Best Humidifiers For Dry Nose In 2021

(Last Updated On: February 7, 2021)
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The word ‘Humidity’ sounds so unpleasant in the summer season. Still, in the winter season, you need to have it in the air to avoid any unpleasant experience like cold, flu, dry skin or scalp, dry nose, and others. With just the right level of humidity, your winter days can become a lot better. All you need is a humidifier in cold and dry days, which makes the air around you more comfortable to breathe. But by having tons of humidifier options available in the market, it may become overwhelming to choose one for your needs. We made things a little easier by adding some of the Best humidifiers for dry nose in this article.

Humidifiers provide healthier breathing, which leads to a healthier life. There are many symptoms or signs which show that you need a humidifier. For instance, if you suffer from cold, throughout the dry season (from November to March), your skin or your scalp is dry, you have Asthma or other respiratory issues. These are a few signs which signal you to have a humidifier in your home. A dry nose especially can be really irritating at times. The Humidifier is an instant dry nose relief besides drinking more water, enjoying a hot bath, applying a moisturizer, or a nasal spray.

We chose the following humidifiers for dry nose. After some vigorous search through the internet to find the best and top-rated humidifiers. These humidifiers offer different unique features and have different prices. Just so, people with tight budgets can also get their hands on this must-have item of dry days. Furthermore, we have added the pros and cons along with other necessary information, which will make things a whole lot easier. So, without any further delay, let’s take a look at some of the best humidifiers for dry nose.

Quick Search & Comparison Of Best Humidifier For Dry Nose

Humidifier Tank Size Weight
HuPro Premium Ultrasonic- Editor’s Choice 4L 8.48 LBS Check Price
TTLIFE Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier 6L 6.71 LBS Check Price
Elechomes SH8820 5.5L 6.30 LBS Check Price



HuPro Premium Ultrasonic- Editor’s Choice

best humidifier for dry nose

We are starting off our list of best humidifiers for the dry nose with this 4 liters premium ultrasonic Mist Humidifier with both Cool and Warm options. This Humidifier is designed to provide you relief if you are suffering from a dry nose, dry cough, dry skin, or eyes. It is perfect for bedrooms, and suitable for babies too. Ultrasonic humidifiers are a popular choice as the use of high-frequency vibration to produce fine mist and have quiet fans.


Let’s take a look at the features of this HuPro Ultrasonic humidifier. This Cool and Warm mist humidifier offers a smart humidification system, triple purification, and an essential oil diffuser. It has 4 liters of capacity and is ideal for rooms up to 500 square feet, and one refill lasts up to 30 hours. The Humidifier allows up to 140° Fahrenheit of Cool and Warm mist. The smart humidification system of the HuPro Humidifier allows three humidity control options. Which are constant humidity, auto mode, and 5-speed levels.

This HuPro Ultrasonic cool and warm mist humidifier keeps the water fresh and prevents it from any kind of odor with its special lamp feature. The water, before turning into the mist, passes through active carbon and mineral pellets of the ceramic filters of the Humidifier and also does not need to be changed. For better and healthier breathing, Air ionization produces 300 million cleansing ions per minute.

Furthermore, to make the air in the room smell fresh, this Humidifier features an essential oil box for a more relaxed experience. Aroma oils are famous for reducing stress and anxiety. They also improve sleep and boost your energy to help you become more active throughout your day.

This 1.06 Gallon decent sized bedroom humidifier ensures an ultra-quiet operation of less than 30 dB for better sleep. The Humidifier also features a sleep mode that deactivates all the lights and sounds for perfect sleep, suitable for everyone. Some other safety or energy-efficient features not only allows you to save energy but also ensure humidifiers’ long life. The 12-hour timer saves energy, and an automatic turn off feature when it is out of water keeps you safe and maintains the Humidifier.


When it comes to design, you for sure know just by having a quick look at this HuPro Ultrasonic humidifier. That it is not only convenient to use but also seems super sturdy. This lightweight and portable Cool and Warm Humidifier easily matches and blends into your room. Whether it is a bedroom, living room, baby nursery, office, or any other space. The touch button controls on the Humidifier, and the speed slider allows you to easily turn it on, adjust humidity level and speed. Additionally, the digital display shows the timer and temperature.

HuPro Ultrasonic Premium humidifier is a 2 in 1, having a top filling and a detachable water tank with an extra-wide opening for effortless filling and cleaning. And a robust built-in handle for smoothly moving it around. The top filling design provides a reliable and effortless operation that does not take much time to refill. Requires minimum maintenance, which can easily be done by anyone. And the remote control is what makes the operation a whole lot easier.


This is one of the best Humidifier available in the market because of its amazing features and cool design. But there are a few things you need to consider beforehand for better know-how of the Humidifier. Firstly, this Humidifier releases mist even from both sides. It runs out of water sooner and needs to be refilled every now and then, depending on the room’s size and speed. Secondly, it needs to be put on a perfect spot to prevent the mist from collecting on top of the Humidifier, which just adds more cleaning work.

