Best Generators for Hurricane Season

(Last Updated On: July 23, 2020)
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Hurricanes directly or indirectly cause dramatic changes and affect people’s lives. It brings serious hazards like high winds, heavy rains, a storm surge, and sometimes even tornadoes. And these hazards further do not bring any sort of favorable conditions for people. A power outage is one of them. It’s only when we experience power breakdown, we realize how dependent we are on electricity. Almost all of our household appliances require power to function, from our entertaining devices (like TVs, computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets) to our necessities (like refrigerators, Lights, electric stoves, washing machines, and other kitchen appliances). To cope with situations like power breakout, we luckily have a useful invention named, generators. Generators are the best companion at times like those, in emergencies. So, in the following article, we have gathered some of the best generators for a hurricane for your convenience.

Hurricanes are not something we can control but we, for sure, can control how to deal with the outcome of the hurricane. Having a generator on hand in situations like these is the best bet. By the time you experience a power outage, it is too late to purchase a generator. So, purchasing a generator beforehand, especially when you know you do not have any other option is a smart move.

All of the generators mentioned below are chosen after vigorous research and tons of considerations. Areas, where hurricanes occur often, require a generator that offers high power and is reliable. Both portable and standby generators are suitable based on an individual’s preferences and needs. That is why we made sure to add both of these on the list. A brief description along with the pros and cons of each generator will assist you in deciding the best one for your needs.

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So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most suitable and best generators for hurricane season.

Quick search & comparison of best generators for hurricane season

Generator Wattage Voltage
Honda EU7000is- Editor’s Choice 7000 watts 120/240 volts Check Price
Kohler 14RESAL-100LC16 14000 watts 240 volts Check Price
Generac 7043 Home Standby Generator 22000 watts 120 volts Check Price



Honda EU7000is- Editor’s Choice

best generator for hurricane season

We are starting off our list of best generators for a hurricane with this portable generator with inverter technology. The inverter technology offers the best power experience with great fuel efficiency while keeping its compact size. The generator being portable gives you the flexibility to use it at other spaces too. But, not to forget that inverter technology comes with a high price tag.


Now, let’s take a brief look at the features of this Honda EU7000is inverter generator. This Honda generator runs on a 389 cc Honda GX390 EFI OHV 4-stroke engine and delivers 120 / 240 Volt. Their top quality and reliable engine are what earns them all the attention. It offers 7000 Watt of peak wattage along with 5500 watts of running wattage and functions on gasoline. Also, to add more power if needed, the generator is parallel capable.

This Honda EU7000is portable inverter generator has a fuel capacity of about 5.1 gallons, which can easily function for 18 hours (with the fuel consumption of 0.28 GPH). The EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) system improves the reliability of the engine, reduces servicing and fuel consumption, offers top altitude adaptability, and upgrades startup. The generator generates a clean sine wave with THD (Total harmonic Disruption) less than 3%.

The control panel of the generator features 6 outlets, including, a 30 amp 125 volts locking outlet, a 30 amp 125/250 volt locking outlet. 2 GFCI 20 amp outlets. Moreover, the generator features an I-monitor which shows, output, running hours, engine speed, maintenance diagnostics, and voltage. This makes the generator a little easier to use and maintain.

This Honda inverter generator offers some additional safety features like the fuel gauge, an indicator light, and an auto low-oil shut-off. Apart from these, it offers a simple startup; with a single push of a button.


When it comes to design, Honda does not disappoint. Considering its capacity and high power, the size is relatively small which makes it easier to maneuver around. The Honda EU7000is is a compact inverter generator measuring only 33.4 inches by 27.6 inches by 28.4 inches.

In contrast to other lightweight inverter generators, this one weighs 261 pounds, which is quite a weight. But the extra weight is taken care of by the wheel kit and two fold-down handles. They make it easier to move around the space with not much effort.

For most people, noise is a major concern due to whatever reason. Honda EU series offers the engine with the quietest noise level. On half of the load, the inverter generator produces only 58 decibels of noise while on the quarter load it produces only 52 decibels.


Well, first off, this Honda EU7000is inverter generator because of the advantages inverter technology offers comes with a high price. That must be the only major problem one has to overcome with this generator. But every penny spends on it is worthful, as it offers great fuel efficiency to low THD and low noise levels.

When it comes to powering a house in emergencies like, hurricanes, a parallel capable generator might be your best choice. Secondly, though most of the other inverter generators have a lightweight which makes them easier to carry around. But this one because of its high power weighs 261 pounds, which becomes portable with the help of the wheel kit and foldable handles.

