Best Blenders for Smoothie Bowls In 2020

(Last Updated On: March 29, 2020)
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In this article, we are going to share the list of best blenders for smoothie bowls. But before starting our list we need to clear the air about a few misconceptions we came across during our research. The first thing we came across that some people think smoothie bowls and acai bowls are similar. We want to inform you that they are not. And that’s why you will find the list of blenders for acai bowls and smoothie bowls to be different as well.

How are they different?


The origin of smoothie bowls and acai bowls are very different. Smoothie bowls came from Eastern and Mediterranean lands while acai is originally from Brazil.


The texture of smoothie bowls and acai bowls is not the same. Smoothie bowls are thin while acai bowls are thick in texture. If you observe you will find out that smoothie bowls are just like smoothies but with the topping of fruits and vegetables while acai bowls are dense and cold and creamy.


The third difference is ingredients you can use any fruit and vegetables in smoothie bowls even acai berries but using acai in your smoothie bowl will not make it acai bowl because acai bowls have base ingredient of acai pulp while in smoothie bowls you do not need to use acai pulp as a base ingredient. E.g., you can make pineapple, peach, and banana smoothie bowl.  However, acai bowls can be made from just acai berries just like in its ancestral Brazilian form.

Now, we hope that we have cleared the difference between smoothie bowls and acai bowls. Its time to check out some of the best blenders for smoothie bowls. But if you want a blender for acai bowls you need to check this list of blenders.

Quick Search & Comparison of Best Blenders for Smoothie Bowls

Vitamix Pro 7500- Editor's Choice1640 W12.5 LBSCheck Price
NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z1200 W11.6 LBSCheck Price
Hamilton Beach pro 588001800 W8.8 LBSCheck Price



Vitamix Pro 7500- Editor’s Choice

best blender for smoothie bowls

If you have money to spend then Vitamix Pro 7500 is one of the best blender for making smoothie bowls. It offers plenty of features as well as sturdiness and quality. This blender is surely a great option for you if you are looking for a long term investment. Vitamix is made in the USA.


Let’s take a look at the features of Vitamix Pro 7500 First.

This blender comes with a variable speed control system which allows you to control the texture of the stuff you are blending. It also features a pulse system for a quick power boost. Another feature makes it stand out from other blenders is its self-cleaning system. You can engage a self-cleaning system by adding water and drops of dishwashing shop. The self-cleaning takes only 60 seconds. The best part is that you do not have to disassemble it.

The 2.2 horsepower motor gives you immense power of blending you can make smoothies in no time. Yes, you can make great smoothie bowls but also you can use Vitamix Pro 7500 blender for other purposes as well. For instance, you can make hot soup inside the container by just engaging its blades for no more than 10 minutes. You can also make frozen treats in seconds by adding the right ingredients.

This blender can also be used to make nut butter and you can also crush coffee beans without much hassle. Vitamix Pro 7500 also allows you to kneed dough, mix batters to make pancakes and pizza dough.

Despite having a very powerful motor it does not produce much noise.


Vitamix Pro 7500 is a powerful blender but it has a minimalistic design. It comes with a low profile 64 ounces BPA free container. If you take a look at its blades you will see that they are made from stainless steel which is very sturdy, and they do not bend and dull easily. At maximum power, the blades reach 270 miles per hour but thanks to radial cooling fans and thermal control system they do not burnout.

This machine comes with a tamper so, you do not have to deal with leftovers. Also, it has a clip on the lid, so it does not pop up especially while using for hot foods.

The material of Vitamix Pro 7500 is not very impressive as it is made from plastic however it only weighs around 13 LBS and has dimensions of 17.5 into 7.7 into 9.4 inches which makes it compact and easy to store blender in your kitchen.


We have discussed its features and design above now let’s take a look at its shortcomings. The first thing we disliked is its material which is plastic as this blender is a pricey one so, could have used some vintage material like glass as we know that after some time the plastic jar can get scratched. Another issue is that it has no digital display and again we will say that Vitamix Pro 7500 is an expensive blender. One more disappointing thing, it has no measuring cup.

