Best Dining Table for Families 2020

(Last Updated On: January 18, 2020)
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Family plays a very significant role in the life of a person. People struggle, work, and live for their families. People who genuinely care for their families do anything that they possibly could to bring it closer and spend a content life together.

As important is the family as is the living and the food. Food always brings people together. However, if you live in a small apartment, we recommend checking these dining tables.

It helps in joining the families and bringing them close to each other. An important role is played by the dining table here. A big, spacious dining table is necessity in a household. A space where the entire family can sit together, have food, gossip, communicate and spend a fun, family time. Having a dining table is a luxury which most of the people are devoid of.

A dining table for a family use should be purchased according to the size of the family and also the space should be considered as well. A table for a big family should be spacious and big while the smaller the family the size of the table can be accordingly.

The design, color, size of the dining table matters a lot, too. This piece of wood adds to the interior of the house and a wrong choice can easily make the house look not so fascinating at the worst. A good piece of dining table can make the place look beautiful and elegant.

We are here to help you make the best choice in purchasing the excellent piece for your home and family. We prefer the following dining tables for families, after the hours and hours of research. Without wasting any time lets jump straight into finding the best table for you. All the necessary information is given below.

Quick Search & Comparison of best dining Tables for Families 

Dining Table Dimensions Weight
East West Furniture PLKE9-WHI-W- Editor’s Choice 78 x 42 x 30 inches 284 pounds Check Price
A-America Bristol Point 132 inches Rectangular Dining Table 132 x 38 x 30 inches 178 pounds Check Price
Furniture of America Kathryn 9-Piece Classic Style 78 x 42 x 30 inches 311 pounds Check Price

East West Furniture PLKE9-WHI-W- Editor’s Choice

best dining table for families

The first dining table we recommend is the East West Furniture. It is modern and sleek design. It is made up of a strong and pure wood. The chairs and table has a very unique design and is best suitable for the family use. The set is extremely durable because it is made up of solid rubber wood.


Let’s talk about the amazing features this dining table has to offer. It comes in the best use for the families, be it big of small. It is very unique in design and sturdy in use.

It is a 9 piece dinning set including 8 wooden chairs and a table. It has a beautiful Buttermilk and cherry finishing. This oval table also has 18 inch self-storing extendable Leaf that Is Stored Right under the tabletop. The table is made of 100% solid wood from top to the legs. The Dimensions of the table are following: Length 60/78, Width 42, and Height 30, further the Chair’s Dimensions are: Width 21; Depth 18; Height 38.


This dinning set for the family is a very sturdy and modern design. It comes with solid wood and guaranteed modern finish and design. It is a very elegant and beautiful set for the use of family. It adds to the décor of your house perfectly. It is going to enhance your interior. The chairs are unique yet very comfortable to sit on.


The east west furniture table is the best for families. Like the rest of the things this set also has some drawbacks. It’s a wonderful piece to own but also possesses some cons as well. It is a big piece to own, it takes a lot of space. A big area is required to put this set in. It is off white in color so it might not coordinate with the color scheme of your house interior.

The extension in the table might be a problem for some as opening and closing can chip the board a little. The chair are made of solid wood without any cloth or cushion covering, so it can be a little uncomfortable if you sit for a longer period of time. The set might be a little expensive keeping all the above limitations in the mind.

We have mentioned the following pros and cons of this beautiful dining table set, below:

Pros Cons
It is made up of solid wood. Chairs are a little uncomfortable to sit for a longer time.
It is very spacious. It requires a big area for setting up.
It has a unique design. The chairs do not come with the arms.
It is easy to assemble.
The chairs come with the nylon tip to prevent the floor from scratching.



Overall, it is an amazing set to own. The details of the set are mentioned very briefly and in minor details. If the cons mentioned above are not something you worry about then you can buy this set without any hesitation. It will be a great purchase in the long run. It has great quality, great design and very big area. It is great for a family use.

A-America Bristol Point 132 inches Rectangular Dining Table

dining table by A-America Bristol

The second in the list is A-American Bristol Point dining table. It is the priciest of them all. It is very big in size and perfect for family use. The bigger families with a lot of members can buy this set without giving it a second thought. It is an extendable table set which can easily accommodate 10-12 persons. The part can is that it is foldable and has extensions, so you can assemble it according to your need i.e. 6, 8, 10 etc. You can buy chairs separately according to your need.


