Benefits of Audiobooks for Adults

Benefits of Audiobooks for adults
(Last Updated On: March 6, 2020)
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Due to nature of my work I hardly get anytime for myself. There is no doubt, I read a lot but its usually work related like what I am going to write. However, I always loved reading books in my childhood, and I want to read them again but this on the go life does not allow me luxury of reading. So, one of my friend recommended me to check out Audiobooks and told me to get a membership of Audible. (It’s an affiliate link we may earn commissions if you end up joining Audible via our link).

On her request I signed up for membership and decided to give it a try. I downloaded the audiobook to my device. Hey, before I jump into my experience of listening books. I also listed some of the best devices for Audiobooks. Okay, with that said, I completed the Audiobook and here are my takeaways. As the title of this article suggest that you are going to know about benefits of Audiobooks for adults.


Let’s look at some of the benefits you can attain from listening to audiobooks.

Fast Access

Accessing Audiobook is fast compared to getting hard copy. Within few minutes I got the audiobook in my device and I started listening to it. It was just like downloading and listening to a song.

Audiobooks can be Cheap

These types of books are cheap compared to hard copies.

Easy to Use

I downloaded the book directly into my iPad. Connected my Headphones and started to listen to it while I was commuting. After coming back to home, I started listening my book in bedroom on Amazon Echo 2nd Generation while making my bed and cleaning my room. So, that was the biggest plus point for me.

Free of Damage

In this age of cloud storage, you can create backup of your audiobooks. Unless like hard copies of books these digital audiobooks cannot get damaged no matter how much you listen to them. You can damage your ears though. ?

Increases Focus

When you multitask like travelling along with listening to a book. Your mind gets attracted toward voice and it forces you to focus towards listening. So, in result audiobooks are great source for increasing your focus.

Pronunciation Improvement

I am going to be honest despite being known as a writer in my industry I learned a lot from listening. My pronunciations have been improved. While listening to audiobooks I came to know that there are major flaws in my pronunciations. However, I rectified many errors by just listening to the words.

Improvement in Vocabulary

Vocabulary can be improved by reading, researching and listening to books. The narrators uses higher levels of words which can expose us to new words which may never heard before.

Allows you to learn anytime and anywhere

Audiobooks are great way to improve your learning skills. The most beneficial part is that you can access them anywhere and anytime. Instead of listening to music put on audiobook in your device. Thanks to advancement in technology most of the devices can play audiobooks flawlessly. You can use any device from mp3 players to Smart speakers. We all know that by reading we can grow knowledge same is the case with Audiobooks whenever you listen to them you gain more knowledge.

Also, you can replay some specific paragraph, some quotes again and again to memorize it quickly than reading. By the way, instead of scrolling Social media in bathroom I listen to audiobooks ?.


In my experience audiobooks are addictive and great way to attain more knowledge, improve your vocabulary and pronunciation. This type of learning surely engages you and excites you more than normal reading.


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