To sum up, the review of Vitamix pro 7500 check out its pros and cons below

Easy to cleanExpensive
Powerful MotorPlastic Jar
Cooling fansNo measuring cup
High-quality blades
very durable



Despite having drawbacks like a plastic jar, expensive pricing, and no digital display and no measuring cup. still, Vitamix Pro 7500 is one of the best blender for making smoothie bowls, nut butter, ground coffee, hot and cold foods. Its motor is very powerful and durable, the cooling fans and thermal control system prevents its super sturdy blades from burning out. We highly recommend this blender if money is not an issue for you.

NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z

Blender combo for smoothie bowls

The second blender for smoothie bowls in our list is Nutribullet ZNBF30500Z. It is one of the budget-friendly option, yet it offers plenty of features and quality.


Take a look at its features to understand what you are going to get in this blender.

Basically, this model is combo edition it comes with two different containers to help you serve better. Like, if you want to make a smoothie bowl just for yourself then you can use its single-serving pitcher. However, if you are planning to make smoothie bowls in a large quantity then you can use its 64 ounces container.

It comes with a powerful motor of 1200 watts. You can make excellent smoothie bowls, nut butter, soups and sauces without much effort. NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z offers you three precision speed system also pulse control.

This machine also has nutrition extraction blending which preserves all the nutrition while blending fruits and vegetables. This blender will not sacrifice the nutrition in the name of making smoothies.

Note that it does not offer heat blending like Vitamix Pro 7500. Also, it does not have a self-cleaning system, but cleaning is not very hard as this machine is dishwasher safe.


Now if we look at its design, we can see that its far superior than Vitamix pro 7500. The base of Nutribullet blender combo is modern and made off stainless steel which makes it heavy, but it remains sturdy on the counter.

The buttons on the base are low profile and easy to clean. It comes with multiple pitchers. The first one is larger which offers you 64 ounces. The second is for self-serving offers you 24 ounces of capacity. Moreover, it comes with 32 ounces cup for the on the go use.

Nutribullet blender combo also offers you tamper, lid for the on the go cup, Pitcher lids and recipe book.


Despite being one of the best blender for making smoothie bowls it has some shortcomings. The number one flaw is its very loud noise. The second issue we came across is its motor. Even though it is powerful but not as strong as its contenders. The third issue you can face is its heaviness. As the motor base is made off stainless steel it adds more weight to it. So, if you are looking for a blender with a lightweight base, we recommend you look away from it 😉.

To help you decide better we have listed its pros cons below.

Multiple PitchersVery loud
Sleek DesignCan be heavy for some
Easy to use buttonsThe motor is not very powerful
Nutrition Extract button to make perfect smoothies
Outstanding value



Yes, nutribullet combo blender has downsides like its extra loud noise, the heavy base which can be good or bad totally depends on your preference and the motor is not very powerful but powerful enough for making smoothie bowls. On the bright side, It comes with a self-serving pitcher, the big pitcher and on the go cup. Making smoothies is also very easy due to the nutrition extraction button and price-wise it is budget-friendly.

If weight and noise not an issue for you then, we highly recommend this blender for making awesome smoothie bowls.

Hamilton Beach pro 58800

1800 watts blender for smoothie bowls

The third and final blender for making smoothie bowls in our list is by Hamilton Beach. This blender is expensive than Nutribullet Combo blender but far cheaper than Vitamix Pro 7500. 58800 1800 Watts Blender by Hamilton beach offers plenty of features and quality to its users.


The most distinctive feature of this blender is its 1800 watts powerful motor. Similar to Vitamix Pro 7500 it has variable speed dial which allows you to blend stuff easily. Also, it has a pulse button so, you can control the texture according to your needs.

It also has thermal protection to prevent overheating. Upon research, we came to know that it is not very noisy like the Nutribullet Combo blender. The components of Hamilton beach 1800 watts is covered with rubber material to avoid loud noise.

This blender has 4 stainless steel blades rotate at the speed of 140 miles per hour and can crush anything in its way. It also, pre-settings to make smoothies, puree and crushing ice.

For cleaning it offers both option you can wash it in the dishwasher, or you can engage its self-cleaning system which is quite similar to Vitamix pro 7500.

it has an LCD display which shows the timer


The base of this blender is sturdy and will not slip easily during blending. The buttons are easy to control, and it has an LCD panel for the timer which looks nice.  It comes with 64 ounces Jar and a lid that open ups and converts into measuring cup. The quality of jar is quite good it is made off BPA free Tritan. The jar is also shatterproof. This blender weighs around 11 LBS and has dimensions of 8.6 into 7.1 into 17.7 inches. Hamilton beach pro 1800 watts comes with a tamper.