We mentioned the pros and cons of this 4 Liters Premium Ultrasonic Cool and Warm Mist Humidifier by HuPro, below:

Pros Cons
Convenient to fill with the 2 in 1 option. Requires a refill every now and then.
Super effective and efficient with a simple yet sleek design. The mist may collect on the top of the unit if not placed on the right spot.
Produces less than 30 dB of noise.
Sleep mode is the perfect addition.



To conclude, HuPro Premium Ultrasonic Cool and Warm Mist Humidifier is probably your best companion if you suffer from a dry nose. Also suitable for dry skin, cough, itchy throat, or any other related unpleasant conditions. It is a decent-sized humidifier that is designed for maximum comfort.

TTLIFE Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier

Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier for dry nose

Another excellent humidifier we found in our research is the TTLIFE Warm and Cool Humidifier, with 6 liters of capacity. It is ideal for large rooms and has many cool features, which not only makes it convenient to use but also a safe option.


Now let’s take a brief look at the features of this TTLIFE warm and cool mist humidifier. This large capacity of 1.45 gallons of Humidifier is sufficient for up to 750 square feet of room. It can run for 40 hours straight before a refill. It is an ideal option for people dealing with hard water as it does not require distilled water for the best operation. This Humidifier, too, allows for both Warm and Cool mist, which makes it suitable for all dry seasons.

The Humidifier allows you to set the mist level from 1 to 3 for a custom humidity level, whether it is warm or cool mist. It features a low water safety option, which notifies you when the Humidifier runs out of water for longer life. The Humidifier also features a child lock for protection and a built-in filter along with a cleaning brush, which allows your Humidifier to deal with hard water. Other additional features like night mode, automatic mode, timer button, and Plasma button makes this Humidifier more convenient.


This TTLIFE Cool and Warm Mist Humidifier, design-wise, may not be the perfect compact Humidifier because it is designed to cover up to 750 square feet of room. But it has various features which make it convenient to use. First off, it has a small opening at the top of the Humidifier for refilling water and a handle for smoothly moving it around. The digital display also adds to the convenience along with the remote control, which allows you to turn it on or off or control other features right from your bed or sofa.


To make it precise, this Humidifier may have a couple of features that may not be a complete turn-off but can be a bit annoying at times. First of all, this TTLIFE humidifier features an alarm when the water needs a refill, which does remind you to refill it. But the alarm can get irritating sometimes as it keeps beeping for about 15 minutes.

Secondly, you would expect from a pricey humidifier to detect a proper humidity level. Still, the readings are not accurate because of the sensor placement. And lastly, the tank has a small opening for refilling water, which may not be convenient for some.

Below, we mentioned the pros and cons TTLIFE Cool and Warm Mist Humidifier:

Pros Cons
High Capacity. Refilling the tank is not super convenient.
Quiet operation, remote control. Features an alarm when needs a refill.
Customized Humidity. Does not detect accurate humidity level because of the sensor placement.
Night mode.



Overall, this TTLIFE 6 liters cool and warm mist humidifier is an ideal solution to deal with annoying conditions of dry and cold months. It is a perfect addition to your home. If people in your home experience any sort of discomfort like dry nose, skin, itchy throat, cough, it is also an efficient solution for the common cold, flu, or other unpleasing situations caused by dry air. This Humidifier is suitable for larger rooms since it has more capacity.

Elechomes SH8820

top fill humidifier for dry nose

We are finishing off our list of best humidifiers for the dry nose with this premium SH8820 Elechomes Warm and Cool Mist 5.5 liters Humidifier. But with the high price, the Humidifier comes with amazing features making every single penny worth it.


So, without any delay, let’s take a brief look at the features of this SH8820 Elechomes humidifier. This Humidifier features a 5.5 Liters of a large tank, which is suitable for 755 square feet of a room without needing a refill frequently. The output can reach up to 600 milliliters per hour in a 755 square feet room. Having both warm and cold mist mode allows you to use it all year round for a healthier experience.

This Humidifier also features a Sleep mode for a night of sound sleep, as it barely produces 20 to 32 dB of sound and also has a screen offsetting. Features three adjustable mist levels. A feature that makes it suitable for larger rooms is the 360° dual rotating nozzle, which easily humidifies the entire room. It is also a perfect humidifier for plants and pets. Moreover, Aromatherapy allows you to have a fresh and relaxing smell for better breathing.


This Elechomes SH8820 is a perfect example of the best possible combination of practicality and beauty. It has a sleek and ideal user-friendly design for maximum comfort. This upgraded Elechomes Humidifier allows you to easily fill the water tank from the top without the disassembly. Remove the top cover, fill the tank, and put the lid back without any difficulty. The added remote control allows you to easily control the Humidifier from a distance.


