Best Trail Cameras for Home Security In 2020

(Last Updated On: July 23, 2020)
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Burglars, trespassers, and vandals unfortunately seem to be multiplying at an unimaginable rate. But luckily, catching a thief has never been easier with the help of the trail cameras for home security. Everyone must acknowledge the importance of their security and value of the best trail camera to use for the security of their homes. It is always good to not depend on anyone around you when it comes to security. Whether you want to protect yourself from burglars or from animals while you are hunting, trail cameras and cameras with good night vision are best. Multipurpose of trail cameras and the fact that you do not have to worry about hiding them makes them one of the best security cameras options. So, in the following article we have gathered some of the best trail cameras for home security.

The reason a lot of people prefer trail cameras over others is because they are safer to use. Trail cameras are used to protect homes and can be used all around the house. Trail cameras for home security arrives in a lot of formations with range of programming possibilities. And most of the models have the ability to take still photos and videos and a lot of the cameras also tend to capture audio to accompany the video. Some security cameras are even able to capture photos in the darkness with no visible flash. Considering the variety of cameras out there, we jot down the best trail cameras to make things easier for you.

All you need to make a perfect decision is by going through all of the three products, as they are mentioned with every information needed for you to make a fair judgement. The pros and cons of each trail camera will help you choose the one which is more appropriate for your needs. So, without further ado let’s get right into the trail cameras for home security!

Quick Search & Comparison of Best Trail Cameras for home security

Trail Camera Trigger Speed Night Vision
Canon 12x36 Image Stabilization III Binoculars- Editor’s Choice 0.3 Seconds Check Price
Fujinon Techno Stabi TS1440 14x40 Image Stabilized Binocular 0.2 Seconds Check Price
Canon 18x50 Image Stabilization All-Weather Binoculars 0.6 seconds Check Price



Campark Trail Camera 14MP 1080P Game Camera- Editor’s Choice

Best trail camera for home security

We are starting off our list of the best trail cameras for home security with this 14MP 1080P waterproof trail camera by Campark. A great security camera offering amazing features and design with a budget friendly price range.


Now, let’s talk about the features of this Campark trail camera. It adapts to the variety of operations and is made to perform well in all of them, whether it is wildlife observation or for home security. It can detect vehicles if it is placed outside of your home and can detect animals for wildlife observation in the range of 50 feet, and smaller animals clearly from the distance of about 20 to 30 feet.

This camera allows you to enjoy quality resolution of photos and videos, when the camera is placed at a right angle. The adjustable sensibility of the camera provides excellent performance of detecting feature and the sensors monitor any movement which happen in the range. The 14MP Campark trail camera offers an outstanding trigger speed of 0.3 seconds and works fast and efficient enough to capture burglars or trespassers during both daytime and nighttime, by also allowing you to detect the license plate of cars.

The password protection mode is one of the best features of this Campark 14 MP camera. It helps you protect the contents of your SD card. In case, your camera goes into the wrong hands, no one will be able to view the photos or videos store in it. Additionally, another cool feature of the camera is the 3PIR. It contrasts the 1PIR of some of the cameras, for instance, as it is capable of taking pictures faster, the higher the speed of the camera, the lower is the battery consumption. The camera monitors the area and initiates the trigger when the sensors register any sort of movement.


The Campark 14MP 1080P trail camera is thoughtfully designed. It is waterproof, which is something you expect from a trail camera, and is also durable. The camouflage design is unique and perfect. However, considering that it comes in Chinese, it might be a little difficult while installing the camera but finding the language menu will hopefully not take much time. Once the language is adjusted, other options are simple and straightforward. The battery life is overall great and depends whether you use four or eight batteries and you might need to purchase 1.5 V AA batteries. The standby time of the Campark trail camera is six months.


Now, let’s talk about the limitations of this Campark trail camera. Unfortunately, the camera does not offer a micro SD card. And the slot for the SD card is small and is therefore a little hard to access. One more issue you might face with the design is that when you try to remove the protective film, you might scratch the surface of the lens. Also consider that it works the best in open spaces, so if you place the camera inside of the window, the results will definitely vary.

Following are the pros and cons of this Campark 14MP 1080P waterproof trail camera:

Pros Cons
Short trigger time, that is, 3PIR. Micro SD card the slot is small and difficult to access.
Side motion sensors and versatility of use. Hard to remove the film from the lens.
Password protected, sturdy and waterproof construction.



This Campark trail camera is great for monitoring the field into the wild and also for those who want to protect their homes. Though the installation is a little tricky but once you pass that stage, you will experience one of the great results when it comes to taking phots and videos at high speed. The capability of adjusting the sensibility provides excellent resolution pictures. Additionally, It allows you to protect your camera with a personal password.

