Best Artificial Trees for Indoors 2020

(Last Updated On: December 28, 2019)
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In this world of stress and anxiety, interior designing is one of the very main cure of dealing with it. The place you live in, the place you spend your most time in, or the place you call home, needs to be properly designed. The place you spend your time in depicts your personality and should be designed or put together likewise. Bringing plants or greenery in alone makes a huge difference but taking care of those plants is not everyone’s cup of tea. In our busy schedules it’s hard to keep them alive inside and take proper care of them.

This is where artificial plants come in, takes real plant’s place, though doesn’t give us oxygen but make sure that we don’t feel incomplete without real plants. And the best part is no matter what your design aesthetic is, plants compliments every design type. Be it, bohemian, earthy, rustic tones to classy modern vibes. Plants are the best companion of every design type, that makes us say that they are too good to be true. Well, that’s not enough introduction for artificial plants but we guess it’s better to leave it at that.

Here, in this guide we have compiled top best artificial trees for indoors, which will definitely make your space beautiful and worthy of spending your precious time in. Don’t you worry about an impression of artificial ones, because they look as real and cool as they are natural. As, you can probably tell that we are plant and greenery lover, we won’t stop talking about it. So, without wasting anymore time, let’s check out these following best artificial trees for your bedroom, Living room, dining room, office, or any other space you feel like putting.

Quick Search & Comparison of Best artificial trees for indoors



Nearly Natural 5209 Ficus Silk Tree- Editor’s Choice

best artificial tree for indoors

This first artificial tree we mentioned in this guide is the best Ficus Silk Tree by Nearly natural. Their silk trees, flowers, plants and arrangements are so natural looking with great focus on small details which makes you stop and recheck if it’s real or fake? The people making every single product have experience with live plants for years. Nearly Natural have a 75 years long experience, which makes us want to trust them with their products.


This is no doubt a beautiful tree, and a beautiful way to bring nature in. Though unlike real Ficus tree which is difficult to handle and is mostly leafless, this one is evergreen through the year every day! Let’s take a look at the features of this Ficus Silk Tree.

It features 1008 individual leaves on various strong and durable branches. This absolutely gorgeous tree with thoughtfully detailed individual leaves is six feet in height and features natural trunk making it look a lot natural than it actually is. You won’t have to worry about any kind of maintenance and watering. The nursery pot it comes in has 5.5 inches width x 5 inches height.


This beautifully and thoughtfully designed Ficus tree comes with a natural trunk which makes it a remarkable and unique piece among others. The real trunk piece adds the right much needed touch to any living space you want to put it in. From top to bottom and side to side all the leaves are planted in a manner to show original colors and texture.


This Ficus Silk Tree is no doubt an amazing tree and considering its low price you can’t beat it. You will eventually fall in love with the corner you’ll put it in. Though, one downside could be that it does not come with a proper decorative pot, you have to buy your own. And secondly, the non-decorative pot it comes with cannot hold the weight of the tree. So, when you purchase a new pot make sure you support it with rocks or some heavy materials for the tree to keep standing at its place.

We have mentioned the pros and cons of Ficus Silk tree by Nearly Natural, below:

Pros Cons
Super Affordable. Does not come with a basket or a pot.
No maintenance needed. 6 inches Plastic pot cannot hold the tree straight.
A beautiful natural trunk.



Normally, artificial trees look really fake even when you see them from the distance, but you won’t be able to tell that it’s fake until you will give it a closer look. The natural trunk and extra attention to small details makes it an extraordinary Ficus tree. And considering its low price, we bet you can’t find any other piece with this great quality even in double the price.

Northwood Calliger 4.6 inches Artificial Topiary Triple Ball Boxwood Trees

Premium artificial tree

The second Artificial tree in this list, is probably THE best and THE most expensive one out there. If budget is not an issue for you and your only focus is on the tree, it’s quality, size, design and shape this might be the only one you need to look into. It is expensive for a reason, let’s dive into the features and design of this Topiary Triple Ball Boxwood Tree!


This triple ball boxwood tree by Northwood features everything you can think about in your artificial tree. It is infused with the advanced Ultraviolet inhibitor which protects the artificial plants against the harmful Ultraviolet rays. Unlike, other artificial plants or trees which can’t withstand excess sunlight, wind or rain. These elegant boxwood topiaries are built to resist sunlight, rain and wind exposure and stay green throughout the season, without losing their consistency and vibrancy.

This Boxwood plant comes pre potted in the plastic pot, 7 inches Width and 5.9 inches Height and is ready to use right out of the box. It’s up to you if you want to install it directly into the ground or in any decorative planter to give you close to real look. What makes it the amazing piece in the market is that it is backed by a full, 90 day money back guarantee. This outstanding artificial topiary boxwood tree is backed by a full, 90 day money back guarantee with complete satisfaction.


This very realistic, topiary boxwood spiral tree will bring in a captivating sense of exclusivity and elegance to any location. Made with premium quality plastic that is extremely durable and does not require constant care, each of these beautiful artificial topiary Buxus shrubs has multi layered, rounded leaves with an impressively natural color and real feeling texture which makes them identical to real plants.


Now coming to the downsides or flaws of this beautiful Boxwood tree. It is for sure an expensive tree but when you look at the size, design, quality and money back warranty of it, you won’t see it’s price as a big deal. Everything about this tree is exceptional, other than that you might not like the color of the wood showing from in between those balls. It’s lighter in color than it’s shown in the picture. If that’s not something you care about this is a must have for your indoor and outdoor spaces.

We have mentioned the pros and cons of this Triple ball boxwood tree, below:

Pros Cons
Super sturdy. Expensive.
Protected from sunlight, rain and wind. You Might face color issues.
Amazing design and style.



