Best Headphones For Conference Calls In 2021

(Last Updated On: February 7, 2021)
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Although all the countries of the world are now weathering the Coronavirus pandemic really well, the pandemic is not entirely over. After all this, our lifestyle and habits have completely changed in ways we never imagined. The best possible way to cope with all of this chaos is to make ourselves at home with this new life. Present-day life demands work, learning, get-togethers, and family meet-ups all from home. One thing that we indeed realized is that our day-to-day used headphones aren’t the best one to use during online teaching/learning or conference calls. That is why, in this article, we have come up with three of the best headphones for conference calls.

If we have students reading this article, they will undoubtedly agree that. Nothing is much more irritating or annoying during online classes when your teacher’s toddler comes in the way crying and shouting. Or, if we have teachers here, they probably know the feeling of their students’ siblings or parents shouting, ear-splitting horns, the distortion between students’ voice, and the inability to convey your message to the students clearly because of your headphone’s poor mic.

Likewise, people taking conference calls with their boss is one hell of a task. The wife and children are causing hassle in between, the loud sound of vacuum and distortion between voices. All of such unpleasant circumstances make it difficult for you to concentrate on the work; resultantly, the efficiency of producing high-quality outcomes decreases.

The solution to all of these unpleasant problems is the RIGHT CHOICE OF HEADPHONES.

Why is it Important to Have a Good Pair of headphones for Conference Calls?

Suppose you have a lot of noise around you. In that case, noise-canceling headphones are the best choice to utilize for conference calls. They effectively reduce the external nuisances, hence, increasing your concertation towards the work. Secondly, mic plays a significant role in a headphone. Some headphones utilize two, whereas others use five or six mics to catch your voice proficiently. Thus, having a good pair of cans does make a lot of difference and solve half of your problems faced during conference calls.

We have searched, examined, and chosen the three best headphones that make a perfect fit for conference calls. All of these three headphones with their complete features, design, pros, and cons are mentioned below. To make things a lot easier for you, we have presented a simple guideline at the bottom of this article. If you want to know which headphone is a perfect match for your needs, budget, and preferences, then continue reading this article till the end.

Quick Search & Comparison Of Best Headphones For Conference Calls

Headphones Type Special features
Bose Noise Cancelling 700- Editor’s Choice Over Ear Noise Cancellation Check Price
Philips Fidelio X3 Headphones Over Ear Lightweight Check Price
Skullcandy Crusher Headphones Over Ear Immense Bass Check Price



Bose Noise Cancelling 700- Editor’s Choice

one of the best headphones for conference calls with noise cancellation

These are the very first headphones on our list.

Bose is a trust-worthy brand and has been in the market for years. No lies in there. Bose is known and actually does produce high-quality audio equipment.

Bose noise-canceling 700 headphones are a perfect fit for students and those people who are tired of the nuisances around them. These active noise-canceling headphones efficiently reduce the external annoyances around you, allowing you to concentrate more on your task.


Let’s take a look at these headphones’ unique and mesmerizing features.

Easy Setup & Management

To start up these fantastic pairs of cans, you have to download the Bose music application on your mobile phone. With just one app, you can customize your headphones to a whole new level. Naming them, adjusting the active noise isolation, and everything else is in the palm of your hand.

All those devices which you will connect with Bose noise-cancelling 700 headphones will be automatically saved in the app. This makes it super convenient to switch between devices without any hassle.

These uniquely designed headphones are also compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri. It is your choice which assistant you want to activate according to your device’s operating system.


With the convenience of both the wired and wireless connectivity, you can easily connect these headphones with your source device; however, you like.

For the wireless connection, Bose 700 features Bluetooth 5.0, which undoubtedly provides a powerful, stable, and solid connection. However, suppose you are not fond of wireless connections. In that case, you can easily pair these headphones with a 2.5mm cable included via the bottom of the left ear cup.

