Best Dry Shampoos for Curly hair in 2021

(Last Updated On: February 7, 2021)
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Curly hair does look pretty. Wait, I forgot to mention ‘to others’ :P. Well, only the people with curly hair understand that how much struggle is required to manage them. It’s no piece of cake! Curly hair are so unpredictable. They require more hydration and less washing. There are some mornings when you’re running late and don’t have the time to shower or there are some days when you actually don’t feel like taking a shower. But what for else dry shampoos have been made? We live in such era where now big brands also have started to produce dry shampoos specifically for curly hair keeping in view our needs and interests. In this sense, we’re fortunate maybe!  We researched and analyzed dozens of dry shampoos and camp up with the three best dry shampoos for dry hair in this article.

FYI: We also have listed best shampoos for hair loss. 

There has been misconception that dry shampoos soak up your excessive hair oil and make you refresh. Then, there’s other dilemma that dry shampoos cause build-ups in the scalp. Well, it all depends on which shampoo you choose and how do you use it. No doubt, curly hair are bit fragile. Not bit, of course! Very fragile!!! The reason it’s all just twists and turns.

For this particular reason, natural hair oils take longer time to travel from top to bottom and curly girls experience low level of moisture. A good dry shampoo just supplies your strands with necessary refresher and certainly cleanses your hair. We’ll talk about the best way to choose a suitable dry shampoo and the factors that need to be determined in the key at the bottom of this article. For now, let’s start with the three best dry shampoos for curly hair.

Quick Search & Comparison of Best Dry Shampoos for Curly Hair

Shampoo Main Ingredients
Klorane Dry Shampoo with Nettle- Editor’s Choice Nettle extract,Silica,Cyclohexasiloxane Check Price
amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo Sea buckthorn berry,Cetrimonium Methosulfate,Citronellol Check Price
Bumble and Bumble Pret Bentonite clay,Tapioca Starch,Geraniol Check Price



Klorane Dry Shampoo with Nettle- Editor’s Choice

best dry shampoo for curly hair

This is the first shampoo in our list.

This dry shampoo absorbs oil from hair and scalp in just 25 seconds. Ultra fast! It controls the oil production for up to 48 hours. Also compatible with straight, wavy, curly, coily, fine, medium and thick hair. It is free from sulfates SLS and SLES, parabens, formaldehydes and its releasing agents. It also doesn’t contain phthalates, mineral oil, retinyl palmitate, oxybenzone, coal tar, hydroquinone, triclosan and triclocarbon. Klorane dry shampoo is vegan and comes in recyclable packaging.

Let’s have a look of this shampoo’s key benefits!


It is a plant-based shampoo which absorbs the oil from hair and scalp instantly.

As it is free from harsh chemicals, it doesn’t pose any threat or harm to hair or the skin.

The shampoo keeps the hair and scalp all cleaned and refreshed by removing the oil, dirt and odors from them.

When impurities are being removed from the hair, they get all light and bouncy.

It is completely safe for colored and chemically treated hair.

Along with absorbing and refreshing tasks, it also adds volume to the hair.

This dry shampoo cleanses your hair without water and allows you to have a break between washes. It leaves no residue behind.

The most amazing and interesting fact; it is gentle to use every day.

Let’s move towards its key ingredients!


Butane, Propane, Isobutane: Most dry shampoos have these propellants. They help to distribute the ingredients evenly throughout the hair.

Corn and Rice Starch: Most of the dry shampoos include starch from corn or rice as a key ingredient. They soak up all the excessive sebum effectively yet keeping the hair and scalp moisturized. Corn and rice starch make hair dry and silky. They also prove beneficial in stimulating blood circulation in the scalp.

Nettle extract: It helps in absorbing excessive oil and also regulates the natural oil production in the hair. Along with this, it is also very effective in combating against hair loss and stimulates hair growth.

Water: It serves many purposes. It fills the hair and scalp with moisture and also opens the hair cuticles so that the shampoo can penetrate deeper and remove dirt and oil from deep within.

Silica: It helps in making the hair more flexible so that they are not to breakage easily.

Isopropyl Myristate: It provides softness, smoothness and moisture to the hair and scalp. It also provides lubrication to the hair.

Cyclopentasiloxane: They are known to form a protective barrier on the hair. This prevents detangling and breaking of the hair and also reduces frizz.

Cyclohexasiloxane: It works as a hair conditioning agent. It forms soft, invisible film on the hair which provides lubrication, smoothness and silky feel on the hair.

Cetrimonium Chloride: It mainly prevents buildups in the hair. It cleanses the hair by preventing the growth of microorganisms. It also allows the water to mix with dirt and get rinsed away.

How to use it?

