Best Generators for Tailgating- Buyer’s Guide

(Last Updated On: July 23, 2020)
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Tailgating is a fun and amazing experience to get away from your boring routine and spend some time out with your friends and family and socialize. That is a much-needed break you owe to yourself and a fascinating way to make memories and just have a good time. Tailgating parties are fun for both, the host and the guests. People love and enjoy tailgating parties because of their convenience and accessibility.

Whether you are having a tailgating party at the stadium with your friends and family to support your favorite team, at a concert, or at the beach you must be fully equipped to have the time of your life. And everyone agrees that tailgating parties are not complete without some sort of entertainment and live food. To provide the best entertainment and fresh food to the people, you must have a generator to power those appliances or devices. In the following article, we have gathered some of the “best generators for tailgating” for your convenience.

To power TVs, satellite dishes, electric smoker, fryers, laptops, radio, lights, and other luxurious items you need a proper and well-suited generator. Generators meant for tailgating are obviously different from other generators in terms of power, noise level, portability, and other minor features.

FYI: If you live in an area that has storms or anyone from your family and friends resides in an area that has hurricanes for you or those, we have listed some of the best generators for hurricane season.

A generator for tailgating must have a low noise level, while a generator used at a construction site can have a high noise level. The generators best suitable for tailgating parties must have enough power to keep all of the appliances and devices running. Additionally, they need to be more portable in comparison to the generators at homes or other spaces where they stay in one place. You would want to be able to move your generator around without much effort.

Having some of the best suitable tailgating generators on the list have already narrowed down your choice. But to further help you with your purchase, we have briefly added each generator’s features, their design, and limitations along with the pros and cons. We hope the following information will make things easier for you. So, without further delay, let’s take a look at the top tailgating generators.

Quick search & comparison of best generators for tailgating

Generator Weight Runs On
Westinghouse iGen2200- Editor’s Choice 46.3 LBS Gasoline Check Price
WEN 56475 112.5 LBS Gasoline Check Price
Jackery Explorer 240 6.6 LBS Batteries Check Price



Westinghouse iGen2200- Editor’s Choice

best generator for tailgating

We are starting off our list of best generators for tailgating with this Westinghouse Portable Inverter generator. This generator being budget-friendly offers enough power to run all of the appliances one would take for tailgating.


Let’s dive into the features of this inverter generator. This Westinghouse portable inverter generator functions at 2,200 watts of peak wattage and 1,800 watts of running watts offering more than enough power you may need for tailgating. The generator runs on a 4 stroke OHV Westinghouse engine and is designed to adjust the speed of the engine according to the requirements, which adds to its fuel efficiency.

Thanks to its inverter technology, the iGen2200 is suitable for sensitive devices including, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, LCD televisions, and others. It produces stable and clean power with Total Harmonic Disruption (THD) less than 3%. This Westinghouse inverter generator is also parallel capable which allows you to pair the generator to other Westinghouse inverter generator with the Westinghouse WHPC Parallel Cord if you need more power.


When it comes to design, you should rest assured. Westinghouse is known for producing high quality and reliable products. This iGen2200 is portable, lightweight, and convenient and weighs only around 46 pounds. The built-in carrying handle helps in moving it around.

The Westinghouse generator has the quietest operation, with a low noise level of 52 dBA, perfect for tailgating. It is designed with built-in safety features for maximum comfort and better maintenance, that is, overload protection, and low oil shutdown. The inverter generator is backed by a 3-year limited warranty.


Well, this Westinghouse iGen2200 does not really have any limitations. But you must consider the following points to see, whether this generator suits your needs or not. First thing’s first, the tank size of this generator is not too big, so the fuel might not be sufficient for a long tailgating party. Moreover, though the inverter generator is designed for an easy startup, but few people complained about the startup not being easy.

Following are the pros and cons of this Westinghouse portable inverter generator:

Pros Cons
Lightweight. The tank size might not be enough.
Fuel efficient. A startup is not the easiest.
THD <3%.
Parallel capable.



All in all, this Westinghouse inverter generator is one of the best generators to power all your needs in a tailgating party. It offers all the features a perfect tailgating generator should have. This iGen2200 inverter generator has enough power, is portable, has a low noise level, and has other features ideal to run for a long run at a party. Highly recommended.

WEN 56475

best gasoline generator for tailgating party

The second generator we are mentioning in this list of best tailgating generator is this Gasoline portable generator by WEN. It is affordable in contrast to other generators offering similar power and comes with all the features making it ideal for a tailgating party.


Let’s take a look at the features of this WEN gasoline-powered generator. The generator features a built-in voltage regulator that provides clean power for sensitive devices. It has a 223cc engine that runs on 4750 watts of peak wattage and 3750 watts of running power. Additionally, the 4-gallon fuel tank is enough to power all the necessary appliances and devices for long hours.

The WEN 56475 portable generator offers minor features which add to the engine’s longevity.  The low oil shut off feature automatically shuts off the engine when the fuel level is low which prevents the engine from getting damaged.


When it comes to design, WEN makes sure that all of their generators are reliable and durable enough to last a long time. The digital readout on the control panel helps to maintain the generator and assure its longevity. It displays operating hours of the unit to give you peace of mind. The generator has a portable design which allows you to easily move it around with the help of foldable handles and wheel kit. Moreover, it comes with a spark arrestor that makes it safe for outdoors.


Though this portable generator is an amazing generator ideal for tailgating and other outdoor activities. But you must consider the following options before finalizing this product. Tailgating requires a generator with a low noise level but this one is not the quietest option available out there. Furthermore, this WEN generator does not have the best quality control in the market.