Battery Timing

Bose 700 headphones proffer 20 hours of constant playback. Isn’t it more than enough? Obviously, who can have conference calls for 20 hours? But, yeah, if you are utilizing these cans for a never-ending journey, then 20 hours of battery timing surely won’t do. But for conference calls or normal listening, Bose 700 provides exceptionally long battery timing.

To save your battery, you can set a timer in the app, which will turn the headphones off after the appointed time frame.

Note: Bose noise-canceling 700 headphones utilize a USB-C charger. It is a plus point keeping in view that almost all of the world is switching to USB-C.

Powerful Microphone

These headphones feature a powerful microphone system, primarily designed to catch/pick up precise and clear voice, sinking down the nuisances around you. Regardless of the place, time, and circumstances, you can easily convert any site into your workplace without worrying about the external annoyances obstructing your conference calls.

Active Noise-Cancelling

For the sole purpose of canceling external noises, Bose 700 offers 11 levels of noise canceling. You can choose and set either of your choices in accordance with the environment and needs.

Double-Tap to Pause/Play

You might have seen headphones that use a single tap to pause or play automatically. Bose 700 is one step ahead. With two taps, you can automatically pause or play the soundtrack. The motive behind this design is that headphones with a single tap often catch the wrong gesture and pause the soundtrack when they don’t have to.

Touch-Sensitive Ear Pad

The headphones’ right ear cup features a touch-sensitive pad that allows you to adjust settings with just the act of swiping. To skip between tracks, swipe left or right and swipe up or down to increase and decrease the volume, respectively.

This is all about its features.


Let’s examine its distinctive design now.


Starting off with the measurements and dimensions of Bose 700. These headphones measure 2 x 6.5 x 8 inches and weigh 8.8 ounces in general.


Bose 700 is over-ear headphones, which means they rest around your ears. Such cans do not, often, exhaust the ears as they do not direct the sound waves straight into your ears. Hence, over-ear headphones are comparatively reliable and comfortable to utilize for long listening sessions, i.e., conference calls.


Instead of plastic, robust metal has been used to construct most of the parts of the Bose 700. The headband is made of stainless steel but is covered with soft, rubber plastic. The earcups are also softly padded and are capable of rotating at 90 degrees.

The headphones feature three buttons. Two are unlabeled. The third one is the pairing button, as you can identify from the small Bluetooth logo underneath it.


Though Bose 700 might feel a bit heavier as compared to other headphones in their competition, we assure you, these are phenomenally comfortable to wear. Both the headband and the earcups are softly padded and feel like a feather on your ears and head.


You can choose from three appealing and captivating colors; Arctic White, Silver Luxe, and Triple Black.


The add-ons included with Bose 700 are enlisted below.

  1. USB-C charging cable
  2. 5mm audio cable
  3. Storage pouch


You never know the hidden defects of a product unless and until you use it on your own. And, for using it, you need to own it. But you can’t take this risk when dealing with headphones because they are expensive and often not replaceable, duh. For this reason, we buy and test these headphones on your behalf and make you aware of all the defects in them that no one will tell you.

What are the defects in Bose 700?

  1. Unfoldable Design

    Bose 700 does not have a foldable design, which makes it difficult to store or carry them around. For the purpose of transporting these headphones along with you, you will have to utilize the included storage pouch.

  2. AptX is not supported

    Though the absence of AptX support doesn’t make much difference, professionals here will surely agree that AptX is incomparable. It is far more superior to all the other codecs due to its compressing/decompressing ability and causes less latency.

  3. Beware of the Earcups Design

    The earcups are primarily designed, keeping in view the purpose of excellent noise cancellation. Still, this design leads to discomfort when worn for hours. The earcups heat-up, resultantly, heating up your ears.

Besides these, there aren’t any significant downsides to these incredible headphones.

Let’s quickly inspect their pros and cons.

