Best Humidifiers for Hard Water In 2021

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(Last Updated On: February 7, 2021)
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You know how on those extremely hot or freezing cold weather, we all wait to just get back home and get away from the extreme weather. We take a deep breath when we finally reach home because we have the cooling or the heating system inside the house to protect us from the extreme weather. But the cooling or heating system of your house has a downside to it. Ever thought of that? That is the humidity level in the airdrops quite low, making the air unhealthier to breathe in.

Considering that surviving without the heating or cooling system in a hot climate or freezing cold weather is not an option, you need to have a substitute for the low humidity in the air. And what could be a better idea than a Humidifier? These days Humidifiers are not a luxury but a necessity for fresh and healthier air and leading to a better life. But having the vast majority of humidifiers available in the market, choosing one for yourself can get overwhelming. To make your purchase more manageable, we have gathered some of the Best Humidifiers for Hard Water in this article.

FYI: We have also listed some of the best humidifiers for babies.

There are many types of humidifiers, and that too, in different shapes and sizes to suit every individual’s needs and design preferences to compliments the rest of the décor. The dry air caused by the heating or cooling system of the house may trigger common health issues. Like, cold, dry cough, dry nose, dry skin, and trigger your Asthma, including other winter weather issues. And in the summer season, dry air may cause uneasiness, and a humidifier can help cool you down without using much energy. On top of that, your body always needs moisturizer.

Humidifiers have tons of different features designed to meet other individual’s demands. They are available in various sizes and can be placed on top of tables or on the floor based on the design. Some humidifiers only take distilled water, some take hard water, whereas some humidifiers can work with both water types. One has to look for various factors or features of the humidifier before finalizing one to make sure that it suits your needs the most.

We already chose the following humidifiers after some vigorous search through the internet. Still, to help your selection a bit easier, we added the humidifier’s essential factors in the buying guide section after the products. Every humidifier mentioned in the list is added with the pros and cons for a fair judgment. The pros and cons will help you to select the one that suits your needs the most. So, without any further delay, let’s have a look at some of the top-rated humidifiers for hard water.

Quick Search & Comparison Of Best Humidifiers For Hard Water

Humidifier Tank Capacity
Pure Guardian H3200WAR- Editor’s Choice 1.5 Gallons Check Price
Pure Guardian H1510 1.5 Gallons Check Price
Vicks Filter-Free V4600 1.2 Gallons Check Price



Pure Guardian H3200WAR- Editor’s Choice

best humidifier for hard water

To start off this list of best humidifiers for hard water, we added the Pure Guardian 1.5 Gallon H3200WAR tower design Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier. It may not be the most budget-friendly option on the list. Still, considering its water capacity and other features. It is decently priced—a perfect addition to your home in summer to let you stay moisturized and breathe fresh air.


Let’s take a look at the features of this Cool Mist Humidifier. This Cool Mist humidifier is a perfect addition in the summertime for a good night’s sleep and a cold, comfortable day. The Ultrasonic technology disperses the fine mist higher into your surroundings, providing quick relief from dry air.

The humidifier features Silver Clean Protection, which protects the humidifier from mold and mildew, which usually grows on the surface of the water tank. This Pure Guardian humidifier has a run time of about 100 hours with a single refill of a 1.5-gallon large tank, an ideal solution for 440 square feet or a medium-sized room.

This H3200WAR Cool Mist Humidifier features 3-speed mist levels, i-e; Low, Medium, and High. Even at a low speed, the humidifier disperses enough mist to increase the humidity level, making it healthier to breathe in. For safety reasons, the humidifier features a Low Water Indicator when the tank runs out of water. Once the tank is empty, the humidifier shuts off automatically, saving power and ensuring the humidifier’s long life.

This humidifier also features a 12-hour timer, in case you forget to turn it off in day or nighttime, and it also has a night light. This tower-shaped humidifier also features an aromatherapy tray, which helps create a soothing and relaxed environment by adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil.


Design-wise, this H3200WAR Ultrasonic Cool humidifier is the best floor humidifier. Its tower shape is not only functional and practical, but it also looks good in any space. The unique design saving a lot of space also helps the mist disperse higher in the air and spread nicely. The 1.5-gallon water tank can be filled in two ways. The rotating nozzle on top of the humidifier allows a multi-directional mist for even distribution. Moreover, it is designed for a quiet operation, so that it does not disturb your good night’s sleep.


This humidifier has so many amazing features, which makes it a must-have. Still, there are also a couple of things you need to consider for better know-how of the issues it might come with. Firstly, though this humidifier has two openings to fill the water tank, it is not easy to fill. It does not have a flat surface to easily set the tank down and access any of the openings. Secondly, the humidifier would need regular maintenance to prevent it from any harmful stuff.