APEMAN Trail Camera 30MP 4K Hunting Cameras

best 4k trail camera for wild and home security

The second trail camera in the list is this extraordinary 30MP 4K Hunting camera by APEMAN. Offers everything you expect from a home security camera.


Let’s dive into the features of this Apeman trail camera. The 30 MP resolution and automatic day and night sensor of Apeman trail camera offers clear, crisp and vivid images. The high definition images and videos gives details. It’s impressively faster trigger speed of the central PIR sensor comes down to 0.2 second. Every movement in the targeted area will be documented in real time without missing out on the important movements. The Apeman trail camera is supported by 40 PCS low glow black IR LEDs which illuminates to 65 feet and captures amazing black and white photos.


The design of this Apeman trail camera is what helps this security camera stand out amongst others. The improved water resistant structure prevents the misted lens and holds up great in bad weather. The adjustable PIR intervals, PIR sensitivity and IR Brightness is suitable for all working situations. It’s 2 inches color LCD screen allows you to easily setup the camera and view photos instantly. It allows you to stamp pictures with date, time and temperature, offers a time lapse function, and a security password.


This is for sure a great camera for home security, but it does have some flaws or something you might want to consider beforehand. The camera gets triggered by small movements, sometimes just because of wind, which ends up camera taking pictures and videos of nothing. This whole situation causes the battery life to die faster than it actually should. You can face this issue if you place the camera at wrong angle which ends up making the camera takes picture of unimportant things.

We mentioned the pros and cons of this Apeman 30MP 4k trail camera below:

Pros Cons
Super easy setup. The battery life is not that impressive.
Great photos and videos quality. Gets triggered really quick and sometimes takes pictures and videos of nothing.
Well-built and sturdy.



Overall, a great trail camera for the money. The 0.2 second trigger time is what makes it great for home security. Offers everything one can ask for by offering crisp and clear photos at both day and nighttime, totally recommended.

Blaze Video 16MP 1080P Home Security Camera

game trail camera for home security

The third and the last camera we are mentioning in the list is this 16MP 1080P home security camera by Blaze Video. A model made to deliver excellent results.


The 16MP 1080P BlazeVideo security camera captures 16MP images and 1080P videos whenever motion is detected. You can select desired resolution for photos from 3 to 16 MP and video resolution (pixels per frame). A higher resolution produces good quality phots and larger files which takes more SD card space. Offers a trigger time of 0.6 second and long trigger distance of about 65 feet per 20 meter providing clear night vision, a wide detection angle of 65°, and wide view angle of 90°. The camera is equipped with 38 pieces with built in high efficiency infrared LEDs which works as flash which are invisible to human eye and delivers clear photos and videos.


The design of the camera is reliable, sturdy and durable and has multi-level waterproof designing. This trail camera allows you to set a password to protect your camera from the unauthorized users.


The videos this camera records are not accompanied with the audio, which might not be a consideration for a lot of people anyways but still something to consider beforehand. Secondly, the night pictures this camera produces are not extraordinarily clear but still works fine for security purposes.

Following are the pros and cons of this 16MP BlazeVideo trail camera:

Pros Cons
Easy to use or view photos on Camera or PC. Does not record audio.
Time Lapse feature. Night pictures are not super clear.
Multi-functional application.
IP66 waterproof and password protection.



All in all, a great camera for home security purposes with all the features you might ask for with a cost effective, budget friendly price. Totally worth every single penny. We hope the pros and cons mentioned above will help you choose the best one for you.


trail camera buyer's guide

If you are looking for a trail camera for home security, it is important to know what to look for.  Purchasing a trail camera is not as easy as it looks like. Though, the trail cameras we mentioned in the list are all from good brands and are serving tons of satisfied customers but having a better understanding of what you are purchasing is necessary. But a buying guide always helps the buyer to know the features which are important to pay attention to while going through the features of the camera.

Now, let’s dive into some of the important features you need to look into before purchasing any trail camera for home security.


The very first decision you need to make is between a standard camera and a wireless camera. Standard cameras are more economical obviously, but you need to physically interact with the camera in order to view the pictures or videos. So, if this does not bother you, you can go with the standard one. Otherwise wireless cameras are the best option.


When it comes to cameras, many of us makes a big deal about its image quality, but as long as the camera takes a recognizable picture, you are good to go. All of the trail cameras for home security manufactured today takes an identifiable picture. That is another important feature to look for based on your individual needs and preferences. Do not be mesmerized by the number of megapixels, as it is not equivalent to the image quality, it shows the volume not the quality. Hundred thousand blurry pixels are in no way better than the ten thousand pixels which are clear.