We mentioned the pros and cons of this Honda EU7000is inverter generator below:

Pros Cons
Simple design with a quality engine. Highly-priced.
Low noise level. Not a super lightweight option out there.
Parallel capable and has low THD.
Fuel efficient.



This Honda EU7000is inverter generator while not being a cost-effective option definitely deserves a high price tag because of portability, reliability, fuel efficiency, ease of use, and noise level. The only and the main flaw one might experience with this generator is its high price. A generator for emergency situations like hurricanes, definitely calls for this very Honda EU7000is inverter generator.

Kohler 14RESAL-100LC16

best standby generator with automatic switch

The generator which took the second place in the list of best generators for a hurricane is this 14,000-watt Standby generator by Kohler. Standby generators are the number one option for people residing in an area where they experience power breakout often and that too for longer periods.


Let’s take a look at the features of the Kohler standby generator. This Kohler generator offers high-quality power with low levels of harmonic distortion, frequency regulation, and advanced voltage. It is a top-notch generator when it comes to delivering smooth power.

Moreover, the generator is designed to deliver 12,000 watts on gasoline and 14,000 when it runs on propane and automatically starts when the power goes out. The generator includes 100 Amp 16 Circuit Space Load Center.


Design-wise, this generator makes sure that there is the ease of use and convenience for the users. It is one of the quietest standby models out there ensuring a noise-free environment. The generator features a low-oil shutoff and a warning indicator to provide the best possible results when it comes to maintenance. It comes with a transfer switch for further convenience.


First thing’s first, when it comes to standby generators, they definitely cost more than conventional generators. So, if you are looking for a more reliable standby generator you must expect a high price tag, which might be the only major thing you need to acknowledge beforehand. Not to forget, you get what you pay for, this Kohler 14,000 watt generator is excellent and reliable and is worth every single penny.

Standby generators are also not easier to install and require a professional electrician to install it.

Following are the pros and cons of this Kohler 14,000 watt standby generator:

Pros Cons
Quiet generator. Expensive.
Best quality, and outstanding performance. Needs a professional electrician for installation.
It comes with a warranty.



All in all, this Kohler standby generator is the best bet for people whose preference is a more reliable and high-quality generator. It can power your entire house in any power breakout situation. This generator makes sure that you do not have to deal with any sort of inconvenience, once it’s installed, you are good to go. It automatically starts within 10 seconds for maximum comfort.

Generac 7043 Home Standby Generator

22000 watt powerful generator for hurricane

The third and the last generator we are adding here to complete the list of best generators for a hurricane is this Generac 7043 standby generator. This is the largest standby generator available on the market. Standby generators are the best option for people who live in an area of sudden weather changes which leads to power breakout. They make sure that you do not spend your time in inconvenience in a power outage.


Let’s dive into the features of this Generac standby generator. This Generac 7043 generator has a G-Force engine built to easily cope with all the load and heavy use. It produces power that is reliable and does not require too much maintenance in contrast to other generators with a competitive engine and similar power.

The generator’s True Power technology delivers amazing power quality with Total Harmonic Distortion less than 5% for smooth and clean operation for sensitive devices. It is designed to power an entire house with 200 amp, NEMA 3R smart switch. Furthermore, the generator offers a 5-year limited warranty.


When it comes to design, Generac does not disappoint the customers. The generator features an LCD display that shows battery status, track maintenance intervals which help in the maintenance of the generator. The generator has a powder-coated finish which is perfect for all weather conditions. It works quietly and is fuel-efficient.


There is no need to mention this as it is probably a known fact that standby generators need to be at a particular distance from the house and also needs a designated space for them considering they are huge. And it also requires a professional electrician to install this.

Below we mentioned the pros and cons of this Generac 7043 standby generator:

Pros Cons
It offers high capacity. It needs a proper-sized space as it is big.
Maintenance is a breeze. Requires a qualified electrician to install it properly.
Great quality with the low noise level.



Overall, this Generac Standby generator is an ideal option for an entire house’s backup power. Its 22,000 wattage makes sure that all appliances in the house function with ease. For emergency situations like hurricanes and the troubles, it brings with it demands a professional solution. This is the best bet for people who do not want to affect their everyday life because of sudden weather changes which occur often.


Hurricanes bring troubles and inconvenience to them for people both in the long and short term. The immediate problem people face after hurricanes is a power breakout which makes everyday life not only inconvenient but also troublesome as it affects daily chores and the food in the fridge. Sometimes, power is restored in a couple of hours but sometimes in extreme weather situations, it can take days or weeks, because companies cannot access the troubled areas immediately.

