Best Dining Tables for Small Spaces 2020

(Last Updated On: December 28, 2019)
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Designing any living space based on your style and knowing the space’s needs is actually a true talent. The furniture you add in your place has a huge impact in your life. It’s the general rule that if you add too big furniture pieces in tight spaces it just makes it look too packed and end up looking smaller than it actually is. The smart idea for when you have small places is to buy small furniture in contrast to the space. So, here in this guide we have compiled best dining tables for small spaces, with their reviews and pros and cons.

Be wise, and double check that the size of the table you like is compatible with your space size. The color scheme, style, functionality and a lot of things needs to be considered before finalizing the table. That is why, you will find compact dining tables for small spaces, which will help them look airy and will allow the flowy pattern throughout your space.

We chose and prioritized these dining tables over the others after a long research. We won’t take much of your time now. So, let’s dive into the following dining tables with all the information you need about them.

Quick Search & Comparison of Best Dining Tables for Small Spaces

Dining Table Dimensions Weight
East West Furniture OXAV3-OAK-C - Editor’s Choice 36 x 36 x 30 inches 93 pounds Check Price
Dorel Living Tanner 3-Piece Brass Pub Set with Faux Marble Top 24 x 42 x 36 inches 90+ pounds Check Price
Zinus Louis Modern Studio Collection Soho Dining Table 48 x 30 x 29 inches 82.7 pounds Check Price



East West Furniture OXAV3-OAK-C – Editor’s Choice

best dining table for small space

The first dining table we recommend here is by East West Furniture and the most expensive one in this list mainly because it’s all wooden and strongly built. It’s one of the best one out there for small spaces, a perfect match.


Let’s talk about the features of this three piece dining set by East West Furniture!

First of all, this 3 piece set includes a Square dining table and a pair of solid wooden chairs. The finish on this wooden dining set is in a beautiful warm oak color with comfortable microfiber upholstery seat. Table’s dimensions includes 30 inches Height, and 36 inches Length and Width and Chair’s dimensions includes 20 inches Length, 18 inches Width and 38.5 inches Height.

You probably have the idea now that it will fit comfortably in your small space without blocking the way. This high-end dining set is made from 100% Asian Hardwood. And it’s durability is guaranteed.


This beautifully and elegantly designed dining set is built to complete your small dining space. It’s a perfect fit for a lot design types giving away boho, minimalist, warm and cozy vibes. The chairs are simply designed and offers a nice comfortable space to sit on.


We have talked about all the good, this dining set offers, now let’s move on to the problems or flaws you might face with this one. So, if you are okay with them, it’s a nice furniture piece to own. First thing’s first, this dining set comes with only two chairs which doesn’t offer enough seating space.

If only two person are going to use this, it won’t be an issue for you. But if you need more seating space, let us make it clear that you can’t order just two more chairs, wanting two more chairs means you have to buy the entire set.

Though, the chairs are very comfortable and relaxing to sit on, but the fabric it already comes with is not made of good quality material. You might need to purchase new piece of cloth and either do it on your own or consult a professionalism. Either way, it will cost you more money.

We mentioned the following pros and cons of this beautiful 3 Piece dining table, below

Pros Cons
Extremely strong solid wood. Pricier compared to the other ones.
Easy to assemble. The fabric on the chairs is not made of great quality material.



Overall, it’s an amazing dining set to own for your small space, the cons mentioned above are not something you have to worry for. Purchasing another fabric will definitely cost you more money, and if you are willing to spend your money, there is no better match out there. It’s simple, it’s nice, it’s elegant and it’s sturdy. If seating is an issue, in today’s design world different chairs is a big thing, so if seating is an issue you can always go for minimalist decent chairs from your nearby thrift store.

Dorel Living Tanner 3-Piece Brass Pub Set with Faux Marble Top

dining set for small space

The second dining set listed here is another minimalist, chic design cheaper than you’d actually think it is. It’s a perfect fit for small spaces, enough to fill up that corner but small enough to keep the flow and not be in the way. You can also use it in a big space, if you don’t want to give up a lot of space for a dining table.


Let’s talk about the features of this amazing 3 piece Brass pub set.

This dining set features a rectangular table with the two amazing square stools. It is made with a little bit of both, wood and metal and to finish off this beautiful piece it has a nice Faux marble top. The table and stools are made of super sturdy material and requires secure assembling to make sure that your table does not start wobbling.

And what turns this ordinary dining set into extraordinary dining set is that it has some extra shelves on one side of the table, offering a lot of storage place. In small spaces storing items is an issue anyways, so these shelves are the perfect fit to store various kind of items on it.


The beautiful and minimalist design of this dining set is all you need in your space. It adds personality to the space and is just the right amount of modern and chic look. The amazing and smooth marble top is super easy to maintain and eat or work on. Though, it is made of a good quality marble but cutting fruits or vegetables or anything else on it is not recommended as it can lose its smooth finish.

The stools are a perfect height in comparison to the table and has a nice comfortable cushion on top to provide a comfy sitting. In order to make sure that your table does not wobble, which some people have complained about, you have to make sure that you assemble it tightly.


After discussing all the positive features of this modern dining set, let’s talk about the drawbacks of it, to help you make fair judgement. Some people have complained about their table shaking when you put on something heavy, which is because of not so secure assembling. It’s assembly is not as easy as it looks like. To avoid that shaking, assembling it correctly and tightly would solve the problem, which is not the easiest.

This dining set too, only comes with two stools, not offering enough seating space. Which you are probably aware of, but let us address what you might be wondering about that whether or not they sale stools separately? and the answer is, No. To buy the same stools, you have to order an entire set.