We mentioned the pros and cons of this WEN 4750 watt portable generator below:

Pros Cons
Durable. Not the quietest option available out there.
Digital readout and electric start. Not the best quality control.
It offers features that add to the engine’s longevity.



Overall, this WEN 4750 watt portable generator is an ideal option if you want a generator with more power and an affordable price. Though this is not the quietest option in the market, but you must expect it to be a little loud considering it offers high power. It is durable, portable, and offers other ideal tailgating features.

Jackery Explorer 240

best power station generator

The last generator for tailgating mentioned in the list is this Jackery portable power station offering utmost portability. It is super portable, best for explorers, or people who enjoy outdoor activities more often. Has enough power to cope with all of the tailgating needs.


Here, we have mentioned the features of this Jackery power station. The AC outlet of this power station provides safe power for all your sensitive and small appliances. The Explorer 240 automatically shuts down when the power goes below 10 Watts to save power. The power station has 2 USB outputs, a DC input, an AC outlet, and also a carport which adds to its compatibility.


Design-wise, everyone agrees that this is the most portable, lightweight, and is easy to maintain power supply. It is designed with an LCD screen that displays battery operating status for convenience and maintenance, and the backlight allows us to easily read the readings. It has a compact size which only weighs 6.6 pounds and measures only 8 inches by 5 inches.


Though, this portable power station is a perfect compact, lightweight power supply option for tailgating. Fewer outlets might not be the issue for a lot of people, but it is definitely something you should consider to make sure that you do not end with the generator not suitable for your needs. Furthermore, it is a little disappointing from a brand like Jackery to have lower watt limitations from the wall charger.

Below we mentioned some of the pros and cons of this Jackery Explorer 240 power station:

Pros Cons
Lightweight and compact. Outlets might not be sufficient.
Affordable and quiet. Has lower watt limitation from a wall charger.
It offers safe power for sensitive devices.



Overall, this Jackery power station Explorer 240 is an amazing and ideal option for tailgating if you are looking for the most portable option. It is affordable, quiet, and compact also offers safe power for sensitive devices. What more could a person demand from a tailgating generator? It is perfect.


It takes some considerations and planning to host a perfect tailgating party. There is some equipment you must take along with you in order to have the best time. A TV, laptop, mobile phones, lights, or other electronic devices for tailgating party needs the power to function. But away from your home, that power is not easily accessible, so to have the best outdoor times, you need a generator.

Choosing a generator is not that hard but it is also not an easy task as well. As long as, you have a little know-how of different parts of the generator and are aware of the features you need to look at, you are good to go. The following buying guide contains some of the features of the generator you need to consider in every generator before finalizing your purchase.

So, without any further delay, let’s take a look at those.


Price is something you need to consider every product you purchase. Just be sure not to let it become a driving force. Having a budget in mind is the best thing you can do to your pocket, but at the same time be aware of when to extend it a little in order to enjoy some more power or any other feature.

For instance, if your budget is, let’s say, is a little less and there is a generator offering a little more power, lesser noise level, or any other safety feature in some more price, you could extend it a little to enjoy those extra features. Considering that generators are a long term investment, you should not hesitate to spend some more money in order to get more power or other features.


How much power does a person needs entirely depends on where they plan on using it. Like, as far as tailgating party is concerned you would not require high power in comparison to someone who wants a generator as a home backup power.

A tailgating party does not need that much power, considering that all you’ll need to power would be your smoker, grill, lights, some entertainment video system, and maybe an outlet to charge your mobile or laptop.

And as far as powering your entire house is concerned, you would need to power refrigerators, several lights, TVs, Air Conditioning systems, and other appliances which are thirsty for high power.

You must acknowledge the fact that the peak wattage of the generator is higher than the running wattage. A generator with 2000 wattage of power or more would be perfect and sufficient for tailgating parties.

Noise Level

Noise level is also something you should pay attention to because you would not want to hear that disturbing generator sound while you are having fun. A low noise level is always appreciated when it comes to generators, a noise level between 52 and 58 dBA is great but as it goes a little higher, it starts getting annoying.


Portability is definitely a feature worth considering when it comes to tailgating parties. You would need a generator that is portable enough to move it around without much hassle.


Size is also another concern as you will have to fit the generator inside your car to take it with you anywhere. The big the size, the harder it will become to fit in the car and take it out whenever you party.


When you are investing this much money on something, you definitely want it to last a long time. So, a generator with a durable design should be a priority.


The weight of the generator carries some importance when you are choosing it for a tailgating party because a tailgating party is an outdoor event. A generator that is heavy would be difficult to easily move around to your desired place. But if you need a generator with high power and that comes with heavyweight, you must check if it comes with a wheel kit and foldable handles.

Sometimes, at parties like these, you need to carry your generator around and then you realize how important it is to check for the generator’s weight. The most lightweight generator mentioned in the above list is the Jackery Explorer 240 power station.

Run Time

Run time carries great importance and is a big deal, whether you are using your generator at your home or at any outdoor activity like this one. Everyone wants to have the longest run time. Especially tailgating parties last a long time and some even stay late for after party. So, you need a generator with long run time, to make sure you do not have to end your tailgating party because of a generator.

Fuel efficiency and how many hours does it run from a single gallon of gas, are also important and also needs to be considered. Because no one wants to keep refilling the tank frequently.


Here you go, we have added a complete guide to lead you through the purchase of the best generator for tailgating. The very first thing you need to do is to know your needs. Always investigate the generator to see if that offers everything you need. What’s best about portable generators for tailgating is that you can also use it anywhere else at any time for any power needed thing other than occasionally using it.

We made sure to add all of the necessary information you need to make a better judgment. Despite only adding some of the best generators for tailgating, we have added the buying guide to further assist you through the process. We hope this article helped and wish you luck ahead.

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