Best Pans for Meatloaf In 2020

(Last Updated On: January 18, 2020)
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Meatloaf, well it’s seriously a debate that there are more people who love meatloaf or hate it? Some people are obsessed with it whereas others just don’t understand what the hype is all about and few seem to hate it. It is a relatively cheap and simple meal that stretches inexpensive meat into a better and larger dish. I feel like the overwhelming majority of people who claim to not like the ‘delicious meatloaf’ just haven’t had a good meatloaf in their life so far. It’s appetizingly delicious when done even slightly well, it just also happens to be a huge go to for the parents who aren’t good enough at cooking which results in making people prejudiced about this dish. All successful meatloaf recipes require one thing besides the ingredients and temperature that is, a perfect pan. So, in this article we have compiled some of the best pans for meatloaf.

A traditional dish, passing from generations to generations. Most people who hate meatloaf are the ones who have had a bad, dry and flavorless meatloaf in their childhood cooked by their mothers mostly with the leftover ingredients paired with things they do not like. Bad meatloaf is bad and good meatloaf is delicious. Ingredients and process are two very important things to consider not to forget a pan, especially made for meatloaf, with special considerations. Where a lot of people might not give preference to a pan, thinking it won’t affect the meatloaf in any way are wrong.

We compiled three of the ‘best pans for meatloaf’ after long search through internet to find the ones which offers quality, durability and the models that can help drain away grease. These pans will keep your hard work from crumbling to pieces and some are stylish enough to go from the oven to your table, too. So, without further ado let’s get right into them.

Quick Search & Comparison of Best Meatloaf Pans



USA Pan Bake ware Aluminized Steel Meatloaf Pan- Editor’s Choice

best meatloaf pan in USA

The very first meatloaf pan we are mentioning here in this list is one of the amazing durable pan that is made to drain off excess fat. This Bakeware Aluminized Steel meatloaf pan by USA Pan is an excellent addition to your kitchen ware made to make your dream meat loaf in the years to come.


Now, let’s take a look at the features of this Bake ware aluminized steel meatloaf pan!

This Aluminized steel meatloaf pan is made in the USA from the globally sourced materials. Which comes with the insert, a commercial grade and the heavy gauge which allows an even heat distribution and maximum service life. The dimensions of this aluminized steel meatloaf pan are 10 inches by 5 inches by 3 inches, perfect for making delicious meatloaf. This Bake ware is coated with an Americoat, and a patented non-stick silicone (that is PTFE, PFOA and BPA free). Americoat increases efficiency by allowing you to spend less time and effort cleaning the glazed pans and also increases production by baking more product and reducing the amount of product waste because of the great release.


Now, let’s get into the design of this amazing aluminized steel meatloaf pan.

The unique and effective corrugated surface design of this bake ware facilitates air circulation for quick release and evenly baked goods. Baking meat loaf evenly is the problem most of the people suffer from while making meatloaf, luckily this aluminized meat loaf pan is there to solve your problem and give you excellent results. This meat loaf pan with an insert is made with the blend of new as well as the recycled steel and offers a limited lifetime warranty.

This USA pan bake ware for meat loaf is designed with functionality in mind, it’s easily removable insert makes cooking meatloaf a breeze. The non-stick feature of this pan also makes clean-up truly effortless, which you don’t have to deal with greasy and hard aftermath. Additionally, this Meatloaf Pan with Insert by USA pan features a steel wire in the rim, which provides resistance to warping and further provides extra strength. USA Pan bakeware is super durable and long-lasting, reliable and moreover, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


Talking about the limitations of any product gives you a better insight of the product you are purchasing. Though, it does not have any major flaws or turn offs but one thing you got to keep in mind is that it is not the perfect option if you want to take your freshly baked meatloaf or any other item directly to the dining table to serve. Besides this, it does not have anything which might put you off.

Following are the pros and cons of this Aluminized Steel Meatloaf pan by USA pan:

Pros Cons
Easy to use and clean. The Design of this meat loaf pan is not that great.
Durable and long lasting.
Reliable with a limited lifetime warranty.



