Best Omnidirectional Tv Antennas in 2021

(Last Updated On: February 28, 2021)
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There are two major types of Tv Antennas, Directional and omnidirectional. In this article, we are going to talk about omnidirectional Tv Antennas because they can pick signals from any direction, unlike directional tv antennas. The huge benefit of omnidirectional over directional is its ability to catch more channels from all directions. So, expect to see some of the best omnidirectional tv antennas in this article.

Do you guys and gals remember the OTA (Over the air) transmissions? Well, if you know, you also recognize that we can watch channels for free with the help of these TV antennas without having a connection of a cable. Also, if you are visiting some area where the cable is not available, you can avail the benefit of watching Free Tv from Omnidirectional Tv Antennas.

You can check the availability of Tv channels in your location by visiting All you have to do is enter the Zip code of the Area you are in.  For Instance, we gave it a test and Checked how many channels we can access in New York, and we got the list of different channels we can Access. The report shows you enough details to help you decide if the Antenna is going to be worthy for you or not.

Anyhow, let’s check out some of the best omnidirectional tv antennas we have listed after extensive research of 48 hours. After the reviews of these antennas, we also have published the buyer’s guide below, so you only choose the best product.

Quick Search & Comparison of Best Omnidirectional TV Antennas



Let’s get started!

ANTOP AT-415B 720° UFO- Editor’s Choice

best omnidirectional tv antenna

AT-415B by ANTOP is one of the best omnidirectional tv antenna you can find in the market. Especially it’s upgraded version, which we are going to discuss in this article. The top reasons to choose ANTOP AT-415B 720° UFO are its pricing, the quality of this antenna, and well it is from ANTOP, which is a top and trusted brand in this industry. Let’s begin our review with its features first.


This omnidirectional tv antenna offers plenty of features. As it, names suggest, it has 720 degrees, which are self-explanatory as it will get the signals from both vertical and horizontal directions. If we explain this in our words, it means that 360 degrees from a vertical angle and 360 degrees from a horizontal angle.

Another important feature we noticed in this antenna is its ability to block unwanted signals from different sources. For example, it can block the 3G and 4G interference from towers and let you watch channels in much clearer quality.

Everything nowadays is becoming intelligent except for human beings ?, apart from a human joke. This omnidirectional tv antenna offers a built-in amplifier to boost signals for both long and short ranges. Its built-in switch can prevent the burdening of signals quite easily.

ANTOP is a top brand for a reason, and we consumers make any brand best or worst. But the company has to play a vital role in that by providing excellent support to customers and according to our experience ANTOP offers top-notch customer service. Trust us, we tried many other brands, and we discarded them from our list just because of their poor customer support.

This omnidirectional tv antenna also supports every type of Television. It offers almost whole-home coverage, and you can experience true HD reception with it.

ANTOP AT-415B (upgraded model) is also protected from UV, and it can bear any type of weather from heat to storms as well as snowy conditions.


We don’t think the design is something that matters a lot in tv antennas, but we are going to discuss it anyway. This antenna offers the simplicity you can set it up by yourself. You do not need an expert to set it up for you. Also, it is one of the lightweight omnidirectional antennas, which makes it easy to carry and adjust. Additionally, you do not need any tools to fix it.


Above we have discussed its features and design all the good, it can offer to you. But our review cannot complete without looking downsides of products. At, econsumermatters we are consumers like you, and we will not suggest you anything for just the sake of commissions. With that said, let’s see the drawbacks you can face this tv antenna.

Well, for this specific product, you are not going to find the majority of drawbacks. The product itself has an excellent quality, but it does not come with a good instruction manual. You can cover this drawback by contacting customer support but still. Considering ANTOP claims its easy installation, it should have been easy to install for anyone.

To make the right choice easily, let’s look at its pros cons.

Pros Cons
Outstanding value Instructions manual is not very helpful
Excellent reception
high quality built



One of the best omnidirectional tv antenna because it offers outstanding value to its customers. The pricing is not very high, yet you get an excellent reception without many interruptions. The built quality of this antenna is also top-notch. So, we highly recommend ANTOP AT-415B (upgraded model) because we know it will not waste your money.

The downside is not a major weakness. As everyone has different preferences and different places in mind about placing the Antenna so, you can be disappointed with its manual, which offers no help. But on the bright side, customer support of ANTOP is something you can count on.