Pros Cons
Awesome active noise-cancellation Unfoldable design
Powerful mic Earcups tend to heat-up the ears when worn for a longer time
Light and comfortable design Lacks AptX support
Long-lasting battery
Dual connectivity options, i.e., wireless and wired



Despite a few minor defects, Bose 700 noise-canceling headphones are phenomenal. All of their unique features and design make them a perfect fit for conference calls. The powerful microphone system and 11 unique levels of noise-cancellation pick up the voice clearly, descending down the noises around you. With Bose 700 noise-canceling headphones, you can turn any site into your workplace.

Philips Fidelio X3 Headphones

best wired headphones for conference calls

This is the second product on our list.

Philips Fidelio X3 is an over-ear, open-back, and wired headphone that offers unique design and sound quality.


Let’s analyze its complete features.

Frankly, there aren’t much as Philips have primarily focused on the sound quality while making these incredible pair of cans. And quite honestly, comfort and sound quality are what matter the most.

Frequency Range

Philips Fidelio X3 headphones produce frequency response ranging from 5Hz to 40kHz. In contrast, audible frequency responses range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, which means these headphones can detect the minutest and the loudest of the sounds, giving attention to each and every detail.


These stunning pair of headphones have 30 ohms impedance. You don’t need an amp or external source. Originally, they produce loud and clear sound output.


As clearly mentioned above, these are wired headphones. Both cables are 3m long, detachable, and run along in both the earcups. To be precise, the balanced one features a tri-pin jack, whereas the other unbalanced has a 4-pin jack.


X3 is equipped with multilayered neodymium 50mm drivers for the sole purpose of providing spacious, natural, and clearest possible sound.

But do they actually sound natural, spacious, and clear?

Let’s find out in the section below.

Sound Quality

We didn’t add this section in the foremost headphones’ review. The reason is that Bose gave a lot of attention to the minutest of the details while inventing the 700 headphones. But Philips X3 is all about its sound quality and impressive design.

After trying and testing various soundtracks in X3, we reached out to the following results.

Though may not be the BEST headphones in the market yet they produce decent sound output worth investing money for. With warm mid-range, they proffer clearest possible stereo, and the leading instruments can be finely separated. They have got wide soundstage. The open-back design and the multilayered drivers have, indeed, paid off.

Our logic behind choosing X3 for conference calls is their clarity, which is rarely seen in most headphones today. You won’t find anything exaggerated. Rather every tone in the soundtrack soft, natural, and full.

These cans aren’t for the punchy and vibrant bass lovers. But hey! We are talking about conference calls. What does bass had to do with it? Unless your boss or teacher starts playing music, that isn’t going to happen ever. Vocal clarity is overwhelming, and that’s what we need during conference calls.


Its design time, fellas.


Philips Fidelio X3 measures 4.72 x 9.45 x 12.60 inches.


The headband is covered with black Muirhead Scottish leather. The earcups are softly padded with velvet-lined foam and are covered with Kvadrat fabric.


Both the headband and earcups are super comfortable to wear. Neither the headband nor the earcups tend to exert any pressure on the specified area. Roomy, spacious & comfortable! The material used in the construction of the earcups doesn’t get hot even when worn for longer periods.

That’s all about its design.


On receiving these incredible pair of cans, the extras you will find are:

  1. Balanced and unbalanced 3m long cables
  2. ¼’’ adapter
  3. Storage pouch
  4. A clip for managing the cables
  5. A brochure


It’s time to review X3’s downsides now, both minor and major.

Apple Users Beware

If you are an iPhone user and pair it with X3, there is a problem. You will have to buy a headphone jack adapter for Apple’s lightning port.

No Exhaustive List of Features

We have repeatedly mentioned that X3 is all about its sound quality, superb comfort, and unique design. As simple as the fact is, it is disappointing for many people out there. If you are fond of minute unique features and extra details, these headphones will disappoint you.

Let’s quickly review their pros and cons.