We mentioned the pros and cons of this Pure Guardian 1.5 Gallon H3200WAR Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier below:

Pros Cons
Super Quiet. Not easy to fill because of the placement of the opening.
A tremendous and tall floor humidifier. Requires regular maintenance.
The large tank saves you the hassle of filling it up.
Easy to operate with easy controls.



This humidifier is a great purchase and worth the investment. It offers everything from a functional design to practicality and is also an excellent option for hard water. The only issue you might face with it would be filling the water tank, which can be solved by learning a trick to make filling easier. And the thing about maintenance, for that is a normal thing about humidifiers, requires regular maintenance for a fresh and healthier mist. Overall, the design is remarkable with a quieter operation and 3 mist levels along with other great features.

Pure Guardian H1510

Ultrasonic Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier for hard water

Moving on, we have added another excellent humidifier for hard water by the same brand, Pureguardian. They both share almost the same prices, but they differ in design and other features. This one also has a 1.5-gallon water tank and is suitable for medium to large-sized rooms. But this one is designed for warm and cool veils of mist and Ultrasonic technology, making sure that the operation is quieter.


Let’s have a brief look at the features of this H1510 Pureguardian humidifier. To start off, this Pureguardian humidifier features the Ultrasonic technology, which helps disperse a fine mist with a quieter operation. The 1.5 Gallon large water tank is enough to last 100 hours in a medium-sized room, but the run time may vary based on the atmosphere and the mist speed. The Pureguardians’ humidifiers feature Silver-Clean Protection to protect the humidifier from mold or mildew, mostly collecting the water tank’s surface in humidifiers.

Moreover, this H1510 Pureguardian humidifier allows you to choose a warm and cool mist so that the humidity level in the air of your home does not drop low all year round. The humidifier features a night light, which may be suitable for a lot of people. The variable mist control allows you to easily adjust the speed. The low water indicator lights up when the water tank needs to be refilled to save you the hassle of checking the water level every now and then.


Pureguardian sure knows to make the humidifier functional and practical for ease of use when it comes to design. Unlike most other Ultrasonic humidifiers, this H1510 humidifier has to regulate dials instead of buttons to turn it on, adjust mist level, or choose warm or cool mist. These regulators are easier to use and are suitable for elders and adults alike. Furthermore, the length of the cord is about 5 feet. It is a small and lightweight tabletop unit with an easy to fill the water tank.


This humidifier might not be a high-end humidifier. Still, it does a great job and has impressive features, but this does not mean that it will be a perfect unit for everyone. It does not offer every other safety or other additional features. One of them is the timer option. It does not allow you to set a timer, nor does it have a child lock option.

Another thing few people may not appreciate is the rotatory dials. Though they are easier to use, but they do not look stylish. These issues may not be a big problem for most of you since they are not deal breakers but just some little personal preferences.

Below, we mentioned the pros and cons of this Pure Guardian 1.5 Gallon H1510 Ultrasonic Cool and Warm mist humidifier:

Pros Cons
Easy to use and fill. Rotatory dials may not look cool.
Quiet operation and Lightweight. Does not have a timer option.
Warm and Cool Mist options.



Considering the price range, this humidifier is super functional and practical. The option of having both warm and cool mist makes it versatile for the whole year long. It is super easy to use with the rotatory dials and is also easy to fill. These are the two blessings in a humidifier: easy to use and easy to fill. To conclude, this humidifier does not have any flaws and is totally worth every single penny. It is suitable for Hard Water, just requires little maintenance and cleaning every now and then.

Vicks Filter-Free V4600

best inexpensive humidifier for hard water

We are finishing off our list of best humidifiers for hard water with this 1.2 Gallon Cool mist humidifier by Vicks. This is the most budget-friendly option on the list but also does not lack any significant features. It is durable, sturdy, and is designed to last long.


Let’s go through the features of this V4600 Vicks Filter Free Humidifier. This Vicks Cool Mist Humidifier does not require any filters, making it easier to use. This humidifier has 1.2 gallons of water tank, which is 4.5 liters. This capacity is enough to last a reasonable amount of time if set on a low mist level before needing a refill. To enjoy the best out of this humidifier and get optimal results. It is recommended to use it in a medium-sized room. The total run time of this V4600 Cool Mist Humidifier is up to 33 hours.

