Best Outdoor Tv Antennas For Rural Areas In 2020

(Last Updated On: October 24, 2020)
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We spent around 60 hours researching. After analyzing 50 antennas, we ended up with only 5. Let’s check them out.

Quick Search & Comparison of Best outdoor tv antennas for Rural Areas

Outdoor Antenna Range
Vansky Outdoor HDTV Antenna- Editor's Choice Almost 150 miles Check Price
pingbingding HDTV Antenna Around 150 miles Check Price
Winegard HD8200U over 65 miles Check Price
Antennas Direct Clearstream over 70 miles Check Price
RCA Outdoor Yagi Satellite over 70 miles Check Price



Vansky Outdoor HDTV Antenna- Editor’s Choice

best outdoor tv antenna for rural areas

This antenna is one of the best. It offers multiple features; This one is budget-friendly; also, you can connect up to two televisions with it.


Let’s go through its features first.

As we said before that this antenna offers dual output. You can connect two televisions at the same time without any splitter. This antenna also provides a very long range of 150 miles. You can easily watch 1080P channels without much hassle thanks to its high gain.

It works on both UHF and VHF frequencies. For VHF, it offers 40 to 300 MHZ, and for UHF, it can gain you 470 to 890 MHZ.

Also, it comes with 360 degrees rotatable motor that is controllable wirelessly via remote. So, you will not have to manually adjust it again and again to catch the channels you want.

It also has a low noise amplifier to boost signals. Vansky outdoor tv antenna is very easy to install as it comes with snap-on installation and requires no tools.


It has a typical 90’s antenna design. However, don’t get fooled by its design. This antenna offers sun-proofing, snow proofing, windproofing as well as it does not catch lightning. So, yes, it pretty solid in weather resistance. The amplifier is built inside the antenna to make it has a minimalistic one. Vansky tv antenna weighs around 5 pounds. It comes with a coaxial cable of 33 feet.


Here are a few drawbacks of this antenna. It comes with coax cable, but the quality of the coaxial cable is another story. In short, the quality sucks. Another drawback you can experience is that it does not comes with J-pole. You have to buy it separately. The built quality is also questionable. As we said in design that it has weatherproofing, that is true. But the antenna is made of plastic. And we can’t know for sure that it will withstand extreme weather; however, this antenna is good enough for ordinary rains, snow, and winds.

Pros Cons
Long-range reception of 150 miles Coax Cable Sucks
Easy to install J-pole not included
rotatable motor with wireless remote Poor Built quality



Vansky outdoor antenna is an excellent unit for rural areas due to its long-range reception. Easy installation and rotatable 360-degrees direction. Also, this antenna is not expensive. However, the quality of the coax cable is inferior. You have to buy J-Pole separately, and the antenna is made from plastic.

Pingbingding HDTV Antenna

HDTV outdoor antenna

The 2nd antenna on our list is the Outdoor HDTV Antenna by PIngbingding. This one is quite similar to the Vansky antenna in terms of features. However, this antenna is also a good option if you do not like Vansky for some reason.


We were talking about similarities with Vansky. Like Vansky outdoor antenna Pingbingding offers the same range of 150 miles to its users. Also, you can connect this antenna with two tv’s at the same time without any splitter and stuff. Moreover, if you have clear signals, you can watch 4k channels as well. That’s an outstanding feature in our eyes. According to research, this antenna does offer clarity. And it supports 720p to 4k Channels. However, it works according to the quality of signals like any antenna so, we are not making any guarantees as we simply can’t.

Just like Vansky, it has a snap-on installation that makes it one of the easy to install outdoor tv antenna. To be honest, we cannot take apart vansky and pingbingding in features as they are very alike. For instance, this antenna also has a 360-degrees motor that can be controlled via wireless remote control, and yes, you guessed it right. It is rotatable.

It works on all known frequencies like VHF and UHF. For VHF, you can get from 170 MHZ to 230 MHZ. And for UHF, it offers you 470 to 860 MHZ.

It comes with a super high gain and noise reducing amplifier to serve you better.