Pros Cons
Robust construction iPhone users will have to buy an additional headphone jack
Exceptionally comfortable to wear for long hours Their simplicity is both a blessing & a curse
Excellent vocal clarity
Natural, full & spacious sound



Though these are pretty simple and straight-forward sort of headphones, Philip’s X3 is unique on its own in sound and build quality. One thing we can guarantee for sure is, they proffer exceptional comfort of wearing like no other headphone. Besides utilizing for conference calls, these stunning pair of cans won’t disappoint you when it comes to listening to your favorite music

Skullcandy Crusher Headphones

bass boosting headphones

These are the third and the closing headphones on our list.

Skullcandy Crusher headphones are here not only to supplement your conference calls but also to uplift your music experience to a whole new level. If you are a bass fanatic, then these headphones will definitely fulfill all of your bass longings.

Also, these are a perfect fit to isolate you from external noises, hence, escalating your attentiveness to the audio file you are listening to.


Let’s delve into all of Skullcandy Crusher headphones’ features.


These staggering pair of headphones feature a smooth and stable wireless connection. And there is absolutely no rocket science in connecting them to your source device. Simply turn on your headphones, and when you see a mixture of red and blue light, it means your headphones are ready for the pairing process.

If you prefer a relatively more stable connection, i.e., wired, there’s one 3.5mm jack available on the bottom of the left earcup. It is wholly your choice; however, you want to connect these cans with your source device – whatever connection suits your better.

Note: If you don’t find the headphones in your Bluetooth settings even after the blinking of red and blue light, no need to panic. In that case, restart your cans and thumb plus (+), and the minus (-) sign concurrently up until you detect and hear two beeps.

Simple Controls

To pause or play the music, skip between tracks, and adjust volume, there are three buttons present on the right earcup of the headphones. To adjust the level of your bass, you will find a bass slider on the left earcup of the cans.

Battery Timing

If you want to utilize these cans only for calls and simple music listening, then these headphones will provide you a reasonably long battery time, i.e., 40+ hours. However, with the bass turned on, the battery time won’t be as long as the figure says. However, we assure you, it will still provide relatively long and decent constant playback time.

Even if you are running late or forget to charge your headphones. Only 10 minutes of quick charging will provide you 3 hours of constant playback, just enough to accompany you on your way back home.

Note: You need a micro USB cable to charge these incredible pair of headphones.

Noise Isolation

It is surprising that these headphones do not have active noise cancellation, yet they provide fair noise isolation. How? All thanks to the plush earpads that deliver a confounding job of noise insulation.

These are all the features and descriptions that aware us much of its uniqueness.

Sound Quality

To ascertain whether the Skullcandy’s declaration ‘’all of your bass belongs to Skullcandy’’ is actually true or not, we tried and tested out these headphones with various songs.

The results we drew out are as follow:

As far as the bass is concerned, these fabulous looking headphones provide decent bass, outpacing the beats that come out of the subwoofers. You won’t believe such punchy, heavy, and vibrant bass, that you can only expect to have in clubs, come out of these tiny cans.

Even when the bass turned off, the results were terrific. You can expect to get well-rounded, rich, and decent sound quality out of these headphones.


Let’s examine its impressive design now.


These captivating headphones measure 7.40 x 3.50 x 7.90’’ and weighs 9.7 ounces only.


Though constructed using cheap plastic, these cans are more durable than we expected. Rubber is used to cover the headband and earcups. Overall, the construction is just SATISFYING.


Skullcandy crusher possesses great portability due to the folding hinges they have.


While going through the construction section, you might have grasped the idea that these aren’t going to be the most comfortable and luxurious headphones you have ever used. The rubber, coating the headband, may pull a hair or two. Hence, we can conclude, Skullcandy crusher is not a perfect fit for long listening sessions.


Skullcandy crusher is wireless, over-ear headphones.


  1. A bag is included to assist the traveling and storage of these headphones.


Let’s now have a glance at the areas where Skullcandy crusher lacks behind.


The foremost defect is, indeed, the pain you experience while wearing these cans. Though we have discussed this problem in detail in the section above. The quick explanation is, the rubber coating the headband may pull a hair or two and cause irritation on the crown of your head. The bottom line is, Skullcandy crusher isn’t feasible enough to be worn for longer periods.

