Best Generators For Food Trucks In 2020

(Last Updated On: July 23, 2020)
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Food trucks have been becoming popular lately because they are convenient for both buyers and sellers. It is a unique, exciting, and fun way to earn for those who enjoy cooking and serving or who want to start their own business. Your food truck business can flourish nicely if you offer a special and different kind of food, something which stands out amongst other food items. Given the convenience of mobility, food trucks definitely stand out over restaurants. Though food trucks look like they are simple and easy to function, they are complicated as you have to fit in a lot of gears and things in a small space. There are tons of major and minor considerations, from purchasing a truck to getting insurance, deciding its name and menu, setting all of the necessary appliances in it, and pretty much everything. One of the most important things, you will need in a food truck is a generator but finding one can be hard. To make things easier for you, we have compiled some of the best generators for food trucks, in this article.

The food truck industry is booming lately so, there is one thing you need to know, to make food trucks function effectively, a lot of effort goes into building and designing them. Selecting a food truck, it’s a name, menu, and others are mandatory but having a generator that functions perfectly and meets all your food truck demands, takes the game to the next level. Generators for a food truck is definitely not something you need to upgrade any time soon. So, a generator that meets all your demands is suitable for your food truck and is durable enough to function for years to come makes up for a successful food truck.

The generators mentioned below are chosen after great consideration to make sure that your food truck business flourishes with time. Generators for food trucks are specifically designed keeping in mind the size, portability, and high power requirement. Because of the minimum space available on food trucks, a well-suited generator for a food truck is not a giant beast but a compact generator that easily fits in the truck. Additionally, it offers high power to help run all of the appliances from your oven to the lights, as a generator is the only supplier of power in a food truck. All things considered, let’s dive into some of the best generators for food trucks from the best brands available in the market.

Quick Search & Comparison of best generators for food trucks

Generator Average Run Time Weight
Westinghouse WGen7500- Editor's Choice Around 16 hours on 6.6 Gallons 201 LBS Check Price
Honda Eu7000is Around 18 hours on 5.1 gallons 51.3 LBS Check Price
Pulsar PG2000iSN Around 8 hours on 1.8 gallons 47 LBS Check Price



Westinghouse WGen7500- Editor’s Choice

best generator for food truck

The very first generator for food truck we are mentioning here in this list is this WGen7500 remote electric start generator by Westinghouse. Westinghouse is famous for its efficient, dependable, and power generators and offers a variety of premium and innovative features for home and commercial use. This Westinghouse gasoline-powered Generator offers a combination of advanced and premium features at a great price. It is designed to be used as an emergency home backup, camping, tailgating, food trucks, and more.


Let’s dive into the features of this WGen7500 portable generator. This Westinghouse generator functions by a rugged and powerful 420cc 4 strokes Over Head Value Westinghouse durable engine and delivers 7,500 Watts of power. This power range is enough to keep all of the motor-driven appliances running.

The innovative overhead valve technology makes sure that the engine functions efficiently. The generator easily runs on a single tank of about 6.6-gallon fuel for 14 hours at half the load. This feature makes this generator great for food trucks, as once you fill the tank you won’t have to worry about filling it again for several continuous hours of usage.

Other than these major features, there are few minor ones which help to reduce the inconvenience of generators. It comes with an automatic turn off feature that enables whenever this generator runs low on gas or get overheated. This protects the generator from getting damaged, thus making it easier to maintain, ensuring it’s longevity.


Portable generators are designed with durability and strong build quality to serve you for years to come. This Westinghouse WGen7500 Portable Generator comes with a simple push-button start and stops and remote starting for ease of use. The wireless remote key fob allows you to turn it on or shut it down without leaving your food truck. The onboard battery charger the generator comes with keeps the battery always charged for maximum convenience.

The WGen7500 portable generator offers 2 x 120V 20A, and 1 x L14-30 30 A 120/240 V twist-lock outlet, this makes things easier by allowing you to connect your generator and power your food truck. Lastly, the quiet muffler of the generator helps the generator to make the noise of as low as 64 decibels.


