Best Binoculars for Theater in 2020

(Last Updated On: July 23, 2020)
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Binoculars are a comfortable and efficient way to enhance the viewing experience. They magnify objects which are far away to make them easier to see. Where using binoculars for hunting, hiking, whale watching, observing nature is pretty normal. People have recently started using binoculars for theater on a large scale. Having binoculars at hand when you are in theater helps you enjoy a close view of performers’ movements, gestures, and expressions. Using binoculars for outdoor purposes is normal that is why you can find hundreds of binoculars meant for outdoor activities, but when it comes to binoculars for the theater you have to look into some other factors for better results. To help you find the best one for your needs, we have compiled some of the best binoculars for theater in this article.

Theater or Opera binoculars offer a lower level of magnification with a high level of image stability and field of view and relatively low power. These binoculars are different from standard binoculars based on their different purpose. Considering that their main purpose is to view live theater, ballet, drama and other performances of such nature, unlike standard binoculars which are not designed for such usage.

Taking into account the differences between standard and theater binoculars, you already know that you need to look into some other features to make the best purchase. To make your purchase a little easier, we have gathered some of the best binoculars available out there while keeping style and functionality in mind. The added pros and cons of each product will definitely assist you in deciding which one suits your needs the most. So, to find a binocular you have always wanted to have, keep on reading!

Quick Search & Comparison of Best Binoculars for Theater

Binoculars Weight Objective lens Diameter
Levenhuk Broadway 325F- Editor's Choice 2.4 ounces 25 mm Check Price
Bushnell Xtra-Wide 4x30 mm 16 ounces 30 mm Check Price
BRIGENIUS 8x21 mm 6.1 ounces 21 mm Check Price



Levenhuk Broadway 325F- Editor’s Choice

best binocular for theater and opera

We are starting off our list of the best binoculars for theater with this Levenhuk Broadway 325 Opera glasses. Theater binoculars are different from standard binoculars, based on their design and various features. These Levenhuk Broadway Opera Glasses really stand out because of their outstanding design. Their chic design makes them look expensive when they are actually super budget-friendly.


Let’s talk about the features of these Levenhuk Broadway Opera Glasses! These binoculars offer a unique, well-thought-out design that helps them stand out amongst others. These Opera glasses feature fully multi-coated optics which makes sure that you have bright and clear views in theater’s low light. The 3x magnification helps you see minor to major details on stage, whether you are sitting close by or at a great distance. Even at maximum magnification, the field of view is wide enough for you to see the entire stage without missing out on anything. The optics of these Theater binoculars are worth mentioning, considering that they are far better than the optics of this model’s counterparts.

These glasses feature Central focusing wheel which permits you to effortlessly focus your view. The interpupillary distance (55 to 70 mm) can easily be adjusted to achieve precise alignment for every individual’s eyes. The narrow LED flashlight these glasses offer is truly a treat for theatergoers, as it helps you see the stage clearly without disturbing the people sitting around you. LED lights are powered by two LR-41 batteries also these LED’s are energy-efficient.


These Levenhuk Broadway 325F Opera Glasses in White and Gold brings in class and style of high society theatergoers. It’s a milky white shell with the inlaid gold and twisted black and gold chain completes its chic vintage look. Apart from having a cool and modern exterior, the tool is practical too. It is compact enough for you to carry around without any trouble with the overall dimensions of about 11 cm (4.3 inches) wide by 5.5 cm (2.2 inches) long and 4 cm (1.6 inches) deep.

These Opera Glasses can also serve as a whole fashion accessory at Opera or Theater. These luxurious theater binoculars come with an easily removable chain and are available in a variety of colors to match the individual tastes. The high-quality finish and metal construction give an impression of high-end binoculars. Moreover, these Levenhuk binoculars come with a suede cleaning cloth, a pouch, and a lifetime warranty.


The narrow field of view and inability to adjust eye relief seems to be a little turnoff, as they might not meet the demands of everyone out there. These Opera glasses are designed for a particular group of people and do not serve as an all-purpose binocular. Some individuals prefer optical performance and are least bothered about the looks of the tool they are holding, and these Levenhuk 325F Opera glasses are definitely not meant for those people. These are a great option for you if you are into Operas or Theaters and are looking for binoculars with chic design. Lastly, though these Opera Glasses are a great fashion accessory. The case it comes with is not as decorative or fancy as the glasses itself.

