volume control and auto shut-off option so that it automatically shuts off when your baby fell asleep while listening and enjoying the fun, gentle sounds.

There are six-speed options so you can choose the speed of your baby’s preference that he best gets comfortable with. TrueSpeed technology makes sure that the speed remains consistent.

It also features a comfort recline seat with two positions. The seat reclines to different angles to provide your baby with ultimate comfort. The deluxe seat also features removable head support.

The comfy fabrics keep baby really cozy and warm and don’t make him feel like that he’s not in his parent’s hands.

This swing also features a foam toy bar with two plush toys that are easily accessible to your baby. These toys keep your baby entertained and distracted while your parents finish their work.

It is also machine washable. This feature is helpful when your baby accidentally creates a mess when he spits up the milk or food or because of any other reason.

WhisperQuiet technology ensures that there is no unwanted noise.


This swing is ideal both for parents and the baby as it is easily foldable and portable. Due to its small and compact design, it doesn’t take much space in the room and can be easily taken from one place to another. It requires a space that measures 22.5 inches deep, 28.5 inches wide and 23 inches high. The swing weighs 7.01 lbs only. Super light!

The interior is made of polyester so that the baby remains all warm and cozy while the exterior is made of steel so that the swing doesn’t get break easily and works for a long time.

It is for babies less than 24 months. The swing can hold a maximum weight of up to 20 lbs and a minimum weight of up to 6 lbs.

The swing is powered by batteries. It requires C type batteries to function.

Care Instructions

It is to be noted that you must wash the fabrics with cold water, gentle cycle.

You must not add bleach.

The seat pad is placeable in the dryer but on low heat.

Air dry headrest flat.

You must wipe toys and frame clean.


As it runs on batteries, you have to purchase batteries as they not included in the package. The swings take a lot of batteries. This can prove heavy on your pocket.

Many people do complain about their different sitting positions. They complain that either the seat is straight up with no backrest support or it is reclined for a newborn. So technically, there is only one safe recline position.

Then there is also a complaint about music. People complain that music is quite loud and has no volume control.

Let’s have a quick review of its pros and cons!

Pros Cons
Portable Takes a lot of batteries
Comfy fabrics Only one safe recline position
Easy to clean



Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing is a very good swing overall. Its soft fabric keeps the baby cozy. It is ideal for small spaces as it doesn’t take much space and is foldable as well as portable. The toys keep the baby’s senses engaged. Overall, the swing provides the baby with entertainment, comfort, and coziness. Where its ideal for babies, it is also perfect for parents due to its small compact design.

Fisher-Price Colorful Carnival

compact fisher price baby swing

This is the second swing in our best swings list for small spaces!

It is a two in one, swing and seat. So, your baby can soothe as well as have fun in it.

Let’s have a detailed look at its immense features!


The swing features six swinging speeds from low to high so you can choose the speed that best suits your baby’s mood.

What’s the most amazing thing about it is that it easily convertible into the stationary seat with vibrations so you can take it along wherever you like.

The seat is very comfortable so that your baby remains cozy and warm in it while the five restraint points protect and secure your baby.

The seat pad is machine washable so you can easily wash it if your baby accidentally creates a mess on that.

Two dangling animal friends in the swing keep your baby distracted and entertained. While your little one is busy reaching and batting them, this exercise enables him to develop motor skills.

It also features 10 tunes and two nature sounds with volume control that soothe the baby and ensures a peaceful sleep.


The swing has been designed in such a way that it can be folded flat with an easy carrying handle. So, you can carry it easily with you wherever you are going. You can shift it from one place to another easily and it doesn’t take much space in the room. It requires a space that measures 25.39 x 19.84 x 25.04 inches. And weighs only 9.76 lbs.

It is capable of holding a maximum weight of up to 40 lbs.

The swing is powered by 4 c batteries.


Just like every other product in this world, this product also has its limitations.

Some customers complain that its straps are too tight. A 12-pound baby can barely fit in it.

Some people complain about its material that it has been made with cheap and flimsy material. It might not be very good for the long run use.

The swing runs on batteries and they don’t come with the unit, so you have to buy them separately. This can take a huge chunk out of your money.

