Best Motherboards For i9 9900k In 2021

(Last Updated On: February 7, 2021)
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Intel i9 9900k is one of the best processor in the market for building gaming and powerful Personal computers. But you probably know that. The motherboard is the most crucial component, and we know you also know that. You are not here to be bored with the technical details. So, we are not going to waste your time and will get directly to the list of best motherboards for i9 9900k.

If you are in a hurry, then the following comparison table can help you choose the best motherboard.

Quick search & comparison of best motherboards for i9 9900k

Motherboard Form Factor Chipset
ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero- Editor's Choice ATX Z390 Check Price
ASUS ROG Strix Z390-I- Best Mini ITX motherboard Mini-itx Z390 Check Price
GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS Elite ATX Z390 Check Price
MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Edge ATX Z390 Check Price
GIGABYTE B365M DS3H- Best budget-friendly Micro ATX Motherboard Micro ATX B365M Check Price



ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero- Editor’s Choice

best motherboard for i9 9900k

This is one of the best motherboard for core i9 9900k. It offers plenty of features and truly gives you bang for the buck. It highly promoted towards gamers, but you can also use this motherboard for editing needs.


First, let’s take a look at its essential specifications.

  • Asus Rog Maximus XI hero comes with LGA 1151 socket.
  • It has a Z390 chipset.
  • This motherboard offers 10 phases of voltage regulation
  • For video ports, it offers 1.2 display port and 1.4b HDMI
  • It has 5 memory slots
  • For RAM memory it uses DDR4 technology
  • And it uses ATX as a form factor


Above, we have mentioned some of the important specifications. Now let’s see the essential features it offers.

Asus Rog Maximus XI hero offers 5-way optimization. This is a software suite that allows you to tweak every aspect of your system. It also comes with AI optimization, which automatically adjusts your system settings.

You can also access ROG UEFI BIOS with it quite easily, and you can adjust your BIOS manually.

This motherboard also comes with Aura sync that enables you to personalize your pc lighting according to your own preference.

It is worth mention that it supports dual single and dual GPU as it offers 3 PCI 16x slots. The first two slots can support 8x speed. However, the 3rd slot is only limited to 4x.

This motherboard also has a pre-installed I/O shield. Asus ROG supports both 9th and 8th generator intel processors with dual M.2. It also has onboard 802.11 a/c WIFI.  Also, it supports the second generation of USB 3.1. This motherboard also supports overclocking to get the max out of your processor.

The motherboard feels very sturdy.

For cooling, it offers multiple temperature sources that can be controlled via UEFI or Fan Xpert 4. It also provides a header that can support 3A DC or PMW water pumps. These fans can be detected by headers automatically. If that is not enough for you. You can add 3 more DC or PMW fans for ultimate cooling. However, always choose the best cooling chassis despite the motherboard.

The cooling fans are protected by over current and over temperature on this motherboard.

For Audio, you will get Supreme FX. It has S1220 CODEC that offers 10 DAC channels, 7.1 channels playback, and a separate 2.0 channel.

For output, it has gold plated jacks means you will not see rust soon.

For overclocking, it has dedicated onboard clock generators.


Above, we have mentioned its essential specification as well as important features. Now, it’s time to look at its drawbacks.

The first thing we noticed and disliked immediately is its VRM design. It’s umm. What word would describe it better? Ah, yes. It is quite simple. Indeed, we were expecting a premium design.

As it offers software for everything. You can experience software bloating as well.

And the third issue can be its pricing. Some of its competitors offer more features in the same pricing. However, we said at the start, it does give value to your money, and we are not totally wrong.

To help you better, the followings are the pros and cons of Asus ROG Maximum XI hero.

Pros Cons
Excellent Audio You can experience software bloating
Very Efficient It is expensive
Beautiful RGB
Great for overclocking



Yes, it can be expensive, and yes, you can experience software bloating with this motherboard. However, it’s quality of Audio, the efficiency it provides, the lighting, and overclocking outweigh its cons. It surely makes it one of the best motherboard for intel core i9 9900k.

ASUS ROG Strix Z390-I- Best Mini ITX motherboard

best mini ITX motherboard for core i9 9900k

Rog Strix z390-I is one of the best mini ITX motherboard for core i9 9900k. It supports both the 9th and 8th generator processors by Intel. If you love to build a compact PC, then we highly recommend you getting this motherboard.


Let us discuss its important specifications.

