Best Pans For Roasting Vegetables in 2020

(Last Updated On: January 18, 2020)
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Keep things simple, but never boring. Steaming vegetables sounds good but it is a little boring and too plain. The answer to having that simple and fun food is to roast vegetables instead of steaming them. Roasting vegetables adds that extra flavor of deliciousness to your vegetables. It is an easy and elegant side dish which is perfect for just about any meal, the holidays or anytime. But to really enjoy the flavor and to have something fancier you can simply pair them with other dishes like, meatloaf, delicious gravies to make a perfect dinner combo. The very first thing you need to have for making gravies is a pan. So, in this article we came up with some of the “best pans for roasting vegetables” to make sure that you do not miss out on something so delicious.

A good roasting pan is one useful investment and a super important piece of kitchenware for anyone who takes food or cooking seriously. Pans for roasting vegetables are not only meant for roasting vegetables only, based on their design and size you can also make other dishes like, ham, a large turkey, roast, or even a cold smoked brisket. From hosting large dinners for family, smoking a quantity of meat for a summer barbecue, roasting veggies for friends during the holidays, to making a quick snack at midnight, a pan comes in handy.

Well, the next step now when you are aware of the importance of a pan is how do you choose a pan or how do you know which one is perfect for you? The pans should be durable and strong, should distribute heat well and should be sturdy enough that they can be used for more than a year. This depends on individual needs but it’s better if you can transfer the pans from oven to the stovetop for deglazing, without any buckling or hot spots over direct heat. And for excellent performance, some additional factors like, shape, size and design are all important, the material used in the construction and the overall weight.

We gathered three best pans suitable for roasting vegetables after an intense search through internet to make sure we compile only the best pans which offer durability, are affordable and can be used for other purposes too. We hope each one of you can find a product suitable pan for your individual needs and preferences. So, without further delay let’s dive into the details of each pan.

FYI: If you are interested in cooking meatloaf in a pan. We also reviewed and listed best pans for meatloaf. 

Quick Search & Comparison of Best Pans for Roasting Vegetables



Viking Culinary 4013-5016 3-Ply Roasting Pan- Editor’s Choice

One of the best pan for roasting The very first roasting pan we are mentioning in this list is by one of the top brands when it comes to pans, Viking Culinary. This Viking Culinary is the most expensive pan in this list because of its design, durability and reliability. The heat transfer of Viking Culinary pans is also smooth and even with no hot spots to fear about. Additionally, there is no clean up headache, while stainless steel itself is not nonstick, but high quality stainless steel cookware like Viking is relatively easy to maintain and clean.


Now, let’s talk about the features of this Ply Stainless steel roasting pan by Viking Culinary!

Viking products initially began with the passion for cooking. It was crystal clear that there was a market for home chefs who wanted professional and practical performance in their kitchen. Like other great innovations, Viking appliances immerged from necessity. Viking was born after the dissatisfaction with the lack of commercial function and features in the home ovens and stoves was the inspiration for the coming generation of state of the art, performance driven appliances. Viking Culinary combines the elegance and quality of stainless steel cookware and kitchenware, with the kind of performance which is expected from the modern home chef.

The clad construction and dynamic features make this Viking 3-play Roasting Pan a must have for your kitchen ware. This Roaster’s cooking surface is large enough to fit a 25 pound turkey or other larger roasts, which means you can roast a lot of vegetables in one go, especially when you have a huge family dinner. Induction ready, the roaster’s interior 18/10 stainless steel cooking surface will not react with your food. Ideal for reducing sauces, drippings or liquids directly on the stovetop, protecting all of those delicious flavors intact to make the incredibly perfect gravies.

This Viking roaster comes with a V-shaped, PFOA and PFOE free Eterna non-stick cooking rack. The elevated rack helps create the convection effect which allows food to cook more quickly, evenly and far better. The ply clad design finely combines the 3 layers of the metal to make a single solid piece which is then formed into the vessel for a perfect pan. This Viking roasting pan is dishwasher safe and also oven safe for up to 600° F. This Viking Culinary is backed by the lifetime limited warranty.


Viking Culinary designed this roasting pan by integrating various unique features with the home cook in mind to make sure that the design is home use friendly. The unique inverted handles allow the roaster to fit into both the large and the small ovens. The handle design saves the oven space as compared to the other roasters with an outward extended handles, which takes a lot of extra space. The inverted handles designed with comfort, balance and a secure grip makes this roaster easier to maneuver while saving precious oven space.


Well, to allow you to have a fair judgment we will add limitation that this pan might have or rather few things you should know beforehand. First things first the dimensions of this roasting pan are stated as 16 inches but those are the dimensions of the pan only. The overall dimensions including the handles makes it exceed 16 inches, so bare this in mind before your purchase.