It is constructed from Solid Rubber wood and does not contain these inferior components that are found in most furniture today. The use of 100 % solid wood prevents it from warping, cracking, and splitting. The warm grey color and the lightly distressed finish adds depth and character to the transitional lines of this collection. It is very diverse and versatile piece. It can easily accommodate 10-12 persons and is the best for large gatherings, events and parties.


This beautiful piece is exactly what you need to enhance the interior décor. It has a very sturdy, modern and sleek design. The design is up to the mark for this modern era. It adds personality to the space and is just the right amount of modern and chic look. The rustic finish of the table made a great deal of depth and aesthetics to the space.

The table is easily detachable, and all can be used separately. The color of the table is a common one, so it is easy to find the chairs or stools for the table online.

The extensions are made so elegantly and sturdy that there is no chance of chip, dent or it falls apart.


After talking about all the features and good things of the table let’s talk about the ultimate necessary drawbacks of it for the fair judgment. It is not very accurately built to fit the chairs it as the chairs touch the table without them being fixed entirely under the table. Which looks a little off and not so elegant. The table is of warm grey color and scratches easily. When the chairs are forced to fix under the table, they scratch easily.

The pros and cons of this item are given below:

Pros Cons
Easy to assemble. It scratches easily.
It can accommodate a lot of persons. The chairs do not fit perfectly.
It is extendable.
It is made of solid rubber wood.
It has a very unique, sleek yet sturdy design.



This rubber wood set is an amazing buy for big families, events, gatherings and parties. It can easily accommodate many people at a time. You can easily find the chairs online for this table because any color or design would complement it. The table comes with extensions and is extendable for more accommodation. The assembling of the table is very high tech and unique. It is easily assembled. The design is very modern and sturdy. It can definitely add class and grace to your dining area. You can certainly not go wrong with this set.

Furniture of America Kathryn 9-Piece Classic Style

big dining table for families

The third and the last set of table for the families we recommend is the furniture of America Kathryn table and chairs. This dining table is worth all your money you spend on it. It is definitely a very classy style with a lot of area to be used. It can accommodate 8 persons at a time. The Dark Walnut color gives it a very aesthetic and deep vibe. It provides just enough space for your fun family time and eating. The eight matching walnut colored chairs definitely compliment the table and on a bigger level this set is going to complement and enhance the décor and interior of your living area a whole lot.


Starting with the awesome features of the set, the table comes with detailed floral motifs on side trims and near corners. The set includes one table and eight matching side chairs of dark walnut color. It has 18 inches expandable leaf which is a perfect space saving solution. This set is perfect if you don’t have much space on the hand. It is made up of solid wood and wood veneer construction. It has a much enhanced strength and durability. The table dimensions are: 78 inches (60 inches + 1 x 18 inches Leaf) L x 42 inches W x 30 inches H;

While the side chair dimensions are: 20.5 inches W x 23.5 inches D x 40.5 inches H; Seat height: 19.75 inches, and Seat depth: 18 inches.


This set is made up of solid rubber wood which looks very classy yet is very durable and sturdy to use. The set is dark walnut in the color which speaks an ultimate class for itself. The table has floral motifs near the trims which are embossed with the same color. The design of the legs of the table is straight and sturdy. It looks promising to hold a lot of weight on it. The upper part of the table is very sleek and elegant. It has no nothing carved or engraved on it on the top.

The corners are nicely firmed and rounded slightly. The extendable feature is a bonus to this extremely durable table.

Talking about these shape, size and design of the chairs, the chairs very beautifully match the color of the table. Chairs have very unique back and are very comfortable to sit on. They also have a very comfortable back for support. The wood used is thick and neat. The back of chairs is long enough for better support and the sitting area is covered with a soft cushion, which makes it comfortable to sit on.


With a lot of durability, strength, classiness and elegance come a few drawbacks as well. This certain set, however, does not has any major drawback. But you can find its design to be outdated or too vanilla. And its cost can be off putting if you are on a tight budget.

The pros and cons of this dining set are given below:

Pros Cons
Easy to assemble. It scratches easily.
It can accommodate a lot of persons. The chairs do not fit perfectly.
It is extendable.
It is made of solid rubber wood.
It has a very unique, sleek yet sturdy design.



All and all, it is a very durable and elegant and sturdy table set. The wood used is thick and neat. It can hold a right amount of weight and supports a good amount of space. The color of the set matches almost any interior, so you do not need to worry about matching it with your interior or vice versa. This set is a pure classic.

