Best Sewing Machines For Heavy Fabrics In 2021

(Last Updated On: February 7, 2021)
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If you are looking for a sewing machine for heavy fabrics, you have arrived at the right platform. No matter if you are a professional, beginner, or just sew as a hobby, you can now easily stitch and sew heavy fabrics like denim and leather. In this article, you will find three of the best sewing machines available in the market that are not only ideal for heavy sewing fabrics but also save your time, effort, and energy from going wasted.

Before we move any further, it is essential that you should know what kind of sewing machine you need for sewing heavy fabrics, what does it look like, and what are its main features.

First of all, you need a HEAVY-DUTY sewing machine when working with tough and hard fabrics.

Secondly, a heavy-duty sewing machine weighs heavier than other ordinary sewing machines. In simple words, it is not easy to move or lift a heavy-duty sewing machine. Third, such a machine features incredible stitching speed, an adjustable foot presser, and so on. The list doesn’t end here. There is much more. We are going to share each and every detail with you. Just be patient and continue reading this article till the end.

First, we will share the three best sewing machines we have chosen for you that are perfect fits to sew heavy fabrics. At the end when you will be finished with the sewing machines. You will find a simple guideline that will explain all of the factors in detail that a heavy-duty machine, or in other words, a sewing machine for heavy fabrics, should have.

Note: We have also covered the best sewing machines for denim and jeans.

Let’s get started.

Quick Search & Comparison Of Best Sewing Machines For Heavy Fabrics

Sewing Machine Weight
Brother CS7000i- Editor’s Choice 17.66 pounds Check Price
SINGER 4423 Sewing Machine 14.5 pounds Check Price
JUKI TL-2000Qi Sewing Machine 37.8 pounds Check Price


Brother CS7000i- Editor’s Choice

best sewing machine for heavy fabrics

This is the very first sewing machine on our list.

Brother CS series has been the most popular series because it contains terrific quality sewing machines with incomparable productivity.

Brother CS7000i sewing machine is an upgraded version of CS6000i. But why we have only chosen this model for you? Curious to know? Let’s find out.


In this section, we will discuss each detail, function, and feature of this incredible sewing machine. This section will answer the question of why we have chosen this model for you.

Built-in Stitches

Brother CS7000i sewing machine offers 70 built-in stitches, including decorative, quilting, utility, and heirloom stitches. So, you get to experiment with a new stitch each time. This way, you develop more interest in the project you are working on. You can also combine your favorite stitches to create a whole unique pattern.

It features 10 more stitches as compared to its predecessor CS6000i.


Buttoning your shirts and jeans is not a problem anymore. With this sewing machine, you can easily sew perfectly sized buttonholes in 7 different styles and ways.

Stitching Speed

With a stitching speed of 850 stitches per minute, you can easily and quickly finish up your task. This speed is ideal when working with heavy fabrics like jeans, denim, and leather.

Presser Feet

Brother CS7000i sewing machine features 10 presser feet including zigzag, buttonhole, button sewing, zipper, overcasting, walking, spring action quilting, ¼’’ piecing, blind stitch, and monogramming feet. With all these different presser feet, you can easily sew on quilts, buttons, and zippers. You can even create blind hems and much more. Decorate and style your fabric according to your preference and liking without any hassle.

Automatic Needle Threader

We understand your struggle of threading the needle, especially when your eyesight isn’t that sharp. We know you have to call other people frequently to thread the needle for you. That sucks, right? But it isn’t a problem anymore. You don’t have to rely upon other anymore. Because this incredible sewing machine features an automatic needle threader. Within a blink of an eye, the needle gets threaded automatically.

Speed Control

Not all fabrics require the same stitching speed. With some fabrics, you have to speed up the stitching, but you have to slow it down with others. Brother CS7000i sewing machine is equipped with an adjustable speed controller with which you can easily speed up or speed down the stitching in accordance with the type of fabric you are using.

Built-in Free Arm

Stitching the small parts like cuffs, sleeves, and collars are not easy. They require more focus, concentration, and detail. This sewing machine features a built-in free arm with which you can conveniently sew small and tubular parts.

This is all about its features.


Let’s review its impressive design now.

Brother CS7000i sewing machine has a pretty white color and decent design as compared to its older version CS6000i. The machine measures 16.02 x 6.69 x 12.09 inches and weighs around 20 pounds.

This sewing machine features a backlit LCD display from which you can easily and clearly choose the type of stitch. Moreover, if you make any mistake while operating this machine, the LCD screen will instantly tell you about the error you have made and will also guide you properly about how to solve the issue.