We mentioned the pros and cons of this 325F Opera Glasses by Levenhuk

Pros Cons
Build quality is excellent. A more robust case would have been better.
The neck chain seems to be made of high quality. Not an all-purpose binocular.
A great fashion accessory with chic design.



These Levenhuk 325F Opera Glasses are exceptional opera glasses with a Chic design and serves the purpose really well. These theater binoculars allow you to enjoy an impressive indoor theater experience. It is definitely not a binocular which outshines all others when it comes to performance, as it serves as a great fashion accessory that gets the job done. Perfect for Opera and Theater lovers, totally recommended!

Bushnell Xtra-Wide 4×30 mm Binocular

best binocular for sports and theater

The second binoculars we are mentioning here for theater are these Xtra-Wide 4x30mm binoculars by Bushnell. These are ideal for theatergoers and are also budget-friendly. Their high performance and simple compact design are what helps these stand out amongst other binoculars.


Now, let’s talk about the features of this Bushnell Xtra-Wide binoculars! These binoculars feature a field of vision which is almost three times as large as other standard binoculars. These binoculars because of their wide Field of view are particularly suitable for theaters and sporting events, where spectators do not want to miss out on the details. The image quality and field of view helps these binoculars overcome what this device lacks in magnification.

These binoculars feature fully multi-coated lenses and BaK-4 Porro prisms, which along with the 30 mm objective lenses provide clear bright images, high contrast, and efficient low light performance. The massive 900 ft. field of view at 1000 yards helps you view the entire stage at a theater, or a concert, or a court with extremely stable images. All these exceptional features make these Xtra-Wide Bushnell binoculars an Optical beast.


These Bushnell binoculars do not serve as a fashion accessory but are simply designed for comfortable and natural use with extra-wide, pop up eyecups and non-slip rubber armor. Rubber armored exterior allows for a strong grip and absorbs impact shock to protect the binocular’s lenses. It’s ergonomic shape aids in effortless and relaxed handling, while it’s wide-set eye sups permits comfortable viewing. Moreover, it’s compact and lightweight construction makes these binoculars easy to carry and take wherever you go.


These Bushnell binoculars are worth the purchase and are ideal for civic type events like theaters, Opera, concerts, sporting events. But it does have some minor limitations we will mention here. Unfortunately, people with bad vision who wear glasses might not enjoy this optic beast as much as people with good vision do. It might affect the sharpness of focus across all ranges. Secondly, the loops through which straps need to pass are too small, which will make it inconvenient for you to pass the straps through it. Lastly, though these are perfect for theatergoers. These binoculars are not versatile.

We mentioned the pros and cons of this Xtra-Wide 4x 30mm Binocular by Bushnell below:

Pros Cons
Super affordable. May not be that handy, if you wear glasses.
Great build quality Loops for straps are too small.
Focus free system enhances users convenience. Great for theatergoers but not versatile.
Extremely wide Field of view.



All in all, these binoculars are amazing and super affordable in comparison to what they are offering. Despite the couple of minor limitations, which might not be a big deal. These get the job done pretty amazingly and offer a wide field of view, brightness, and fixed focus at infinity. Perfect for theater, opera, or sporting events, totally recommended.

BRIGENIUS 8×21 mm Compact Binoculars

lightweight binocular for kids, sports, opera and theater

The third binocular we are mentioning here for theater are these Compact 8×21 mm binoculars by Brigenius. These lightweight and compact pocket size binoculars provide a clear and amazing view.


Let’s talk about the features of these compact Brigenius binoculars. Compact binoculars from Brigenius are one of the best binoculars for theater as well as can be used for Opera. It’s powerful 8x magnification brings objects and images closer, and the wide 369 ft per 1,000 yards Field of view makes sure that the movements are clear and nice. These Brigenius binoculars feature multi-coated optics which along with Bk7 Roof Prism improves visibility and deals with reflections, double visions, and flares. All of this helps to achieve clarity at all levels.


The design of these binocular is similar to other standard binoculars and does not stand out when it comes to looks but is practical. The finish of the case helps in effortless and comfortable handling. These binoculars are super small, foldable, and also lightweight of just about 0.38 pounds. Their super small size makes sure that they are easy to carry around and can comfortably fit into your pocket, a small purse, or a handbag.