Though this Westinghouse WGen7500 portable generator is considered one of the best portable and reliable generators. You need to consider few things for better judgment. At 64 decibels the noise is taken to be okay, but it can be a little disturbing as the generator is going to be used for the food truck. It might get in the way of dealing with customers, but to avoid any sort of discomfort one can place the generator at a distance.

Despite the fact that this WGen 7500 is a portable generator and is meant to easily move around. Taking into account that you are going to unload and load it every single day might not be easy, as it is not the most lightweight option out there. The wheels and handles help in moving it around but carrying it is not an option. This WGen7500 has a super convenient single push button startup but few customers have complained about the startup. If these minor issues are not a great deal for a person, this portable Westinghouse generator is one of the best choices for the food truck business.

We mentioned the pros and cons of this Westinghouse WGen7500 Portable generator below:

Pros Cons
Easy to assemble and use. Not very quiet
Super durable with an outstanding performance. Relatively heavy to carry around.
Dual fuel, and excellent fuel efficiency.



The Westinghouse WGen7500 Portable Generator is an efficient, durable, powerful, easy-to-use, and a sturdy unit. This portable generator is an ideal option for outdoor projects and a great value for the money. This generator is all a food truck needs with its outstanding power and fuel efficiency and some other features which add to the ease of use. The above-mentioned pros and cons will assist in deciding whether or not this generator is suitable for the individual food truck’s requirements. Totally recommended!

Honda Eu7000is

Premium Inverter Generator

The second generator we are adding in the list of the best generators for a food truck is this EU7000is inverter generator by Honda. When it comes to portable power, the EU generators come on the top. Though these are highly-priced. These products always score high in expert tests and get outstanding reviews. The Honda EU7000is is a high capacity inverter with great performance quality and is portable, best for food trucks.


Now, let’s dive into the features of this Honda’s inverter generator. The 389 cc Honda GX390 EFI OHV 4-stroke engine of Honda EU7000is runs on gasoline. The inverter generator provides an output of 120/240V, with 5500 Watts running wattage and 7000 Watts peak wattage. It is also parallel capable, which means it can be linked to either compatible or a similar unit for extra power. The EU7000is inverter generator features both an effortless electric start and a traditional pull start mechanism. It is rated for a low noise of about 52 dBA.

The EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) system does all the good to this inverter generator. It not only enhances the engine’s reliability but also improves startup, lowers fuel consumption, reduces servicing, boosts stale fuel resistance. Moreover, it offers better altitude adaptability. With the fuel capacity of 5.1 gallons, the EU7000is can easily operate for up to 18 hours (with around 0.28 GPH fuel consumption). This Honda inverter generator generates a clean sine wave reaching less than 3% Total Harmonic Disruption (THD).


When it comes to design, Honda does not disappoint. The EU7000is inverter generator comes with an ultra-heavy duty frame with super-strong metal sound insulation panels. This does make it a little heavier in comparison to other portable generators but with the help of fold-down handles and heavy-duty wheel kit, you can easily move it across rough terrain. The Honda EU7000is is definitely a top-notch generator when it comes to noise cancellation because of its great engine design, dense sound insulation panels, and advanced muffler.

Moreover, this inverter generator is small in size in contrast to its capacity, which means you won’t have a problem storing it in your food truck or anywhere else, with the total dimensions measuring, 33.4 inches by 27.6 inches by 28.4 inches.


As far as the flaws or drawbacks are concerned, there are no such issues with this Honda EU7000is inverter generator except for the fact that it is highly-priced. This is the only point where Honda’s EU model takes a back seat for people with tight budgets. An inverter generator, while maintaining its size and offering high power, attracts the high price. Though, it is not a budget option but is totally worth every single penny.

We mentioned the pros and cons of this Honda Eu7000is Inverter generator below:

Pros Cons
Noise level is without a doubt the best in the market. Not a budget-friendly option.
Easy to use.
Great reliability and Good value.