Brother CS7000i sewing machine comes with a hard case to protect the exterior design of the machine. You can cover the machine when not using it. This way, you can easily increase the durability of your sewing machine.

The machine also comes with a detachable extension table. When working with larger projects, you can attach the extension table to increase the workspace and remove it when not needed.

Other accessories that are included with the sewing machine are a needle pack and screwdriver (for maintenance).


It’s time to examine this machine’s downsides if any.

The only disappointing thing about this machine is its WEIGHT. It is heavily weighted. You have to be really careful and clear about the place you want to place your machine in. Because once placed, it is complicated to move or even lift it.

Let’s quickly review its pros and cons.

Pros Cons
Automatic needle threader Heavily weighted
Wide variety of presser feet
Controllable stitching speed
Built-in Free Arm



The bottom line is, Brother CS7000i sewing machine is one of the finest sewing machines available in the market today. It is produced by one of the world’s most trusted brands – Brother. It is pretty easy to manage and operate. You can create, décor, and style some fantastic quilts, shirts, jeans, or whatever you like with this incredible sewing machine. It is definitely a smart choice for heavy fabrics.

SINGER 4423 Sewing Machine

best singer sewing machine for heavy fabrics

SINGER is one of the top leading brands in producing high-quality, heavy-duty sewing machines. It is also one of the most trusted brands around the world. This brand’s popularity can be proved through the fact that you will likely find SINGER products in almost every home across the globe.

In this article, we have added the SINGER’s 4423 sewing machine. The reason for adding this model is because of its unique features and functions.


Built-in Stitches

With 23 different and unique built-in stitches, you can sew home décors, crafts, quilts, and many other projects in any design and style in the comfort of your home with less effort and money.
The 23 built-in stitches include decorative, basic, stretch, and buttonhole stitches.

Automatic Needle Threader

Save your eyes from strain and frustration. SINGER’s 4423 sewing machine features an automatic needle threader like every other heavy-duty sewing machine. Within seconds you can thread the eye of the needle.

Stitching Speed

With the maximum stitching speed of 1,100 stitches per minute, you can breeze through your projects. Now that’s what we call a heavy-duty machine. This speed is more than enough to sew through thick and heavy fabrics instantly.

One-Step Buttonhole

You can easily buttonhole your shirt, jeans, or anything you like in a straightforward step. Just place the button in the buttonhole foot, and the machine will sew a buttonhole precisely the size of the button. It’s that simple!

Reverse Lever

A reverse lever is there to secure the stitching and to prevent the untwisting of the stitches.

Drop Feed Lever

For sewing, a button or sewing in a free-motion simply slides down the drop feed lever. This is something that the quilters MUST love.

Sewing Assistant App

You can conveniently download the SINGER Sewing Assistant App from Google Play and watch tutorials, get help, and learn sewing techniques. Everything is in the palm of your hand.

Adjustable Stitching Width and Length

This sewing machine gives you the freedom to control and adjust the width and length of the stitch according to your need and preference. When working with thick fabrics, you need a longer stitch and vice versa. You can conveniently adjust the stitch’s width and length by turning the stitch width dial on the machine to any of the six numbers – from zero to 6mm. Likewise, you can also change the length of the stitch by turning the dial.

Top Drop-in Bobbin

A top drop-in bobbin is easy to insert and remove. And, you will instantly know when you are running short of the thread.

Foot Control Pedal

You can control the speed according to your needs and preferences with the help of a foot control pedal.

Free Arm

This machine also features a free arm with which you can easily sew small and tubular parts such as collars, cuffs, sleeves, etc.

Adjustable Presser Foot

With the help of an adjustable presser foot, you can conveniently increase or decrease the pressure by the type of fabric you are working with.

We are done with its features and functions.


It’s time to review its design now.

SINGER’s 4423 sewing machine measures 15.5 x 6.25 x 12 inches and weighs over 17.06 pounds.

It is constructed and finished with hard and robust metal to increase the durability of the machine.

The machine features a 60% stronger motor with which you can sew and stitch the most rigid fabrics.

It has a built-in LED light that provides enough light to let you work in darkness/dark rooms. You can even work without turning on the lights of your room.


A wide variety of accessories are included with the sewing machine. All-purpose foot with spring assist, blind hem, buttonhole, zipper, clear open toe, sew easy, and button sewing feet. A screwdriver (for maintenance), lint brush, clearance plate, needles, bobbins, dust cover, auxiliary spool pin, and a quilting guide.


Let’s see what the disappointing areas of this sewing machine are.

