Best Devices for Audiobooks 2020

best devices for audiobooks
(Last Updated On: January 18, 2020)
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Audio books have taken the entire world by storm since their release is only a few short years ago, and they have speedily become the reader’s choice when it actually comes to absorbing their best sellers and classics from their favorite authors, along with exploring what else is out there on the offer in the vast world of books. Whether you are a fiction reader who loves to explore new worlds and interesting characters and their awesome new adventures, or you are the one who craves knowledge and personal development, aiding you to live your life to the best of your ability, there is an audio book out there for you.  And to make things easier for you, we have compiled best devices for audio books in this guide.

Quick Search & Comparison of Best Devices for Audiobooks

Device Type Weight
Kindle Oasis E-reader- Editor’s Choice E-reader 6.8 oz Check Price
Apple iPad Pro Tablet 1.03 pounds Check Price
Echo (2nd Generation) - Smart speaker with Alexa Smart Speaker 29.0 oz Check Price


Kindle Oasis E-reader- Editor’s Choice

best device for audiobooks


It’s their largest, highest resolution display, which is 7 inches and 300 ppi, reads just like real paper without the glare, even in bright sunlight. The first water proof (IPX8) Kindle so you are free to read in most of the places. You can listen to the world’s largest library of audio books. Simply pair it with Bluetooth to take the story with you anywhere, anytime. It’s thin and light ergonomic design with the dedicated page turn buttons and an adaptive front light so you can read even more conveniently for hours. A single charge lasts for weeks, not hours, just keep reading.

Enjoy twice the storage with its 8 GB memory. Or either choose the 32 GB to hold more comics, magazines, newspapers, and audio books. The instant access to the new releases and the bestsellers, or over a million titles at just $2.99 or maybe less. Prime members read free with the unlimited access to over a thousand titles. The kindle Oasis fits over 30 percent more words per page for fewer page turns. It’s crisp, laser quality text reads just like real paper without any glare, even in the bright sunlight. It’s designed to feel light just like paper. The Kindle Oasis tapers to an ultra-thin 3.4 mm display featuring their strongest cover glass and a sleek, anodized aluminum back. It’s designed to be portable and lightweight; it is ideal to take anywhere you want to read.

The ergonomic design shifts the center of the gravity to your palm, to rest it in your hand like the spine of a book. Simply turn the page with either the touch display or the dedicated page turn buttons. Whether you want to read with your right or left hand, the page orientation automatically rotates to the match. Now with the adaptive front light, the Kindle Oasis automatically adjusts the brightness of display based on your surrounding light, whether you are in a dimly lit room or even outside in the sun and can be fine-tuned even further based on the individual preferences.

You have more options than ever before to personalize your perfect reading settings with the font sizes, left-aligned (ragged right) text, additional boldness levels, and accessibility features. This combined with the larger 7 inch display, reading on the Kindle Oasis is more comfortable and convenient than ever. No more soggy pages with this one as it is IPX8 rated to protect against the immersion in up to two meters of fresh water for up to 60 minutes. And it is made to withstand getting splashed at, the beach or even dropped in the bath tub, hot tub, or a pool. It also lets you enjoy free Wi-Fi access at AT&T hotspots across the United States. This Kindle Oasis E-reader is available in Graphite or Champagne Gold.

Following are the pros and cons of this Kindle Oasis E-reader.

Pros Cons
Built in front light, which is easy on your eyes. Some reviewers have complained that it's not so easy to hold in one hand.
You can choose from the eight text sizes.
One charge can last up to weeks.
Well balanced.



This light weight Kindle Oasis is not as light weight as the original Kindle Oasis, but the larger screen, more durable aluminum chassis, built in audible and full waterproofing are amazing upgrades that put this new Oasis at the top of the e-reader class. Though, some reviewers don’t like the fact that it’s hard to hold it in one hand without it turning pages itself, but overall, it has some astonishing features which sets this apart. If you don’t care about that one flaw, and consider this a pretty good deal, you should definitely go for it.


Apple iPad Pro

The new iPad Pro has been completely redesigned and also packed with Apple’s most advanced technology. With the kind of features, it has, it might make you rethink the features and qualities an iPad should have. It’s new all-screen design means that the iPad Pro is the magical piece of glass which does everything you need. With the new, intuitive gestures, getting around is super simple. It’s Liquid Retina display goes from edge to edge. True-to-life colors and the Pro-Motion technology makes everything look amazing and feel responsive. Now the Face ID is engineered for safe and secure unlocking and works seamlessly whether you hold it in a portrait or landscape. A12X Bionic is the smartest and most powerful chip Apple has ever made.

