Best Juicers For Ginger In 2020

(Last Updated On: July 20, 2020)
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Are you new to juicing? Does it seem challenging to find a juicer that works really smoothly with ginger?

Well, you have come to the right platform. We know your problems, and we are here to help you with them. That is why we have already searched, analyzed, chose, and came up with three best juicers for making ginger juice.

All you have to do is continue reading until the end, and you will definitely be able to find a juicer that suits you best. 😉

Ginger is naturally refreshing. It is a powerful herb that helps in digestion, reduces allergies as well as nausea. This is the reason why many people use ginger in place of coffee in the morning.

Many people are tired of consuming allopathic medicines and are switching to herbal treatments. No doubt, ginger is really effective and helps you to live a sound and healthy life.
The best way to experience and enjoy the maximum benefits of ginger is through its juice.

Unfortunately, not every juicer is desirable for making ginger juice. To get maximum ginger shots out of ginger, you need a dedicated juicer. Here, we have mentioned three such specialized juicers. To make things simpler for you, we have also presented a simple guideline that will help you in reaching the right decision.

Let’s get started.

Quick Search & Comparison Of Best Juicers For Ginger

Juicer Power
Tribest Greenstar Elite- Editor's Choice 200 watts Check Price
Aobosi Slow Masticating juicer 150 watts Check Price
Hamilton Beach Masticating Juicer 150 watts Check Price



Tribest Greenstar Elite- Editor’s Choice

best juicer for ginger and green vegetables

This is the very first juicer on our list.

Tribset has never failed to provide us the best and most useful kitchen appliances.

It features a smooth, modern design to provide you the maximum amount of nutrients out of your food. This juicer contains all the same accessories as the original model. Still, its all-new design and color add modern style to your kitchen countertop.

Let’s examine its features one by one.


Portable: This juicer is movable. It features a tight-grip handle that helps you in carrying and moving it with great ease.

Constant juicing: It is equipped with automatic pulp ejection, which ensures continuous juicing and trouble-free clean-up.

Easily juices nuts and grains: This specialized juicer not only juices fruits, herbs and vegetables, but it also juices nuts and grains easily. So, you can also process nuts butter in the comfort of your home.

Easily processes hard vegetables: The Greenstar Elite features stainless steel twin gears. That is equipped with special pocket recesses, which makes it possible to process hard vegetables. The cutting points on the gear smartly handles the sinewy vegetables and extracts maximum juice out of it without getting jammed.

Works Like Human Teeth: It features a complete mastication system that works like human teeth. First, the pocket recesses aids in the slicing process. Then, the cutting points help in cutting strong muscly vegetables. Lastly, the gear teeth base helps in grinding the food completely. These three features juice the food efficiently and also cuts straggling vegetables without causing any jam or tangle. Along with these three stages, there is a new stage, that is, the mixing stage. This stage ensures that you get maximum nutrients out of your food.

Technology: This juicer comes with bio-ceramic and magnetic machinery that allows you to extract juice with more nutrition. Its magnetic field creates a space that isolates higher levels of nutrition, while bio-ceramic assists in natural juice extraction. This twin gear bio-ceramic feature allows the juice to last longer thanks to its natural processing of juice. The best thing about this technology is that you can store your ginger or any other juice up to 72 hours in a freezer or icebox with minimal nutritional loss. This feature is rare, and we know for a fact that many juices go bad within 24 hours; however, the tribset juicer is on another level. That’s why it is our editor’s choice.

Convenient Juicing: Different types of foods require different amounts of pressure to get juiced. With this juicer, you can now adjust the pressure without having the juicing process to be stopped. In this way, you can produce a great variety of juice in just one session. So, you can efficiently process juices with maximum convenience.

2-in-1: This is probably the best thing about this juicer that its twin gears also acts as a food processor. So, you can prepare nut butter, paste, and sauces with it as well. Amazing, right?

This is all about its features. Now, its time to review its elegant design.


The Greenstar Elite features a uniquely modern, sleek, and elegant style. With this juicer, you can add a modern-day style on the countertop of your kitchen. It measures 18.6 x 6.8 x 12.4 inches. It weighs 17.2 pounds only.

This portable and versatile juicer features four different screens to enhance your juicing experience. The four screens are fine screen, coarse screen, homogenizing blank, and breadstick maker. So, you can also process raw breadsticks as well as rice cakes. What else do you need out of a juicer?

