Best Dining Tables for Small Apartments 2020

(Last Updated On: January 18, 2020)
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While your family and friends completes your home, there is one more thing without which your house won’t be completely finished. A dining table, yes that’s right. You have to eat two or three meals in a day and a dining table just dedicates that place for eating and is an important furniture piece in your home. It brings families together to eat, talk, have fun and just spend time together. It’s just as important in small spaces or small apartments as it is in big apartments or homes. In this article, we have listed three of the top best dining tables for small apartments with every little detail you could possibly need. So, you don’t have to look anywhere else and make the best possible decision for your family.

A small little space, in you little apartment, assigned to your meals, becomes a BIG part of your home. It’s beautiful, how it brings closer the people of a family who are otherwise busy with their schedules and work. And for friends to hang out in one place while enjoying their meals.

Well, choosing the best working dining table for your needs is not as beautiful as it is to sit with your family. You have to keep in mind a lot of things while choosing one for yourself. But we made sure, to make it easier for you and did a lot of research and chose the following tables suitable for small apartments.

Let’s take a look at these dining tables

Quick Search & Comparison of Best Dining Tables for Small Apartments

Dining Table Dimensions Weight
O&K FURNITURE 5-Piece Dining Room Table Set- Editor’s Choice 43.31 x 23.62 x 35.83 in 75 Pounds Check Price
Angel Line 23511-21 5 Piece Lindsey Dining Set 42 x 42 x 30.2 in 120 pounds Check Price
Zinus Juliet Espresso Wood Dining Table 45 x 28 x 29 in 56 pounds Check Price



O&K FURNITURE 5-Piece Dining Room Table Set- Editor’s Choice

best dining table for small apartments

This first dining table in this list is a 5 piece dining table set by O&K FURNITURE, perfect for small apartments. It’s features, design, style, sturdiness and price makes it a unique piece to own.


Let’s look at the features of this beautiful Industrial style dining set!

No doubt, this dining set is beautiful but the fact that it is made with functionality in mind makes it so much better. This kitchen island dining table features three shelves which are perfect for glasses, flatware set, drink ware, bottles, or anything else you would want to keep on hand. The extra space this table offers is super functional for all purposes storage.

This island set includes 1 sturdy rectangular piece kitchen table and 4 strongly built square piece barstools. The table provides enough place for a small family and few friends to gather for a meal or for a drink as well as offers functionality with it’s one sided mesh metal storage racks.


This island table will bring modern and industrial feel to your home with the minimalist dining table with bar stools. It can be used as a proper dining table or a perfect addition to your home bar. The table and the barstools are made of great quality MDF board which is covered with the black coated metal frame and gray-brown wood grain PVC for a perfect chic look. Mesh metal shelf of the table and angle iron decoration of the stools enhance the design of the table.

This 35.8 inches high table set with 24 inches high barstools in an exceptional industrial design adds personality and modernism into your kitchen, dining room, or dining area. The assembly of this table is literally a breeze, and any instructions or tools required are included in the package for quick installation. The tabletop and the barstools are covered with grey-brown wood grain finish which adds decent and elegant look. This kitchen island stand also comes in white and oak finish giving away the perfect airy vibe and matches just any decor.


We hope you are clear about the good things this kitchen pub table set offers. Now, let’s see the limits you have to face with it. First thing’s first, we have already mentioned how it’s three shelves for storage are super functional especially for small apartments, but there is this drawback you have to face alongside with it. It would be tight or a little difficult for 4 adults to fit their legs under the table because of the side shelves.

And secondly, though this table id sturdy and durable but it’s not meant for heavy use. It would be a perfect set for kitchen table, coffee area, studio apartments, home bar or a dining set for small family.

Following are the pros and cons of this beautiful industrial looking dining set by O&K FURNITURE

Pros Cons
Easy assembly. Adults can't fit their legs underneath because of the shelving.
Durable. You have to tighten the bolts of the table to avoid it being wobbly.
Modern-Industrial design.
Extra storage space.



This 5-Piece dining room table set is probably one of the best kitchen island table for the money. It’s super functional considering the three shelve storage space. The industrial looking design adds that touch completing your space’s look. You can even choose from two color options based on your personal style and space from gray-brown, and oak-white to bring perfection to your space.