It is a manual machine. It is not a computerized machine; hence you need a little more care and concentration to operate it.

Secondly, it doesn’t come with a hard case. Hard cases are handy to protect your sewing machine when you are not working.

Besides these, there are no significant issues with this sewing machine.

Let’s quickly review its pros and cons.

Pros Cons
Both for beginners and expert Manual machine
Incredibly fast stitching speeds No hard case
Strong motor
Easy to lift and move at short distances



Although it’s a manual machine, yet it is easy to operate and use. All you need is a little more care and concentration to use and manage it effectively. It offers fast stitching speeds that can help save you a lot of time. This sewing machine has a lightweight design. It is equipped with a heavy-duty motor that makes it ideal for stitching and sewing thick and heavy fabrics. And, last but not least, it is produced by the world’s most trusted brand SINGER. And SINGER never compromises on the quality and performance of its products. What are you waiting for?

JUKI TL-2000Qi Sewing Machine

best sewing machine for quilting

This is the third and final sewing machine in our best sewing machines for heavy fabric’s list.

Juki is no behind in producing top leading heavy-duty sewing machines. JUKI TL-2000Qi sewing machine is ideal for professionals and for working with thick fabrics. It features a heavy-duty motor and has all those features and functions that make it stand out in the crowd of sewing machines.


Let’s analyze all of its features and functions in detail.

Built-in Stitch

JUKI TL-2000Qi sewing machine features only one built-in stitch – straight stitch. The machine is designed to sew garments and thick fabrics on a large scale. That is why it doesn’t contain any fancy or decorative stitches.

Stitching Speed

With a stitching speed of up to 1500 stitches per minute, you can conveniently and quickly finish up your tasks in a day or so.

Adjustable Stitch Length

You require a longer stitch for thick fabrics, but for light, thin fabrics, you need a short stitch. It allows you to easily adjust the length of your stitch by turning the stitch length dial on the machine in accordance with the type of fabric you are using. You can choose any desired length from six possible lengths – 1 to 6mm.

Automatic Threader & Thread Cutter

To save your eyes from strain, there is an automatic needle threader present inside the machine. You can conveniently thread the eye of the needle within seconds. Also, there a thread cutter. You can effortlessly cut the thread whenever desired by just rocking your foot back.

Work Area

JUKI TL-2000Qi sewing machine features a large working area of 23 inches, which is more than enough when working with large or quilting projects. If you feel a need to expand your working area slightly, there is a flat-bed extension included.


With the knee-lever facility, you can conveniently lift or drop your presser foot without using your hands. This ensures that you don’t lose focus and concentration on the project you are working on.

Needle Control

Now, you don’t have to manually lift or drop the needle when turning corners or end seams of your fabric. The machine takes care of it itself! You can conveniently control the needle movement according to your need.

Long Arm

JUKI TL-2000Qi sewing machine features an extra-long arm to secure the position of thick pieces of fabrics and quilts when you are sewing them.

This is all about its features and functions.


Let’s quickly review its design now.

JUKI TL-2000Qi sewing machine has a pretty white color and decent design that appeals to the eyes. It measures 17.8 x 8.6 x 13.8 inches and weighs around 37.8 pounds.

The machine is made entirely of aluminum. It doesn’t contain any plastic parts. As it is designed in this way to ensure the maximum durability of the machine.

It features LED lighting all around the needle, so you can sew with great precision and accuracy. Moreover, it also prevents eye strain and lets you focus clearly on your projects.


A standard foot, 1/5’’ quilting foot, and an even-feed foot are included with the JUKI TL-2000Qi sewing machine.

A flat-bed extension table is included to expand your work area when working with large or quilting projects.


Sadly, nothing in this world is flawless, and nor this machine. Despite all the incredible features, functions, and design, it has some flaws.

The very first flaw is its weight. As we have also mentioned above, it is designed for industrial sewing. The machine is made entirely of aluminum, which makes it pretty heavy to lift or move around.

Secondly, it is a mechanical machine. You can not enjoy computerized features and functions. With a manual machine, you have to work with a little bit extra care and attention.

Lastly, the machine features only one stitch – straight stitch. So, if you are fond of fancy or decorative stitching, this machine is definitely for you.

Let’s quickly review its pros and cons.

Pros Cons
Large work area Heavily weighted
Professional stitching quality Only one built-in stitch
Fast stitching speeds Mechanical machine
Adjustable stitch length



Despite all the cons, the JUKI TL-2000Qi sewing machine is one hell of a sewing machine. It is designed for professional, industrial sewing. Also its is capable of working efficiently with thick fabrics such as nylon, denim, and leather. It is one of the top long arm sewing machines available in the market today. The machine has excellent durability and productivity. It is absolutely worth buying.