While mostly you do get better images with higher megapixels but that is not always the case. Most users post the pictures taken by their cameras while reviewing the product, to see if the one you are planning on purchasing offers good image quality or not, it is better to check out those reviews.


All of the colors goes away in the night, at least for the game cameras. Trail cameras use infrared lights, normally from LEDs to illuminate photos. So, you need to pay attention to the following three criteria:

  • Strength 
  • Distance
  • Balance

IR strength mostly comes from adding more LEDs. More LEDs means more IR light, offering brighter nighttime photos. Extra LEDs sometimes, not always, add to the distance usable by the camera at night also. The design of the camera has a lot to do with this aspect, though, some of the long range cameras do not have as many LEDs as other shorter range cameras. In any of the case, you need a nice amount of balance between the IR light and the darkness around. If the camera’s balance is off, then you might lose detail. The picture will either be too dark, or the IR light may wash out any detail.

Also bear in mind that, some cameras which are good during the day may have poor nighttime capabilities. It’s just a matter of your needs, a camera suitable for your needs might be inappropriate for others. Some game cameras have specific technologies which makes the camera work even better with the LEDs.


What’s the point of a camera which won’t trigger if there is a movement in front of the camera. All of the game cameras offer a passive infrared motion sensor. When the camera is set to motion activation mode, any movement in front of the camera will trigger it to take photo. Most of the cameras have 120 degree wide detection area, while some others have narrower or wider areas. Detection range is perhaps more important. This decides how far back you can fit the camera before it will fail to detect the movement. Having your camera to be further back allows you to capture a wider snapshot.


Game cameras are mostly made for outdoors. Same cameras being set to the same picture resolution and same sensor settings can drain the batteries at various rates, so it is smart to pay attention to users mentioning short or long battery life. You can save battery life by placing cameras in the space which do not capture unnecessary movements.


Rechargeable batteries are the most common option and is economical. But these batteries last the shortest amount of time, resulting in the need of replacing them more often. On the other hand, Alkaline batteries are cheap, but they last an adequate amount of time. While, the Lithium batteries provide the longest lifespan among all the other batteries, but with high battery life comes high price.

In this way, Lithium batteries are the best ones since they offer great peace of mind. External power packs and Solar cells are other solutions, but they can be expensive, but they take the battery time to another level.


Settings do play an important role in improving the camera’s battery life. Large photos require more battery to take and store, so going for a smaller resolution will allow the battery to last longer. Different cameras offer different settings, you can set your camera to be active at any particular time of the day. Videos are useful, for sure but they can be very energy intensive, just like the infrared flash, but this is important in order to take clear or better photos at night.


Camera mounted displays are helpful for checking out the photos without the need to plug the SD card to your computer. So, a larger screen is better here, as it allows you to see more detail. They won’t be on long enough to affect the battery life. Besides the fact that it is nice to have a larger screen, but size is not the most important consideration.

Internal screens are more protected from the outer conditions. You need to open the camera’s case to reach them, which makes them tough to establish a good camera angle as the camera move a little every time you open or close the cover. Externally mounted screens are comparatively easier to use but they are a potential failure point. They can easily be damaged if the camera falls, but they are still better for easier setup.


Videos may not be the topmost priority for everyone, but it still is a feature you need to consider. Especially, for home security purposes, you need a camera with good video capability, and it would be best if it comes with audio too.


Game cameras need digital storage in the form of SD card or microSD card. The model tells you which type it uses. SD cards are relatively cheap, and they always seem to fill up faster than they are expected. Some cameras overwrite previous photos when the storage is full, while others just stop taking more photos. If you keep an eye on the storage and know when it’s almost full, you can go for a camera with smaller maximums but if the case is otherwise, getting a camera which offers high GB SD card is a must.


Choosing a trail camera for home security comes down to the price, after all. Knowing that there are tons of different brands offering cameras in different price ranges which in one way or the other differs in qualities or features. You need to be very wise here and not go for a camera which is super expensive and offer features which you do not even care about or they do not even matter. But at the same time, looking at the cheapest price tag, you should not go for the camera which does not even serve the purpose.


So, here it is, a complete guide on the best trail cameras for home security and what are the features you need to look for in order to purchase the best trail camera for your needs. The pros and cons mentioned with each camera will definitely assist you in choosing the best one and make a fair judgment.

We did a vigorous search through internet to find the best ones from some of the famous and best brands with different price ranges just so everyone finds something by staying in their budget. Now, the rest is up to you, to pick the one after examining it’s all features after knowing about them in the buying guide. We hope this article helped you in deciding which one suits your needs the most, best of luck ahead.



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