Best Blender for Bulletproof Coffee In 2020

(Last Updated On: April 3, 2020)
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Starting your day with a bulletproof can be a revitalizing experience. Or you can BPC as a pre-workout and it supposedly gives you more power and keep your stomach fuller than ordinary Coffee that’s why it is famous amongst people who are looking to lose weight. You probably know the recipes and benefits of bulletproof coffee as you are here for the best blender for bulletproof coffee. However, we think we must inform you more before sharing the list of best blenders for BPC.

Maybe, you will learn something more or will teach us some lessons in our comments section. Whatever the case, let’s take a look at a simple Recipe of Bulletproof coffee and some of the benefits.

Bulletproof Coffee recipe

Making bulletproof coffee is not rocket science all you need is some awesomely brewed coffee of your choice. 1-2 tablespoons of Unsalted and grass-fed butter. One to two tablespoons of MCT oil or coconut oil. Add all ingredients in a blender and blend for 5-15 seconds or till it becomes frothier. Know that the best tasting bulletproof comes from blenders.

Bullet Points

  • Pick your Coffee (black coffee is best in my experience)
  • Add 1-2 tablespoons of grass-fed and unsalted butter
  • 1-2 tablespoons of MCT oil or you can also coconut Oil
  • After adding the above ingredients blend them for five to fifteen seconds

Now, this article is about blending so, ensure that you use a good blender for making the best possible bulletproof coffee.

Key Benefits of Bulletproof Coffee

There are numerous benefits of bulletproof coffee, but the following are the most essential ones.

  1. Energy Boost

The first benefit you can experience with BPC is an energy boost. Yes, even ordinary Coffee gives you an energy boost, but BPC can give you long-lasting crash-free energy. As the study suggests that mixing butter with Caffeine can increase the life of Caffeine in your body as the caffeine will be released slowly in your body.

  1. Fat Loss

Bulletproof can replace your breakfast as it has plenty of calories but healthy fats and ingredients like MCT oil or Coconut oil can improve cholesterol levels and improves the composition of the body.

  1. Muscle Gain

Yes, it can even help you gain muscle if consumes properly. Who does not want to get ripped? To gain muscle you have to use bulletproof coffee as a pre-workout. It will boost your energy and maximize muscle strain for a shorter period. So, when you consume food or post-workout you will gain more muscle.

Not everything is safe for everyone- Protentional Drawbacks of Bulletproof coffee

We are not here to promote things but to offer maximum information to our readers so, yes, we have told you some benefits of bulletproof coffee, but you need to know its drawbacks as well. Bulletproof coffee is suitable for those who prefer the ketogenic diet. But, Replacing breakfast with BPC can cause loss of overall nutrition you require per day.

The second issue you can face is high cholesterol level especially if you are already suffering from high cholesterol levels.

Always consult your doctor before starting any diet and be sure to keep your blood marker checks while using bulletproof coffee.

In short, bulletproof can be safe for those who do not have elevated cholesterol levels and always on the low carbs diet.

Probably you already knew that, and you are here for best blenders, but we had to add this information. 😊

With that said, let’s check out the list of best blenders for bulletproof coffee.

Quick Search & Comparison of Best Blenders for Bulletproof Coffee

Blender Container Weight
Blendtec Designer 725- Editor’s Choice 90 OZ 11 LBS Check Price
Vitamix 5200 64 OZ 10.56 LBS Check Price
Vitamix A3500 64 0Z 14.92 LBS Check Price


Blendtec Designer 725- Editor’s Choice

best blender for bulletproof coffee

Designer 725 by Blendtec is a premium blender with smart technology and touch controls. Yes, it is expensive, but you should not compromise on quality while shopping for a blender for a bulletproof coffee.


Blendtec Designer 725 offers plenty of features to its users. Let’s take a look at them.

Designer 725 arrives with 1800 watts motor which is powerful enough to blend anything. It has a smart control system that offers up to 100 speeds. You can control speed settings with the slide of a finger.