A glass juice pitcher, wooden & plastic plungers, and a cleaning brush are also included with the juicer.


Do not use any hard chemicals such as bleach while cleaning the juicer. Use mild soaps only.


Now let’s see where this product lacks behind.

Well, with this juicer, you have to be patient. Because cleaning it takes a considerable chunk of your time.  Besides this, there is nothing majorly wrong with this juicer.

Let’s quickly review its pros and cons.

Pros Cons
Produces amazing quality juices Difficult to clean-up
Easily juices hard vegetables



Despite the fact that cleaning this juicer requires a long time, the Greenstar Elite produces high-quality juices instantly. It is capable of juicing hard vegetables, nuts, and grains. More above, you can also process desserts, paste, sauces, and nut butter with it. It features versatile compatibility and works like human teeth. Undoubtedly, this juicer is worth the money.

Aobosi Slow Masticating juicer

best masticating juicer for ginger

This is the second juicer on our list.

Aobosi slow masticating juicer is one of the best juicers you can get. It juices greens, vegetables, and fruits instantly. Also saves your hands and kitchen from the mess. This juicer preserves original taste and nutrients in the taste. In just a few seconds, you can juice your favorite vegetables and fruits with this astonishing juicer.

Let’s review its features.


Spinning Speed: This auger runs at a low speed of 80 RPM, so the machine doesn’t get heat up and also ensures less decomposition.

Separates Juice & Pulp: It separates juice and pulp finely. It draws out up to 20% more juice and 30% more nutrients as compared to other centrifugal juicers. This means you can enjoy original natural flavor juices with maximum vitamins and nutrients.

Easily Juices Hard & Sinewy Vegetables: This amazing juicer is capable of juicing hard vegetables like carrot and sinewy vegetables like celery without getting jammed of tangled.

Store Up to 72 Hours: The juice remains fresh for 72 hours in the refrigerator, so you can enjoy refreshing, delicious juices at any time of the day.

Reverse Function: This juicer also features a reverse function that prevents any blockage.

Easy Cleaning: It is dishwasher safe so you can easily clean it. Moreover, there is also a bonus brush that adds more to your convenience.

Let us quickly examine its impressive design.


Aobosi slow masticating juicer is one smart juicer that adds elegant design on the countertop of your kitchen. It is compact and lightweight. To be precise, it measures 14.4 x 11.7 x 11 inches. It weighs 11.8 pounds only.

This juicer features a safety lock design that helps you in assembling and disassembling it easily.

All of its detachable parts are made of high-quality BPA free plastic, Tritan.

It is equipped with a great-quality 150W motor, which creates less than 60 decibels sound. So, you can enjoy juicing in a peaceful environment without waking your babies up. 😉

All of the parts are compactly designed in order to ensure your maximum safety.


Surprisingly, there are no significant issues with this juicer. There is only one minor issue which is as follow:

The juicer features a small chute, so you will have to cut your food small enough that it gets fit in the chute before juicing it.

Let us quickly review the pros and cons.

Pros Cons
No heat-up Have to cut down food every time before juicing
Fine juicing
Easy to clean



Although it has a small chute, Aobosi’s slow masticating juicer is impressive. It is capable of juicing hard to sinewy vegetables without any trouble. It finely separates the juice and the pulp and preserves the natural flavor, vitamins, and nutrients. This juicer is easy to clean up. It is definitely perfect for processing ginger juice.

Hamilton Beach Masticating Juicer

Another juicer for Ginger shots

This is the third and the final juicer in our best juicer for ginger’s list.

With Hamilton beach masticating juicer, you can process a variety of refreshing and healthy juices in the comfort of your home. It is perfect for juicing leafy vegetables. It also finely juices ginger roots and apples. The best thing about this juicer is that it helps you process juice in a calm, peaceful environment without causing any noise.

Let’s see what else this juicer can do.


Perfect Juicing: This juicer provides you an ideal juicing experience. You can finely juice green leafy vegetables as well as ginger root and apples.

The juicer draws out twice as much juice from spinach as compared to the top centrifugal juicer.

2-in-1: Along with juicing, this juicer also lets you process soy, almond, or rice milk. Amazing, right?

Easy Cleaning: All parts of the juicer are dishwasher safe and are pretty easy to assemble and disassemble. Also, there is a handy cleaning brush that ensures easy cleaning.