Secondly, though the handles are made with comfort and functionality, to save space. But if you are roasting something other than vegetables like, turkey, it might become a bit hard to fit the turkey in it without touching the handles. Considering its size, it might not come as a surprise to you, but this roasting pan is heavy. If these are not the issues which bothers you, you are good to go, and this might be a good option for you.

We mentioned the pros and cons of this Viking Culinary Stainless steel roasting pan below:

Easy to maintain.Not a budget friendly option.
Functional design.
Stainless steel roasting pan with non-stick rack.



Overall, this Viking Culinary is one of the best roasting pans perfect for home chefs. It’s various unique features are what makes this pan stand out among others, which are both functional and look good too. Though, there is a slight issue with the sizing part but if you are aware of it beforehand, it could save you from a lot of trouble. On the whole, this roasting pan is an excellent option for roasting vegetables giving you flexibility to roast other items too and is a must have for all kitchens.

La Cuisine LC 8105, Cast Iron Roasting Pan

Cast iron pan for roasting vegetables and turkey The second roasting pan we are mentioning here in this list is by La Cuisine. It is not the most expensive item but comes with a very close price with just a few dollars less. It is a great option of you are not preferring a pan with rack. The high price is for its durability and resilience.


Let’s get right into the features of this roasting pan!

Shallow Cast Iron Roasting Pan by La Cuisine is great for all kinds of vegetable, meat and fish dishes considering it’s 3 quart capacity shallow pan. It’s low slung sides allows you to have perfect roast vegetables especially potatoes and also ensures a nice-grip. This La cuisine roasting pan is stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, non-toxic and matte black enamel interior surface gives extraordinary food releases which improves through continuous use and is easy to clean (simply wash in warm water with hands). The dimensions of the interior of the pan is 13 inches by 10 inches. It is available in 5 different colors; black, cream, green, red, and ruby. Though the pan is dishwasher safe but we would recommend playing safe by washing them with hands as pans usually lose it’s seasoning and may also discolor the enamel.


This La cuisine roasting pan is designed with comfort, functionality and looks in mind so that you can take it even to your dining table. The wide angle wedge provide stability and comfort as you carry them around. La cuisine’s cast iron cookware is molded using sand molds which are used only once forging the lighter product with a super nice enamel finish which is a truly unique touch to La cuisine’s pans. La cuisine’s shallow roasting pan is suitable for the ovens and all stove tops including induction making it wonderfully versatile.


This roasting pan by La Cuisine is no doubt a beautiful kitchen ware perfect for roasting vegetables because of its shallowness. It’s short height makes vegetables crisp and flavory. But if you want to use it for other food items like, turkey it might not be as ideal as it is for vegetables. Secondly, it’s not just an affordable option out there. Still, ranking on top of the best pan for roasting vegetables.

Below we mentioned the pros and cons of this La cuisine roasting pan:

High quality roasting pan.Small and shallow.
Distributes heat evenly.Not so affordable.
Great looks.



All in all, this roasting pan is a great addition to your kitchen ware and that much needed update. Ideal for roasting vegetables providing that touch of deliciousness and flavors.

VonShef Stainless Steel Roaster Pan with Rack

budget friendly pan for roasting vegetables The third and last roasting pan we are mentioning here is by VonShef. It is the most affordable option available in this list and out there in the market while not compromising on quality and durability and also comes with a rack.


Let’s talk about the features of this Stainless steel VonShef roasting pan.

This roasting pan features a deep dish tray and an elevated rack which is perfect for roasting vegetables, alongside with a joint of meat and a poultry at the same time. The stainless steel build is durable, corrosion-resistant and also offers an excellent thermal conduction for heavenly even roasting. The roasting pan is oven safe up to 480°F.

The elevated V rack suspends the meat and poultry above the tray by leaving the space below to roast vegetables and have them seasoned in its natural juices. The entire set is dishwasher safe for effortless cleaning but still to avoid any issues later, washing them by hands should always be preferred. The dimensions of the tray is 17 inches Length by 12.5 inches Depth by 4.5 inches Height.


The roasting pan is designed with functionality and comfort in mind and made to make your thanksgiving and family dinners extra special. The riveted cast steel handles on both sides allows a secure and firm grip especially when you are lifting heavy contents.


Now, it’s time for the limitations, flaws or rather things you won’t be getting with this roasting pan. It is big enough to roast Thanksgiving turkey besides vegetables, other extra gadgets are a great bonus too, but the quality is not the highest like the previous ones. The handles swing up and down which does save space but then this swinging makes them a bit hard to handle with the oven mitts on, especially when it’s down. Other than these slight issues, it is no doubt a best bet for the price.

Following are the pros and cons of VonShef Stainless Steel roasting pan:

Super affordable.Not suitable for regular use.
Good sized pan.



For the price, it is not a bad pan at all, just a little issue with the handles which you can probably fix by wrapping aluminum foil around them. But overall, a great design, okay-ish quality, not super durable which will last for years to come but with proper care can last longer than you would believe it to.