It possesses the Neural Engine, which literally runs five trillion operations per second and also enables advanced machine learning. It is faster than most of the PC laptops. It’s also great for multitasking with just a few swipes. You can work on a creative project, message a friend, facetime someone, read a book, all at the same time. Apple pencil attaches magnetically for pairing and charging, seamless design, and change tools with a double tap. The pencil now responds to your touch. With the double tap you can quickly change, or switch to the eraser, quickly, without interrupting your flow.

The redesigned Smart Keyboard Folio provides you the great typing experience and an elegant front and back protection. USB-C gives you a high-performance connection to the accessories like a camera or an external display. It has two great cameras equipped with Smart HDR. The 12MP

camera is great for 4K video, stunning photos, document scanning, and AR experiences. And the True Depth camera is ideal for Portrait selfies, Animoji, FaceTime, and Memoji. It is more portable than ever. You can easily connect on the go with the fast Wi-Fi and Gigabit-class LTE.

This 11 Inches edge-to-edge Liquid Retina display comes with the Promotion, and wide Color and true Tone. An A12X Bionic chip with the Neural Engine. It offers Face ID for secure authentication and an Apple Pay. It also has a 12MP back camera, and 7MP True Depth front camera. Comes with four speaker Audio with the wider Stereo sound. The 802.11AC Wi-Fi and a gigabit-class LTE cellular data. It can work for straight 10 hours with a single charge.

We mentioned pros and cons of this Apple iPad Pro, below

Pros Cons
Speakers are crisper and louder. It is an expensive option if you want it only for audiobooks
Great piece for travel.
LTE works well.
New Apple Pencil 2 is better than the previous generation since it charges on the side of the iPad.



The list can’t be completely done under the topic best device for audio books, if the Apple’s product is not in that. This Apple iPad Pro is no doubt an impressive tablet. The colors are better and more vivid than ever, you will experience the great time of your life with this extra ordinary tablet. It is not bulky at all, and the edge to edge display is beautiful. It’s a perfect gift for anyone.


Echo (2nd Generation) – Smart speaker with Alexa


You can easily play music from Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, SiriusXM, and so much more. With the Amazon Music, you can search by the lyrics, time-period, or just let Alexa pick the music for you. Set any music alarm to wake up to your favorite playlist or song. You can also listen to the audio books from Audible, radio stations, podcasts, news briefs, and a lot more. Simply switch on the lamp before getting out of your bed, turn on the coffee maker on your way to kitchen, or dim the lights from the couch to watch any movie, everything without lifting a finger.

You can easily control multiple devices with just a single voice command, like locking turning off the lights and locking the doors at night. About over 10,000 compatible smart home devices, including thermostats, lights, TVs, and a lot more. With an Echo, you can talk to almost anyone hands free, no tapping or searching is needed. You can use Drop In to instantly connect to other compatible Echo at home or simply send an announcement across the Echo devices, like reminding the kids to go to bed or calling the family for dinner. Additionally, now with the Skype calling stay in touch with your friends and family in over 150 countries.

This Echo connects to Alexa to read the news, play music, set timers and alarms, control compatible smart home devices, answer questions and more. Simply ask for a song, artist, or the genre from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM. With the multi-room music, you can play music on the compatible Echo devices in various rooms. Echo can also play Audible audio books, news briefs, radio stations, and more. The powerful speakers with Dolby technology play 360 degree audio with clear vocals and the dynamic bass response. You can also use your voice to adjust the equalizer settings or pair with the other Echo (2nd Generation) for stereo sound.

You can call almost anyone hands-free. Instantly drop in on the other rooms in your home or make an announcement to every room with the compatible Echo device. With its seven microphones, noise cancellation, and beamforming technology, Echo hears you from just about any direction, even if the music is playing. You can use your voice to adjust thermostats, turn on lights, lock doors, find TV shows, and do more with the compatible connected devices. Alexa is always getting smarter, innovative and adding new skills like playing games, tracking fitness, and more.

Below are the pros and cons of this ‘Echo (2nd Generation) – Smart speaker with Alexa’

Pros Cons
Less expensive than the original one. Sound quality is par
Changeable covers.
Extensive Alexa voice assistant.