It has a typical antenna design very related to Vansky. Pingbingding is very easy to install. It comes with lightning proofing, sun proofing, snow proofing, and windproofing to offer you stable signals during harsh weather. The build quality is sturdy enough to make it last for a longer time.

Unlike Vansky, pingbingding comes with the mounting pole. Also, it offers more length of coaxial cable that is a total of 40 feet.

This item has dimensions of 17.5 into 3.5 into 3.5 inches. And it weighs around 6.4 LBS.


We have discussed its features and design above now its time to look at the downsides. Okay, the first drawback is the quality of the rotation motor. It is not very good; also, there is no way to tell in which direction it is indicating. The second drawback we came across the quality of the power box. Of course, we were not expecting it to be of high quality but not this flimsy as well. So, in our research, we came across two significant issues. First, no way to know in which direction the motor is pointing. Second, the quality of the power box is very poor.

To help you decide better, we have listed some pros and cons below.

Pros Cons
Easy to Install Poor quality of power box
Clear Picture rotation motor has no direction indicator
Excellent Signal Strength
Outstanding Value



This is another budget-friendly outdoor tv antenna. It is easy to install, comes with good quality of signal catching mechanism, and in return, offers it’s users outstanding value. On the bleak side, the power box that gets placed inside is very flimsy. Also, the rotation motor quality is questionable as it has no direction indicator. But, if you can live with these drawbacks, this antenna is an excellent source for getting channels, especially in rural areas.

Winegard HD8200U

sturdy and huge outdoor tv antenna by Winegard for rural area

It is another excellent option for outdoor usage. HD8200U by Winegard offers long-range, good reception, and some nice features to satisfy your needs. However, This outdoor antenna is not an inexpensive option.


Let’s look at its features first.

HD8200U offers an extended range of 65 miles that make it the right option for rural areas. Like the other two antennas we mentioned above, it works on both UHF and VHF frequencies. The beautiful thing about this antenna is channel catching abilities. We have researched and found that this antenna is an excellent option for uninterrupted services.

It can receive low, high VHF and UHF signals without any issues. If, we talk in more technical terms this antenna

This tv antenna supports ultra H.D. channels; also, it is ATSC 3 0 Ready. (ATSC 3.0 offers better picture and sound quality).

The more noteworthy features in this antenna are its capability with famous streaming devices like Chromecast, Fire Tv, Roku, etc. This outdoor tv antenna also comes with a free APP that allows you to search for available channels in your area easily. Also, you can use the Winegard app for finding if there are any obstructions in nearby towers by using A.R. (Augmented Reality).


This antenna is not impressive design-wise. If you take a look at it, you can see that it is like an antenna from the ’50s or ’90s depends when you were born ?. The antenna is awfully long; however, it is a very sturdy one. Winegard offers zinc plating that prevents rust. Also, it has an ABS girder design that adds strength to its quality. Like, Vansky and Pingbingding, it has an easy snap-on installation.

The positive take away from this antenna big size is its ability to withhold wind. Also, its hefty design makes it more stable.

Winegard HD8200U is a directional antenna. It has a height of 33 inches, a width of 110 inches, and a length of 168.25 inches. And, it weighs around 17 lbs. Yes, it is massive as well, if compared with other antennas on our list.


The first drawback you can experience with this antenna is its size, which is huge. The second issue we came across is its inability to auto-rotate. You have to rotate it manually in the direction you want.

Pros Cons
Supports ATSC 3.0 Huge and heavy
Sturdy design No auto rotation
Excellent in catching OTA channels



If you can neglect its size, weight, and can bear manual rotation, we highly recommend you this outdoor tv antenna. As, it offers excellent reception, a free App on both IOS and Android to scan the towers and channels in your area. As well as it is ATSC 3.0 ready that allows you to have better sound and picture quality. 3D content, and much more. And Winegard is a brand you can trust as they are in business since 1954.

