Best Microwave Ovens for Elderly In 2020

(Last Updated On: July 17, 2020)
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We all know how vital microwave ovens are nowadays. It has become a necessity without which we find it difficult to even survive for a day. Sometimes, we want to heat our leftover food or defrost our food, or even cook something, like, popcorns or something for our movie nights. Microwave ovens are also a necessity for elders as much as it is for us. But the microwave ovens we usually use may be a little complicated for them to use. But luckily, there are tons of microwave ovens which are simple to use and are ideal for elders as well as younger people. To make your search easier, we have gathered some of the best microwave ovens for the elderly in this article.

Microwaves are made to make things easier, so they have to be simple to use and easier to understand. You should not have to stand in front of a microwave and take some time to figure out what do you need to do. The microwaves we have added in the list are all easier to use featuring dials. Dial control saves you time and is much easier to work with—no wonder why they make a perfect fit for elders and for commercial use. As at restaurants or other crowded places, they are short of time.

FYI: We have also listed some of the best microwave ovens for visually impaired.

All of the microwave ovens we have added in the list are super reliable and perfect fits for elders. With various price ranges just so everyone has something for them. We have considered all the features mentioned in the buying guide below to check whether or not the microwave fits the needs of elders. The added pros and cons at the end of each microwave oven will help you with the purchase.

So, without any further delay, let’s take a look at some of the best microwave ovens for the elderly.

Quick Search & Comparison Of Best Microwave Ovens For Elderly

Microwave Oven Wattage Capacity
Panasonic NN-SD945S- Editor’s Choice 1250 Watts 2.2 Cubic Feet Check Price
Sharp R-21LCFS Microwave- Best Premium Microwave Oven for Elderly 1000 Watts 1 Cubic Feet Check Price
Commercial Chef CHM660W 600 Watts 0.6 Cubic Feet Check Price



Panasonic NN-SD945S- Editor’s Choice

best microwave oven for elderly

We are starting off our list of the best microwave oven for elders with this Panasonic Inverter technology stainless steel microwave oven. This is not a budget-friendly option, but it is probably the best suitable one for seniors. Panasonic is the top leading brand when it comes to microwave ovens, and can be trusted.


Let’s take a look at the features of this Panasonic Stainless steel microwave oven. This Panasonic microwave oven offers 1250 watts of power with inverter technology. The microwave is designed to provide even and quick results, whether it’s cooking, heating, or defrosting. The 18 preset menu options and four-digit display makes it easier to function.

This NN-SD945S Panasonic microwave oven features a one-touch sensor cook and reheat button, which saves you from all the guesswork. It also automatically turns off when it’s done cooking or reheating. The Turbo defrost option this microwave oven feature makes sure that the food is even offering efficient results. This feature efficiently defrosts food and keeps its natural flavor, nutrients, and texture.

The microwave oven also features a keep warm feature, which helps you to keep the food warm without the food being overcooked, for up to 30 minutes, until it’s ready to serve. Moreover, features like quick minute timer, delay start, and a child safety lock makes this the perfect one.


When it comes to design, Panasonic surely does not disappoint. It is lightweight and a compact inverter power microwave oven, which takes up less space, unlike other brands offering the same amount of power. What’s excellent about inverter technology is that it takes up less space on your counter and, at the same time, offers more interior space. Its several smart and intuitive controls make it easier and convenient for anyone. The sleek dial and push button to open the door are all easier to use.

Moreover, this Panasonic microwave oven features a 15 inches turntable, which allows you to fit in most of the dishes and also helps in even cooking. The microwave’s stainless steel door with a silver wrap adds to its simple yet classy looks and fits into most kitchen designs.


This Panasonic NN-SD945S microwave oven is probably one of the best microwave ovens suitable for elders. But there might be a few things you need to consider before finalizing it. First of all, this Panasonic Stainless steel microwave oven features a turntable, which helps in even cooking or heating. But it does not allow you to disable the turntable feature. Secondly, the interior light is not bright enough to easily check up on food.