  • It offers LGA 1151 socket.
  • For Chipset, you will get intel Z390.
  • ROG Strix 2390-I offers 2 DIMM DDR4 up to 64 GB Memory slots.
  • For Graphics, you are going to get Intel HD graphics support. It also supports HDMI 2.0 with the max resolution of 4096 x 2160 at 60 HZ.
  • It has a Display port that supports 4096 x 2134 resolution with the refresh rate of 60 HZ max.
  • For Expansion Slot it offers 1 into PCI 3.0 x16
  • In the Storage, you will get 2 M.2 Sockets 3. The storage devices do support PCIe and SATA mode. Also offers 4 6 GB ports for SATA. This motherboard also supports Raid 0,1,5 and 10. It is also ready for Intel Optane’s memory.
  • Lan supports intel 1219V, which comes with Anti-surge guard as well as ROG GameFirst technology.
  • For wireless internet connectivity, it has Intel wireless AC 9650. It also supports MU-MIMO and WIFI 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac.
  • You will get Supreme FX 8 channel HD audio with S1220A codec.
  • Now For USB ports, it has 3 3.1 gen 2 port. One on the front panel and 2 on the back panel. It also offers 4 USB 2.0 ports. 2 at back panel and 2 at mid-board. You will also get 5 3.1 generation 1 USB ports. Both Type A and Type C.
  • Oh yes it also offers 5.0 Bluetooth connectivity


Above, we have mentioned its major specs. However, to help you decide better, let’s talk about its essential features.

As we said, it has a mini ITX form factor. And yes, it is one of the best mini ITX motherboard for i9 900k as it fits very well. This motherboard has ASUS pro clock technology for overclockers. Just like Maximus XI hero, it offers 5-way optimization that enables you to control everything from BIOS to cooling system.

STRIX by ASUS known for its gaming, and this motherboard is also for gamers and video editors. However, anyone can use it. The point we are going to talk about was its cooling system. It is superb as it supports water cooling as well as DC/PWM cooling fans.

This motherboard also features RGB lighting, which is fully customizable according to your own preference. Yes, it looks pretty cool in the right chassis.

It also has MEMOK II that prevents boot failures. These failures usually tend to happen with memory overclocking.

ASUS ROG STRIX z390-I motherboard is easy to install as well. Thanks to its pre-installed I/O shield.

It has a DRAM memory type. It weighs around 3 pounds only. And it has a length of 8.9 inches. The width is 6.7 inches, and the height is also similar to the width that is 6.7 inches.


Above, we talked about the good it offers—however, its time to share the cons of this motherboard. The accessibility to the front header is not easy. The enhanced turbo is turned on by default, and you will receive no message about it—another issue you can experience AURA RGB software crashing. The M.2 Socket is run warmer compared to other motherboards.

To sum it up with the pros and cons.

Pros Cons
Beautiful RGB lighting Accessing the front header is a difficult task.
Easy to install M.2 Socket runs warm
Excellent audio quality
It has a Type C USB port



This is one of the best mini ITX motherboard for intel core i9 9900k. Beautiful RGB lighting makes it look gorgeous. The installation is also easy due to the pre-installed i/o shield. And the sound quality is top-notch. This motherboard has 3.1 USB ports and also supports TYPE C. However, it has some drawbacks like warm M.2 Sockets and tricky front header panel access. But these downsides are not significant, and we can easily say that this motherboard is quite good.


best z390 motherboard for intel 9th generation

Z390 AORUS Elite by Gigabyte is a budget-friendly motherboard for core i9 9900k. However, this motherboard performs very well and will not disappoint you in terms of gaming and demanding tasks.


The following are its essential specifications.

  • It has LGA1151 Socket for CPU
  • As we know, core i9 900k runs on the z390 Chipset. You will get the Z390 Express chipset.
  • For Ram Memory, it offers 4 DIMM DDR4 slots. And yes, you can expand your memory up to 128 GB with this motherboard. Note that it is more than the ROG STRIX motherboard.
  • Onboard Graphics supports Intel HD graphics. You will get 1 HDMI port that can support max resolution of 4092 x 2160 at the rate of 30 HZ. It also supports 1.4 HDMI and HDCP 2.2
  • For Audio, it offers 2,4,5.1 and 7.1 channels. It has Realtek HD audio with ALC1220 VB codec.
  • You will get an Intel GBE chip for LAN.
  • It stands out in expansion slots as it offers 2 PCI-E x16 slots that can run at x16. The other PCIe slot can run at x14. It also offers 4 PCI x1 slots.
  • This motherboard also supports multiple graphics like AMD Quad Crossfire as well as 2way AMD crossfire.
  • For Storage, it offers 2 M.2 sockets 3 that can support SATA at x4 and SSD at x2. It also supports RAID 0, 1, 5, and 10.
  • This motherboard also supports Intel Optane’s memory.
  • For USB, it offers 1 3.1 generation 2 port. 6 3.1 generation 1 ports. 1 type C port. It also provides 8 2.0 USB ports.
  • It also supports Dual BIOS
  • AORUS Elite offers 12+1 phases for VRM with DrMOS.
  • It has the ATX form factor