1byone 360°- Best long-range omnidirectional tv antenna

best long range omnidirectional tv antenna

The number 2nd omnidirectional tv antenna on our list is 1byone. This amplified tv antenna offers a long-range. You can expect reception up to 150 miles. So, if you are looking for an omnidirectional antenna with a long-range, this is the best one you can get. In fact, this is the only one on our list which offers a range of 150 miles.


Let see the features of a 1byone tv antenna.

You can receive a lot and HD channels with this antenna. As it offers 360 degrees rotation and a range of 150 miles, you can catch your favorite channels quite easily. Another feature that makes it an excellent choice for any buyer is it is weather-resistant built.

We did research on many antennas, and we can safely say that 1byone antenna is very durable. You will not face huge interruptions in windy and stormy weather.

You can connect 1byone omnidirectional tv antenna with two televisions at the same time. It has a built-in signal amplifier as well. So, we do not recommend buying it separately.

You can use this omnidirectional tv antenna indoors, outdoors, in RV as well as placeable in your attic. It is also very easy to install.


1byone HDTV antenna is a portable one. If we look at its design, you can see that it has a circular shape. By holding it, we can tell that it’s not heavier than 5 pounds. The body is coated with anti- UV material. Also, you can count on its snow proof and waterproof design.


Above in features, we discussed its 150 miles range, which makes it one of the best long-range omnidirectional tv antenna. However, it certainly has some drawbacks e.g… You are not going to get 150 miles of reception everywhere. A lot of factors will come in.  We also noticed some picture quality drop-in rainy weather, but that was not extreme.

As this is a combo UHF/VHF antenna, you can experience loss of VHF channels or can also suffer no reception at all.

Pros Cons
Outstanding value Not very good in catching VHF channels
Easy to install



One of the best long-range omnidirectional tv antenna. It offers outstanding value to customers. The built quality is very good. You can expect durability as well as portability. The installation process is also very easy and will not take much of your time. However, there is a catch. The long-range is not truly very extensive but still best compared to many other long-range antennas. Also, this tv antenna is not very good at catching VHF channels.


HDTV omnidirectional tv antenna

HD8008 is one of the best outdoor omnidirectional tv antenna. It offers plenty of features and competitive pricing to buyers.


The distinctive feature in this omnidirectional tv antenna is its built-in dipole, which makes both UHF and VHF reception good. The average distance you can get from LAVA HD8008 is 65 miles. However, it can vary from 40 to 80 miles as well. And the maximum you can achieve is 125 miles.

It receives three types of Frequencies FM, VHF, and UHF. It has a built-in amplifier and shield, which protects and prevents noise. Like other tv antennas, it comes with UV protection and weather protection.

Similar to the 1byone HDTV antenna, HD8008 is also offered 360 degrees reception.

According to our assessment, LAVA HD8008 is very good at picking weak signals.


HD8008 is an outdoor tv antenna, which means you can only fix it outside. The design of the antenna gives the look of a fan with two wings. However, this antenna weighs around 7 pounds, which is heavier than the 1byone 2019 omnidirectional antenna.


No doubt, it is among the best omnidirectional tv antenna, but it does have certain drawbacks, just like any other product. The first drawback is not the product but the after-sale support of LAVA, which is not very good. The second drawback we came across is its inability to pick most of the channels in the countryside region.

Not truly a drawback, but you need to scan channels after installation; otherwise, it will show you zero channels. Also, refrain from using more than 50 feet cable; otherwise, it will not pick any channel.

Pros Cons
Good for big cities Not suitable for rural areas.
built-in dipole
comes with installation kit



HD8008 by Lava is an excellent outdoor omnidirectional antenna if you live in a big city. The built-in dipole truly helps in picking UHF and VHG signals in a better way. The installation kit is included with this product so, you can install it easily.

Surprisingly, it does not work well in rural areas so. It’s a major drawback if you live in one.

Antennas Direct Clear Stream 4 TV Antenna

4k ready outdoor/indoor tv antenna

Clear stream 4 is one of the best outdoor multi-directional tv antenna in the category of 70 miles one. We mentioned above that Lava HD8008 is not a good tv antenna for rural areas; however, clear stream 4 by Antennas direct is one of the best for rural areas as well as suitable for residential locations.


Clear stream 4 is not very heavy on the features side like other antennas we mentioned in this article. But let’s see what you can get with this one.

It is a multi-purpose antenna that can be used both indoor and outdoor. This antenna also supports UHD 4k depends upon the reception of the channel and your TV. Antennas Direct offers a lifetime warranty for clear stream 4.


There are not a lot of features offered by this antenna but, its design is everything. Antenna direct claims they are outranking their competition just because of clear stream 4 design, and we almost agree with them.

