What are window air conditioners?

window air conditioners
(Last Updated On: May 3, 2019)

Window Air conditioners are cooling units made to fit in standard Windows. They come in different sizes as well as can cool down areas of different sizes. These Air conditioners measure their cooling capacities in BTU (British Thermal Unit).

These Air conditioners are cheaper replacement of Central air conditioning. As, we already know that Central Air conditioning is an expensive option and not very fitting for people who lives in small apartments. Hence, opting for window air conditioner is viable option for small rooms, apartments and bedrooms.

FYI: we have listed best window air conditioners for small apartment.

Window Air conditioners use two coil system one for cooling and one for heat along with two fans. Dual fans throws air on these coils in result these coils take away heat and humidity out of room.

Also know that BTU plays a vital role in determining the cooling area. The higher the number of BTU’s the larger the area they cover. So, always choose the Air conditioner accordingly. E.G if you want to cover large area lets just assume from 1000 Sq. ft to 1600 Sq. ft you will need an AC of 18000 to 25000 BTU.

If you are interested in covering smaller area E.G bedroom or small room, you do not higher BTU. Usually Window AC’s with 5000 to 8000 BTU are enough.

Why Window Air Conditioners Are Still Popular?

No doubt, the technology has progressed and now we have Portable and hybrid Air conditioners in the market, yet some people still prefer window air conditioners over them. The reasons can vary but most common ones are following

  • Budget Friendly Pricing
  • These Cooling systems are Energy Efficient
  • Can cool Up rooms Very quickly

Why they known as Budget Friendly Cooling System?

They are known as budget friendly units because their pricing starts from just $100 to $150. And, you know what? The window air conditioner ranging from $150 to $200 are enough to provide best cooling solution to small apartments, bedrooms and rooms like study, dorm etc. However, they higher the BTU the higher the pricing will be. However, they are still cheaper if compared to other cooling systems.

Energy Savers

Yes, the best window air conditioners are energy savers. They get measured via EER you can read more about EER here. In short, the higher the energy efficiency ratio the more, resourceful will be the air conditioner. So, when you decide to buy air conditioner choose the Energy star label ones.

Quick Cooling

Window Air Conditioners get placed in specific room or area so, they are quicker in cooling as they are focused to one place only.

Some Downsides

Following are some disadvantages of window air conditioners.


In this age, there are a lot of cooling systems and among them window AC’s are noisiest.  The reason behind their noise? Both motor and compressor are inside the house. The other factor is installation. Yes, you read it right. If, window air conditioner are not installed properly they produce more noise. The do seem pretty easy to install and we tend to install them by ourselves as we are not professionals so, we can make mistake, and that mistake can cause a lot of annoyance so, it is preferable to hire a professional for installing AC.

Outside View Will be Blocked

Once, the AC installed in window your outside view will be blocked. Also, you will not be able to open the window.

Exterior Support

Its sad however true that window air conditioners do require outside support. The reports of Units falling out are very common.

Final Takeaways

Window air conditioners are good option for your apartment, bedroom and sometime for larger area as well. They are budget friendly, does not require a lot of energy but it depends upon the unit so, always do your homework and choose the best AC which offers all features. We already made this task easy by listing window air conditioner for large rooms to small apartments you can see those lists on our blog.  Everything has downsides. The only thing you can do is to minimize them by choosing the best products. In this scenario, the best window air conditioner ?.

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