Let’s quickly review its pros and cons!

Pros Cons
2 in 1; swing and seat Short straps
Comfy seat Cheaply made
Easily foldable



Despite all the complaints and drawbacks, Fisher-Price Colorful Carnival Take-along Swing & Seat is a very fine swing overall. It performs the dual function of swing and seat. Its comfy seat makes sure that your baby remains comfortable in it. The animal toys keep the baby entertained and contented. Above all, its easily foldable frame is what makes it most reliable for parents. It doesn’t take much space and is easy to carry anywhere.

Bright Starts Whimsical Wild Swing

Compact automatic baby swing

This is the last and final swing for small spaces in our list!

You can actually provide more restful moments to your baby by this swing’s three amazing features: swing, sway, and rock-a-bye. The Bright Stars Whimsical Wild swing won’t let your baby feel that he’s not in your arms. Instead, it will keep your baby so warm and comfortable just like you do.

Let’s jump towards its immense features!


First of all, it features two reclining features that make sure that your little one won’t be discomfort.

For your baby’s entertainment and distraction, there are two happy, smiling toys in the toy bar and they are also removable. You can take the toys with you wherever you want to keep the baby contented. The toy bar is also removable. You can remove it when taking out your baby from the swing for easier access.

Six cheerful melodies will soothe, entertain, and calm your baby.

It features five adjustable harness points that will keep your baby secured and protected.

The Weight-adapting technology ensures that both the newborns and infants experience the same, favorite speed of their choice even when they grow.

WhisperQuiet technology quietens down every other sound coming from the swing except for the sweet babbling of your baby. <3

Let’s move towards its design!


This swing has got a very small compact design. This swing is lightweight and easily foldable so you can easily take it along with you wherever you want, and it won’t take much space also. It requires a space that measures 28.5 inches deep, 22.5 inches wide and 23 inches high.

It can hold a minimum weight of up to 6 pounds and a maximum weight of up to 20 pounds. In other words, this automatic swing is suitable for 0-9 kg babies.

The swing is powered by batteries. It requires 4C batteries.

Care Instructions

For washing seat and headrest, clean with a sponge dipped in warm water and a mild detergent. Never ever clean them with ammonia, abrasive, spirit and bleach-containing detergents.

Make sure to dry the seat pad thoroughly on a flat surface before using/storing it.

DO NOT attempt to spin on tumble dry the parts.


The first limitation you might face, as most customers do experience, is that you may find this swing unstable for newborn babies. Baby falling out can be the worst case.

The other complaint most heard about this swing is regarding its seat. Customers complain that its seat is very weak and also too low making it unsafe for the little one.

It requires 4C batteries which are not included along with the swing. So, you’ll have to buy them separately.

Let’s have a quick review of its pros and cons!

Pros Cons
Light and compact Unsafe for newborns
Removable toys Require batteries
Cozy and comfortable



Despite all the drawbacks, Bright Starts Whimsical Wild Swing is one amazing swing. It is ideal for small spaces as it is very compactly designed. It also keeps your baby happy and contented with its immense toy bar. The cozy and comfortable seat doesn’t let the baby feel that he’s away from his parents. This swing is definitely worth the investment.

How to choose the best baby swing for small spaces?

All the three swings mentioned above are amazing and are head-to-head with each other in competition. When all of the products are featuring such amazing functions, it often confuses the mind which one to choose and which one to drop.

Well, in this case, there are certain factors which if kept in mind can make it easy to decide. For this purpose, below we’ve provided a simple guideline that contains a few factors which you can keep in view while choosing the best baby swing for small spaces.

Light and Compact

As we are specifically talking about baby swings for small spaces, the swing you’re planning to buy must be lightweight and compact in size. It will hardly consume any space in your room and its lightweight will give you easier access to store it or take it along with you wherever you want.

As it will not take much space in your room, you can easily place your other necessary stuff without crowding the room.

You can take the swing wherever you want, you can easily store it and you can easily carry it as well.

Restrain Points

Newborn babies and infants are always at risk to fall out of the swing. When you’re carrying the baby there’s no chance that you’ll drop him/her. But when he/she is in a swing, there are many chances that the baby will fall out.

