How To Clean An AC filter (Infographic)

(Last Updated On: August 20, 2020)

Cleaning air conditioners filter is not an extremely hard task, and usually, it is not time-consuming. I do it myself from time to time. If I can do it, anyone can do it ?. To make the cleaning steps easier, we have created the infographic just for you. So, if you are liking our infographic series, please do share it with others.

If you are not an infographic person, then for you, we have written the text content as well ?. Our sole purpose is to serve our readers, and we are trying our best to satisfy every reader that comes to our blog. That’s why we try to cover aspect.

With that said, let’s check out the infographic explaining how to clean the ac filter. Also, below the infographic, you will find step by step guide if you prefer text content.

how to clean an ac filter infographic


Turn off your air conditioner. After turning off your conditioner, unscrew the front panel, and behind it, you will see the AC filter or filters. Take them off softly.


Analyze the debris on it. If the dust is too thick, you need to wash the filter. If you see that dust can be removed with dry cleaning, only go for it. Note that, only you can judge if the filter needs a wash or not.


If you want to wash ac filter clog your sink with water and put your filter in the water. Clear it gently with the soft brush to ensure that there is no more sticky dust left. Now, dry the filter. After drying, if you see, there is dust left wipe it off with a dry cloth. You can also use the mild washing detergent if you think the dust will not get off.

Now for those who think their ac filter needs no washing as your filter has only dry dust. You can use a handled vacuum, the compact air blower, or any cloth that can clean the ac filter without any hassle.


Now the cleaning part is done. And we are going to assume that you have already dried your filter if you have washed it. You can see that your ac filter is spotless now. It is high time to put back the ac filter in its place.


After putting the ac filter back, you have to close the panel. Ensure that the filter is appropriately placed, and the panel is closed.


Now, wait for 5-10 minutes. Turn on the AC and check the cooling and air throw is good. If it is okay, then you have managed to successfully clean your ac filter.

Things to Consider

  • Ensure that you keep your ac filter clean as it is essential to keep the airflow going and keep your room cool.
  • You must clean the ac filter once a month. If you have a forgetful mind just like me, then set the reminder on your cellphone or any gadget of your choice.
  • Never ever wash the ac filter in the dishwasher.
  • Never re-install the wet filter in your AC.
  • Do not use the Air conditioner without the filter. As you do not want to have un-filtered polluted air circulating in your home.


Cleaning Ac filter is not a hard task, and you can do it quite easily. But make sure to follow the steps we mentioned above to have the best cleaning. Filters of an air conditioner is an essential component, and keeping it clean does positively impact the health of ac.

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