Amazon has not really placed a premium on making it’s devices stylish. Just look at its phones, tablets and the first-generation Echo’s. That is (hopefully) changing with the second-generation Echo. Not only is it more compact than the original one, but it’s looks have greatly improved too. Amazon’s second-generation Echo is more attractive and more affordable than the original, and it also sounds just as good. But the fact that is the best of all is that it is still super affordable. This is the best piece yet at the cheap irresistible price.

Gaining Knowledge Via Audiobooks is easy

When it comes to gaining knowledge and literature there is no better way to gain it than books. Books have always been the learning medium and the medium to transfer and store knowledge to the next generations. Now a days we do not find that much knowledge gainers, but rather, we find people who are always looking for the information about something or someone. Maybe it is because of the very fast pace of the today’s world and reading books is a hobby which requires a lot of investment of time. Some people who do have the hobby of reading books find very little on their hands to read.

With the passage of time and the arrival of new technological era everything has been transformed, we do things more efficiently, quickly now and within less time. Reading books consumes a lot of time, and technology has revolutionized this too. Now, we have audio books. The idea behind the audio book is that the device reads the whole book to you and you can easily acquire the knowledge in that book without even turning a page or buying a book. You can listen to whatever book you want to read or long awaited latest books, anywhere right from your device.

However, while getting the hold of these audio books, is easy thanks to the internet, it is important that you pay high attention to the device you are listening to them on. Audiobooks have become a trend these days, which is great. People are craving for knowledge and any way this gets the proper stuff running towards your noggin is absolutely okay by us. To enjoy an audio book, you do not really need that much. They do not occupy a whole lot of virtual space and do not need the latest audio breakthroughs but knowing a couple of tricks and shortcuts can definitely be useful.

MP3 player in your Device

Most people assume that MP3 players are only suitable for listening to music. Now a days, most of these devices come with advanced and awesome features such as book marking feature, long battery life, improved storage capacity and portability, among other great features. This makes them ideal for audio books lovers as well. The best thing with these devices is that they are convenient to use, affordable and light weight. If you are searching for the best devices for audio books, make sure that it is all of that, additionally, it should have a long lasting battery. Also, it should have the book marking feature and a large storage facility among other things as we shall come to see for ourselves, in this article. It is not easy to find out the best product due to the numerous brands available on the market.

If you do not opt for a device which is comfortable and provides you with the superb quality audio experience, you are going to be put off using the audio books all together, which means that you will be missing out on this amazing world. Of course, there are so many options out there that it can be a little hard to know where to start. As always, we have taken the time out to search across the market place, looking out for all that is available and then narrowing down the selection to just three of the best. We have assembled everything you need to think about into the consideration, helping you to make the best decision for the very first time, maximize your possible budget, and enjoy the best audio book experience.

What device do you use for listening to the audio books?

Do you want to find the best player? When the audio book was first developed in 1930’s, it is mainly used on CDs, tapes, after 1980’s, many book retailers start to promote this type of media. Today, we can listen to audio books from various devices like, computers, mobile phones, smart TVs, tablets, game consoles, streaming boxes, portable speakers and much more. But the best device for listening to the audio books is E-reader undoubtedly for its advantages like long endurance, portability, big capacity. In terms of the e-readers players, Kindle Oasis is the head with most popularity. And a lot of other brands follows closely with various models. This makes it hard to decide which one to purchase in the music crowded media player industry.

What is an audiobook reader?

Audio book. An audiobook (or either talking book) is a recording of the text being read. A reading of the entire text is described as “unabridged”, while readings of the shorter version, or an abridgement of the text are labeled as “abridged”.

Are audiobooks as good as reading?

Reading the physical book and listening to audio book are two different paths which leads to the same destination. Each of them creates differing experiences and the memories, but neither of them is better or worse than the other. There is a fair amount of research on subject of comprehension in audio books vs reading.

Do audiobooks improve vocabulary?

You can also improve your vocabulary by listening to the audio book while reading along in the text version as you learn how to correctly pronounce different words. In addition, you can slow down the Audible books to 0.75 times the normal speed to make it easier and better to keep up the pace.

Benefits of Audio Books

Audio books are educational, immersive, entertaining, instructional and they are perfect for the time poor and time rich. There are a lot of benefits to regularly listening to the audiobooks, including: Increasing reading accuracy by 52 percent expanding vocabulary, increasing reading speed, and improving fluency.

How do audiobooks help struggling readers?