The clear stream has a loopy design along with wide beams that are not rotatable as it catches signals from every direction. There is a reflector on the antenna, which assists in the prevention of interference from other sources. Also, to some extent, it amplifies the signals.

Clear stream weighs around 8 pounds.


Clear stream 4 is tacky in features comparing to other models, but this old-fashioned antenna still outranks the majority of multi-directional tv antennas due to its design. Let’s see the drawbacks. First, we already discussed that you are not going to get ANTOP AT-415B 720° UFO-like features.

The second drawback is its built quality, which is not very high. And the third issue we found is its inability to perform well in the city area. Also, this antenna has no built-in signal amplifier.

Irony? LAVA HD8008 is bad for rural areas, but this one is good. Clear stream 4 is bad for suburban while LAVA HD8008 is good. Ah! Are we never going to find any product which is perfect for every scenario?

If you are in a hurry, the pros and cons table can help you decide.

Pros Cons
Easy to install Average built quality
works great in rural areas no amplifier for signals
Unique loopy design



If you are looking for a multi-directional tv antenna for a rural area, then this one is great. It is very easy to install, offers enough features to enjoy UHD channels. It has a unique design. However, the built quality is average, and it has no built-in signal amplifier. But you can counter that issue by buying an amplifier separately.

Winegard MS-3005 Metro Star

cheap omnidirectional tv antenna

Ms-3005 metro star is HDTV omnidirectional antenna that comes with a built-in signal amplifier and takes signals from 360-degrees. This omnidirectional tv antenna is also HOA certified. It has both VHF/UHF compatibility, and one more thing which makes it stand out is its pricing.


Let’s take a look at features first. MS-3005 can catch signals from 35 miles away. This antenna supports HD as well as a 4K transmission. Another feature worth mentioning is its quality of catching signals equally from every angle.

The built-in preamplifier is located in the head, which allows the antenna to minimize the splitters and cable interference. Well, another feature we like Wine guard is their app, which is available in both editions web and mobile.


MS-3005 has a very minimal design, which makes it land within HOA requirements. This is one of the compact omnidirectional tv antennae in the market. If you look at it, you will find it’s surface glossy. As we said, it’s compact because it has dimensions of 14.88 inches in width and only 6 inches in height. Also, it weighs only 2.8 lbs. which makes it lightweight.


Now let’s take a look at the drawbacks of Metro Star MS-3005. The first one is very noticeable if you compare it with other omnidirectional tv antennas on our list. You can see that MS-3005 can only cover the area of 35 miles while ANTOP AT-415B 720° UFO covers up to 65 miles, and 1byone 360° offers reception up to 150 miles. So, we think MS-3005 is not suitable for long-range.

The second limitation is its screw quality, which is plasticky and can come off quite easily.

The third issue is that it has no weather protection.

The following pros cons can help you decide quickly if you want this device or not.

Pros Cons
Inexpensive Offers short range
Compact No weather protection



Metro Star MS-3005 is an inexpensive, lightweight, and compact omnidirectional tv antenna that works on both UHF/VHF. However, it only covers a distance of 35 miles from the tower. Also, the quality of screws to fix it is very poor as they are made from plastic and can be destroyed easily. But if you are in a short range of tower Winegard Antenna supports 4k transmission, and according to reports, the picture quality is very clear. The Winegard local channel search app is also very handy for searching HD as well as SD channels in your area.

In short, if you look at its pricing and the quality it offers, we can safely say that it is one of the best 360-degrees tv antenna for short-range.

How to Choose Best Omnidirectional tv antenna

We know that you are sick and tired of cable and their hefty billing; otherwise, you would not have been searching for the best omnidirectional tv antenna. You probably know that you can save thousands of dollars by cutting the cord and sticking to tv antenna. However, there are thousands of tv antennas in the market, and picking one is not an easy way. So, we have listed some of the best omnidirectional tv antennas above, but if you are not satisfied with the list on which we have spent 48 hours, it’s okay. We don’t mind ?.

The following buyer’s guide will you help you choose the best omnidirectional tv antenna on your own. While shopping for antennas, keep the following things in your mind.


This is the most important factor while shopping for an omnidirectional tv antenna. You need to know the range of the antenna also, beforehand you need to understand how far the tower is from you. If the broadcast tower distance is 50 miles and you end up purchasing an antenna which only supports 35 miles, you will waste your money as it will not catch up with any transmissions.