Though, these binoculars do not function as a fashion accessory but stand out when it comes to performance. They are perfect for theater viewing but has very minor limitations you should be aware of beforehand. It is great to have the option of adjusting the eye lens comfortably, sadly, the eye lens adjustment of these binoculars is not as smooth as you would expect. Though this might not be a concern for theatergoers but is worth the mention that these binoculars are not fog or waterproof.

Below we mentioned the pros and cons of this 8×21 Compact Binoculars by Brigenius:

Pros Cons
Good quality and good viewing range. Eye lens adjustment is a bit hard to turn.
The focus knob is smooth and of high quality. Not fog or waterproofing
Easy to carry, super portable.
Good quality and good viewing range.



These super cheap binoculars are a great option if you are on a tight budget but still do not want to give up on the performance. You may not be getting the high-end quality since it is compact and low priced, but you will be amazed by the results. Still, these are nice binoculars for both kids and adults. Totally recommended as a budget-friendly option and nothing too fancy.


Well, you might assume that choosing binoculars for the theater or for any other purpose is not a big deal, but it does require some considerations so that you do not end up getting binocular which does not suit your needs. If you know a little bit about binoculars or know which features to pay attention to before finalizing the binocular, you are good to go. So, to make things easier for you, we have mentioned some of the important factors you need to look into, so you know what you are purchasing. Without wasting any more time, let’s take a look at the important factors of binoculars.


Price is definitely the very first thing we all end up looking at, which is understandable. You can rest assure that binoculars for theater are cheaper than other standard binoculars. This is because they have lower power which leads to a simpler lens and does not offer many specialized coatings. They are also not weather or fog proof. But, still, when it comes to the price of theater binoculars, there are some high-end binoculars and also budget-friendly options with a little compromise on either the looks or performance. In this article, we made sure to look for budget-friendly options by still keeping their design and performance.


Theater binoculars usually do not have large magnification or zoomed-in images like the standard binoculars have. This can spoil the wide view of the picture. Do not go for a too zoomed magnifying glass as they will obstruct you from viewing show properly. But they can serve as a great companion to notice small details like expressions or gestures. Magnification can help you view things more closely. For instance, 10x magnifying glass will bring the object 10 times closer, that is if the object is 100 m away from you, the binoculars will make it appear only 10 m away.


An objective lens is another major factor to choose a perfect binocular, as they make sure that you enjoy a bright image in the dark light of theater. The diameter in millimeters is known as an objective lens. E.G. 8×21. Here, 8 is the magnification and 21 mm is the diameter of the lens. The binoculars mentioned above are compact, so the objective lens is under 30 mm. The objective lens also tends to affect the weight of the binocular, less size means that the binocular is lightweight. This is important as you are going to hold the binocular continuously for some time, so having a lightweight binocular is a win-win.

You can measure the size of the exit pupil lens by dividing the objective lens size with the magnification. The purpose of the exit pupil lens is to leave the light. The size of these lenses is related to the light gathering ability and again the weight of a binocular. Thus, the perfect binocular or theater should offer objectives that allow the user to see bright images in various lighting conditions of the theater while also making sure that the weight of the binocular is not uncomfortable.


If you are purchasing binoculars for theater, you must be aware that you will have to hold the binoculars throughout the play to make sure that you do not miss out on anything. So, having a binocular which is a trouble to carry around because of its heavyweight or has an inconvenient grip won’t work. When you are purchasing binoculars for theater make sure to look for the one which is compact and lightweight. Additionally, the binocular should allow you to have a firm grip on it throughout the time you are holding it.

While not everyone out there craves for a binocular with unique design and chic looks but some of us do. There is always something for everyone out there. There are binoculars which help you look your best or even get some attention from the people sitting around you. The binocular at the start of our list serves the looks like no other and is best for individuals who prefer a trendy yet classy design.

Going only for the looks and forgetting about the main purpose you are getting the binoculars for is never a smart move. You may prefer the looks but do not forget that they should serve the purpose too. Moreover, to make sure that your viewing experience is not tiring, binoculars come with handles, coordinating holders, straps, or chains to provide comfort.


If you want to get the best out of your theater experience, you have to do thorough research before purchasing a theater binocular. But to give you a head start, we did all the research and brought these amazing Theater binoculars for you. Furthermore, the above-mentioned buying guide will surely help you know these binoculars for an ideal purchase. We did our part and now hope that you end up getting a binocular that meets your individual needs perfectly. Best of luck with your purchase ahead.

Happy viewing folks!!

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