Angel Line 23511-21 5 Piece Lindsey Dining Set

dining tables for small apartments

This second dining set on our list is an amazing 5 piece set by Angel Line works really good with traditional theme giving away that open airy feel. It’s not an expensive option considering it’s style and design but it’s the most expensive one on this list. Still a budget friendly option.


Let’s take a look at the features of this traditional dining set which includes 5 pieces with 4 chairs and a traditional white round pedestal table with 4 white chairs and gray seat cushions. The dining table set round measures 42 inches diameter and 30-1/4 height and each chair measures 20 inches width, 20 inches diameter and 36-1/2 inches height, ideal for 4 people. The build quality of this dining set is exceptionally strong using a good quality particle board, can be used for heavy use.


The kitchen table set for 4 completes any space and is perfect for small apartments. It’s beautifully designed to give that traditional look with the pedestal support and with the design of the back of the chair. The white finish on this dining set with light gray seat cushions forms that airy, natural, comfy and open vibe, best for small spaces.


Let’s talk about the flaws of this dining set. Well, we not managed to find many drawbacks in this dining set but, its heavy compared to other dining tables for small apartments. So, if you are looking for dining table which is easy to move this one will disappoint you due to its heaviness.

Below, we have mentioned the pros and cons of this traditional round sturdy dining set by Angel Line:

Pros Cons
Stain resisted cushions. Heavy.
Super sturdy.
Outstanding value.



The small dining table set is a nice fit for your small apartment and adds that personality to your space. It’s an amazing table for 4 with great build quality with a pretty easy assembly. Apart from that it’s heavy and that some people have complained about the color of the set not being exact white, it is A-mazing. Worth the money.

Zinus Juliet Espresso Wood Dining Table

dining table for compact space

The third and last dining table set is the cheapest option in this list. A perfect addition to your small apartment and worked well with every design type mostly giving away simple classic charm.


The dining set features a small table with two benches with enough space for 4 people to sit on. The benches of this set measures 39.3 Inches by 14 Inches by 18 Inches, and the table measures 45 Inches by 28 Inches by 29 Inches appropriate for small apartments. The benches easily slides under the table for extra space or a cleaner look. The best of all, it comes with 1 year warranty.


This dining table with bench set adds a nice little touch to your dining area with it’s simple design and enough space for 4 people to eat. It comes in two different colors allowing you to go for the one which matches your entire space, one with Espresso finish and the other giving away Farmhouse vibe.


The drawback of this bench dining set is not very major, or which will affect your purchase. The surface of the table and benches is not super smooth and that’s the only drawback you are going to experience with this dining set.

Following are the pros and cons of this dining set by Zinus

Pros Cons
1 Year warranty. The surface is not extremely smooth.
Easy to assemble.



All in all, it’s a great product with great build quality and great price. It is lightweight enough for you to move around yet sturdy and durable. The assembling is a breeze and what makes it amazing is that you can trust the product because of its 1 year warranty.


The best dining table for anyone is the one which suits your budget, fits well in your space, offers durable construction, and has a style you will love looking at or eating or just seeing in your space for years. You do upgrade your dining table after 4 to 5 years, but you can still use it in any study area or any other place considering its size and shape. So, a well-made and small table might find a new place in your home for years to come.

The following factors should be considered or given more importance before buying a table for your small apartment:


The topmost priority is that you need to figure out the size of the table, as it needs to fit in your dining space. Now when we say fit, we don’t mean that it should hardly fit, we mean it should have enough space around it which can keep the flow going. To envision, how your dining table would look in that area, use a piece of cloth, a painter’s tap, or anything available at hand, same goes for length. Looking at the rough picture of it really helps in making the decision.

In small apartments you are usually multiusing space with living room or sitting area or even have a separate dining room. Whatever your case is, go with a smaller dining table and leave the space around it empty to comfortably move around the space and sit on a chair. Size of your dining set carries a lot more importance in coordination with the space you are assigning to the dining table.


Well, just when you thought shape is only a matter of style and preference, we are going to jump in, and sorry to say but it is totally wrong. Shape of your room and for how many purposes you are going to use that space decides which shape of dining table you need. Tables normally come in two shape families, square/rectangular and round/oval.

