Best Blenders for Crushing Ice and Frozen Fruits

(Last Updated On: December 10, 2020)
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There’s not anything quite as appealing and tempting as an ice-cold fresh smoothie. But if you want to save up a bit of money and try making it at home, you’ll need a powerful blender to get the job done perfectly. A blender that is powerful enough to crush the ice and frozen fruits at the same time and make it into a smooth, juicy, and fresh pulp. The heavy-duty blenders finesse at making smoothies and grinding it all up.

It is said that if you are fit and in shape, then there is happiness and contentment around you. You feel happy from inside out when you are fit and in shape. Moreover, the slightest imbalance or disturbance in your body disturbs your entire lifestyle. Being considerate of your health includes a workout, meditation, and a balanced diet.

Drinking is easier than eating!

Get those vitamins in, make your life, and health count. A busy schedule and lifestyle make us skip on all of the above-stated things. We don’t get time to work out or have a proper diet so why not just drink it all up and make things convenient and comfortable for ourselves. However, who has so much time to address it? We have the wholeness to control; family, workplace, households, pals, social gatherings offline and online, and whatnot.

Now, where is the time for taking over the whole balanced weight loss plan with the style of nutrients or going for an energizing morning exercising? This imagination, on its own, even leaves a strain on the mind. Like every other problem, this problem also has a solution: a solution that is easy, less time consuming, easy on the budget, and yummy. Grind all your vitamins up to benefit your health. So, it is essential to take care of your health and body, and the answer to that is lying in a simple thing called a BLENDER

What will you find in this article?

In this article, you will find the top three ‘best blenders for crushing ice and frozen fruits.’ You may want to consider these blenders while getting into buying one for that fresh and healthy smoothie you are craving. Buying an ideal blender that not only addresses the problem or purpose but also fits in the budget is what is of utmost importance. There are many varieties within the marketplace with a lot of features and details with a different experience. Blenders make our lives exciting, healthier, and yummy.

We have reduced your time in half by providing you with the best guide and help ever. We will help you find the blender that best suits your desire and purpose. A first-class blender that is going to blend your ice and frozen fruits to help you pursue a healthier and fit lifestyle. We will provide you side by side information about the best blenders available in the market to assist you in your search. In this manual, you’ll be provided with an in-depth assessment of all three of the blenders, and lastly, a buying manual that will help you through the whole procedure– from the very start to how to perfect a smoothie. We are confident that this manual will assist you in your blender-buying search.

Quick Search & Comparison Of Best Blender For Crushing Ice and Frozen Fruits

Blender Container Weight
IKICH Vacuum Blender-Editor’s Choice 53 OZ 10.33 pounds Check Price
Vitamix 7500- Best blender for crushing ice 64 OZ 13.00 pounds Check Price
Blendtec Total Classic Countertop Blender 75 OZ 7.28 Pounds Check Price



IKICH Vacuum Blender-Editor’s Choice

best blender for crushing ice and frozen fruits

Ikich vacuum blender with a 25oz smoothie cup is exactly what we are starting off our article with. It comes with various features and serves the purpose very well. It is straightforward and convenient to use, and has distinct and useful features.

Let’s look into its features and specifications.


IKICH Vacuum Blender with 25oz Smoothie Cup is a professional heavy-duty ice crushing blender. It comes with an LCD screen and Timer, which is a huge plus point. Its high speed, quiet processing, and heavy-duty feature make it worth the hype. It serves the purpose really well, crushes the ice and frozen things like magic. The purest and silkiest smoothie is a result of its effectiveness.

It comes with a vacuum anti oxygen new technology that removes over 90 percent of oxygen to prevent oxidation and preserve the blend’s freshness and nutritious value. This technology will help keep the original color and taste of the smoothie. It is a multi-feature blender with easy buttons at the control panel, together with pre-programmed settings for one-button manipulate and time setting. The blender helps in making smoothies, icy beverages, shakes, and so forth.

The blender has a robust 1000W motor with the average blending speed reaching 22000RPM but has a compacted and matchless design. You will see your content chop into millions of tiny pieces with the sharp blades it comes with. This stainless steel blender comes with an easy to pour feature, no spilling of your juices. This blender comes with modern technology, which is going to make it safe for your home. It only processes when the bottle is locked in place perfectly, or else it doesn’t, and that too keeping your safety in mind. Ikich understands and makes sure that you and your family are secure with this product in your home.


In terms of design, this blender is a very sturdy and cool countertop heavy-duty blender. It comes with a smoothie cup, which makes it even more appealing. Its gray color looks very classy and aesthetic. It has a unique bottom design, which helps eliminate the heat quickly, keeping the system efficient and secure. Also, it is very reliable for daily use.