How to Choose the Best Sewing Machine for Heavy Fabrics?

Not all sewing machines are created equal. Brands like SINGER, Juki, and Brother are popularly known for producing heavy-duty machines. They are top-leading brands in the market. Each sewing machine has its own unique purpose and feature. We are majorly concerned with thick and heavy fabrics in this article. That is why the sewing machine you MUST buy is a heavy-duty sewing machine. No machine other than a heavy-duty machine can sew tough and heavy fabrics. Once you have chosen a heavy-duty machine, there are many other factors that you MUST analyze while selecting the best machine. Those factors are mentioned below. We hope you will get the best sewing machine for yourself by going through all of these factors.

What to look for in a sewing machine for heavy fabrics infographic


Heavy-duty Motor

You should be looking for a sewing machine with a robust and heavy-duty motor when working with thick fabrics such as leather, denim, jeans, and nylon. To sew these tough fabrics efficiently and effortlessly, you need a sewing machine that features a motor powerful enough to sew through the toughest of fabrics.

Adjustable Stitch Length and Width

Tough fabrics require long and wide stitches, whereas light fabrics require short stitches. A machine that features adjustable stitch length and width makes it very easy for you to adjust the stitch according to the type of fabric you are working with. Usually, a control dial is present on the sewing machine by turning, which you can choose the desired length and width of your stitch.

LED Lighting

No matter if you are working in a bright, light area or room, sewing and stitching require great focus, concentration, and attention. It is all about precision, delicacy, and accuracy. However, this precise work can cause tremendous strain on your eyes. Modern-day sewing machines now feature LED Lighting, usually around the needle, to prevent strain and other eye problems. The LED lighting makes it very easy for you to view clearly and thus prevents your eyes from all kinds of issues. Even when there’s no light, the machine’s LED lighting is bright enough to let you finish your project without causing any problem.

Extension Table

When working with large projects or heavy fabrics, you require a large working area that most of the sewing machines fail to provide. The sewing machine you are planning to buy should contain a large working area and an extension table to expand your working area.

Stitching Speed

The more the number of stitches per minute, the better. Stitching speed determines the time required to finish up a project. Obviously, no one will want to sit in front of the machine all day long. That’s pretty much exhausting and tiring. It is preferable to go with the sewing machine that offers the highest possible stitching speed.


Although a heavy-duty sewing machine is usually heavily weighted compared to other ordinary sewing machines, it is not always necessary. Many heavy-duty sewing machines are light in weight as compared to other machines. Lightweight doesn’t mean that you can easily move or lift it anywhere around. Those machines are light enough to be carried around at short distances. Sometimes, you don’t feel like working in your usual working area. At that point, you should at least have the advantage of moving around your machine somewhere near.

Automatic Threader

The time had gone when you had to call other people in your family to thread the eye of the needle for you because you have weak eye-sight. Or if there was no one around, you had to perform that task on your own. We can understand how much you and your eyes have suffered while threading the needle. No more trouble! Nowadays, sewing machines feature automatic needle threader that threads the needle automatically without any hassle.

Stitch Variety

No one wants to work with a boring straight stitch every time. If you’re going to work and experiment with different stitches or make your jeans and shirts super cool, choose a sewing machine that has a wide variety of built-in stitches. So, you get to work with a unique stitch every time.

Adjustable Presser Foot

Tough fabrics require high pressure, whereas light or thin fabrics require low pressure. A machine with an adjustable presser foot makes it exceptionally convenient for you to increase or decrease the pressure per the type of fabric you are working with.

Final Conclusion

We know and understand your struggle with sewing and stitching thick fabrics. This problem can easily be solved by bringing the right sewing machine to your home. No matter if you are a professional sewer, sew as a hobby or sew for a living, you can breeze through large and challenging projects with the RIGHT sewing machine.

You need a heavy-duty sewing machine for stitching thick and heavy fabrics. We have saved your time and effort from going wasted into searching markets for the best sewing machine. We have searched, analyzed dozens of sewing machines on your behalf, and chose the best three out of them. All of the three sewing machines, along with their features, design, pros, and cons, are listed in this article.

To make it easier for you to decide on one sewing machine. We have presented a simple guideline containing all those factors that a heavy-duty sewing machine for thick fabrics should or must-have.

Let us know what you think about these sewing machines. Thank you for your time.

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