Now that you have read all the details about each product it’s time to make your decision and choose one for your kitchen. While it may seem a simple step to just choose one which fits in your budget and looks okay, but that approach is not effective for sure. Before finalizing the product, you are planning to purchase, it is always smart to look at other features which will allow you to choose the best product based on your individual needs.

Here is the rundown on what to look for when you are purchasing a pan for roasting vegetables. These pans are though very simple equipment’s but if you look for certain details of each pan, it might help you in getting the best out of each pan and help you understand how small details matter the most. So, first things first, let’s look at the features of the pans for roasting vegetables.


Price, for sure is one of the key factor which decides your entire purchase. Everyone while purchasing any item has a specific budget in their mind which is so worth it. Having a proper budget in mind not only helps you keep things in check but also stop you from spending extra dollars on something you can buy for cheap. But still going too low with a budget is also not a right thing to do, you should be flexible enough to expand your budget for that extra must have feature. The price of the pan or any other product is in your hand but make sure not to spend too high on a feature which has no use or extremely low requirement so that you miss the important feature you would really need.


Aluminum is the most preferred option if your primary objective is higher than the heat conduction. This is the way heat is transmitted to your food through the direct contact. The aluminum pan will heat up super-fast and also cools down rapidly, so your food starts cooking the moment it enters the oven and then instantly stops as soon as you take it out. Aluminum is also highly durable and probably The most affordable option too. Some of the pans come in aluminized steel, a stainless steel sandwiched between the aluminum, but overall cooking results are not as even as the Aluminum one.


A standardized half sheet is almost 18 by 13 inches but that does not mean that every pan you look at will measure up accurately. The most important thing with the size is to check if the pan will fit neatly into your oven or not, obviously it is not useful if it does not. A small difference in the dimensions is not going to affect the way your delicious food is cooked but will make it a wasted purchase if it will not fit inside your cooker.


Non-stick coating is obviously the one everyone goes for very apparent reasons, stress-free clean up. The issue here is that some cheaper coatings tend to come off and are sometimes not very effective in the first place. The other flaw is that non- stick pans happen to be darker in color. Which means more heat is absorbed and then radiated resulting in darker baked goods, not something you would want. Vegetables losing their own color and becoming way too darker would be nothing less than a nightmare.

There is no correct or false rule with coatings, so opt for the uncoated pan if you prefer pure. If that is not the case, choose very wisely for choosing a non-stick sheet. Additionally, go for a non-stick pan which approves that there is no PFOA, BPA, or PTFE.


While you might think that edges are not something to consider but they are. Where they do not affect your food in any way but makes handling the pan easily. Rolled edges are without a doubt the superior option. They reinforce around the rim and dramatically minimizes the chance of your pan warping when it’s heated. It is the sudden changes in temperature in addition with poor edging that causes many cheaper pans to warp quickly.


The lower the indicated gauge is, the thicker the pan will be. Usually thicker sheets give high end results and they will also last longer for the extra points. Look for the overall build quality side by side with thickness and pay great attention to that gauge remembering that the lower it is, the better.

Consider a Rack

A rack might not be mandatory for roasting vegetables but it’s great to look for it for better convenience. By making the modest investment in the wire rack which slots inside your pan, you will be able to layer out the ingredients nicely and it also helps when you want to cool down your dishes. By using the parchment paper or an aluminum foil, you can also make the clean-up way better and much easier. We would mention again, it is not a must have feature, just go for it if you think it will be of much help to you.

Ease of Use or Easy Maintenance

Easy maintenance is something we all crave for, because cleaning these pans is not really a therapy. Talking about cleaning, always check whether the pan you are considering is considered dishwasher friendly or not. Cleaning can also be made easier by using plenty of parchment paper which will also make them easier to wash with hands instead of washing it in a dishwasher.


We highly hope that you are now entirely equipped to introduce some delicious roasted vegetables into your diet. If your kids hesitate while eating vegetables which all kids do, the taste sensation of the roasting would be a better way to watch your kids fall in love with veggies. Just pair these veggies with their favorite sauce or any other beloved dish.

We would recommend avoid purchasing cheap and poor quality pans which will warp and end up in the garbage after using it few times. Invest once but invest good. The best pans, just like the ones mentioned above will provide you durability and will last way longer than you would expect them too. And even more if you remember to use parchment paper or aluminum foil every time you are roasting something.

Even if the pans suggests popping these in the dishwasher, prefer washing them with hands for longer life. Considering all the care you need to do to increase its life, we made sure to add great pans which will be your companion for years to come. The details with each pan and the above mentioned buying guide will assist you in choosing the best pan for roasting vegetables based on individual needs and preferences. We hope you will soon be able to make roasted vegetables for your lovely friends and family!

It’s time to treat yourself!!


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