Best Window Air Conditioners for Small Apartment 2020

window air conditioners reviewed for apartments
(Last Updated On: January 18, 2020)
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Window unit air conditioners are amidst the most popular kinds of cooling units, for their amazing space saving convenience and ease of installation. Window air conditioner is oftentimes referred to as a room air conditioner as well. It is the simplest and most convenient form of an air conditioning system and can be mounted both on windows and walls. It is a single unit which is assembled in a casing where it’s entire components are located. In this very article, we compiled some of the best window air conditioners for small apartment, carry on reading to find out more about air conditioners.

If you decide that a window air conditioner is the best choice for cooling for you, start by doing some homework so that you won’t regret things later.


Begin by deciding which room or rooms and exactly how much space you want to cool. Purchasing the biggest air conditioner, you can find will definitely not necessarily make you feel more pleasant and comfortable. Air conditioners that are way too big for the area they are supposed to cool will automatically perform less effectively and efficiently than a smaller and properly sized unit. And this is because an oversized unit will cool the area to the thermostat set point before the sufficient dehumidification occurs, leaving the inhabitants feeling uncomfortable and clammy.


The window air conditioners are always sized by the number of British thermal units (BTUs) they remove from your living space over the full one hour period. The units mostly range from 5000 to 28000 BTUs in size. To estimate the entire size correctly you would need, a normal rule of thumb which is that the units need 20 BTU of capacity for each and every square foot of the living space being cooled. Another necessary factor to consider when choosing a unit is the height of the room. The ceilings higher or even lower than eight feet can as a result change your calculation. Also consider where the direct sunlight will be during the hottest part of the day as well. If the exterior of your unit is not shaded, it will without a doubt have to run longer to compensate for the extra additional heat.


Since the air conditioners run on electricity, so don’t forget to consider where you will plug your unit into. The smaller room air conditioners (10,000 BTU and under) which may be plugged into any 15 or 20 amp circuit only if it is not shared with any other major heavy appliances. And the larger units (12000 to 15000 BTUs) need their own, dedicated 115 volt circuit. The largest models (18000 BTU and larger) need a dedicated 208 or 230 volt circuit.


To optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of your unit, you need to consider a few more things. When installing you air conditioner, be sure that the unit is leveled as per the installation instructions, so the drainage occurs appropriately. Make sure that the unit is adequately supported on the exterior also. Some larger units are especially heavy and need some additional support. You would not want to experience that horrific and awful feeling that occurs as you watch your brand new unit smash on the sidewalk below. At this point, and then there is no way to cool you down. Also, always seal the gaps between the perimeter of the unit and the window to keep humid and hot air outside.

Additionally, do not place the televisions or lamps near your air conditioners thermostat. Sensing the heat from these electronic appliances, the air conditioner will run a little longer than required. Set your thermostat as high as it’s comfortably possible for you. Using fans in conjunction with the Air Conditioner will help distribute the cool air more evenly while providing you comfort at higher temperature setpoints and also saving energy.

When you turn on your air conditioner, never turn your thermostat setting down, lower than your usual temperature setting. The colder thermostat setting will never cool your home any faster and might result in unnecessary expense and excessive cooling. Set the fan speed of your air conditioner on high, except on the very humid days. When the humidity is high, set the fan speed on low for additional comfort, which will eliminate more moisture from the air because of the slower air movement through the air conditioner’s coils.


And then, remember that all air conditioners CONSUME ELECTRICITY. In general, the larger the unit is, the more electricity it will use. Sadly, some people do not realize how much electricity their air conditioners consume until they receive their electric bill, sometimes after more than a whole month of use.


Before you consider the price and features of the window air conditioner, start by deciding the size of the unit you need for your space you want to cool, as well as where you will place the unit. The window air conditioners we compiled below have cooling capacities ranging from 5000 to 6000 British thermal units (BTU).

To accurately measure your room, multiply the length of the room by its width. But do not buy only by BTU. Energy Star recommends that you should make allowances for other considerations also, such as the height of your ceiling, where the unit will actually be placed, and the size of your windows and the doorways. In addition:

  • If your room is heavily shaded, reduce the capacity by 10 percent.
  • If your room is extra sunny, increase the capacity by 10 percent.
  • If more than two people occupy the room on daily basis, add 600 BTU for every additional person.
  • If you plan on using the air conditioner in the kitchen, you need to increase capacity by 4,000 BTU.
  • And if you are looking for cooling large area, we recommend best window air conditioners for 1000 sq. ft

So, without wasting any more time let’s have a look at the top best window air conditioners for small apartments.

