Best Lawn Mowers for 3 Acres 2020

(Last Updated On: January 18, 2020)
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We are all stuck in our school, colleges, handling different jobs, or house chores that we hardly find any time to spend outdoors. Spending time outdoors is a therapy we all need and has become a much needed addition we need to make in our lives to make it better and healthier. It improves mental state. Walking and spending time outdoors helps us think and feel better. It helps us with our mood and mental health. And also keeps our sunlight exposure healthy. So, to spend some quality time outside, you need to make sure that your outdoor space is worth spending your time in. Hence, we decided to put the list of best lawn mowers for 3 acres in this article with their pros and cons to help you make the best decision.

Take your first steps towards a fresh, healthier and more fulfilled life today. Get your hands on one of these amazing lawn mowers to make your lawn the best place to spend your time in. You will find some of the great lawn mowers for 3 acres of land. Whether it’s your own land or that you plan on mowing some other place.

These mowers are recommended after continuous long hours of researching to make sure that you get an appropriate and best mowing experience. So, without wasting a minute, let’s check out these lawn mowers.

Quick Search & Comparison of best lawn mowers for 3 acres

Lawn MowerCutting Deck SizeHP Rating
Ariens 915223 IKON-X- Editor’s Choice52 inches23 HPCheck Price
Husqvarna MZ6161 inches27 HPCheck Price
Swisher FC14560BS60 inches14.5 HPCheck Price



Ariens 915223 IKON-X- Editor’s Choice

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IKON-X 52 inches Zero Turn Mower by Ariens is one of the best lawn mower for mowing, considering that it’s suitable for both newbies and professionals. If you are looking for a mower which is durable, sturdy and easy to handle with just the right amount of money. It’s efficiency and durability is something you should be willing to pay a lot for.

FYI, this mower also listed as one of the best lawn mower for 5 acres.


This 52 inches Zero Turn Mower features an impressive 23 hp/726 cc Kawasaki FR V-Twin. It has 2 engine cylinders with 2.8 gallons tank size, enough to mow your big yard with just one fill. The big fabricated deck is built with 10 gauge steel with four and a half inches deep.

Zero Turn Lawn Mower features a full-pressure lubrication system with the full-flow filter. It’s 726 CCs. Overall dimensions of this Zero Turn Mower are 78 inches x 41 inches x 64 inches.


It’s spindle is made of stainless steel. Rotating metal grass chopper screen keeps debris out. Specially    engineered to thrive in the dirtiest conditions. Entire steel frame, high back padded seat with the armrests.


So, the people who already own one of these have complained that wheels tend to slip on soggy ground, which is the issue with most of the lawn mowers out there. Considering that it’s made with functionality in mind, it comes with a lot of user-friendly features. But it does not come with a mulching set. Thus, if you really need that feature you need to spend more money.

This zero turn lawn mower is great for big spaces regardless of the fact that you need it for professional or for daily yard trimming. But if you are planning on getting this one for small yards that will make your mowing experience a little hard. If you want a mower for your small lawns, we would recommend you look for a smaller one as this is big in size itself.

These are not major flaws which can turn this mower down, but you should consider them before purchasing just so you won’t be disappointed later. A lot of lawn mowers are hard to work with on hilly areas but this one will give you a smooth ride because it gives you a lot more control over the lawn mower.

Below, we have mentioned the pros and cons of this amazing zero turn mower by ARIENS

Saves a lot of time.This zero turn lawn mower does not come with a mulching set.
User-friendly design and build.
3 year warranty.



This Zero Turn Lawn Mower by ARIENS is one of the best lawn mower by Ariens so far. They have upgraded the flaws their earlier models had. It’s great for both beginners and for the ones who have mowing experience for years. This riding lawn mower speeds up your work and saves you a lot of time which is great.

Ariens 52 inch zero turn mower is comfortable enough for your big yard with comfy high back seat and padded armrest. Ariens IKON-X 52 is built with good quality stainless steel. This model is made with functionality in mind which will make you fall in love with this mower.