To cope with situations like these, where you do not have access to power to power your fridge, lights, charge your mobile phones or laptops, and other electronic devices, a generator is your best bet. A generator that provides a backup power to make sure that you are not affected a lot by the power outage. A generator that turns on the lights, A/C systems, and other necessary electronic devices or appliances.

Your demand completely shapes your research and narrows down the choices for you. For instance, if you need a generator for home backup power, a standby generator is the best one for you but you can also opt for a portable one with high power if you would want to use your generator somewhere else too. And if you need a generator for outdoor fun activities like tailgating, or camping, a portable generator would be a perfect fit and you would not need too high power. Knowing your needs and purpose shapes your purchase.

We already mentioned some of the best generators to deal with situations like hurricanes. But to further assist you with your purchase, we are adding the following buying guide, for your convenience. To make sure that you end up with the right generator, the following features are worth looking at, to have a better know-how of the generators. So, without wasting another moment, let’s take a look at the following buying guide.

Generator Type

You must be aware by now, that there are some types of generators. Conventional generators, Inverter generators, and the most reliable ones for emergency situations, Standby Generators. While all of these generator types are great, Standby generators top the list for reliability, high power, and ease of use. These are an ideal type if one experiences power breakout often.

Otherwise, inverter generators should be prioritized based on their portability, fuel efficiency, and low noise levels. We have added both, standby generators and inverter generators in the list to give different options for different individuals.

How much power do you need?

How much power one needs, entirely depends on their demands and household activities. The air conditioning system, the devices, or the electronic appliances you would want to run at the times of power breakout decides how much power one would need. This obviously varies from person to person.

A household that needs their entire house to function exactly like it used to would require a generator that offers high power. But, if some people do not have long hours or power breakouts or they are not that often, then a generator with mediocre power range would be perfect. Which offers enough power to function basic household devices.

Fuel Type

Generators run on either of these three types, electricity, propane, and gasoline. But, some generators also allows the option of two fuel types, that is, propane, and gasoline. Generators with electric fuel types are definitely not suitable for power breakout. Which spares the other two fuel types, propane, and gasoline. Whatever works the best for you and is available easily should be your preference. But opting for a generator that offers both propane and gasoline is an ideal situation.


You need to check if the generator you are planning on purchasing would be capable enough to work for as many hours as you would need or not? A generator that is designed to work for several hours or days without any trouble is an appropriate one.


Portability might not and should not be your priority if your area goes through power outage often. Because you would not want to connect your generator every single time and take it back and forth at times like those. But, if you rarely experience power outage then a portable generator can be considered. To allow you to use it in other places as well, portability does not bound your generator to one place, which is great.

Noise level

The noise level might be your topmost priority and there is no logical justification as to why one should not prioritize it. Who would want to hear an annoying noise during a power breakout, nor you neither your neighbors. Different generators differ in noise levels based on their power. A generator whose noise level is at 60 dB or less is without a doubt, an ideal one. Generators with loud noise levels offer high power at a low price.

Digital Control Panel

A digital control panel that displays all of the necessary information just adds to the convenience. It takes away the stress of checking fuel left every now and then and gives you peace of mind. A generator that displays battery status, track maintenance intervals, and amplifies low signals makes it easier to maintain it and also makes sure that the generator is always in a top operating position.

Transfer Switch

The transfer switch transfers the electrical power between the generator and the home. Some generators come with transfer switches for maximum convenience. But if your generator does not come with one, you may have one already plugged into your home circuit board, or else you can purchase one have it installed.


Durability must be focused too. One would want to have a sturdy and durable generator with strong build quality because a generator is not something you are going to upgrade every now and then. Once, it’s bought, it should serve you for years to come. A generator with high-quality exterior and high-quality coatings should be a priority.


No one wants to live without power for hours, or days, or rarely, even weeks. Though, one cannot control power especially if it goes out because of some unfavorable conditions like a hurricane. But you can have something as home backup power to make sure that your house stays lit up even in worst situations. Surviving even a couple of hours without power is unimaginable not to forget, that some areas get to experience a power outage for days because companies cannot reach the areas due to weather conditions.

Luckily, generators provide the best backup power, especially if it’s the right one for your needs. And choosing the right one based on your needs is not so hard, as long as you are aware of your requirements and have some knowledge of generators. We did some vigorous research to find the best generators out there, keeping in mind the needs of different people.

Furthermore, the buying guide mentioned at the end of the article will surely be of great help and would lead you to the right path. Finding the right generator is not super hard, you just have to stay calm. Though sometimes generators do come with a high price you should not forget that it is a long term investment and will surely serve you for years to come.

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