Following are the pros and cons of this mid-century modern Marble top dining table by Dorel living Tanner

Pros Cons
Extra storage space. Not easy to assemble.
Smooth countertop, marble. can't get extra matching stools without purchasing whole set
Sturdy and Durable.



In conclusion, this simple modern dining set is remarkable in every way and considering it’s affordable price with the kind of design it has, it’s a total win win. Despite of assembling and not enough seating space issue, it’s a Perfect addition to your space. You can also use it as a study table for kids if you please so.

Zinus Louis Modern Studio Collection Soho Dining Table

dining table with bench for small space

The third and last dining set we included in this list is by Zinus. It is for sure a perfect combination of style and functionality. It’s super affordable option, and a best choice if you are on a budget and need a table which offers enough seating space.


This amazing Soho dining table set features a nice and sturdy dining table with two benches. The dining set is made with black steel tubing and a surface panel with a rich quality Espresso finish. Which will make sure that cleaning or any other stain does not leave any kind of marks on the table. The benches it comes with are long enough to accommodate 2 people and strong enough to hold three kids at a time.

Unlike some of the other dining sets, this one is super easy to assemble and will be ready to sit on in literally a few minutes. What makes this table trustworthy and a must have is that it offers 1 year warranty. Any problem with the built or stains will be covered in it’s warranty. It is not recommended for commercial purposes and the warranty won’t cover any damage if it’s used commercially.


This Soho dining table set is just a Perfect elegant touch to any type of decor. It is minimalistically designed to make sure that it does not take up a lot of room in your small space and also look airy without blocking out the way. Though, it has a good coating overall, but it’s not recommended to be left out in open where rain or open sunlight might cause it to warp.

Best of all, the benches (44 inches length) slides comfortably under (48 inches long) dining table. This makes it a huge plus for when you need more open space. It’s easy assembly makes it so much better.


Enough, about the good part, now let’s talk about the bad part just so you know everything about the product before you make a purchase. Some people have complained that the table came with damaged corners which is not super visible but it’s there. Though, you can use it wherever you want to like, a cafe or a coffee shop but their 1 year warranty does not cover commercial damage.

Below, we mentioned the pros and cons of this Modern Studio Collection Soho Dining table

Pros Cons
Good amount of seating space. 1 year warranty does not cover commercial damage.
Sturdy bench. Not recommended for outdoors.
Benches easily slides under the table.



Overall, an impressive dining table despite being affordable. The benches are very sturdy and strong to sit on and the table provides the right amount of space to hold things on. With this much money, it’s good to have a sitting place for 4 people. And above that, it comes with 1 year warranty making you trust your choice and just go for it.


To make sure that you don’t end up getting the dining table, which is not a perfect fit for your space, we added this buyer’s guide here. To make sure that you don’t make small mistakes and end up regretting your decision. Following are the factors you need to consider the most to ensure that you get the best dining table for your space.

That being said, let’s take a look at the features worth focusing before the purchase.


Price is the topmost important thing to consider, no matter which kind of product you are going for. Most probably you have already decided the budget for the table you are about to purchase, if not, then that is the very first thing you need to. It’s beneficial to work on your budget, always. But you need to keep in mind that price alone does not make your decision, there are a lot of other things you need to consider side by side.

Though, price does impact 40% of your decision, as there is always an EXPENSIVE option out there, but you have to be in your budget range to make sure that you don’t put yourself in trouble later. But being in your super low budget is not always the smartest idea, sometimes you have to consider how long of an investment you are making with whatever product you are purchasing. And going a little high with your budget and being wise with that judgement is all you need to when you are an Adult!


It’s a real challenge when you are designing or purchasing furniture for small spaces. Size of the furniture is important in every space size, but when it comes to small spaces, Size carries a lot more importance. Getting a small dining table is not an issue as long as it’s functional. But if you accidentally purchase a bigger one in comparison to your space, it might upset your design plan and not look cool at all.

So, noting down all the measurements and check if they are good for the space is a smart way of shopping for furniture. Especially, when it comes to dining table which going to be in your living space or kitchen, where you would not want anything to block the area or interrupt the flow.

Easy To Assemble

Easy to assemble is something you need to pay attention to. Putting together furniture items is to a point fun but when it gets complicated, it starts annoying you to a point where you start thinking that it would have been better to check if it’s assembly would be hard. Assembling the dining table together needs to be easy and strong too.


Considering all of the design types from, chic-modern-minimalist to more earthy-rustic-bohemian tones, we have compiled dining tables to match any design type. It’s up to you, which sitting style you would prefer, be it chair, stool, or a bench, functionality should be considered with design.

There are tables offering extra shelf area other than one horizontal space. If more people are going to use that dining table, go for the bench which offers more sitting space, otherwise a chair or a stool would be a great choice.


No matter, if you are going for solid wood, metal, marble, or steel, the quality should be a priority. A dining table is not a kind of investment you would do every day or every year, it’s a long time commitment. So, make sure that you spend some extra money and purchase a quality product.

You won’t get any spare parts of the dining table at your local shop too, so opt for the ones with great build quality and good overall structure.

Easy to use/Maintenance

If maintaining your dining table is difficult and causes problems later. For instance, if it’s made out of wood, the wood fades away in color due to the products you use to clean it, or metal or steel somehow fades color. To avoid that situation, make sure you look at the quality of every part of the dining table.

Wrapping It Up

All in all, adding a small piece of furniture or simply upgrading from the older one makes a huge difference in the entire place. It highly affects your mood and overall approach towards you daily routines. We tried our best to guide you to purchase only good dining table for your small space All three of them have their unique style and design suiting different personalities in affordable prices.

Apart from a review of each product, we also added the buying guide to leave no space of doubt in your heart and mind. Go through the above buying guide to reach the best possible decision. We really hope you get to choose the most suitable one for you. Be wise and smart with your decision, Best of luck!

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