USA Pan is a Bundy family company which has proudly manufactured high quality bakeware for over 50 years and also provided jobs in the USA. Their products are known for its high quality and durability designed to provide best meatloaf you have ever tasted. They are easy to use and clean, durable and offers limited lifetime warranty. The only point which it does not offer are the looks, it’s just any other bake ware not suitable to take to your dining table. Other than this, the price and everything about this meat loaf pan is excellent, totally recommended.

Norpro Stainless Steel Loaf Pan

one of the best stainless steel pan for meatloaf

The second meatloaf pan we are mentioning in this list is by Norpro. This Stainless steel loaf pan is an amazing addition to your bake ware and also a budget friendly option.


Now let’s get right into the features of this meat loaf stainless steel loaf pan!

This loaf pan is made up of durable and heavy duty stainless steel which is meant to last longer and give exceptional results. It features an amazing mirror finish, which can also be used to bring it to your table. The overall dimensions of this stainless steel loaf pan are 21.6 cm by 11.4 cm by 6.4 cm, making great not only for meat loaf but also for other baking items like, bread, fruit cakes and other loaf cakes. This loaf pan conducts heat evenly for better uniform baking of sweet and savory breads and is also ideal for meatloaf.


The design of this stainless steel loaf pan is not complicated in any way. It is just a single loaf pan with no other attachments. It’s wide cake pan lib makes it way easier to grip the pan and handle it with the oven mitts on, off course.


This stainless steel meatloaf pan is a great budget friendly option for bake ware. It offers everything one could ask for in a baking pan. Except that it is not the ideal size for the meat loaf, where the size does not really affect your decision, but it might be something you would like to consider. Since the pan is not non-stick, cleaning might be a bit difficult than regular non-stick pans.

We mentioned the pros and cons of this Stainless steel loaf pan by Norpro, below:

Pros Cons
Wide lips for easy handling. The size might be a bit small for few.
Shiny mirror finish. Not easy to clean.
Great value for the price.



All in all, besides the above mentioned minor issues this pan might offer, it is an amazing option to consider. Especially knowing that all of these exceptional features in this low price in comparison to the other loaf pans in the market which are way too expensive and are not even good quality pans. Besides the minor flaws there isn’t anything which would stop you from purchasing it, highly recommended!

Le Creuset Heritage Loaf Pan Marseille

premium stoneware pan for meatloaf

The third and the last meat loaf pan we are mentioning here in this list is by LE CREUSET. It is for sure one of THE best loaf pans out there but not to forget, with everything great there comes great price. It is expensive but an incredible option out there.


Let’s talk about the features of this Le Creuset Heritage stoneware loaf pan.

This Le Creuset heritage stoneware loaf pan has the capacity of about 1 1/2 quart which is perfect for an even and delicious meat loaf. This meat loaf pan is made out of durable and high fired stoneware with a glossy enamel glazing which just completes the beauty of this pan. It’s nonporous construction resists chipping, cracking, odors and also staining.


Le Creuest is not your ordinary loaf pan, it’s special in every way which is evident in its price. The design of the Le Creuset loaf pan is simply Flawless. It comes in six (6) different amazing colors to match the rest of your le creuset cookware collection. The pan is safe in freezer, oven and also in microwave. Great for baking, storing and then reusing whatever you bake in the same pan. It’s design also aids in easy cleaning making its use a breeze.


Though, this loaf pan by Le Creuset is an exceptional pan for all sorts of baking but it does have some points you need to consider making a fair judgement. While reading all the good qualities of this loaf pan you most probably know how great this pan is. But meanwhile we would want you to know that all these good features do not come cheap, you got to pay the price for that, which is a bit high. Other than this, it is not a regular shaped pan, few customers have found it difficult to take things out of the pan.

Below are the pros and cons of this Stoneware Meat Loaf pan Marseille by LE CRUESET:

Pros Cons
Offered in several colors. Not an ordinary shaped pan.
Distributes heat very well. On the more expensive side.
Easy maintenance.