Moreover, the microwave oven’s door opens with a push of a button but takes a little effort to push it. Though it is not super hard, it can be a little inconvenient for elders. Though these problems are not complete turn-offs, it is always a good idea to know what the microwave oven cannot offer.

We mentioned the pros and cons of this Panasonic NN-SD945S microwave oven, below:

Pros Cons
Offers 1250 watts of power, with quick and even results. Does not let you disable the turntable.
Easy to understand. The interior light is not as bright as it should be.
Sleek design effortlessly blends in most kitchen spaces.



All in all, this Panasonic stainless steel microwave oven with inverter technology is an excellent option for elders. It offers all the features and has a design that is suitable for the elder’s needs. The inverter technology helps take less space on the counter by still offering enough interior space. Moreover, other features this microwave oven offers are easy to understand, making it the best bet for elders.

Sharp R-21LCFS Microwave- Best Premium Microwave Oven for Elderly

Best Premium Microwave Oven for ElderlyAnother amazing microwave oven for elders we are mentioning in this list is the Sharp R-21LCFS commercial microwave oven. Since it is suitable for heavy usage, it is the most expensive one on the list. But you should rest assured because it offers excellent features and the best quality.


Now, let’s dive into the features of this Sharp R-21LCFS commercial microwave oven. This is an ideal microwave for a small-sized kitchen. This medium-duty microwave oven offers 1000 watts of power with a sufficient 1 cubic foot capacity. This microwave oven allows you to not only heat but also defrost and cook your food. It is super easy to operate and understand, making it the best deal for elders.

Furthermore, this microwave oven by Sharp features an Auto Cancel Timer, which automatically cancels the time left on the microwave oven upon opening the door. This fantastic feature thus not only helps to save energy but also increases the microwave oven’s life.


Design-wise, no microwave oven could have been any simpler than this Sharp microwave oven. Its simplicity allows elders to use it without struggling. It offers ease of use feature with only a single control timer. This microwave oven is super durable and is built to last with its stainless steel interior and exterior door. The door handle is also constructed solidly which requires minimum force to open.

The classic dial timer can be set anywhere from 10 seconds to 6 minutes max by merely turning the timer. The microwave oven comes with a bright LED indicator, which allows you to easily monitor your food. The 1 cubic foot capacity is sufficient for most of the dishes. Yet, it’s compact enough to easily fit on top of the counter. The Stainless steel exterior and interior allows for effortless cleaning. Moreover, time guides and instructions are added to the control panel for maximum convenience.


This 1000 watts Sharp microwave oven is an ideal microwave for elders. Still, you need to consider a few things before finalizing it. First thing’s first, this commercial microwave oven is not a budget-friendly option, but it serves the purpose. Secondly, the microwave stops when you open the door and resets the time. This feature is helpful in most cases, but sometimes it can be troublesome. Other than these, this microwave oven does not have any significant issues.

Following are the pros and cons of this Sharp R-21LCFS 1000 watts microwave oven:

Pros Cons
Simple and easy to use. Expensive.
The dial is easy to use. The time resets when you open the door.
Does not have a turntable, makes the interior space spacious.



To sum up, this commercial medium-duty microwave oven is one of the best options for elders if your budget is not tight. It is designed for commercial purposes, which means it can stand heavy usage. It is everything that makes a perfect microwave oven for seniors. Like, its stainless steel interior and exterior allows easy cleaning, it is super simple to understand and use, and is super durable.

Commercial Chef CHM660W

budget friendly microwave oven

The last microwave oven for elders we are adding in this list is this Commercial Chef CHM660W 600 watts microwave oven. This is a cost-friendly option and is ideal for you if you are one a tight budget and do not need high power. Though the price is low, all of the features are perfect for elders.