To buy a piece best suited for your space, you table needs to fill your space proportionately. If your space is more to a square side, consider going for a square or round table, and if your room is more towards rectangle, opt for rectangular and oval ones. If you use an oval or a rectangular shaped table in a square room, it will be an odd combination, regardless of you love that shape or not.

People tend to use square and rectangular tables mostly over round or oval ones, so there are more options in square/rectangular category than the latter ones. But for small spaces, where you want to keep the flow, round or rectangular ones are the best, as they cut off the corners of the table still offering a good surface area. Round or Oval tables are also great for parties and for conversations as it brings people closer. Also, because in parties there isn’t any head of the table.


The base of the dining table either has simple legs, a trestle or a pedestal, and they effect the sturdiness of the table, showing how many people can fit on the table. Just make sure that the leg’s space is not invaded by the support of the table. Also check the height of the table to make sure that there is enough space your knees when you scoot all the way in.

And if you are going to expect extra guests or may need extra seating, pay attention to the width of the legs or where the legs are placed. Sometimes, with pedestals in small round tables you cannot add in extra chair because of the legs coming in your way. Opting for the ones where legs are placed at a distance makes it easy for you to add an extra chair. Trestle or pedestal tables allows you to add more chairs easily because of the table’s shape.

When it comes to a leg table, it has limits to how long it can be extended, a longer length might cause it to bow in the middle. Whereas, with pedestals or a trestle bas you can go longer and add an extra pedestal or trestle base to support it. But four leg table extending far out might get unstable. Though leg tables are more stable and sturdier than the other ones, when it comes to you leaning or dining on it every single day without the table tipping over.

Trestle tables gives you more space along the sides of the table but most of the time they limit the space for you to scoot in at the ends of the table. A test with trestle base is that there are points at the table where chair straddles the base. This whole situation makes it a little uncomfortable. But it’s still a great piece of furniture if you don’t find this an issue and want something extremely sturdy and also because it’s a nice antique style.


A good dining table should have good construction meaning it should be durable and well made, having a finish which withstands heavy use. The material it’s made of is a major part of good construction. The joints where the base and tabletop fits together also plays an important role in the construction of a table. The more solid that fit is, the longer the table will last.

Wood is a good material for dining tables as it holds a screw, and the old-fashion joints like tongue and groove, tenon or pegged tenons, mortise, and dovetailing. In short, wood joined directly with wood gives a much sturdy result. When it comes to the surface of the table, opt for the ones with smooth top instead of crumb catchers or deep grooves or in rough finish. As it will be harder to clean those surfaces.


This is the most fun part and easy to decide if you know what you are buying, but it can also become the hardest as it is important because the look, the design and the style is what you are going to look at every single day. First thing’s first, if you already have a design plan in your dining area or dining room go for the one which goes well with it. You would want to balance out every piece of furniture in that room.

If you are not too sure about which design type you are more attracted to, we’d suggest you make a Pinterest board and get to know which design style you want in your dining table. Don’t go for too many details as you might start regretting buying that and get tired of it. Opting for more simpler ones is always the best idea, as it makes the space look so much fresher and more open.

Dining table is a big investment and something you are not upgrading every year, so go for the ones you are going to love for some time. Simple ones yet the sturdy ones are always a win win. Lighter woods like, white oak or bleached woods with raw or natural finishes and most importantly weathered materials, stands the test of the time.


Well, this feature is important too, as you are going to be sitting on the stools/benches or chairs, so go for the ones which offers a nice and comfortable padding on seats. If you don’t really want the seats with foam padding, there are also the ones which are just straight off wood with no cushioning on top. If padding isn’t what you want simple wood ones are comfortable to sit on too.

Wrapping It Up

To conclude this article, we must say that choosing any dining set based on its looks or style is not always beneficial. When you choose a table based only on this feature, you might find various flaws or drawbacks with the design you went for. The above mentioned guide will help you a lot in deciding you won’t regret later. Just be wise while examining the table and keep it’s functionality in mind and you will be good to go. We hope you end up purchasing the one which suits your needs and wants and is functional in your space which you would absolutely love to own. We also recommend you checking our list of best dining tables for small spaces as, it is also relevant to small apartments.

Happy Eating!

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