Quick Search & Comparison of Best Window Air Conditioners for Small Apartment

Window Air Conditioner Coverage Area Dimensions
Frigidaire FFRE0633U1 6000 BTU 115V- Editor’s Choice 250 sq. Ft 15.7 x 18.6 x 12.8 inches Check Price
GE AEM05LX 19 inches Window Air Conditioner 450 sq. Ft 24 x 18 x 14 inches Check Price
TCL Energy Star Window Mounted Air Conditioner 250 sq. Ft 15.7 x 18.5 x 13.4 inches Check Price


Frigidaire FFRE0633U1 6000 BTU 115V- Editor’s Choice

best window air conditioner for small apartment Check Price


Frigidaire FFRE0633U1 6000 BTU window mounted mini compact air conditioner by Frigidaire is ideal for precisely cooling a room for up to 250 square feet. It cools the room fastly on hot days and it’s quiet operation keeps you cool without keeping you awake all night. The low power start-up and the operation conserves energy saving you money. It’s ready-select electronic controls permit you to set the comfort level to your personal preferences, while the effortless temperature-readout displays the set temperature for your conveniences. A full function remote control permits you to accurately control the temperature and it’s fan speed from the other side of the room.

No matter where the unit is mounted. Additionally, the clean air Ionizer removes impurities and pollen from the air providing extra relief for the allergy sufferers. It has 12.2 energy efficiency ratio (EER). It uses standard 115 Volts electrical outlet. It dehumidifies up to 1.3 pints per hour.

Following are the pros and cons of this Frigidaire 6000 BTU window mounted compact air conditioner.

Pros Cons
Affordable. Some reviewers have complained that it came with shipping damage.
Multi speed fan.
Easy to install.
It has clean air ionizer which purifies the air.



If you live in a small apartment, this Friedrich Chill window air conditioner can perfectly handle it, the 6,000 BTU model can cool down rooms for up to 350 square feet. If you are a light sleeper you will purely enjoy how quietly this conditioner operates, with the minimal possible noise so you won’t be kept awake throughout the night by a whirring sound. It also oscillates left and right as it cools the entire space, so your whole room will get an even cool.

If you are the one who’s trying to save on your electricity bill, well you will be glad to know that this very model is ENERGY STAR rated, so you won’t have to stay cool at the cost of sky high energy costs. This unit can easily be installed in a window, or in a wall for up to 7.5 inches deep, and it’s power cord can run to the right or left no matter where the outlet is located in your space, giving you extra flexibility.

GE AEM05LX 19 inches Window Air Conditioner

window air conditioner for small spaces like apartment  Check Price


This window air conditioner by GE features an energy saver mode, is Energy Star Qualified and has 3 fan speeds. This air conditioner also features an easy Mount installation and 24 hours on and off timer. It’s 20.9375 inches wide, 12.75 inches height and 15.72 inches deep. It has a Cooling Capacity of 5200 BTU, and 3 different Cooling Speeds. It also has adjustable Air Direction and 4 number of Air Directions.

It’s also Energy Star saves energy, saves a few bucks and also saves the environment. As a result, making it shoe-in for the Energy Star Qualified badge. Has 5-15P plug type and R-410A refrigerator type. It provides a removable Filter Type and UL Certification; it’s backed by more than a century of the proven safety science expertise, consumers, businesses, and the regulatory authorities around the world acknowledge the trusted rigor and the technical excellence of UL certifications.

Below we mentioned some of the pros and cons of this GE AEM05LX 19 inches Window Air Conditioner.

Pros Cons
Quiet operation. All the lights of the remote time out after a few seconds and does not even have any option to change that.
Easy to install.
Energy star.
Ul certified.



This GE AEM05LX 19 inches Window Air Conditioner is perfect for small apartments. It’s efficient, quiet and small in size. It easily gets attached to the window. It’s convenient to install and also comes with everything to stick in a slide up window and just seal it up. The 5200 BTUs is an efficient capacity for smaller bedroom averaging about 100 square foot. The energy efficient unit won’t break the bank. Highly recommend.

TCL Energy Star 6000 BTU 115 Volt Window Mounted Air Conditioner

Check Price


It’s a 12.2 EER energy star qualified. It has 6000 BTU air conditioner which is perfect for window mounted installation. It cools a room precisely for up to 250 square foot, with up to 1.73 pints per hour of dehumidification. It’s four different modes include auto, fan, cool and dry. It has 3 fan speeds, 3 cooling speeds, plus 24 hour on and off timer. It automatically adjusts the fan speed and temperature to make the room more comfortable and pleasant during the night. The set temperature will automatically raise by the 1.8°F (1°C) every 30 to 60 minutes. At most, the temperature will change six times till the temperature reaches 82°F (28°C).