It has smart blend technology that prevents any sort of blending issues and even some issue arises it identifies it and makes blending process hassle-free.

The speed touch slider also informs you which speed is for what purpose. For instance, it will tell you which speed you should use for chopping, blending or pureeing.

It also has a multi-speed pulse button that enables you to give a quick burst while blending.

The touch panel also shows you the remaining time of the blending process. Also, by tapping the blend cycle button during any type of blending process you can add 10 seconds.

This blender allows you to take out any sort of guesswork thanks to smart blend technology it will inform you when the liquid is less, and you need to add more.

Moreover, it comes with six pre-settings for making hot soups, smoothie, puree, juices, ice cream. And sixth pre-setting is a self-cleaning system.

It has noise reduction components that suppress the noise as much as possible. The stainless steel blade is thicker and powerful.

Designer 725 also has an overheating prevention system.

Apart from making excellent bulletproof coffee, you can use this blender for many other purposes as well E.G. you can turn ice instantly into snowy. Note that even the best blenders get failed when tested with ice crushing but this one does not disappoint. Moreover, you can make nut butter of any type. You can use this blender for making acai bowls as well.


Now let’s see its design. The designer 725 blender has a sleek and beautiful design. The base has no knobs and buttons that make it easy to clean. It has a metal die-cast finish which makes it heavier but knows that heavier base is a good thing it does not move around during heavy blending or on higher power usage.

On Base, you can see that it has touch slider control. The graphics OLED comes in four different languages of English, Spanish, French, and German. On top of the base, you can see every button quite clearly as it has illuminated buttons and display. Truly Premium! In our eyes far better than Vitamix blenders.

The jar of this blender is also exceptional as you can see the measurements clearly on it. The wide+ Jar has a tight ventilated lid that makes it secure and also avoids spilling. Also, it is BPA free. So no harsh chemicals will get mixed in your food.

The size of the Jar is 90 ounces, but you can only use 36 ounces of blending capacity. The benefit of a larger pitcher is that it will not get jammed easily.

It has winged blades made off high-quality stainless steel. As the blades are winged, they are not sharp from edges that prevent injuries.

The blender weighs around 11 LBS and has dimensions of 9.25 into 7 into 15.5 inches. This blender is easy to store in under cabinet as well.

It has a durable base made off Stainless steel.


Blendtec Designer 725 has no major cons. But it is an expensive one and can be a drawback for you if you are on a budget. Another drawback is cookbook has very few recipes. The last thing we noticed that it does not cut vegetables as smoothly as sharp-bladed blenders.

To help you decide better we have listed some of the pros and cons below.

Pros Cons
Long-lasting Not good for cutting vegetables
beautiful Design Can be expensive for some
Easy to clean
very easy to use



Without any doubt, the Blendtec 750 is one of the best blender for bulletproof coffee. It offers plenty of features, touch controls, durable and sturdy base within a sleek and slim design. But, like everything with good features and quality comes with a hefty price. So, if you can afford it go for it. This blender will serve you for years.

Vitamix 5200

Blender for bulletproof Coffee by Vitamix

The second best blender for bulletproof coffee in our list is Vitamix 5200. This one is also an expensive blender but offers plenty of features. This blender is very durable and long-lasting. Just like Blendtec Designer 725.


Let’s take a look at the features of Vitamix 5200.

It comes with a variable control system. You can rotate the speed knob anytime during the blending process to achieve your desired texture. The variable control button will not get locked during blending and will give you full control.

This blender also supports Hot liquids. As you can make cold ingredients into hot with the help of friction created by its speedy rotating blades. Note that, blender which supports hot liquids is essential for bulletproof coffee.

You can clean this blender without much hassle as it offers a self-cleaning system. All you have to do is add some drops of dishwashing soap and water and it will clean itself. That’s a signature feature of Vitamix. That’s why they stand out from most of the blenders.