Let’s take a look at key features.

As we mentioned in specs that it has 12+1 phases for VRM. It means you can count on this motherboard for running power-hungry components with precision. It supports both DrMOS and PMW controller.

Thanks to its 2x Copper PCB, you can run your CPU optimally. DDR4 Ram slots can attain more than 4100 MHZ.

For Cooling AORUS Elite by Gigabytes offers built-in thermal pad and heatsinks. Also, with Smart fan 5, you can control all the thermal points. Moreover, it has 6 heat sensors and supports all hybrid cooling fans.

Similar to ASUS motherboards, it has a pre-installed i/o shield that makes building more comfortable.

The M.2 Socket comes with thermal guard means less heating during heavy usage.

You can control internal and external RGB lighting via RGB fusion 2.0. It has a solid pin design that allows a stable power supply during substantial CPU activity.

It has a memory guard and PCI-E armor as well. This motherboard weighs around 3 pounds and has dimensions of 13.18 into 10.62 into 3.14 inches.


You are not going to find a lot of drawbacks in this motherboard. However, the research shows that the user interfaces for BIOS are not good. Also, this motherboard does not have WIFI.

To help you decide better, we have listed its pros and cons below.

Pros Cons
Excellent cooling BIOS UI Sucks
Solid VRM Does not have WIFI
Easy to install
Solid Built



AORUS elite by Gigabytes is one of the best budget-friendly motherboard for core i9 9900k. It offers an excellent cooling system. The VRM is excellent. The installation is also straightforward as well. We were not expecting top-notch quality in this budget. Still, this motherboard genuinely surprised us in that department as well.

On downsides, the usage of BIOS is awfully hard. And you can face many issues. And you probably know beforehand, but if not, this motherboard does not have built-in WIFI.

In short, we do recommend this motherboard for i9 9900k due to its superb cooling even on overclocking.

MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Edge AC

Best MSI motherboard for intel core i9-9900k

MPG Gaming Edge AC is another great Z390 motherboard for core i9 9900k. It offers enough features without breaking the bank. We are sure you are genuinely going to enjoy this motherboard for 9th and 8th generation intel processors.


Let’s see its key specs first.

  • This motherboard has an ATX form factor.
  • For Socket, it has 1151.
  • The Chipset is obviously is Z390.
  • It has dual memory channels.
  • Gaming Edge AC by MSI offers 4 DIMM DDR4 memory slots. The maximum RAM you can put is 128 GB.
  • This motherboard offers 3 PCI-E x16 slots and 3rd generation of PCI-E.
  • It has 3 PCI-E x1 slots.
  • For Storage, you will get 6 SATA III and 2 M.2 slots.
  • It also supports 0,1,5 and 10 RAID.
  • This motherboard has one TMP header.
  • For LAN you will get 1 intel 1219-V
  • Now for USB, you have a lot of options. This motherboard offers two 3.1 2nd generation type C ports and six 3.1 1st generation type-A ports. Also, you will get one gen 2 types A port. For USB 2.0, it has a total of 6 ports four on the front and two on the back.
  • It has one serial port on the front.
  • For Audio, it offers Realtek with ALC 1220P codec.
  • It has 1 DisplayPort and 1 HDMI port.
  • It is worth mentioning that this motherboard supports both SLI and crossfire.
  • This motherboard also has onboard intel WIFI.


Now let’s see its essential features in detail.

This motherboard is on the budget-friendly side if compared with Z390 motherboards. Surprisingly, this motherboard does not disappoint and lacks significant features. You will find some drawbacks in the limitations section below, but this motherboard is still best for core i9 9900k in our eyes. With that said, let’s see its features.

It has a deep heatsinked design that enables your system to breathe more and vent out unnecessary heat effortlessly. Yes, the cooling system is good. The dedicated audio system is another plus feature in this motherboard. This motherboard is also quite easy to handle. It gives quality power supply and good turbo-boosted M.2 slots for fast booting.