This highly realistic Buxus tree is the expensive one in this list, but it’s unique design makes you want to buy it right away. Gardening and maintaining your plants in a proper way makes your indoor or outdoor spaces look a lot put together but what if you don’t get enough time to take care of them? That is where artificial plants like these comes in. These are uniquely designed and helps your space look fresh and complete at all times.

Woooow 6.5-Feet Ficus Silk Tree

6.5 ft artificial tree

The third and last artificial tree on our list is by Woooow, which is a nice, tall and budget friendly option. From a distance, it look as if it’s real and totally lights up the room and adds that much needed to touch it. Adding the right amount of greenery, you need in your space.


This fiddle leaf tree features over 1008 individual leaves beautifully and keenly designed in a way which makes it look natural. The artificial tree has 6.5 foot Height, 35.4 inches Width and 35.4 inches Diameter and weighs almost 12.0 pounds. Trees, be them alive or artificial or sometimes a mix of both, brings any kind of interior space look a lot better, comfy and welcoming and relaxes the atmosphere.

This artificial tree offers the pest-free alternative to live foliage and is perfect in any living space, from your bathrooms, entry way, hallway, kitchen to your bedrooms. The artificial ficus tree is sturdy and strong enough to fit both indoors and outdoors.


The fake Ficus tree is designed to be forever leafy and deep green with the individual leaves on the strong branches. This amazing Ficus plant would look beautiful anywhere you want to add it in. No matter what kind of design style you are going for, this will be just the right touch to your chic-classy-modern look to a more rustic-earthy-boho look.

The beautiful trunk of this Ficus tree is made from real natural wood for a more realistic Ficus tree look. The leaves of this artificial tree are crafted from silky and polyester blend which brings a nice durable touch and color with its changing shades.


We have already done the job of listing all the good parts, the features and design of this artificial tree and now, it’s time to move on towards the flaws or drawbacks which you might experience with this Ficus Silk tree. Apart from just that it does not come with a decorative pot, it’s a perfect artificial tree to go with every design type.

Following are the pros and cons of this Ficus Silk Tree by Wooow

Pros Cons
Strongly built. Does not come with a pot.
Natural looking leaves.
Nice Looking.



This Artificial tree is overall an amazing and sturdy tree for the money. It’s that perfect touch you need for your space, no matter the space type. It costs a little more money compared to the other Ficus silk tree by nearly natural, but this one’s a little sturdier and closer to nature.


After adding all of the top artificial trees available in the market. We want to make sure that you choose the best product. For that purpose. We added the following buyer’s guide with all of the necessary points or features you need to keep in mind before finalizing any artificial tree. These are all the general terms; you would probably look into but paying more attention to these is always beneficial.

As it’s better to spend a little more time in picking the product you want to buy, rather than just choosing one by the picture and regretting it later. You would not want to be in the latter situation. With that said, let’s take a look at the following features:


Price, for every product is the most important factor on which your entire decision relies on. Although, having a specific budget is the smartest thing you can do, but you should be aware to maximize or minimize your budget range, considering the product. Keep in mind, the time span for which that product can be helpful to you, don’t forget how long of an investment that is and if it’s really worth spending that money.


Naturally, when you think of buying a plant for any space, the very first thing which comes to your mind is the size. Coordinating with your space the plant should be of an appropriate size. The height and width of the tree is something you need to think about before looking for what kind of a plant you need.

There are different kinds of trees available out there, the ones which are slim and do not take up much space ideal for tight spaces. For tight spaces, it’s best to go for trees which won’t take up a lot of space. And for broader rooms you have the choice to go for plants or trees with broader branches.


Artificial trees comes in many different shapes and styles. There are tons of realistic trees which could pass for the real plants. The color, the tones and how the leaves merge together plays a huge role in how it looks with the kind of vibe you are going for. And considering that people have different tastes in style of a plant, you can get plenty of options in the market.

The style too varies depending upon which space you are styling it in. Your kitchen, bathroom, living room, hallway, entry way, balconies, yards or any other place demands different style of plants. And in addition, you would not want the plant to take up all the space that you don’t get enough space to move around. At the end, it entirely depends on your personal style.


Well, you would not want to spend money on a product which you end up regretting very soon because the quality is not good at all. So, before making a purchase make sure that the tree you want to buy is made out of which material.

You will be extremely lucky if the tree you are planning on purchasing comes with some sort of warranty. Normally, the trees which are expensive offers warranty but otherwise if it’s cheap, they won’t bother to add any kind of warranty option. So, consider yourself lucky if the tree comes with warranty.


Remember, at first place why you planned on purchasing Artificial plant? yeah, that’s right because you are too busy to take care of plants or watering them every day is too much work and you often tend to forget it. And the plants then die soon. A little green touch to any space is all it needs, be it real or fake.

But what if the reason you went for fake plants stays the same? Like, you have to take care of it or somehow maintain because of any reason. So, a plant which is easy to maintain is all that you need.

Wrapping It Up

To conclude, all of the artificial trees we mentioned above are compiled here after a lot research. We chose them after looking at hundreds of different trees to reach these results. You will hardly find any flaws or drawbacks in them. These are all best for indoors as well as outdoors. Sometimes, the artificial plants fades away the color after having them for some years. But we made sure that the recommended trees are sturdy and long lasting.

Our job was to find the best ones from the market and giving away all the details for your convenience to help you make the best choice. The above mentioned guide and your personal style should help you in picking the best one among them. Now, the rest is up to you, we hope you make the best decision with the help of our list and guide. Also, you are always welcome to share your opinions in our comment section below.

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