There’s no mystery in using it. Just shake well before you use. Spray on the hair from about 10 inches away, mainly hitting the roots. Leave it for 2 minutes and then remove by hand or by brushing.


There’s only one think you must take care of: Do not inhale it and use in well ventilated areas.

Now, let’s have a quick review of its pros and cons!

Pros Cons
Gentle to use every day None
No residue build-up
No harsh chemicals



Klorane Dry Shampoo with Nettle is a good shampoo overall. It is a plant-based shampoo and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals. Also doesn’t leave any residue on the hair. It absorbs the oil instantly and leaves the hair all fresh and shiny.

Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo

best dry shampoo for volume and adding shine

This is the second dry shampoo in our list. Along with absorbing excessive oil, amika perk up shampoo also adds shine, volume and style to the hair without causing any chalky residue. The shampoo is formulated without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, artificial colors, formaldehydes and its releasing agents, cruelty, aluminum, talc and other harsh chemicals. It is compatible with all hair types including straight, wavy, curly, coiled and tightly coiled. It is also compatible with oily scalp. The shampoo is available in a 5.3 oz spray can.

Let’s have a look of its key benefits!


Along with absorbing excessive oil, the shampoo also adds shine to the hair.

It reduces static, detangles hair and provides glossy look to the hair.

The shampoo also refreshes and cools the scalp.

It dry cleanses the hair and scalp, refreshes and revives the texture of the hair.

The shampoo in compatible with all hair types and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals.

It also adds volume to the hair.

Let’s see its key ingredients!


Panthenol: Panthenol is a part of Vitamin B group. It improves effects of hair elasticity, moisture retention and flexibility. In this way, it improves the damaged hair. Moreover, it also prevents against breakage and reduces split ends. It also strengthens and makes the hair smooth.

Dimethicone: It forms a barrier on the outer layer of the hair. This helps in smoothening the cuticle and makes hair frizz free and shiny. It can also protect hair against damage caused by thermal styling. For this very reason, it is also added to many heat protectants. It also prevents the moisture from getting lost from the hair.

Sea buckthorn berry: It is rich in essential fatty acids and Vitamin A, so it is helpful in nourishing and maintaining a healthy scalp. It also contains Vitamin E which helps in stimulating the blood circulation in the scalp which resultantly promotes hair growth. It also protects and hydrates the hair.

Butane, Alcohol denat., Propane: These are propellants which are being added in a dry shampoo as they help in distributing the ingredients finely and evenly through the hair.

Butylene glycol: It is a conditioning agent which softens and improves the texture of the hair. Butylene glycol coats the surface of the cells to condition the hair.

Cetearyl Alcohol: It is considered effective for healing dry skin. It also softens and sooths the hair and skin.

Cetrimonium Methosulfate: Its main job is to prevent static and buildup in the hair. It does so by preventing the growth of microorganism in the hair. It also cleanses the hair and scalp by allowing the water to get mixed with dirt and oil so that they can be easily rinsed away.

Quaternium-91: It is known to enhance hair shine and smoothness.

Water: It is an essential ingredient found in almost every shampoo. It cleanses and refreshes the hair and scalp. It also keeps them moisturized.

Limonene: It possesses various anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-stress properties. That’s why it is usually added in the hair care products.

Citronellol: It regulates oil production in the scalp. It also cleanses hair and scalp by preventing dandruff, environmental pollutants buildup, residue, dead skin, dirt and oil.

Rice starch: It helps in absorbing excessive oil instantly. Besides, it also adds texture to the hair. It also aids faster growth of the hair.

Obliphica oil: It protects the hair from environmental pollutants. It moisturizes and strengthens the hair. It fights against breakage, hair loss and graying of the hair.

How to use?

Shake well before you use it. Spray it evenly from mid-lengths to ends by keeping it away for about 10-12 inches. Brush through the hair and enjoy clean, shiny hair.


There are some points that you must keep in mind regarding this product.

The aerosol is extremely flammable so you should definitely keep it away from hot surfaces and any kind of heat. It is strictly prohibited to expose the product while smoking. Do not ever spray on an open flame.

Do not burn the container even after you’ve used it. Keep it away from extreme temperatures.

Keep it out of reach of the children.

Let’s quickly review its pros and cons!

Pros Cons
No harsh chemicals Aerosol highly flammable
Absorbs oil
Compatible with all hair types
Adds texture



amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo is a fine choice overall. It not only absorbs excess sebum but also adds texture, shine and volume to the hair. Its compatibility with all hair types makes it super convenient and reliable. It doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals either. The shampoo goes perfectly with curly hair.

Bumble and Bumble Pret

best dry powder shampoo

This is the last shampoo in our list. It is an all-in-one dry shampoo. Pret a powder absorbs excessive oil, adds volume and shine to the hair and refreshes style as well. It deeply cleanses the hair and scalp. Also compatible straight, wavy, curly, coiled and tightly coiled hair. It goes with both healthy as well as color-treated hair. This dry shampoo is free from sulfates, parabens and phthalates.

