Types of Pans and Their Uses

(Last Updated On: January 14, 2020)
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There are many types of pans. Believe it or not purpose of every pan is different from one another. Though, there are pans which can be used for many types of cooking these pans are known as multi-purpose pans. However, in this article we are going to talk about major types of pans and their uses. So, you can understand about them better while shopping for one.

If you are not already checked out our articles about pans, we encourage you to read them as, we already listed some of the best pans for making pancakes, cooking steaks, roasting vegetables and for making delicious meatloaf.

With that said, let’s see the major types of pans and their uses as well.

Frying Pans

The most famous one and we think every house has it. Now, there are four major types of frying pans lets take a look at them.

Non-stick Frying Pans

The most common one is nonstick frying pan. Fry pan has rounded side walls which makes it best option for foods which requires stirring and easy way out. As, these pans make food slides out easily.

The most famous cuisines you can make with non-stick frying pan are scrambled eggs, pancakes, grilled cheese, fish and many more. Non-stick frying pans are famous because they require less oil and food does not get stuck in it.

Stainless Steel Frying Pans

These frying pans are used for anything which needs to get fried or you want to turn it brown. Stainless steel frying pans are sturdy and oven safe. So, if you are looking to cook a food which needs a lot of heat go for stainless steel frying pans. According to our research these pans are best for searing meat.

Cast Iron Frying pans

These pans are tough you can cook anything in them. However, they are best for cooking steaks and burgers. Cast iron pans are the sturdiest one and can last for years even if you end up using them roughly. Though, due to its sturdiness cast iron is heavy.

Copper frying pans

These frying pans are famous for making sensitive dishes like seafood. You can use them to make sauces and candies as well.

Copper pans are not oven safe and cannot take a lot of heat so, you have to be careful with them. Nevertheless, these pans get heated and cool down pretty quickly.

Saute pan

If you are looking for a pan which can endure heat, we recommend you checking out Saute pans they have deep and wide base which allows it to absorb heat evenly. Also, these pans are good for sauting (as the name suggest). Stir frying and boiling.

Tapered saucepan

If you are looking to make a food which requires less heat and longer period of time than tapered saucepan are the best option. The have full sides which is very good for stirring. To make it clear, tapered saucepan are those pans which takes very less heat and cooks slowly. So, any food which requires this type of cooking will be best suited with tapered saucepans. E.g. making butter.

Straight Sided Saucepan

These pans are opposite of tapered ones. They have large bottom side for maximum heating. Straight sided saucepans usually comes with lid for better cooking. These pans are best for cooking vegetables and making sauces and gravy.

Roasting Pans  

If you are looking to roast vegetables, turkey, ham or anything then these pans are best for you. They have solid build and you can carry them easily with handles.

Paella Pans

This pan is thin and made for even heating. It comes with two small side handles which allows you to have easy handling and tossing. You can make foods like rice, Spanish Paella, vegetarian paella and many others.

Bread Loaf Pans

These pans have deep bottom. They can absorb high heat with low temperature conduction which makes them best pans for making bread, cakes etc.

Sheet Pans

Sheet pans are famous with bakers as they are used to make cookies, rolls and foods which requires less liquid or does not release a lot of liquid. These pans looks like a plain sheet, but their sides are upturned to prevent sliding and slipping.


Above we have shared some of the major types of pans along their uses. There are many other types of pans as well e.g. cake pan, pie pan, springform cake pan, muffin pan etc. But, in this articles we only discussed the major ones. In simple, those pans which covers most of the foods and can be used by anyone easily.


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