Let’s take a look at the features of this Commercial Chef microwave oven. First of all, this Commercial Chef microwave offers 600 watts of power, which is perfect if you do not demand a lot of power. Its 0.6 cubic foot interior is spacious enough for most of the dishes. The two dials on the control panel easily allow you to choose the time from one and 6 cooking power levels from low to high. Moreover, this microwave features a turntable, which allows in even and quick heating.


When it comes to design, Commercial Chef knows how to keep it simple and easy for maximum convenience for seniors, people with low vision, or anyone who’s looking for a simple design. The simple dial controls are super easy to use in comparison to the electronic controls on most of the microwave ovens.

This microwave oven is easy to clean, which encourages you to keep it clean all the time and adds to the microwave’s life. A turntable is removable, allowing you to easily clean it and the space underneath it. No digital display means, there won’t be any light to disturb you.


This Commercial Chef 600 watts microwave oven is super reliable for elders and is budget-friendly. But it’s better to consider a few things to make sure that this is still suitable for yourself or your elders. First of all, it is ideal for small spaces, which means it might not be a perfect microwave if your needs are high. Secondly, though, this problem can be fixed, but the cord is not long. And lastly, since the turntable is removable, it takes a little effort to put it back. Overall, these issues are minor ones and may not affect your decision.

Below we mentioned the pros and cons of this Commercial Chef CHM660W microwave oven:

Pros Cons
Cost-effective. The size might be too small for some.
Super simple and easy to use. The cord is not super long.
Compact, ideal for small spaces.



Overall, this 600-watt Commercial Chef microwave oven is an ideal solution for elders. It’s simple to use dial makes it easier for elders to heat, cook, or defrost. The overall build is strong, the handle is comfortable to open, and is also super easy to clean and maintain. Even the minor issue it has is not the ones that may affect the purchase.


Choosing any appliance or a product that you know you are going to use every day for a more extended period requires a lot of considerations. Just like other appliances, microwave ovens also requires you to consider various features. As you know, you are not going to upgrade it any time soon. Though, many people believe there is not much to consider when it comes to microwave ovens. But that is not true because even small features make a big difference when it comes to operating a microwave oven.

Choosing a microwave oven for the elderly makes things a little more complicated as you have to make sure that the microwave is easy to use and easy to clean. Giving importance to minor factors really affects the overall performance of the microwave. A microwave oven suitable for elders should be not only easy to use but also easy to clean and operate.

To make things easier for you, in the following buying guide, we have added both minor and major factors of a microwave oven you need to consider before making a purchase.


Price obviously is the most significant factor which decides your entire purchase. It is always recommended and a good idea to have a budget set in your mind before looking out for microwave ovens. The budget helps limit the options to make your decision easier. But having a budget in your mind does not mean that you have to stick to it no matter what. If you find a microwave oven that exceeds your budget range but offers a feature, you know you would need and provides more durability. You should not hesitate to go for it.

Although having a budget is a great idea, you should be wise enough to know when to extend it a little and the other way round.


Wattage, in terms of microwave ovens, means power—the power a microwave oven requires to operate. The lower the wattage of the microwave is, the more time it will take to heat up the food and might not provide the evenest results. Whereas, a microwave oven with higher wattage is always a better idea, as it not only heats up food faster but also offers even results. But if you need a small-sized microwave oven, you probably would need to compromise on this feature.


The sole purpose of purchasing a microwave oven is to make cooking or heating easier, and if a microwave does not provide that, what is even its benefit? Microwave needs to be easier to understand and use, especially if it’s meant for elders. Elders would not appreciate a complicated microwave oven.


A microwave oven with an easy control panel is what we all need, not to forget elders. A long and complicated control panel which has so many buttons to make a microwave work can make things hard for elders. A knob dial is usually the preference of elders because it makes the job a lot easier. While they can work with simpler buttons but a dial job is specially designed for old people.


A large display makes it visible and easier for elders to check the remaining time. But not all elders might appreciate the bright LED display, or may not bother to look at it. There are tons of microwave ovens out there with no LED display, which makes a perfect option for elders who are not in need of that.