Charging via Micro USB

Well, this may not be a great deal for some, it can be a serious problem for others. As the entire world is shifting to USB C, finding a micro USB cable in the coming years would be a pain in the ass.

Do not fully turn the bass slider

Though a slider is present to adjust the bass level according to your taste, turning the slider to full results in serious problems even for the bass lovers. First of all, the vocals will start distorting. Secondly, you will feel as if you are wearing the subwoofers on your ears. Last but not least, it can destroy the true essence of the song. Hence, it is advisable to turn the slider half or less.

Let’s have a quick review of their pros and cons.

Pros Cons
Portable Uncomfortable to wear
Decent sound quality Bass slider fully turned may get too intense even for the bass lovers
Noise isolation Lacks USB-C cable support
Produce vibrant bass
Decent battery timing



Although these may not be the coziest headphones you can ever get hold of, Skullcandy crusher outpaces many headphones in the market. These stunning-looking cans provide decent and rich sound quality. Experience punchy and vibrant bass that won’t let you stay still on the floor. These cans are super convenient in terms of compatibility and portability. Battery time proffered by these headphones is fairly reasonable. Overall, Skullcandy crusher is a great choice to utilize for conference calls and every day listening.

How to Choose the Best Headphones for Conference Calls?

Not all headphones are created one and the same. Competition in the markets is sky-scraping. In such a case, one often gets bewildered by the thought of deciding upon one product. When you hunt markets for the BEST ever pair of cans, the list you come in contact with is, oft-times, overwhelming and exhaustive.

However, to make things unchallenging and straightforward for you, we have constructed a ‘no sweat’ and instructive guideline.

The following demonstration contains all the key points you need to reckon while choosing the best headphone for conference calls.

Open Back vs. Close Back Headphones

No lies in there. Open-back headphones have a lot of pros, such as providing spacious, natural, and clear sound, possess wide soundstage, and do not alter the sound before entering into your ears. However, they are not immaculate. Open-back headphones have poor noise isolation and also leak sound out. But the vocal clarity is guaranteed.

Whereas the closed-back headphones proffer altered, relatively less clear sound but have incredible noise isolation and block the sound from leaking out of the headphones.

It is entirely up to you which headphones you want to choose, keeping in mind your needs and environment. If there is a lot of interference around you, closed-back is the RIGHT choice of headphones.

Frequency Response Range

You probably would not want to miss out on the critical lecture or announcement just because of your headphones’ inability to catch the minutest of loudest of the sounds. The frequency response audible to the human ear ranges from 20 Hz – 20 kHz.

The headphone you are planning to buy should range within the figures mentioned above.

Wired or Wireless?

what headphones are best for conference calls? wired or wireless?

Both are good to go. But we prefer the wired ones. The only reason behind this preference is because a wired connection is a relatively much stable than the wireless one. There are fewer chances of a signal drop in it.

However, wireless headphones provide you the freedom of connecting your headphones to any of the source devices of your choice without the hassle of wires.


Conference calls aren’t that short, usually. And, either temporary or not, the headphones you are intending to purchase should proffer great comfort of wear. The build quality and construction material should be superior if you want to save your hair from irritation of the crown of your head and ears.

Battery Timing

Battery life and timing should be fairly long in order to accommodate long listening sessions and conference calls conveniently. Moreover, the headphones should be able to charge via USB-C cable. That’s what we prefer because all of the people around the globe are switching to USB-C, and time is near when finding any other cable would be a pain in the ass.

Final Conclusion

We have listed three of the best headphones for conference calls available in the market. With their impressive features, unique design, pros, and defects are disclosed in this article.

To make your decision-making ability effective and compelling. We have offered a simple guideline right after the product reviews to help you choose the best headphone for conference calls.

We hope you will have all of your queries cleared by now, and you will now be able to make a scrupulous decision.

Thank you for your time and patience.

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