Yes, you can blend bulletproof coffee with this blender, but you can also make many more things. You can use this blender for making hot soups. Vitamix 5200 can also be used to make spreads and dips. You can use this blender to grind nuts and coffee beans. This blender powerful enough to make batters and mixing dough without a sweat.

The motor power is 1491 watts. Like many other Vitamix blenders, 5200 also comes with a thermal protection system. It also has cooling fans to keep your blender motor as cool as possible during heavy usage.

The classic tamper is also included in the box of this blender.


Maybe Vitamix is not famous for its design but its quality, durability and long-lasting life which justify its pricing. However, design-wise these blenders are not bad in terms of quality. But, Vitamix blenders almost have typical designs. This blender is no different.

IF we look at its base, we can see it is standing on four feet. The Vitamix logo is visible and above that, on the left side, there is two options knob. Variable and High. You can select any speed control according to your own choice. The variable speed system gives you control while high option works for high-speed operations or somewhat as a pulse button highly effective for making chunky stuff.  However, this model has no dedicated pulse button.

In the center you can see variable speed control dial, and, on the right, there is on/off knob. The jar is very durable even though it is made from plastic, but you can feel the quality right off the bat. It has 64 ounces container which is BPA free. There are rubber pads where container sits so, it vibrates less during blending.

Blades of Vitamix 5200 is very sharp. They are made from high-quality stainless steel. Unlike Blendtec 750 blades of 5200 by Vitamix are straight and sharp that are robustly attached to the blender.

This blender weighs around 11 LBS and has dimensions of 8.75 into 7.25 into 20.5 inches.


You are not going to find many drawbacks with this blender but there can be few for some. This model does not have any preset controls. The blades are tightly attached so, you cannot remove them without some tools like some special wrench or something. However, it has a self-cleaning system removing blades is not necessary.

However, this blender this not the loudest but also not quietest. If you prefer blenders with very low noise you are going to get irritated with this one for sure.

To assist you in making a better decision we have listed the pros and cons below.

Pros Cons
Very durable No Pre-settings
Easy to clean Blades are not easy to remove
Can crush small beans Not very loud but still loud enough for those who prefer quiet models.
Powerful motor
High-quality Blades



This is one of the best blender for making bulletproof coffee. It has a strong built quality. The self-cleaning feature of Vitamix makes cleaning easy and you can also crush coffee beans in this blender. The 1491 watts motor is powerful enough to crush anything. On downsides, it does not have any preset controls. You can not remove the blades without special tools, and it makes some noise not very high nor low but enough to irritate you 😉.

However, this blender is awesome, and we highly recommend it for making BPC or hot soups.

Vitamix A3500

best smart blender for BPC

The third and last blender for making bulletproof coffee on our list is also by Vitamix. A3500 Ascent series smart blender is powerful enough to crush anything and we are sure it will serve you for years due to its quality. The design is also very nice.


Like Vitamix 5200 Ascent 3500 smart blender arrives with a powerful motor. Its motor is more powerful than 5200. As 5200 offers 1491 watts while this one offers 1691 watts.

This blender also has pre-setting for making different stuff with a touch of a button. The 5 programs preset button offers ease and quality in blending. You can use these buttons to make smoothies, hot soups, sauces, and frozen desserts without any hassle. Another thing you can do with this system is to engage the self-cleaning system. Yes, Vitamix self-cleaning system is outstanding but with 3500 smart series, it gets easier.

This smart blender is also compatible with the IOS and Android App of Vitamix that gives you seventeen different programs and more than 500 recipes.

Another great feature is wireless connectivity. This function automatically adjusts settings and timing according to the stuff you are blending. Also, these features automatically detect the size of the pitcher you have placed on the base.

Also, Ascent 3500 comes with a programmable timer that makes blending more consistent. For instance, you have set the timer for 60 seconds for a certain recipe. The blender will blend for 60 seconds and then turn itself off automatically. This feature prevents over and under the blending of anything. Also, sometimes we forget to turn off blender by negligence which can be dangerous so, automatic shutting also prevents accidents.