Audio books increases word exposure and also improves vocabulary. When students are offered an opportunity to have audio books in the classroom, their world can wholly open up. Having books read aloud assists these struggling readers move beyond decoding and right into the learning.

Do Audiobooks make you smarter?

Everybody knows that reading makes you a lot smarter. But did you actually have an idea that listening to the Audio books does not only make you smarter, but it makes you quicker, smarter, and increases your intellect and recall as well? Besides that, listening to audio books while doing any chores or while driving is a great way to make the best use of your time.

Now let us get to the point. Audio books are available for the people like us in the form of digital file format (mostly it’s mp3). Now for us to play that file and hear to the long awaited knowledge from it we need a device which can play it for us. Now getting the device which will play you audio books is pretty easy, but you might get confused about purchasing one for yourself due to the many options available. So, to make things better we have narrowed down the best device for audio book options and have written this publication which will cater to the people who just want an audio player for the audiobook and also to those who want best of both that is an E-Reader and an Audio Book player. Now, let’s get right into it.


Audiobook Devices buyer's guide

The answer to what is the best audiobook device can be subjective because it has many things to do with everybody’s preferences. For instance, a visual impaired old man might prefer a player with the lossless audio quality while a young man may prefer the wide screen player which looks super cool. For a child, a player with the smaller size will fix him much better. Before purchasing, following are the factors worth considering:


The scenario that you would most likely listen to the audio books is on the go such as jogging, walking, running or doing an exercise. Unless you use the device at home, office or classroom, you should make sure to pick up the one with the light weight and compact size.


As a gadget for listening to audio files, we may not need or want to watch the screen all the time. But a big screen will definitely help you operate the device and control the play back in a much better way. Devices with small screens are relatively cheaper but that does not mean they are with the low quality. There can be best players out there with the small displays.


Differs from the standard song, which is only several MB in the capacity, an unabridged audio book can have as long as several hours length and the several GB capacity. In order to load the multiple audio books completely, you should make sure to have minimum of 4GB internal capacity. It would be better if the device you want supports external SD card.

File Format Compatibility

Nowadays, many of the audio book sources comes with proprietary formats and the DRM protection. iTunes audio book is in M4B format and normally they are only available for the iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad Pro. An audible is in AA or AAX format, and you need to ensure that you have an Audible compatible device too if you are considering purchasing audio books from Amazon. A device with the wide compatibility of file formats MP3, M4A, M4B, AAC, AMR, WMA, FLAC, OGG will without a doubt, save you the annoyance of transcoding files.

Audio Quality

Although it is hard to hear the difference between the 320Kbps and 1411Kbps songs on MP3 player in your device, a well-developed player should be able to avoid any kind of harsh sound effect or noise and make listening a much smoother and better experience. This is especially important for the senior or blind person who has high audio sensitivity or an audiophile who has the big requirement for HiFi audio books.

Battery Life

When you are outside listening to the audio books, a long endurance device with 10 to 15 hours endurance will make sure you to concentrate on the things you are doing without any interruption.


The Bluetooth feature with the help you stream music from your device to the other Bluetooth compatible devices easily in the party or share songs with your friends. A Wi-Fi capability will let you download songs online directly without relying on the computers.


Many audio books are so long that you cannot finish listening at a single time. With the book marking features, you can conveniently navigate to the last part you left off and also continue the listening without starting from the scratch.

Battery Life

An average audio track is almost 4 minutes, but the average length of an audio book is almost 11 hours. You need a device, which will permit you to listen to the whole audio book without running out of the juice. When searching for best device for the audio books, look for the device with the long lasting battery.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Capability

A good device should, without a doubt, allow sharing of files with the Bluetooth enabled devices. It should also definitely be Wi-Fi enabled to permit you to download your favorite audio books from apps like, Audible. This also lets you to download latest audio books from the internet.

Wrapping it up

If you are one of those people who love listening to the audio books, a device made for listening and reading e-books is the best option for you. This is because unlike the laptops or Tv’s, E-readers are portable and is very easy to use. Audio books needs more space as compared to the music files and from the reviews, you can easily see that most of these devices have enough space where you can conveniently store your audio books. Most of the layer comes with the long lasting battery which will permit you to listen to your audio books for long hours. It is our hope that if you have been searching for best devices for audio books, you already got what you are looking for from the above mentioned list. But, if you are still not sure of which one is the best for you, you should consider those factors which we have mentioned above to reach a perfect decision.

Happy Reading and Listening!

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