Let’s move towards its key benefits!


It performs all-in-one function. It absorbs the oil at the roots, adds volume and shine to the hair and also refreshes hair style.

The product is free from harsh chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, formaldehydes, etc.

It is compatible with numerous hair types and textures.

The shampoo also provides protection against the drying effects of the sun.

Let’s have a look of its key ingredients!


Corn starch: It soaks up all of the excessive oil yet keeping the hair and scalp moisturized. It also leaves a soft film that makes hair silky. It also helps in stimulating blood circulation in the scalp.

Bentonite clay: It is extremely helpful for dry scalp, damaged hair, frizzy hair, heat damage and shine-lacking hair. It moisturizes the hair and scalp. Bentonite clay also removes the excess dirt and oil as well. It is a shampoo and a conditioner in a one.

Tapioca Starch: It reduces the heavy feelings of grease, oil, esters and waxes. It is also beneficial in absorbing oil at the roots and refreshes the scalp.

Oat kernel flour: It is known to have certain anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and protective properties. It cleanses and provides moisturizing effects.

Silica: It is a key ingredient in collagen creation. That’s why it promotes healthy skin and hair. It helps the hair to retain its elasticity and also repairs damaged hair.

Polysilicone-22: It forms a film on the surface of the hair strands which allows to act as a lubricant effectively for detangling hair.

Citronellol: It makes the hair less greasy by decreasing the amount of sebum produced by the scalp. It nourishes the scalp and reduces itchiness.

Limonene: As already discussed above, it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Geraniol: It balances the production of natural oils. It also nourishes the scalp and promotes growth of healthy hair.

Potassium sorbate: It is used as a preservative in hair-care products.

How to use it?

All you have to do is shake gently to roots and massage.


The potassium sorbate being used in this shampoo is known to be eye, skin and respiratory irritant. It is found to have negative effects on human’s immunity.

Let’s have a quick review of its pros and cons!

Pros Cons
All-in-one function Potassium sorbate can prove harmful
Compatible with numerous hair types
Sulfate and parabens free



Bumble and Bumble Pret A Powder Shampoo is a very good shampoo overall. It instantly absorbs the excess sebum and leaves hair smooth and shiny. It refreshes style and is also safe for color-treated hair. Pret a powder goes perfectly with curly hair. It is a best choice overall.

How to choose best dry shampoo for curly hair?

It is a dilemma that dry shampoos cause hair to dry and also cause static and buildup. Well, it is clearly wrong. Curly hair are surely less moisturized than other hair, but dry shampoos do not make curly hair any drier. It all depends on which shampoo you choose and how do you use it.

There are factors that need to be taken into account while choosing a suitable shampoo for you.


Some shampoos generally contain harmful chemicals or elements that may cause irritation or any other harm to the skin or hair. It is very important to determine ingredients of the shampoo before buying a shampoo. You should clearly see with which chemicals you’re allergic and which chemicals can harm serious harm to you.

On the other hand, there are some elements which are highly flammable. Serious care should be taken of such product and avoid using it near any flammable area.


The shampoo you’re looking for should be compatible with all hair types and textures. If not so, it will prove inconvenient and unreliable for you. Searching markets for a specific hair type and texture is surely no joke!


You should choose a shampoo that is free from any kind of sulfate. For instance, sodium lauryl sulfate is very harsh for the curls. It can cause damage to them. So, when looking for a dry shampoo for curly hair, it should be completely free from sulfates.


The shampoo must be gentle to use every day. It doesn’t make hair sticky and doesn’t cause any buildup. It all comes down to the point with which ingredients it has been made. So, ingredients do require more consideration.

Simple to use

The shampoo should be simple to use otherwise it will create a lot mess. It will also help you in saving a lot of your time.

Final Conclusion

Curly hair are all nice and pretty until it comes down to take care of them. They surely do require more care than other types of hair. They require less washing, less heat, less everything. 😛 They are generally drier than the other hair types. That’s why they need special care and attention. When it comes to dry shampoos, there has been a misconception existing that they make hair drier as the name implies ‘dry’ shampoos. Well, we assure you that’s not the case.

Dry shampoos are quite beneficial when you’re running late or cannot wash your hair everyday as in the case of curly hair. They do not make your hair dry or cause any buildup rather remove oil and dirt and make hair presentable. In this article, we have presented three of the best dry shampoos specifically targeting the curly hair. Besides, we have also presented a simple guideline which will help you in making a decision.

Cheer up girls, use dry shampoos confidently and enjoy your natural, beautiful curls! 🙂


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