Elechomes Humidifier does the job amazingly, but it does have few things you need to consider for a just purchase. Firstly, though this Humidifier has a sleek and simple design. But cleaning the Humidifier can become a bit irritating as it is not easy to reach all the difficult parts with the provided brush. And secondly, just like the previous one, this one too mismeasures humidity level.

Following are the pros and cons of this 5.5 Liters Elechomes Cool and Warm Mist Humidifier:

Pros Cons
Easy top filling. Cleaning is not super convenient.
Quiet operation. The Humidifier incorrectly measures the humidity level by about 5 to 8 percent.
Sleek design.
Large capacity.



Overall, this Elechomes 5.5 liters SH8820 Warm and Cool mist humidifier is perfect for both the seasons. It is designed to easily provide relief from a common issue caused by cold and dry air—a good purchase and totally worth the money with all those fantastic features.


best humidifier for dry nose infographic buying guide

Humidifiers have made dry months of the year much more enjoyable and relaxing without having you worry about the dryness of your skin, nose, lips, and throats. They are also known for easing some symptoms caused by common cold or flu and other related issues. However, choosing a humidifier for your needs can become a little confusing, with an overwhelming number of humidifiers available out there.

To make things convenient for you, we have not only added some of the top-rated humidifiers after some vigorous search through the internet but also the buying guide below, which contains some of the factors of the Humidifier you need to consider before making a purchase. So, without any further delay, let’s take a brief look at the buying guide!

Water Type

It may not sound like an essential factor to consider, but it really is something you need to pay close attention to. Some humidifiers can take hard water, but others need distilled water to provide clean and fresh air. And some humidifiers can handle both types of water. Though Hard Water is not harmful to drink, if the minerals present in that water adds into the air, it can become dangerous for your lungs, especially for children and babies.

Tank Size

Size or the capacity of the water tank in the Humidifier decides how big of a room it will be suitable in and how long it will take before needing a refill. Obviously, the bigger the size of the tank is, the more water it will contain, as a result, the longer it will run, and you will need to refill it less.


By Space, we mean which room of your home or office you are planning to purchase a humidifier for? The bigger the room is, the bigger it should be a water tank. Though most of the humidifiers can work in varied spaces, a relatively small humidifier would not be able to disperse the mist in a larger room.

Mist Preference

Humidifiers provide warm mist, cool mist, or some of them both. Warm mist obviously is suitable for cold and dry days when the heating system of your home takes away all the humidity from the air. Warm mist disperses moisturizer in the air, which your body and skin need and prevents you from having a dry nose, skin, throat, or cough. Whereas, cold mist cleanses the air, adds fresh air into your surroundings, and reduces pollutants.


A humidifier provides cool or warm mist you and your surrounding needs and cleanses the air around you with the help of the water you add. So, this obviously needs to be appropriately maintained to allow it to keep giving you healthier and fresh air. Whether you use distilled water or hard water, the Humidifier needs to be thoroughly cleaned from time to time. Cleaning the Humidifier is the key to a humidifier’s long life.

Some humidifiers have simple designs that can easily be cleaned. Still, others may have some spots in them, which can become harder to clean. Make sure that the cleaning process is more manageable and comes with the adequately sized brush to clean the Humidifier.


Since the Humidifier is going to be a part of your Space, you want it to be presentable so that it does not look an odd piece out. Humidifiers come in all shapes and sizes which gives you plenty of room to go for the design of your choice, but of course, keeping in mind its practicality. While looking at the design, also pay some attention to how the water can be refilled. Whether the Humidifier has a top filling open design, a detachable water tank, or a small hole at the top.

Sleep Mode

Most of the humidifiers have sleep or night mode, which shuts down the digital display and turns down the noise it produces.

Low Water Level Indication

Some humidifiers indicate when the water tank becomes empty to ensure a longer life.

Child Lock

Child lock makes it safe in the homes where there are children who may accidentally press buttons.


To Sum it up, we must add that as the winter is approaching, it is wise to be prepared for it beforehand. We all know the feeling when we fully want to enjoy our winter months or just be relaxed or comfortable in it. Still, the dry nose, skin throat, cough, or any other unpleasant condition jumps in. And it keeps getting worse, or once you or any other family member recover from one of them, you get another. These are significant signs of why you need to get a Humidifier for your home.

Why would one not purchase something they know they desperately need? A humidifier is a must-have for you if you experience these issues throughout the cold and dry days. Say Goodbye to dry or itchy nose, dry skin, itchy throat, cough, stuffiness, congested sinuses, and Say Hello to a relaxed life with healthier breathing.

We hope this article helped you with your purchase and you found any of the information helpful. We tried our best to make things as easy as we could. Hope it helped!

Breathe better, Feel better!!

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