Husqvarna MZ61

commercial grade lawn mower econsumermatters


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The second lawn mower we recommend is Husqvarna MZ61. This hydrostatic zero turn riding mower is the most expensive one in the list, it might not be for you if you are looking for an affordable mower. But it’s the best option if you are looking for a long lasting and durable lawn mower and you are not planning on upgrading it for quite some years.


Zero Turn Riding mower is a must have for professional or commercial purposes, considering it’s high price with 27 horsepower Briggs and Stratton Endurance Series engine. MZ61 offers an outstanding power for the money. It is built with 11 gauge steel; it’s 61 inches deck is fully assembled and can easily mow a huge path.

It’s caster wheels measure 6 inches from the front and have specifications of 12 inches x 10 inches x 10 inches in the back. As a Zero Turn Mower with plenty of speed and power, the MZ61 is superb efficient and can completely knock out a 3 or 4 acre area in just an hour. The MZ61 is made to start right up simply with just the turn of a key, no matter if the weather is hot or cold outside, with its choke less start.


This hydrostatic Lawn mower is designed to mow up to 4.2 acres per hour at the speed of 8.5 mph. This mower comes with the aluminum greaseable spindles which are accessible from two locations. The side chute of this mower is built with hard plastic, unlike most of other mowers. The deck this mower has 12 varying cutting heights which are simple and effortless to control through its foot pedal. The hour meter is located on the right of the operator’s seat which is makes it easier to check hours.

This Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower has armrests, a cup holder along with the standard vinyl seat which offers a sturdy experience. This mower can also install a toe hitch kit in the back together with a bag which can collect all of the remains. It features padded dual levers which helps in minimizing vibration. In addition to the other features it’s made to last way longer.


A couple of features of this Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower might take few tries to get your hands on them. like it’s steering wheel and dual levers. As these are the parts of the mower which determine steering and speed you might experience quick turns or way many turns until you will get used to it. The levers permits mowing across any obstacles and ditches which are not a big deal, but if you want to mow it across large scale obstacles you will have to get off that standard vinyl seat and move them yourself.

You need to start a little slow at first if you are using the MZ61, especially if you have never used a zero turn machine before. It will take quite some time to completely gauge how the handle and wheels operate together on the land.

Following are the pros and cons of this Husqvarna Zero Turn Riding Mower

Easy to use.Does not work well on tall grass.
Durable and powerful engineDoes not have fuel gauge.
Hydrostatic gear transmission.A little tricky to use while going downhill.
Large deck suitable for large areas.
Does not make a loud sound.



As you probably know by now, this zero-turn mower is made for commercial properties, farms or bigger yards. It’s gas tank can hold up to five gallons of gas. Considering the rear wheel’s big size, the MZ61 is a highly balanced machine which does not tend to slip on the flat land, which is a total win-win situation. You really need to know how to use this machine, as it’s big and heavy and can tear up your space if you do not handle it well.

You will definitely find the controls highly understandable, and the it’s sturdy steel frame and commercial-rated hydraulic system is outstanding. It’s an amazing mower for big and flat area. This Zero Turning Lawn Mower can easily handle hills going upward, but it can slide while going down hills. If you focus properly and plan how you are going to cross steep downgrades, you should be good to go. You can also load the tires for more weight. Overall, it is designed with comfort, performance, and productivity in mind.

Swisher FC14560BS


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The last and third one in this list is by Swisher. This Electric start Tow Behind Finish Cut Mower is the cheapest one here, it easily attaches to lawn tractors, ATV’s, and any utility vehicles to cut large lawns and meadows way faster.


If you own or have to mow a large area of grass to mow, you definitely need this Swisher Trail mower. The Swisher 60 inches 14.5 HP (500 cc) Trail mower is made to dramatically reduce your mowing time, something all of us need to cover up our busy schedules. It’s three G6 Gator commercial mulching blades are powered by Briggs & Stratton engine for the finish-cut quality, with every mowing experience.

This universal articulating hitch attaches to just any hitch system and lets the mower move easily behind whatever machine is pulling it. This Electric start trail mower’s 2.5 gallon fuel tank means that it will take less time and more productivity for getting the job done faster and better and also getting back to your weekends. This trail mower is literally a great time saver, a win-win situation. U1L battery is not included, which will definitely cost you extra money. It’s built in the USA of US & global parts.