You need to know the broadcasting tower distance. For this purpose, you can use an app like tv fool. For E.g. you will need to buy an antenna that claims to support 65 miles if the tower distance is 50 miles from you. It is better to buy an antenna with extra mileage than to go for the same one. As some of the antenna brands claim that their device offers a range of 35 miles, but we came to know that those antennas end up with 25 miles only. So, always be careful while shopping for tv antennas.

Indoor vs. outdoor Antenna

Indoor antennas are usually compact and can be placed inside the house attic, near the window of your room, or behind the television set. These are lightweight so, you will not face any issue when you hook them up on your room wall. On the other hand, outdoor antennas are larger in size, and you need to attach them with a 3/4 pole outside. You can also buy a j-pole, which is made for attaching the antenna. Outdoor antennas are large, but you can take them on a boat and RV to catch your favorite broadcast.

Choosing between indoor and outdoor is totally depends upon you, your needs, and your location. You need to know which antenna is most suitable for catching transmission from a tower near you.
You can determine that by using a service like TV fool.

Signals Amplifier

Antenna having a built-in signal amplifier is a good thing, but every good thing has a drawback as well. Like, it will block the other sources but will increase the noise for your reception as well. The issue is that the picture quality will suffer. E.g., the channel you are watching is 4k. Your antenna supports it is, but when the amplifier starts working, it amplifies noise, and you will not be able to enjoy 4k. You can also experience dotty or shattering picture quality. But, not all amplified omnidirectional tv antennas are bad. Above, we mentioned some of the best tv antennas with built-in amp for signals.

You can keep in mind while shopping that there are antennas that offer both short and long-range amplification. These types of antennas produce less noise and block out unnecessary signals.

Setting up

Always go for an antenna that is easy to setup. There are plenty of antennas that can be installed via hand. You can even skip the pilers as well with them. In the mentioned above list, you can find some of them are very easy to install.

Weather Protection

This point is for those who are purchasing or already have an outdoor omnidirectional tv antenna. The weather protective material is a must. There are outdoor tv antennas that offer UV protection, waterproofing from rain and water. Even some are snow proof. So, when shopping for an outdoor tv antenna, always opt for the one with weather protection tendencies. Because if you do not opt for that one, you are risking your money as the device can short out or harsh weather can interfere with the quality of transmission it has been receiving.

Antenna Gain

You probably have seen that many devices claim that they have higher gain. Well, the gain is the ability to catch and amplify signals. The higher the gain, the more quality and quantity of channels you will have. The gain depends upon the directivity of the antenna. In the scenario of omnidirectional antennas, they are supposed to get equal signals from every direction.


When it comes to omnidirectional devices, you need to be very picky about the brand. There are a lot of brands offering “best tv antenna.” They are not the best but utter crap. If you somehow escape that, you will find Chinese devices that work fine in the start but turn into a total waste of money after some time. Avoid them and save your hard-earned money. Consequently, in our research, we found out the brands like Antop, 1byone, and Lava and are the best, and no, we are not their representatives or got any favors from them. It’s just what we found in our research, as we are just consumers like you.


There are antennas that are good for UHF channels while others are best for VHF, and some antenna offers both. Indoor antennas are usually running on UHF because UHF frequency is higher and not very long-lasting. See, the wavelength of UHF varies from 450 MHZ to 1.3 GHz, which is more than VHF as VHF bands run from 50 MHZ to 225 MHZ. However, the wavelength of VHF is 6 meters long while the UHF wavelength is only 70 centimeters, which makes them easily pass through any sort of obstruction for a longer distance as well.

When it comes to VHF, they need longer elements as their wavelength is higher. So, that’s why outdoor tv antennas are commonly run on VHF bands while indoor ones are on UHF. But, with the advancement in technology, there are antennas that offer both frequencies.

Let us clear your confusion. You need to determine which channel runs on VHF and which ones on UHF, and then you can shop for the antenna which offers the frequency you are looking for. Or, to be safer, go for a device that supports both VHF and UHF.

Wrapping it up

In this article, we have listed some of the best omnidirectional tv antennas. We have spent more than 48 hours to conclude our research. We considered more than 30 models and ended up listing only 5 of the best.

At econsumermatters, we are as transparent as possible. We do not write and publish content just for the sake of commissions. We are clear about it as well. As we say, again and again, we are consumers like you, and this is the platform we built to help all the consumers to shop the best of everything. In the end, all we ask is that if you like our content, spread the word about us with your friends and family.

If you want us to cover a specific topic, do not hesitate to contact us. You can leave your opinion in our comment section as well as you can contact us directly for any sort of query, information, or the list you would love to see as an article.

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