The efficient and quality engine is one of the reasons for Honda’s good reputation. This Honda’s inverter generator is designed to serve you for years to come because of its versatile and reliable design. The EU7000is is a high capacity inverter generator with clean energy, fuel efficiency, quiet operation, and high power. The portable and compact design with quiet functioning seems to be well-fitted for a food truck or other outdoor activities.

Pulsar 2000W Inverter Generator

Portable generator for outdoors

The third generator we are adding in the list of the best generator for a food truck is a 2000W Gas-powered inverter generator by Pulsar. This one offers quiet operation and is ideal for outdoor usages like RV, food trucks, or tailgating. On top of that, it is super affordable.


Let’s take a look at the features of this 2000 watt Pulsar inverter generator. No other generator beats portability and clean power than this 2000 Watt inverter generator. It provides safe electrical power through not only a dual 120-volt outlet but also a 12 Volt cigarette outlet and a direct connect USB outlet to charge laptops or phones. It also allows a parallel connection between two models for a power boost. The Pulsar inverter generator operates at up to 8 hours on 1.18 gallons of gasoline only. The PG2000iS offers reliable performance with not much high power.


The 2000 Watt Pulsar inverter generator is gas-powered which means it is an ideal option for those who do not need the option of electrical charge. It is an ideal option for outdoor power and produces only 59 dB of noise from the distance of only 10 feet. It weighs only 47 pounds with a user-friendly suitcase design which helps to move it around easily.


Though, this 2000 Watt Pulsar inverter generator is great for your food truck if you do not run any high powered appliances. But as long as larger or high powered appliances are concerned, this inverter generator is not the best suitable option. Moreover, because of its portable and compact design it is easy to carry around, thus needs extra care for it to work properly for a long time.

Below are the pros and cons of this Pulsar 4000 W inverter generator:

Pros Cons
Quiet and clean operation. Not a suitable option for large or high powered appliances.
Super convenient to move around. Requires extra maintenance if used heavily.
Low sensor oil indicator, and good run time at 50% output.



All in all, this 2000 Watt Pulsar inverter generator is ideal for food trucks with not a lot of load. It might be the best option for some while fail to work for others based on different demands. The pros and cons and the wattage capacity will help you analyze whether this is the one for your food truck’s needs or not.


A food truck has to go through a lot of different challenges when it comes to selecting a generator. Lesser space, both inside and outside the truck is a big issue. You need to give your customers enough space to move around. Generator’s noise also seems to be a hurdle in the food truck’s business, you need to be able to talk to the customers and also for them to enjoy their food in peace. So, the food truck’s generator should definitely neither be too loud which might drive the customers away nor too big.

Most of the food trucks have appliances that need a lot of power, so a generator that meets all of the truck’s power requirements effortlessly is a winner. On top of that, you need to run the generator for non-stop food truck hours. All of the foregoing demands yells for a compact yet powerful generator, which runs quietly and has a large enough fuel reservoir to help you save the day.

Not all generators are meant or designed to handle the requirements of a food truck. They differ a lot in terms of the power, their general reliability, and usability, and the fuel they run on. You need to make sure that the generator fits perfectly and do not forget to get exhausted in your truck. Selecting the best generator for your food truck needs you to consider some important features of the generator so that you do not face any sort of problems later. The following buying guide covers them all for your convenience. So, let’s dive in.


Some generators are designed to function with a single fuel while others can run either on gasoline or propane. Dual fuel generators, like the models from Westinghouse, can accept either. The plus point of gasoline generators is that gasoline produces high wattage than propane, which means lesser gas will be able to power more appliances for long run time. Furthermore, you can easily refill the generator while refilling the truck’s tank. These reasons sum up why dual fuel and gasoline-powered generators should be a priority of food truck owners.

But, not to forget that gasoline is expensive and not convenient to store in a food truck. The second reason why propane is beneficial is that the runtime of the gasoline-fueled generators is bounded by the size of the reservoir and the generator must be turned off and given a break to cool down before adding more gas. While with propane, you can attach other tanks, so the other one can take over after the first one’s empty, making sure there is no pause for your business.