BPA Free: Hamilton keeps your health at a first priority; that is why all the parts of the machine are BPA free.

Less Noise: The juicer runs at a power of 150 Watts without making any noise or disturbance. So, you can process juice at any time of the day without waking anyone up.

Let us quickly review its design.


Hamilton beach masticating juicer is a compact, lightweight, and smart juicer. It measures 7.44 x 12.6 x 13.46 inches. It weighs 9.92 pounds only.

The auger of the juicer has been made with Tritan, which, resultantly, produces refreshing and delicious juices.


There is no drawback to the product. Although you can experience poor customer service.

Let us quickly review the pros and cons.

Pros Cons
Less noise Poor Customer Service
BPA free parts
Easy to clean



Hamilton beach masticating juicer is one of the best juicers. It ensures smooth, noise-free juicing. It is capable of juicing from soft vegetables/fruits to hard vegetables/fruits. Thus, it is perfect for juicing ginger. You can also process various kinds of milk with this juicer. It is definitely worth the purchase.

How to choose the best juicer for ginger?

It has never been easy to choose one product out of many wonderful choices. However, certain factors make the product ‘perfect.’ Below, we have listed some of these factors. By reading this simple guideline, you will surely be able to pick out one juicer for you that best suits your needs.

Easy to Clean

Juicing is all easy and fun unless it comes to cleaning. Well, frankly speaking, if your juicer is equipped with various plastic parts, they are at risk of getting stained quickly. And, if you are OCD or hygienic conscious, you will never want to use the juicer again. To avoid all the stain problems, you need a juicer that features high-quality plastic parts.

Secondly, the juicer you are planning to buy should have detachable parts so you can easily disassemble and wash them.

Lastly, if the juicer’s parts are dishwasher safe, then you do not have to worry much about its cleaning.

BPA Free

BPA is a chemical that is used in most of the plastics, and it has many harmful effects on your health. It can severely affect your growth and reproduction processes.

A perfect juicer is free from all kinds of chemical parts, especially BPA.

Your health comes first. So, careful while purchasing the product. Make sure that BPA free plastic must be used in the juicer.

Easy to Assemble

There should be no rocket science in assembling or disassembling the juicer’s parts.


It is not easy to juice hard vegetables, and we are specifically talking about ginger. It requires a specialized juicer to juice down hard vegetables.

The juicer you are planning to buy should be specialized enough to juice hard, leafy veggies without any trouble or heating-up

Energy Efficient

The juicer should be energy efficient.

To be precise, a juicer that runs at 150 Watts power is desirable as it consumes less energy and also lets you enjoy less-noise juicing.

Smart & Compact

This is not a must point to be present in a juicer. But a compact, lightweight juicer adds to your convenience. It is easier to move and store.

And, if it is smart and good looking, then it adds an elegant design on the countertop of your kitchen.

Large Chute

Many juicers feature a small chute. There is no harm in a small chute, but it requires you to cut your product every time before juicing. Otherwise, you will have to face trouble.

Cutting veggies or fruits every time before juicing can exhaust you. So, it is better that you buy a juicer that has a chute large enough to juice the whole of produce in the first place.

Budget Efficient

This is, again, not must in a juicer, but if it is present there, it can enhance your juicing experience much more.

For instance, many juicers are also capable of processing various kinds of milk, nut butter, cakes, etc. We have also mentioned a few of them. You can do a lot of other things with your juicer besides juicing—this aids in saving your time and, of course, hard-earned money.

Otherwise, you will have to spend money on buying two separate machines.

So, make a smart move, save your cost and time by purchasing a machine that can do all.

Final Conclusion

Ginger juice does have many positive effects on your health. It is quite tricky to juice ginger. But, if you have got an efficient juicer at your home, then there is nothing to worry about. We have mentioned three juicers that are ideal for processing ginger juice. While making your decision, keep in mind, ginger is difficult to juice, and many juicers heat-up while processing its juice. So, make your decision carefully. Choose a juicer that does not heat-up and easily processes hard and sinewy vegetables without any trouble or difficulty. Besides this, we have also mentioned a few other factors that you should consider before purchasing one. We hope this article has proved beneficial for you and has cleared all of the queries you had in your mind.

We hope you will now be able to make a smart decision that you will cherish for a longer time.

Feel free to leave feedback or comment below. It is your feedback that helps us to improve the quality of our website. Thank you! 😊

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