Similar to other Z390 motherboards, it has RGB lighting that is customizable according to your preferences. The Bios system is also easy to use and handle, unlike AORUS Elite, where we struggled to understand BIOS.

The best thing about this motherboard we came across is that you do not even need a Bios update to run core i9 9900k.

Also, the motherboard built quality is exceptional as it is super sturdy. We can easily say that Gaming Edge AC offers outstanding value. This board only weighs around 3.5 lbs. The length of this motherboard is 12 inches, while the width is 9.6 inches, and it has a height of 1.2 inches. We can say it is a compact motherboard.


There are no major flaws. That’s why it is one of the best motherboard for core i9 9900k. However, like other Z390 motherboards mentioned in our list, it has no pre-installed i/o shield. Also, the M.2 slots have no guards as well. The quality of the onboard WIFI chip is average.

To help you make your decision more correctly, the following are the pros and cons of this board.

Pros Cons
Outstanding Value No pre-installed i/o shield
Strong built onboard WIFI is ordinary
Excellent Cooling
Supports SLI and Crossfire



MSI Gaming Edge AC offers plenty of features despite its low pricing. Indeed, makes it a motherboard that provides outstanding value to its users. The cooling system is great, the built quality is similar to premium motherboards, and it supports SLI and crossfire as well.

On the downside, it has no i/o shield; also, the quality of onboard WIFI is average, but these are not major flaws.

Our suggestion? Go for this bad boy you will not regret.

GIGABYTE B365M DS3H- Best budget-friendly Micro ATX Motherboard

Best budget-friendly Micro ATX Motherboard

This is the final motherboard on our list for core i9 9900k. You should know that GIGABYTE B365M DS3H is not high end or mid-end motherboard. It is for those who are looking for an inexpensive and simple motherboard. If you are one of them, we highly recommend this motherboard. Note that it is not the Z390 motherboard. But it is solid enough to run core i9 9900k.


  • This motherboard has a Micro ATX form factor.
  • It has LGA 1151 socket.
  • For Chipset, it offers Intel B365 Express.
  • This board comes with the four DIMM DDR4 memory that allows you up to 64 GB of system memory.
  • For onboard graphics, it supports intel HD graphics as well as it offers 1 HDMI port that supports resolution up to 4096 into 2160 at the refresh rate of 30 HZ. Also, you will get 1 DVI-D and 1 D- sub port. Both support the maximum resolution of 1920 into 1200 at the refresh rate of 60 HZ.
  • It has Realtek HD audio with ALC887 codec. This board supports 2,4, 5, and 7.1 channels.
  • For LAN, it comes with Realtek GbE.
  • This board offers 1 slot of PCI-E x16 that can run ate x16. 1 PCI Express x4 slot and 1 PCI Express x1 slot.
  • For Storage, you will get 1 M.2. 6 SATA 6 GB per second connectors. It also supports RAID 0,1,5 and 10. Also, its storage interface is intel Optane ready.
  • This motherboard has six 3.1 generation 1 ports and six USB 2.0 and 1.1 ports.


Let’s take a look at its top features.

This motherboard is a simple and basic one. However, it offers enough features to give your PC a solid base to run core i9 9900k. If you are a gamer, video editor, or a person who is looking to run his/her PC on high settings, then this motherboard is not for you. However, the other four mentioned motherboards will surely suffice you. With that said, let’s see its key features.

This motherboard supports both intel 8th and 9th generation processers. It has Non-EEC unbuffered dual-channel DDR4 system memory slots. The audio capacitor comes with a noise guard to enhance sound quality. For Storage, it has M.2 PCI E GEN3 and x4 SATA slots.

Not a remarkably high- end RGB lighting, but it still got 7 strips RGB on it. We were not expecting that one for sure in this inexpensive board.

The cooling system is also good as it has multiple heat sensors. Also, it has integrated hybrid fan headers that are also stoppable on your command.

And for BIOS, it has Gigabytes UEFI dual BIOS.


This is an inexpensive motherboard for core i9 9900k so, you should not expect a lot of heavy tasks from it. However, there are some limitations worth mentioning. It has no onboard WIFI. Also, it only offers one slot of PCI-E x16.
Another drawback is it is RAM max speed is only limited to 2666 MHZ. As you know, it can limit your working speed. However, as we said numerous times, this motherboard is for ordinary use and for those who are on strict budget ?.

