How Long Do Window Air Conditioners Last?

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(Last Updated On: May 11, 2019)

Window Air Conditioners can last between 8 to 10 years. All of the makes and units have similar lifetime, but it can vary according to usage, maintenance and storage.

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The number one factor of determining the life of window air conditioner is its usage. If, you use your unit regularly it is prone to die younger compared to the unit which is used rarely. To be clearer, the unit which is used for 2 months in a year will last longer than a unit which is used for 4 months in a year.


Ah Yes, maintaining things can make a lot of difference in life span of machinery. Maintenance is most important factor for keeping your unit safe and secure as well as to get the max life out of it. Studies have showed that window AC’s which remains dirty die prematurely sometimes even before their warranty period. Keep in mind that, the window air conditioner makers offers 5 years warranty on average. So, you can imagine if you do not keep your AC clean it can die within 5 years or less. As, we mentioned above that average life is 8 to 10 years but if you do not keep your unite clean you won’t get the average you will get the worse. So, first step in maintenance should be cleaning every major part of your window air conditioner.

Always prevent air flow from getting blocked, Keep the evaporators coils clean. Clean the drain tubes every year. Also, clean your condenser. One more important thing is filtering some units have re-usable filters and other requires replacement. So, check your window air conditioners manual to determine which filtering system you have. If it is reusable clean it. If, its need to be replaced change it.

Installation plays a vital role in life of Window Air Conditioner

If you install your window air conditioner in shade (out of sunlight) its life will be longer as it will be prevented from getting over heated. Also, always double check installation before using your unit.


You can attain maximum life out of your cooling unit if you choose the right cooling capacity for specific room. E.G if you want to use a window air conditioner for small apartment you need to have right BTU’s according to area you want to cool inside your apartment or whole apartment.

If you opt for lower BTU unit and want to cover more area it will put a serious dent on the life of your AC. So, always ensure that you keep sizing of the Air conditioner, its cooling capacity and area you want to cover in mind. Never overload your air conditioner if you want the max service life from it.

Storing of the Window AC’s

It sounds cliche but it is better to store your items. Same is the case for storing window Air conditioners. In winters, you are not going to use it so, why keep it hanging and risk it for getting damaged and dirty for no reason. We highly recommend you remove your unit and store it in a dry location when not in use. There are Air conditioner covers available in the market get one for your unit and cover it to prevent it from dirt. Never store your unit on high places like shelves from where it might fall. Also, do not store it where it can get harmed by getting bumped or kicked for no reason ?.


Taking care of your unit can increase its life. Always keep an eye on usage. Do regular maintenance.  Store and cover your unit in winters or whenever you are not going to use it for a long period.

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