No doubt this blender is good, but it has some downsides. The number one drawback we found that jar has no handle. So, it can get slipped from your hands. You need to be careful when you lift it up. Also, if you make hot things you will require mittens to take it off from the base.

The second drawback we came across its the quality of making smoothie and smoothie bowls. It is not bad but it’s not good as well. We were expecting more from this compared to Nutribullet combo blender but smoothie making quality is average.

The following pros and cons can help you decide better.

Powerful motorNo handle on the jar
Easy to cleanPar quality of smoothies



This blender is a good option for making smoothie bowls compared to many other blenders but the above two are far better. However, if you are looking to get a blender for other purposes as well then you should get this blender. It offers powerful motor, durability and easy cleanliness.

How to Choose the best blender for Smoothie Bowls

There are numerous smoothie bowl blenders out there in the market. We have done the research and listed the top 3 only. However, if you are not satisfied with them you can choose your own blender according to your preference with the help of following the buyer’s guide.

Determine the Size of Jar

The first thing you need to consider is the size of the jar. If you are looking to prepare a smoothie bowl just for yourself then blender with the small jar is enough for you. However, if you want to prepare a large amount, for instance, you want to make a smoothie bowl for your whole family then go for a blender that offers more capacity as it will save you time. We have listed above Nutribullet combo blender which comes with both types of Jar.

Power of Motor

Power of matters a lot when you try to blend fruits and vegetables because they are tough to break especially if you are going to use frozen ones. So, the higher the power the better will be the texture of a smoothie. Additionally, high powered blenders can use for other purposes as well e.g. making nut butter, crushing ice, etc.

Firm Base

Going for a blender with a firm base is necessary as the powerful blenders swirl powerfully and you do not want to risk yourself or your kids when the jar starts spinning by itself. It can fell down it will not only create a mess but can also injure you or someone around you. So, yes always choose the blender with a firm base. They can be heavy but will be more secure.

Tight Lid for a Jar

The lid of a jar should be placed tightly if you buy a blender with lose lid it can get off easily and can cause you trouble in terms of health, as well as juice can get poured anywhere. The weak lid can come off easily when the blender runs so, pay close attention before choosing one.


Some blenders come with automatic turn off. As human beings we can get careless and may neglect that the blender is running so, getting a blender with the timer which shuts off automatically after a certain time will be a wise choice. Also, timed blenders can produce good consistency of smoothie which is essential in making high quality of smoothie bowls.


We highly recommend that you should look for a blender that comes with pre-set controls they allow you to adjust settings according to the things you are blending. Any blender with pre-setting for making a smoothie is an excellent option. As you will require a smoothie in a bowl.

Cleaning System

Nobody likes a machine which gets dirty easily and remains dirty. Making smoothie bowls can produce a lot of mess. Cleanliness is an important thing. So, look for a blender that offers a self-cleaning system or choose a blender that is easy to clean especially dishwasher safe blenders are the best option.

There are areas inside a jar if they do not clear properly bacterial growth can take place.

Comes with A Tamper

Having tamper with a blender is always a good option it can assist you in mixing heavy stuff easily. Otherwise, the remains can get attached to jar and will not produce good results.

Thermal Protection

Look for a jar that offers thermal protection as you are investing your hard-earned money you do not want a blender that burns out quickly. The thermal protection prevents the overheating of a motor while spinning the blade.

Quality of Blades

The quality of blades matters a lot in a blender. You do not want to end up with the blender which blades can get bent and dull with heavy usage. Invest in a blender that comes with sturdy blades and remain strong after a long time as well. The stainless steel blades are optimal for making smoothie bowls.


Noisy blenders can be irritating so if you can choose the blenders that are quit. However, noise does not play a role in the quality of blending. So, this tip can be optional.

Wrapping it Up

We are concluding this article here. Our team spent around 5 hours in research. We went through 25 blenders and only listed the top 3 best blenders for smoothie bowls. Also have added the buyer’s guide which can assist you in choosing the best blender for your needs.

You can share your experience and opinions in the comment section below. Trust us, they will not be censored or will get by us unanswered. As we are consumers like you and we want to add value to the consumers by aiding them with the best possible knowledge about consumer products.

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