To make it clearer, we have listed the pros and cons below.

Pros Cons
Budget-friendly No On-board Wireless chipset
Good Audio quality Limited Ram Speed
Easy Installation
Offers 4 DDR4 memory slots



This is an inexpensive motherboard; however, its do give a solid base to your pc and supports core i9 9900k very well. As expected, it lacks some features like no wireless chipset and limited RAM speed. And a single slot of PCI-E x16. However, this motherboard is best in this range and offers good features and quality to its users. If you are looking for a basic and strictly budget-friendly motherboard for intel core i9 9900k, then we highly recommend this one.

How To Choose Best Motherboard for Core i9 9900k?

Above, we have mentioned some of the best motherboards for i9 9900k. But if they do not satisfy you, check out the exclusive guide on choosing the best motherboard for your needs.

The motherboard is the most essential part of any PC. We can simply say that it is the backbone of your PC. So, choose the stronger one. In fact, your processor determines which motherboard you should get in this scenario. You need to know which motherboard is most suitable to intel core i9 9900k.

There are numerous factors in choosing the best motherboard we have listed some important ones below.

Know the Socket

Before choosing the motherboard, you need to know your processor socket that is also known as CPU socket. In the case of core i9 9900k, the Socket is LGA 1151, and you need to have a motherboard that offers this Socket.

Know The Chipset

The Chipset works as a communicator between the CPU and components like external buses, peripherals, memory cache, and some other essential components. If the Chipset is not compatible with your processor, it will not work. So, you need to choose the motherboard that offers compatibility to your processor. In the case of i9 9900k, the supported chipsets are Z390, B365, and B360.

Memory Support

You need to know the memory type your motherboard can support. See, every component of pc goes like hand in hand. So, choosing the right memory slot is also important. Motherboards are long term investment, and they should be so aiming for a motherboard that is upgradeable in the future as well. Yes, it will cost initially but will give you a valuable return on your investment. There are different memory modules, so choose the one that is most recent and offers the most memory speed.

Form Factor

There are three major form factors ATX, micro ATX, and Mini-ITX. Choosing form factor totally depends on your build. If you want to have a large build with plenty of components slots, then the ATX form factor is the most common one. And if you are into building compact and small PC’s, then go for a micro ATX or Mini ITX.

To make you understand better, we have shared the details below about the components and quantity of slots you can get with these form factors. Note that this is what you generally get in form factors. The motherboards’ specs can vary from each other.

What to expect from Mini-ITX?

If you are planning to purchase Mini ITX, the most common motherboard you will find with one expansion slot. The memory type will be DIMM, and it can have two slots for RAM. A maximum GPU you can use is one. The majority of Mini ITX supports up to six SATA ports.

What to expect from Micro ATX?

In micro ATX motherboards, you can get up to 8 SATA ports. You can install up to 3 graphics cards. The RAM will be DIMM, and you can get up to four RAM slots. Usually, Micro ATX has 4 expansion slots.

What to expect from ATX?

The ATX form factor is the bigger one, and that’s why it can support a lot more, and gamers and heavy users usually prefer ATM form factors. But again, preference totally depends on you.

The ATX motherboards can support around 12 SATA ports. They are capable of handling up to four GPUs. Some ATX motherboard provides around 8 memory slots with DIMM. Usually, the ATX form factor has up to seven expansion slots.

Expansion Slots

The majority of external graphics are connected via expansion slots. The most common one is PCI-E x16 with the PCIe 3.0 or newer. So, before purchasing a motherboard, you need to determine how many graphics cards you want to install or how many slots you need in the future, etc.

Storage and connectivity

You need to determine what kind of Storage it supports. How much you can get out of it for storing data as well as know the number of USB ports and types you require before choosing your motherboard.

There are many other components; you can look into, but we only listed the essential ones.

Wrapping it up!

We think that we have provided sufficient information to help you choose the best motherboard for i9 9900k. We not only reviewed the motherboards but also listed the extensive buyer’s guide to help you choose better. In our opinion, the best motherboard is ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero, and that’s our opinion. And for those fellows who are on a tight budget, they should get GIGABYTE B365M DS3H. And if you are looking for Mini-ITX build, then we highly recommend you ASUS ROG Strix Z390-I.

However, these are our opinions. You can choose what you like. We did our best to provide the best list to you fellas. ?

If you have any suggestions or questions, you can share it in the comment section below.

Best of luck!

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