Best Window Air Conditioners For Large Rooms 2020

Best window air conditioners for large rooms
(Last Updated On: September 11, 2020)
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It does not matter if it’s your apartment, bedroom, classroom, office, or garage, sometimes you really need to cool down, and that old desk fan isn’t just enough. Now it’s time to move up to an air conditioner, but what kind of air conditioner? There are many kinds of air conditioners, but let’s talk about something smarter and more efficient, and that is the window air conditioner. Window units have the capacity of cooling large rooms like halls. So, we’ve listed the best window air conditioners for large rooms, so you can choose the best one.


A window AC is stored fully outside of your living space, which is appealing to some people who like the idea of reducing chaos. And one more thing, a window unit absolutely uses energy more precisely than a portable AC does. That simply shows, get even more cooling power per BTU.

When you are looking at window ACs, check out the BTU rating. A higher number of BTU means the larger room that unit can cool. Windows units can come with a number of features such as timers, remotes, and digital thermostats. All of these availabilities may help you make your decision as well.

Most of the window units can be installed through the wall and do not require an actual window space. For this type of installation, you have to buy a ‘through the Wall Window Air Conditioner’ that has a special kit that allows the unit to fit that particular type of area.


For some people the noise level of the unit is very important. Air conditioners are prominent for making a humming sound when they kick on. While there is no obvious difference between portable and window devices, you may find differences between specific models. If this noise factor is important to you, look for the decibel (dB) rating on the model information. When choosing between two models, you would go for the unit with the lower dB rating.

A window air conditioning unit is a great tool for efficiently cooling large spaces. It can actually reduce your energy bills in warmer months. By assessing your needs and considering the benefits of every model, you can make the right decision between three.

The 3 window air conditioners that we have listed are durable devices that work well in homes with large rooms. Their cooling power is admirable, and they are very durable. Their parts and quality of construction fully satisfy the needs of many people. Read their details and buy yours without being worried.

Quick Search & Comparison of Window Air Conditioners for Large rooms

Window Air Conditioner BTU Dimensions
Friedrich Chill Series CP15G10B Window Air Conditioner- Editor’s Choice 5200-24000 30.3 x 25.5 x 16.9 inches Check Price
Koldfront WAC12002WCO Window Air Conditioner 12000 21.4 x 19 x 14.6 inches Check Price
LG LW1816ER Window-Mounted Air Conditioner 18000 26 x 28.1 x 17.7 inches Check Price


Friedrich Chill Series CP15G10B Window Air Conditioner- Editor’s Choice

best window air conditioner for large roomThis is an energy-efficient and easy to handle Window Air Conditioner of Friedrich Chill Series. Its programmable timer setting can help manage energy and the Money saver setting can help reduce cost. It is especially designed to cool large rooms like halls, but chill can cool a single room too, with its capacities from 5200 to 23000 BTU per hour and with its Auto Air Sweep feature. The Auto Air Sweep swing louvers provide rational air distribution, for cooling the room or large, open spaces. All of its models include a remote control.

This Chill series of Friedrich is very efficient with its sleek and stylish design and standard quality and durability. It is designed to cool large rooms up to 700 sq. ft. and can be installed as a window AC or on the wall. Its Ultra-quiet operation is used to minimize noise. CP15 also features a 24-hour timer that lets you program on and off times, and Auto-restart saves setting, if anytime power is interrupted, and an antimicrobial air filter. It’s all installed hardware that is standard and are washable.

Pros Cons
It's a dynamic model. Poor Customer support
Contains an Ultra-quiet operation to reduce noise.
Features Continuous Auto Air Sweep swing louvers, and A Power Cord Flexibility.



This Friedrich Chill Series Window Air Conditioner is no doubt an awesome Window unit, unbelievably efficient, super-fast and most robust of its kind, which makes it totally worth it’s high price tag. Its build quality is outstanding. It is very tough to find an expert who will complain about this unit’s durability. CP15G10B, in fact is the easiest to handle and installed unit and is perfect for large rooms. What makes it even more impressive is its capacity per hour, Auto Air Sweep swing louvers, and its power cord, highly recommended.

Koldfront WAC12002WCO Window Air Conditioner

window air conditioner for large area

The Koldfront WAC12002WCO compact window air conditioner is perfect for cooling a room up to 550 sq. ft. with 12,000 BTUs of cooling power. The perfect essential addition to large bedrooms, living rooms, studies and halls. It’s totally up to you, install this Energy Star-certified WAC12002WCO, anywhere you want. 

It can be installed in windows of 23 inches to 36 inches wide and with a minimum height of 15.5 inches. Adjust its features and operation settings conveniently from up to 16 feet away by its remote control. This model of Koldfront offers some energy-saving features too, like, thermostat-controlled operation, check filter alert, sleep mode and many more. Its sleep mode will ensure you are resting well while helping save on energy bills. This function will adjust the temperature regularly by 2° F before returning to the set temperature after 6 hours. 

It’s one of the best features is Digital Display on the unit’s control panel. You can combine 3 fan speeds to easily control airflow. While its dehumidifying function will cleanse your space of excess moisture. 

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This Koldfront Window Air Conditioner delivers on all counts. It is compact, lightweight, and is very fast in cooling halls and large rooms, generally it’s a great compromise between performance and size. It’s a perfect Window unit for which is easy to install and is Energy Star-certified. This most powerful window unit also feature a remote control and saves energy. And it’s sleek design with digital display plays its own role. 

LG LW1816ER Window-Mounted Air Conditioner 

best window air conditioner for large rooms

Enjoy a never-ending cool breeze and keep the summer heat at bay with this perfect LG 18,000 BTU 230V window-mounted air conditioner. This model of LG is the most efficient one that cools a room up to 1000 sq. ft. And with its energy saver mode, you can get a cooler room and save even more. It features a 24-hour on and off timer and an 11.9 EER (energy efficiency ratio). 

You will absolutely love this model of LG because it features a lot. Get a room cool on from across the room with its stylish full functional remote. And for its durability LG has patented gold fin anti-corrosion coating, which acts as a protective shield. With a dehumidifying function of up to 4.9 pints per hour to cleanse your space of excess moisture.  

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