In such a case, baby swings often come with restraining points that protect and secure your baby. Restrain points ensure that your baby doesn’t fell out of the swing. A baby swing with maximum restrain points is desirable.

You get relieved when you know your baby is safe in a swing so you can do your house chores without worrying about him/her because you know that the swing doesn’t gonna let that happen.


A swing being foldable gives you access to store it easily and take it wherever you prefer. When a swing is folded it becomes half of its actual size which means you can easily carry it, shift it from one room to another, easily store it or you can take it in your car if you’re traveling.

Removable Parts

If parts of a swing are removable, they make it very easy for you to wash them and store them. When you want to use the swing again, you can assemble its parts. But if you’re storing it, you can store it in parts.

One thing, this keeps the swing safe from damage. Secondly, it consumes less space wherever you store it. Lastly, you can easily wash the swing in parts.

This proves very reliable and efficient for you because, in the end, you have to wash it and make some space to store it.


A baby not only relaxes or plays in the swing, but he also creates a mess. Yes, that’s right!

He creates mess sometimes by splitting up the food or milk and sometimes when you fail to properly diaper him/her. No matter however he creates a mess, you have to clean it.

For this purpose, the swing must be washable. Often, the seat pad and headrest are washable, and the baby also creates a mess on the seat pad commonly.

Some swings are machine washable but some you can only clean them with a sponge and with high care. But the main thing is you can WASH it and that’s enough.

Multiple Swinging Speeds

Another common feature that you should keep in your view while buying the best baby swing is that it should have multiple swinging speeds.

The baby swings with various speeds allow you to tweak them according to your baby’s needs and disposition.

This keeps both you and your baby happy and contented. You cannot swing your baby all the time, your hands definitely need rest. At this point, swinging speeds best serve this purpose.


Melodies are an additional feature, but they actually make the task easier. Babies do get attracted to cheerful melodies and it helps them to calm and soothe them. Often times, the baby gets asleep while enjoying the cheerful melodies.

You don’t always have to sing songs to your baby to make him fell asleep. Instead, the baby swing does this job on your behalf and makes sure that your baby gets a very peaceful sleep.

Toy Bar

A toy bar in a baby swing actually helps a lot. Cute, smiling hanging toys keep the baby’s senses engaged. They provide him a lot of entertainment and prove to be a good companion of your little one.

In this way, your baby keeps distracted and contented while you finish your other house duties and work.

Comfortable Seat

This is the most important factor that you must keep in view while choosing a baby swing. The swing’s seat must be comfortable enough for the baby and there should be a proper headrest place so that the baby keeps in a good posture.

The swing seat should be cozy and comfortable enough that the baby couldn’t recognize whether he’s in a swing for his parent’s hands.


Next comes the swing’s material!

It is important to note with which material the swing has been made.

The interior of the swing must be made with soft material as it has to provide comfort and coziness to the baby while the exterior should be made of hard, strong, and sturdy material so that it can be used for a longer time and don’t get damaged easily.

Often times, when storing or moving a swing, it does get a break. But it’s made with strong material; it won’t get damaged easily.

Such a swing proves to be quite efficient and you should definitely go for that swing.

Final Conclusion

Small spaces require small and compact baby swings.

Small and compact baby swings are much desirable as they don’t acquire much space in the room allowing you to place other important stuff and are easy to be taken along wherever you want. Compact baby swings make the room look airy.

Along with small and compactly designed, such swings are light-weighted, so they are very easy to carry. A baby swing specifically designed for small spaces is also often foldable. So, you can fold it and make it half of its actual size.

It is very hectic and difficult to search for markets for small baby swings that also provide immense features. But luckily you have just jumped on the right website. Before you even decide to go and search the markets, we have already done that for you.

We have provided you the three best baby swings for small spaces available in the market. And just beneath them, we have also provided you with a simple guideline by following which you can make the right decision that you’ll forever cherish.

We hope that by now you must have all of your queries cleared and you are now able to choose one swing that you think best suits you and your baby’s needs.

Keep you and your little one contented by making the correct decision! 😊

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