The large 60 inches functional side-discharge cutting deck cuts the wide swaths and spreads grass out to avoid any choking. It’s true floating deck minimizes scalping for unbelievably professional mowing results, even on the tricky spaces. The cutting-height adjustment handles are better and easy to control for the best cut. This Swisher is armed with a handy 12-volt key starter, so firing up the mower is just a snap, rather than the big tiresome workout.


Does not have any major flaw, which make you reject it as soon as you read about it. But it does have a couple of small features, which will cost you additional money to fix it or really get going. You need to buy a battery before you can make it run properly. The threads from which you can tighten up the battery strap on are not mounted. There is not any locking them in place, as they simply spin loosely.

To fix this situation, you will need to put on the nut which perfectly fits the threads. Put on the strap and then tighten it down with its lock nut. If you do not want to do this, you can apparently not tighten the battery strap on.

We mentioned the pros and cons of this Swisher 60 inches Electric start cut mower, below

Saves Time.The battery strap is a total turn off.
1 Year warranty.Does not come with battery.
Cuts well even tall grass.



This Swisher Trail mower is the most affordable option in the list, which is impressively made from a quality material. It offers all of the amazing features you expect from any mower. Speeding up the process is something why you should opt for this one, this one is just surprising when it comes to time. It gives you the professional results, you might not have imagined.

Despite of the fact that it does not come with a battery and also does not have threads you need to tighten up the battery with. It does not have any other major flaw. Considering its low price, you should go for this one.


Following tips are essential while shopping for lawn mower.

Push vs. automotive

Push mowers are obviously cheaper than the ones which work on their own. Automotive ones draw energy from the engine to function the wheels properly. This makes it way easier to mow the grass if you have a large yard or lawn in lesser time. All of the wheel drive offers the best traction on the slopes, followed by the rear-wheel drive. Front-wheel drive, which is common for most of the models, is still well suited for the flat parcels.

Yard size

Always consider the size of your space to find an ideal walk-behind mower. Self-propelled gas mowers will be perfect for larger yards, while the push mowers (either gas or electric) are better for smaller yards. Go for a riding mower or tractor which best suits the size and slope of your space. And if that space resembles an agility training obstacle course, you would need to consider a zero-turn-radius model; which is mostly favored by professionals.

Washout port

Cleaning the underside of your mower after every cut is super important. The design of the mower should put into consideration to make your mowing job easier and better. opt for the one which has a washout port, it makes the job way easier. As, it accepts the hose connection for clearing the clippings under the mower deck without any need of tipping the machine.

Electric start

On those gas models, electric start feature lets you power the engine with just a push-button ease, rather than snapping a pull cord. Every electric mower starts this way.

Folding handle

Models with the folding or even collapsing handle needs lesser space to store, if that is something you care about.

Upright storage

All of the electric mowers can be stored vertically in the cramped garage, almost. Some of the gas models have special engine seals which allows for upright storage too, without the risk of any oil or gas leakage.

Uniform wheels

Some of the lawn mowers boast larger rear wheels. Usually, mowers with equal wheels are easiest to move around. So, if this is something you really want in your mower, prefer the ones with equal wheels.

Hour meter

Hour meter indicates how long the engine you have run since the last oil change or any other maintenance. Though, there are few models which can link to the smartphone app from Bluetooth, to keep the track of maintenance or other parts.

High-back seat and cup holder

High back is more comfortable and supportive than the conventional seat, and the cup holder comes in handy when you re sweating in the hot sun, this feature would be all you would ask for.

Cruise control

Exactly like with the cars, cruise control lets you lock in the ground speed with the riding mowers.

Wrapping it Up!

This is the end of an article. We spent around 72 hours on research to find out  best possible lawn mowers for your 3 acres land. You will find mowers with different budgets and can choose the one which is best suitable to your budget and requirements. The features, design, limitations and pros and cons of each product will make it better and easier for you to decide. Being able to know about all flaws and pros of each mower at one place will help with a decision you won’t regret later. We hope you find the best suitable one for you.

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