It conserves energy by simply turning off the compressor when the room reaches the desired accurate temperature. The fan motor will run for 10 minutes, and stop for 20 seconds, then operate again. The compressor will eventually turn back on when the room temperature rises above the set temperature. Based on the unit setting and room temperature, the unit will accordingly switch to one of three mode settings (Dehumidify, Cool, and Fan modes). The very unit’s control display can be easily turned off, so it is not illuminated whole night. A filter cleaning light will easily display after 500 total hours of the run time to remind you to clean your air conditioners filter to provide optimal operating efficiency.

Below we mentioned some of the pros and cons of this TCL Energy Star 6,000 BTU 115 volt.

Pros Cons
Display can be turned off. Doesn't have a drain hole or a detachable container.
Easy to install.
Comes with filter cleaning timer.
Energy star rated.



It has a remote control which is a nice feature and the fact that it is energy star and will help keep the operating costs a little low when using it. TCL products are a great option for everyone with small as well as large budgets. Plus, it’s setup is easy and quick with a long power cord and the window mounting kit is also included.


If you are considering a window air conditioning unit to keep you cool this summer, you obviously need to know about the advantages the air conditioners provide. The upfront expense is significantly less than adding the entire central air conditioning system to your home. The small units that cools a room starts at a little more than $100, while the units large enough to serve an entire 1400 square foot house are often priced below than $850. They are easy and convenient to install. Most of the purchasers can mount their unit easily themselves.

They can be installed in so many places. If your place has single or double hung windows, and transom most can find a perfect and suitable place to install. If you want to provide cooling to only those places where needed, then the room air conditioners can be less expensive to operate than the central units. They provide a temporary and transferable cooling solution, which is perfect for the renters who may move very often or have a landlord who is not concerned in investing in a more expensive solution.


Window air conditioners provides an effective room cooling in apartments or rooms without any access to the central conditioning systems. To set up the window air conditioner all you need is an appropriately-sized window (or even a wall space), and an air conditioner. While you think that selecting an AC is an easy task, trust us it’s not and you need to consider these few things before making a purchase.

Look for Energy Misers

Latest Energy Star window air conditioners come with the better insulating materials and a clearer instructions that helps you get a good seal around the entire unit, reducing the hot and humid air to come inside and also minimizing leaks of cool air.

Note the Noise

It is not necessary that the models which work efficiently are quiet too. So, you always need to make sure that the unit you are planning on purchasing does not produce any excess or loud sound. As these units won’t be appropriate or won’t let you enjoy a good night’s sleep. The air conditioners we compiled in this list are quiet and the only sound you might hear is of the running fan. The Air conditioners which score fair for noise might disturb light sleepers when you set them on low and are distracting to all when it’s set on high.

Factor in the Window Location

The window air conditioners usually do a better job blowing air in just one direction. That can cause a little problem if your window is not centered on the wall. To cool a room uniformly, you will need to direct air to its center, so check to see whether your Air Conditioner needs to blow the air to the left or to the right. Some of them have fan arms that swivel.

Check Filter Location

Make sure that you purchase the air conditioner from which you can easily access the filter for cleaning. As it is something which you will need to do frequently to keep the unit in tip top condition for a longer period.

Consider Intelligent Cooling

Some of the air conditioners have gotten more efficient and smarter, permitting you to control and adjust the speed and temperature from your smartphones. You may even be able to interconnect them to the other cooling units in your home.

Install It Correctly

To get the most out of your window air conditioner it must be installed properly. Most of the units are intended for the double hung windows. If you have the casement windows, you may want to consider purchasing a through the wall air conditioner. Make sure that your window unit is level so that it drains accurately. And moves any heat generating devices such as a lamp or TV away from the unit.

Watch the Warranty

You should try to watch out for warranty. Some air conditioners have longer warranty than the others. When you are purchasing a new unit, don’t forget to check the manufacturer’s website for some more information, and don’t forget to ask the retailer about the warranty for the brand and that particular model you are considering.

Final Note

All in all, the above mentioned air conditioners are top rated and have good reviews. we hope this article and guide was of some help for you and also assist you in purchasing the best air conditioner.

Happy Summers!

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