Turntables help the food to keep moving, which results in even cooking. Most of the microwaves have turntables which are efficient for cooking or heating, but few of them do not, though the results are good and even too.


Size obviously is a matter of choice. You can opt for whatever meets your needs and also fits in your kitchen perfectly. It is always a good idea to check out the size of the microwave oven before finalizing it. To see whether or not it would easily fit on your kitchen counter or not.


Microwave ovens either have a handle to open it or a push button. Though both of these styles are easier to use, it highly depends on personal preference. A pull handle is comparatively easier and needs little force. Still, on the other hand, a push-button is not that complicated too. Just pushing that button might require a little more force. Both these styles are more accessible and should be chosen on the person’s individual preference.


Auto shut off is one of that feature which is probably the best feature for elders, or just anybody who is not sure about how much time their food needs to heat up. This feature is basically an automatic setting which allows the microwave oven to turn off itself, right when the food is heated up or cooked.

Also this feature prevents your food from getting burned or overcooked. This feature is probably the dream of elders and a blessing too. It really takes away all the worries and allows you to relax while the food is in the microwave.


This feature is altogether an amazing feature for elders or just anybody but can really be a nightmare. When someone is using the microwave at midnight, and that sounds wakes up others (just kidding) 😀. A loud voice “ding” when the microwave oven is done heating the food reminds you to take it out and enjoy it. If you or the elders at home, often forget about that, it is a great feature to appreciate. That beep, although it is a small thing it really does makes all the difference when it comes to effectiveness and functionality.


Obviously, a microwave oven needs to be easier to clean because one needs to clean it every now and then. If the cleaning process is easier, it will encourage you to clean it often, which leads to a microwave’s long life. A design that is less tiresome and easy to clean makes a perfect microwave oven for everyone, especially elders.


The looks or design of the microwave oven matters a lot and should be considered keeping your kitchen space in mind. Opt for a design that goes along with the rest of your kitchen design. And not look like an odd piece. What kind of design matches your kitchen or your personal style helps you decide on this feature.


Though this feature might not be a top priority for a lot of you out there, it really does make the difference. Sometimes, elders just put their food in the microwave and leave it unattended and do not bother to check the condition of their food. But that does not mean that they would not appreciate this feature at all. Depending on the food, they may want to check up on that from time to time.

Above everything, a large viewing window helps you check the food when it’s heating. Still, most of the microwave ovens, though, have large windows, but they are not as visible as they should be. Moreover, a bright interior light would really allow you to see through that window easily.


Time adjust feature may not be the topmost priority. But having this feature helps you to increase or decrease the already set time without stopping the microwave oven. Sometimes, elders tend to add the wrong time and have to adjust the time by turning the microwave off, which is not convenient. That is why this time adjust feature allows you to increase or decrease the time while the microwave is still operating.


Well, whether a microwave oven is for elders or for just anyone, no one appreciates a noisy operation. Before finalizing your purchase, make sure that the noise level is as low as it can get to offer a comfortable experience.


To sum up, we must mention that we did a vigorous search through the internet to find the best possible microwave ovens for elders or seniors. They are all decently priced to allow everyone to get their hands on something, which is a total necessity. Microwave ovens have really made our lives easier and have reduced our work. Elders probably need a microwave oven the most, and luckily there are microwave ovens especially designed for them to make their job easier.

A microwave oven for elders is not only easier to use and operate. But it is also easier to clean, making sure that elders do not find it hard to maintain or use it. They offer various ease of use features mentioned in the buying guide above. To make things easier for you we have added the buying guide which includes all the features of the microwave oven you need to pay more attention to, in order to own the best suitable microwave oven for elders.

Moreover, the three microwave ovens mentioned above are all from different brands with slightly different designs (all suitable for elders). We added all the details, including the pros and cons of each product, which will hopefully assist you with the purchase. Also tried our best to add all the information you would need to make the best decision based on your needs. We wish you the best for your purchase ahead.

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