All in all, this Le creuset loaf is a winner. The Stoneware loaf pan offers everything from it’s incredible looks to it’s even heat and easy cleaning making it a must have for your kitchen ware. Though it does come with a big price tag but it’s totally worth it, considering it’s durability and reliability. High price but an amazing product, highly recommended.


Meat loaf is of the dear-est dishes of a lot of people because of tons of reasons. From its rustic Mid-western simplicity to its budget friendly nature to the time it can be in fridge without losing it’s real taste, there are plenty of things to like about a meat loaf.

A good recipe, proper ingredients, and the correct method can no doubt make a good meatloaf just like it’s opposite will end in a disastrous meatloaf. But it is not just about the recipe, ingredients and the right approach, right tools are as important as the other elements. And for the meatloaf, that “right tool” is a good quality meatloaf pan.

Previously, one pan would be used for all sorts of things no matter what the demand of the food would be. Though, one pan can definitely be used for various purposes but sometimes this is not the case. Some dishes desire different pan shape or material than the others. Now is the right time to toss out your old and rusty meat loaf pan and get the ones which will be your companion for the years to come.

If you think there’s is little to no difference between the pans, you need to think again. Meatloaf cookware’s are bit different starting from the size and materials and ending with the designs and coating. We compiled the list of some of the best loaf pans out there, suitable for meatloaf of different sizes and material and also design to suit individual preferences. The following buying guide will highlight the features which will help you choose the best product out there.


First thing’s first, you have to keep your budget in mind before looking for the best pans out there. Setting a proper budget allows you to not waste excess money while looking for different pans. But getting a pan which is cheap and does not offer good quality or ease of use is nothing but just a waste of money. Paying a little extra to get additional quality or any other cool feature is a wise decision.


The size of the pan obviously carries an important place. It highly effects the productivity and efficiency. Depending upon the members of family you are going to make food for, and their appetite decides which size of pan you will need. It obviously varies from family to family. Additionally, the recipe you are using also decides the size of the pan as it does not cook evenly or to the height you want it to. This obviously does not mean that you have to purchase different pans for different recipes.


Well, material of the pan certainly is important. It mainly depends on your preference, you can either go stainless steels, stoneware or glassware’s. Totally your choice.


Nothing sucks more than the greased pan which is too hard to clean because of its material, shape or any other factor. So, going for a pan which is easy to use and easy to clean are very very important, even if you think these won’t be a problem and that you would somehow be able to deal with it. We would suggest thinking over it again, because seriously, an easy to use and easy to clean pan is a must.


Looking for durability in every product is necessary, be it a chair or a pan or any other item. Things you are going to use more often asks for more durability as they are going to be in continuous use. It also satisfies you that you do not have to purchase another one very soon. Opting for durability is one of the wisest choice.


Design obviously matters a lot, especially when it comes to kitchen products. And that too when you want to be able to take your pan to the table without it looking like an odd piece on your table. To enjoy your food to its fullest, you have to present it in a pleasing manner first. Going for a simple design which is pleasant to look it is another feature to look into beforehand.


Where, not all companies offer warranty over their pans but some of them do and there is no better feeling than getting a product which comes with warranty. Even if you are not going to need it, it is always a good backup plan.


To conclude this article, we must mention that these products are chosen after a long search through internet to make sure that we add only the durable and reliable products with different price ranges and keeping variety in mind which helps to make better decisions. Every single detail added with the products will assist you in choosing the best one (the pros, cons, details of the respective design and features with limitations of each product and finally a product conclusion). Having a better know-how or an insight of the product is mandatory to get the best out of the product.

Not every meat loaf pan will offer everything, few might lack looks or durability or if some offers everything, it’s price might exceed your budget. So, to get the best out of each product, know what your needs and which price are are you willing to pay to get those features in the product. We hope this article along with the above mentioned buying guide will help you in purchasing a perfect meat loaf pan. We have done our job to aware you guys of the best products in the market, now it’s your turn to pick one out based on your preferences and budget. Best of Luck ahead!

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