It features a compact storage design that is rechargeable and has a vacuum Pump and USB Cable present at the back. The vacuum pump gets rid of extra air from the blending box to save you oxidation. 25oz Portable Sports Water Bottle

It also comes with a portable bottle so that you can Mix and Go. You also can place the vacuum lid and pump on, vacuum the bottle to preserve clean. It is best suited for most car drink holders.


Like any other product you would buy, this one also comes with a few limitations that you need to consider before making your final decision to buy it for you the go smoothies. We love it for its quality and purpose, but you need to know that it takes a lot of muscle to get the blending going. And secondly, it is a rechargeable blender, a battery-powered one. So, if you’re someone who is not into rechargeable things, then it just isn’t for you.

Pros Cons
It comes with a portable smoothie glass Needs a lot of muscle to get going
Quiet blending Battery operated
Easy to clean



Generally speaking, it is a great heavy-duty everyday blender to juice all your vitamins up on the go. It would be a perfect addition to your on the go lifestyle. It is budget-friendly, compact, sturdy, and easy to use. The best thing about this blender is the advanced vacuum technology, which helps with less oxidation, less separation, and fewer bubbles. All and all, it is a nifty product if you can ignore the flaws.

Vitamix 7500- Best blender for crushing ice

Best blender for crushing ice

The second blender on the list is Vitamix 7500 Blender. Vitamix is a big blender with a larger capacity. You can feed a lot of people with the Vitamix 7500! It features a big enough container to help you make huge batches of your favorite meals. Its specialty is that it is compact and can fit under almost every shelf in your house. Vitamix is a lot more than just a smoothie maker; it is instead a multi-tasker. You can make whole lots of items other than just a smoothie: its plus point i-e hot soups, frozen treats, nut grinding, dips, spreads, sauces, baby food, etc. Discover and create new elements with Vitamax every day.

Further, we talk about the vitamix blender’s features, which makes it stand out in the crowd.


Taking about the features of Vitamix blender, we will start off with its variable speed control. Its ten variable speeds can with precise execution. All types of items can be crushed to perfection in this blender. Moreover, it has a pulse feature inclusive for chunky salsas or thick vegetable soups. Its big and spacious container is perfect for family meal preps. It uses whilst best fits with ease underneath maximum kitchen cabinets. Vitamix comes with a self-cleaning feature. With a drop of dish cleanser and warm water, the device can get itself clean within 30 to 60 seconds. Isn’t that amazing? The blender supports stainless steel blades designed to deal with the hardest ingredients, so from the primary blend to the final, you get the same satisfactory outcomes.


Now talking about the design of the product, it is a very simple large container red blender. It does well with all types of kitchen interiors. The design is so sturdy and elegant that it’s eye-catching. Along with the heavy-duty performance, the blend does not lack behind in the design. The color combination of red and black is very attractive and classy. It is durable, powerful, and versatile, and family-oriented. This Universal blender is an expert in making smoothies and juices, warm soups, dough, nut butter, frozen desserts, batters, dressings and sauces, non-dairy items, and many more things.


If we talk about this product’s limitations, we would like to mention first its ability to get scratched and cracked easily. Vitamix blender is a delicate piece, and if you don’t use it with care, you might end up scratching or cracking it. Secondly, it has slight heating up problem. Since it does not have vacuum technology, it quickly gets heated. This then results in a foul smell and motor freeze. So, to avoid this, try not to overload it.

Keep the limitations in mind before proceeding to buy this item.

Pros Cons
Self-cleaning. Easily scratchable.
Very spacious container. Heat up issue.



Vitamix fuels passion. It is discovered in domestic kitchens all the time because whether you’re interested in the culinary arts. Making more healthy selections or planning on making smoothies at home, you need a Vitamix blender. It is built to last long. It is an investment, and they understand it. You won’t be disappointed with it. Easy to Clean, maximum power, and durable, it will be a very reliable purchase. Whether you prefer an icy blend or an easy purée, nutrition-packed greens, or a mild fruity treat, Vitamix smoothies give you a delicious, even blend in each round. It had got you covered in all directions. All in all, it is a perfect blender for any household or restaurant.

Blendtec Total Classic Countertop Blender

large blender for frozen fruits

Further in the list is a Blendtec classic blender. It is a very sturdy and classic piece to get your blending and crushing job done with finesse. Blendtec is a modern and very trustworthy company which guarantees fine processing. Now, let’s have a look at its features.


Talking about the features of Blendtec blender, it has elementary blending rotations or cycles. It has a 1-contact button, 6 pre-programmed cycles, pulse, and 10 paces manual manipulation with the capacity to tackle all different kinds of textures. It consists of a very thick blade that is too made of chrome steel with wings for amazingly smooth blends, which is ten times stronger than any random blender. The blade might be very sturdy and sharp, but it is very safe. So you don’t have to worry about poking or cuts. It also supports a self-cleaning feature: just add a little soap and warm water, your container is going to make itself squeaky clean in less than 1 minute. This blender is very suitable for large batches. It has a unique design of four sides which hold 32 ounces of product at a time, best for 3-4 human beings.