The engine is the basic part of a generator which decides the amount of power, a generator will output, so a powerful and reliable generator is what you need. The larger the engine volume of the generator is the highest rated power output it has. Another thing to consider while looking at the specs is whether the generator is two-stroke or four-stroke. Four-stroke engines are usually quieter and more fuel-efficient than two-stroke engines.


Runtime is highly important while selecting a generator for a food truck as losing power or have the generator downtime while dealing with the customers is not ideal. Gasoline-powered generators are limited because of the size of their fuel reservoir. Also, keep in mind that runtime is not only determined by the size of the reservoir but also by the power drawn and fuel efficiency. Engines with higher fuel efficiency work longer with the same amount of fuel.

The reason runtime carries importance is because it aware you when to refill the generator. Runtime is vital for a food truck as all of the motor-driven appliances depends upon the generator. A long-running generator saves the day to allow a person to spend more time on the customers without worrying about the tank. In this case, gasoline-powered machines are not the most ideal as their fuel reservoirs are limited in size.


While selecting a generator for the food truck, you need to make sure that the generator has all of the power outlets you may need. Some of the heavy-duty appliances need 30 A outlets or 240 V locking outlets rather than the normal 120 V to 20 A household outlets which are found on almost all generators.


Noise is another feature that carries the utmost importance for a food truck as it can highly affect whether your food truck is a nice, inviting, and pleasant environment for the customers. It should be quieter to allow you to be able to communicate with the customers and effortlessly take orders. And if you are taking your food truck business to another level by offer seating, your customers would want to be able to talk with their family and friends over food.

Different generators have different noise levels, ranging from 52 dB to 68 dB and above. Not to forget that the noise increases with the increase in the power drawn from the generator. And running dual fuel generators on gasoline will usually be louder than running them on propane.


One must bear in mind that the generator will be moved inside of the truck for storage and outside to work every single day. A compact generator that effortlessly fits inside the food truck and lightweight enough to move it inside and out daily is what one should look for. High powered generators with large fuel tanks will be heavy and large, which is not really suitable for food trucks. If portability for you is something very serious, you must look for the generators that feature carry frames. Built-in wheels or handles might work for some.


Do not consider the warranty as to the least important factor while choosing a generator. It definitely is a big machine and costs a lot, so you have to make sure that it comes with a warranty for reliability. It is a major investment and getting a surety makes the decision much easier. Some of those are mostly just one year for commercial use and if you are lucky you might get the one which offers a three-year commercial warranty.


When it comes to purchasing generators for the food truck, you must expect to invest big for a perfect and quality generator that serves you for years. Powerful generators are usually expensive, while generators from some good companies might also cost more as you can blindly put your trust in the quality of their generator. But keep this in mind that generators are long time investment and totally worth their high prices, so do not hesitate in spending some good money.


Maintenance is the utmost thing a generator deserves after serving you daily for continuous hours. To make sure that your generator works fine for years to come, properly maintaining them is highly recommended. Do not let the fuel stay inside the fuel reservoir for a longer period. And allow the generator to cool down completely before adding gasoline again. When you add gas immediately because of the generator is hot, it can cause sparks (that’s dangerous).


Seeing your food truck function efficiently and appropriately is the best feeling. And amongst all the small appliances and gears in a food truck, that one thing which keeps your food truck working is a generator. That being said, if your generator is functioning nicely and meeting all your needs, you are in a win-win situation. Though in some cases generators are expensive. They are much needed and an investment worth the amount. You need to consider a lot of things in a generator to make sure that it functions properly in your food truck.

Every single generator mentioned above is picked after a lot of considerations. We made sure to keep in mind the demands and requirements of different types of food trucks so that everyone finds something based on their needs. The buying guide right above this will hopefully be of some help in figuring out your ideal generator. And lastly, make sure to maintain the generator you end up purchasing to keep it in good condition for years to come. I hope the article helped with the decision!

Best of Luck!!

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