This Filter free Cool Mist humidifier features a variable humidity control to let you adjust the level to suit your needs. To further provide you with a relaxed and soothing environment, this humidifier can hold two VapoPads giving fresh air. Additionally, the operation of this humidifier is a lot quieter, so it can easily be used at night for better and relaxed sleep.


This V4600 Filter Free Cool Mist Humidifier is pretty simple and is super easy to use. It does not have so many options or features, making it easy to understand. This humidifier only has a single regulator, which allows you to adjust the humidity level for customized output. Moreover, it has an option to add VapoPads for fresh and relaxed breathing. What’s more is it’s easy to fill the wide opening water tank, which might be the easiest compared to so many humidifiers out there.


It is simple to use and affordable humidifier. With a budget-friendly option like this, no one expects any high-end features. So, this thing might not come as a surprise that it does not have any low-level water indication, timer, or any other unique feature.

Following are the pros and cons of this Vicks 1.2 Gallon Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier:

Pros Cons
Easy to use and easy to fill. No low water level indicator.
Filter free with a quiet operation. No other special features.



This V4600 Cool Mist Humidifier is an ideal option if you are looking for budget-friendly options that do what it’s meant to do. Even if it lacks some additional ease of use features. This humidifier may be simple, but sometimes a simple and easy-to-use item is all you need. It can use hard water to provide a good and cool mist.


Choosing a humidifier is not as easy as it seems, but it is also not so hard. Just look for some factors in a humidifier. Beware of how much are you willing to spend? What are the main features you need? And what is the size of the room? You should know some initial questions before looking at other features because they will help narrow down the list. Below, we have added some necessary factors you need to consider before finalizing on a humidifier. So, without wasting another minute, let’s have a look at them.

best humidifiers for hard water infographic buyer's guide



The room size you need a humidifier for pretty much decides various other features of the humidifier. So, knowing what sized room will be the humidifiers’ destination is mandatory before moving on.


The Size of the room then decides how big of a water tank you will need for it. The bigger the room is, the higher the water tank’s capacity has to be and vice versa. You can use a water tank which can hold only 1.2 Gallons of water in a large room. Still, it would not be sufficient for that ample space, as it would not easily adjust that room’s humidity level. And would need to be refilled pretty often. A water tank can fill how big an area is always mentioned with it in square feet, or it is written whether it is suitable for the medium, small, or large-sized room.


Run time is determined by these two major things: What mist level are you running your humidifier on? And what is the atmospheric condition overall? Based on these questions, the humidifier’s run time may vary from advertised with the product.


Considering the mist types of the humidifier is something you know the moment you think of purchasing a humidifier. Humidifiers have two types of mists, Cool and Warm. Some humidifiers offer cool mist, some offer warm mist, whereas others offer both types of mists. The benefits of both mist types are the same, and in the end, it is your personal preference. Warm mist units are great for cough relief, itchy throat, or other issues. Cool mist units overall maintain the room temperature.


Have a look at how a humidifier operates before finalizing it. Sometimes, they are so complicated to use and offer various extra features you might never use in the future. Make sure you are not spending money on a feature you know would not be helpful. A humidifier that is easy to use with very buttons to control or a regulator dial can automatically lift up your mood and experience.


This option carries great importance because it is something you will be doing very frequently. Humidifiers need a refill every now and then, so ensuring that the water tank is easy to fill and has a design you can easily adjust to should always be preferred. A refilling design suitable for others may not be ideal for you. This all comes down to your personal preference—no hard and fast rule. Just opt for a humidifier which has an easy top fill design.


Since you are adding water in a humidifier to let it turn into a mist, which then disperses in the air for you to breathe in, the humidifier needs to be clean. Whether you are using hard water or distilled water, harmful stuff gets stuck in the water tank, which then becomes a part of the air you breathe in. Thus the humidifier requires regular maintenance to function better and provide fresh air.

  • Low Water Indicator

Some humidifiers offer a low water indicator light, which reminds you to refill the water tank before it runs out of water.

  • Automatic Shut-off

This is also a fantastic feature that automatically shuts off the humidifier when it runs out of the water to prevent it from operating. It not only saves power but also ensures the humidifiers’ longevity.

  • Timer

This feature allows you to set a timer, after which the humidifier shuts down on its own, saving you all the hassle.

  • Aroma Tray

This is a feature in many humidifiers, which allows you to add your favorite scent in it and gives a soothing fresh air along with the essential moisturizer.


A humidifier is an essential item in a house for healthier and fresh air because of the low humidity level in the air. Although choosing a humidifier is not an easy job, we tried our best to find some of the market’s best humidifiers. We added the buying guide at the end of it for an even better purchase. We hope this helped!

Live healthy, Breath healthy!!

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