Taking about the design of the blender, it is a very unique blender. The design is very sturdy and classy. It has a square container which supports large batches of product. Made from a metallic material, the blade is blunt and not sharp. It can crush thick substances very quickly, which makes it temper free. Perfect your blending with a one-touch feature. The patented jar design of Blendtec pulls all the material towards the center of the jar (towards the blades) and blends away.


Taking about the limitations that come with this blender, firstly, is a little loud blender. The processing makes a bit of noise. Secondly, there have been complaints about the blender being prone to leakage in rare cases. So, if you can look ahead of these flaws, you might wanna get going with your purchase.

Pros Cons
Very unique design A little loud
Suitable for large batches Prone to leakage
Very durable



The iconic, authentic blender that took the world 25 years in the past is back. New and improved, this blender has it all! Get in with some unique recipes with six preprogrammed controls and 10 variable speed + pulse to get any task done with finesse. Get unbeatable performance with the Total Blender. Having the world’s most technologically advanced blender is worth each penny. It gives you extra time to reflect on lifestyles and the folks that depend on you.

How to buy the best blender for crushing ice and frozen fruits

When you are looking out for a blender for crushing ice and frozen fruit, you’ll want to examine the overall performance and all the capabilities that almost all of the heavy-duty blenders have that could manage frozen elements. The more useful and sturdier they are, the better. However, there should not be a thing as quality over price, this need to fit in your flexible budget. For that, you need to search in depths to find a perfect fit for yourself, which is good in quality and fits your budget as well.

We have made your work easy by highlighting the factors that you need to keep in mind while buying a heavy-duty blender. It is quite an investment, so you need to be a little careful and open-eyed. If you’re trying to crush down those fruits and ice, you will, without any doubt, need a very sturdy blender with robust blades. But the question now is, how do you sort through all of your alternatives and locate the exceptional version that suits your need? For that, keep reading the article:

infographic buyer's guide about best blenders for crushing ice and frozen fruits


For an effective blender, you want to test if the blade material is thick chrome steel and nothing else. You have to make sure that the blender you are getting has six or more blades. The more, the better. This affects the efficiency of blending. The blades should be manufactured from thick chrome steel, which is specifically designed for frozen fruits and crushing ice.

Motor Power

For a blender to have an effective motor, it is vital, particularly while planning on crushing ice or frozen fruits. A very common and basic blender has at least 100W of motor electricity; however, it will not perform all the jobs for you. The fine blenders that are stated above are specifically designed for crushing frozen fruits and ice. You want a blender that has at least 1000 to 1500W of motor energy.

Blender Capacity

You got to decide first who do you need the blender for? For an entire family? Yourself only? How many people are going to use it? Ask yourself these questions and then proceed with buying. You decide which blender you need to get keeping in mind the capacity you desire. Go for a small one if you want it for one person and go for a bigger one if you want it for family use.


If you are inclined to invest in an excellent blender for ice and frozen fruit, the pitcher’s thick and sturdy fabric is crucial. Cheap blender machines come with thin blender jars. They are made of low materials that can’t withstand the tough beating of ice cubes when the motor is powered on, which then results in cracking and breaking of the jar. So, before you buy, make sure about the durability and thickness of the blender jar, which is essential.

Does it all

If you’re searching for a blender that may do multitasking for you. Such as you’ll be willing to make juices, smoothies, or making dough in a blender, then you must opt for an all-purpose blender, not the one which crushes the ice only.

Easy to Assemble

With the increase in technology, blenders are getting hard to assemble with so many parts and components. For example, the assembling of the different parts of the blender may get a little hard and confusing. We would advise you to be easy on yourself and not waste money on fancy, confusing blenders that do the job just the same. Go with the simple ones as they get the job done just fine.


The most essential and vital thing to consider is the cleaning of the blender. Cleaning the blender at times may be very frustrating. As stated earlier, simple is better. You need to pick out the blender that is not very fancy. It will rescue you from all the hassle of cleaning.

Wrapping it all up!

A blender is a very essential part of the kitchen and cooking. It does so many tasks and can’t be looked over; you just need one to make your life easy. In this article, we have talked about the best blenders for crushing ice and frozen fruits to make the best smoothie ever.

To serve this purpose, you must consider the ones we have mentioned above in the article because we have put so much time and effort to make this list for you guys only. This list has been made after thorough research, so we are confident that you will find the perfect one for your use.

Happy shopping!

Get those fruits crushing!

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