This blender also offers a variable speed system. As well as pulse control which is missing from Vitamix 5200. You can use this blender for bulletproof coffee quiet easily. Also, this blender can be used for making smoothie bowls. Hot liquids as well as dressings and baby food.

This blender is also protected with thermal protection and comes with radical cooling fans to prevent overheating of a motor.


This is a very sleek blender. The base has a touch panel that is very easy to clean. You can see that it has a fully embedded panel. You can notice 5 preset buttons for quick blending. There are a variable dial and play/pause button. On the right side of the dial, there is a pulse button. And on top, you can see a small LCD that shows the current item you are blending, the speed and as well as timer.

It has 64 ounces low profile pitcher. This blender comes with a classic tamper for thick materials. The jar has a folded design that throws the ingredients back to its blades which means more crushing and less mess.

Note that, Pitcher is BPA free and will not release harsh chemicals in your bulletproof coffee or anything you are going to make with it.

This blender has typical blades of Vitamix that are made from stainless steel which are very sturdy and durable.

A3500 is heavier than other mentioned blenders as it weighs around 15 LBS and has dimensions of 11 into 8 into 17 inches.


This one is a smart premium blender, but it also has some drawbacks. A3500 blender does not support older containers without NFC tags. And another drawback is its pricing which is very high and if you are on a tight budget like me you will have to leave it ☹.

To make it clearer we have listed some of the pros and cons below.

Pros Cons
Very Powerful Does not support containers without NFC
Smart blending Expensive
Touch interface (except for speed knob)
Wireless connectivity
Compatible with Perfect blend APP
Automatic timer



This blender is truly power and overloading with features. The quality is top-notch and smart technology makes it very easy to use. However, the blender does not support older Vitamix containers that have no NFC tags. And another drawback is its price which can be very high for people like me and you who are on a tight budget.

However, if you can afford this blender, we highly recommend it for making bulletproof coffee and other stuff.

How to choose the best blender for bulletproof coffee

Above we have listed some of the best blenders for making bulletproof coffee. However, for any reason, you do not want to choose any of them you can consult the following buyer’s guide for choosing the best blender for BPC on your own. And, that’s what we want to guide our readers to the best products.


For making bulletproof coffee the quality of Jar matters a lot. Never ever choose a blender with a container that can crack easily. Know that the hot liquids and fatty ingredients can damage the pitcher quite easily. Some blenders come with low-quality containers they will get cracked after some time of blending foods with fat as well as hot ingredients. Your best bet is high-quality BPA plastic jars and glass containers.

Do not use inverted Blenders

Not many will tell you, but inverted blenders are not safe for making bulletproof coffee. Also, upside down blenders are not good for hot liquids. As the heat build-up, it will go the lid and in upside down blenders the liquid can spill through it. These leaks can also get through the motor of a blender can cause a short circuit and may shorten the life span of a blender as well.

Tight Lid

A tight lid is also very important when blending hot, oily and, fatty materials like butter and MCT oils. The steam built up during blending hot liquids and can throw off the lid if it’s not tightly closed to the jar.

High Power Motors

For making best bulletproof coffee at least target the blenders with the 1000 watts.

Quality of Blades

The blade quality is very important. The inferior blades will get damaged when exposed to heat every day. So, always choose a blender that comes with durable blades.

Base with less vibration

The base of a blender with less vibration is highly important. Those blenders which move around a lot can cause a spill of hot liquid which can burn your hand if you are standing near as well as the spillage can seep through the motor. Again, that is not a good thing and can damage the motor of your blender.

Wrapping it Up!  

In this article, we have listed some of the best blenders for bulletproof coffee with the buyer’s guide. But before that, we shared the easiest recipe and some benefits of the bulletproof coffee with downsides as well. We have selected these blenders after the research of 24 hours so, you can enjoy making BPC without giving up quality. Also note that the blenders with weak blades, poor quality of Jars are not suitable that’s why you are only seeing top-notch premium blenders in the list. As safety and value for money come first.

You can share your opinions with us in the comment section below.

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