You can never go wrong with aesthetics anyway.


To help you make your best buy, we have added this buyer’s guide to help you in your purchase. It will help you overcome small mistakes that people generally make while buying things online. There are certain things that you are supposed to keep in your mind while placing an online order. We have provided you with the best possible information and details about the product because we care for you and do not want you to regret your decision anyhow.

Therefore, down below are listed the factors that you need to consider making sure that your purchase matches your desire at the best.

Now, let’s get straight into the business:


We are starting off with one of the major factors. Price is the utmost important thing to keep in your mind while making a purchase. Before buying anything you definitely set your budget, so you need to keep the price of the product you are buying in your mind. It should fit in your budget perfectly. Obviously, there are things that you like but fail to fit in your budget, so you need to keep distance from overspending. The idiom “stretch (one’s) legs according to the coverlet” should always be kept in mind.

While keeping the price in consideration the long term and short term investment should be kept in notice. Some things are worth of spending a little more money on; it totally depends on the quality and the time period.


The next important factor is the size. It is very important to keep the size and the space you own in your mind. The product that you are buying should fit the space easily in your home. It should not make the area look too congested or too airy.

Size carries a lot of importance, once you buy the product of wrong size it’d upset the interior of your home. Also, some companies do not even support the return policy. Therefore, you read the details carefully and make the right choice for yourself.

So, noting down all the measurements and check if they are good for the space is a smart way of shopping for furniture. Especially, when it comes to dining table which is going to be in your living space or kitchen, where you would not want anything to block the area or interrupt the flow.


Assembling is also one heck of a task and is just as important as any other factor. It is fun but can get complicated and frustrating in a jiffy. So, you better read the details online with your eyes and mind wide open to save yourself some time and frustration. You also keep into consideration that the extensions and the spare parts used are strong enough to hold and easy enough to attach and build.


Design and style is something you look forward to the most. When it comes to the design, as for dining set for this article, we have compiled the list of the dining tables of very unique and different design. It is up to you to choose per your liking and desire. You must go through different articles and posts to choose the one that matches your desire. People often go for chic modern designs and classy colors, so deep consideration would help a lot.

The stools and the chairs usually come with the set but sometimes it does not, so you need to keep an open eye for that. Go through the information and features very carefully. One must look up the site enthusiastically until you find the product which suits for personality and choice the best.

You should also keep the interior and the space in your mind, so wherever you put your dining set, it looks the best.


The thing which can never be comprised on, is the quality. Quality comes first, design and everything later.

Whether you choose wood, metal, plywood etc., the quality should be your number one priority. This would help you in the long run. Something like a dining table needs to be of the great quality because it’s going to be used daily several times. With it being used by the kids it can be damaged, scratched and chipped easily if the quality is low.

If you have to spend some extra pounds on quality, then do it but do not compromise on the quality. Quality holds the utmost importance.


Everything requires maintenance for the best use and working for a longer period of time without glitches.

While choosing the best dining set for you, keep in mind the cleanliness and maintenance of it. The cloth and the product you use to clean it must be high quality and should not damage it.

If the table is made of wood, then use the only prescribed product for its cleaning and avoid its contact with water as it can chip and damage it. If it’s made of metal, then prevent it from rusting as any cost.

Anything that does not get enough of attention and maintenance fail to hold up for the period of time it is supposed to. So, to keep things in tack and hold up, they require maintenance.

Therefore, keep your products maintained.

Wrapping It Up

We have put our great efforts into gathering the useful information about the best dining tables for families. The information is given in details which will help you make your best purchase. To help you with your buy we have mentioned all the details, features, limitations and factors to consider.

Whether you are buying your first ever set or just upgrading the old one, this article will help you anyway. A dining set is something that adds to the entire décor of the living room or a dining room, it is an important thing to own. So, good amount of time should be put in the purchasing and evaluating process.

The dining sets mentioned above are the ones we found best for the family use. We have done our work now it is entirely up to you what you choose. All three of them are unique and elegant in their own ways. They all vary in prices, but you can choose either according to your budget.

Apart from a detailed review of each product, we have added a buyer’s guide as well to leave not a grain of doubt about your purchase.

We really hope you get to choose the most suitable one for you. Be wise and smart with your decision, Best of luck!

Happy dinning ya’ll!


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