Antennas Direct Clearstream 4Max

Premium design tv antenna

Clearstream 4Max by Antennas direct is another good option for an outdoor antenna, especially in rural areas. This antenna offers a sufficient range with the right gain to make your tv experience enjoyable. However, this antenna is also expensive, like HD8200U.


The most outstanding feature of this product is the multi-direction signal catching ability. This antenna offers more than 70 miles of range. It has UHF and VHF diplexer that enables you to have good reception and gain without much obstruction.

Clearstream 4Max offers whole-house connectivity means you can connect many devices at the same time. However, we do not recommend connecting many televisions at the same time. If you want to connect multiple televisions, you can use a single coaxial cable to do that.

Antennas direct offer free app to detect channels and towers in your area easily. The name of the app is the antenna point. The app also allows you to see the distance between your home and the tower.

Clearstream 4Max comes with a lifetime warranty, and after our research, we can easily say Antennas direct support is just excellent.

The 20-inch mast also included with the antenna.


Clearstream 4Max has a unique design. As you can see, the “8” symbol on both sides. This antenna is lightweight as it weighs only around 4 pounds. The design is minimal, but it has a wide beam to catch all the signals. Moreover, it has dimensions of 3.80 into 31.30 into 17.50 inches.

It has sturdy built quality. You can also install this antenna in the attic. Clearstream 4max is quite easy to install. As we said, it has a unique design.


We have discussed what it offers above, but it’s time to look at its downsides. The number issue is it’s expensive. Yes, this antenna is good, but we think the price is high if compared with competitors. And another drawback you can experience is that it has no pre-amp. If you want to amplify signals, you have to buy it separately. Also, it does not come with a coaxial cable you have to buy that separately as well.

To sum it up in short, we have listed its pros and cons below

Pros Cons
Unique Design Can be expensive for some people
Durable Does not have pre-amplifier for signals boosting



You can install Clearstream 4Max outdoor or in the attic as it is specially designed for areas where reception is not clear. It has a unique design; the built quality is superb despite being lightweight. Also, it comes with a lifetime warranty. And to make reception better, it offers multi-direction signals catching.

On the downside, the price is a little high, and it has no built-in amplifier.

RCA Outdoor Yagi Satellite

Yagi antenna by RCA for outdoors

This is the last and final outdoor tv antenna for rural areas on our list. Yagi satellite by RCA is another great antenna to have. It is budget-friendly, offers a good range with reasonable reception quality.


Yagi satellite supports up to 70 miles of range. If the reception is excellent, you can receive 4k or even 8k channels with this tv antenna. Like many other tv antennas on our list, this one also supports both UHF and VHF frequencies.

RCA offers a free app similar to Antennas direct and Winegard to find channels and towers in your location.


The installation is also effortless. You can install this antenna by attaching a mast clamp to an antenna. Now you have to connect the coaxial cable with it. After, that attach the elements and connect the other end of coaxial cable with your television. Make sure to scan for channels.


Yagi satellite has a minimal design. It looks straight after the installation. If you ask our opinion, there is nothing to explain in the design of this antenna. It weighs only 2 LBS. The dimensions of this antenna are 34.50 into 33.10 into 24.20 inches.

This is a directional antenna.


All the good stuff has been discussed above now its time to look at its wrong side. This antenna is a directional one. You have to point it manually to the most potent source. And that’s the only drawback we have found in this antenna.

To help you decide better, we have listed the pros and cons below

Pros Cons
Inexpensive Directional with no auto rotation
Easy to Install



Yagi satellite is budget-friendly, easy to install, and futuristic tv antenna. It works great in rural areas as well. On the downside, it is a directional tv antenna and offers no auto rotation. You have to manually adjust it to the desirable tower.

How to choose the best outdoor tv antenna for rural areas

Above, we have listed some of the best outdoor tv antennas for rural areas after extensive research. However, for some reason, you do not like the antennas we have listed. Or you just want to know how the process works when it comes to choosing the best antennas for rural areas.

To assist you better in making the right decision, we have listed the buyer’s guide below.

Range and gain

The range is the ability of an antenna to catch signals from a certain distance. E.G., the Vansky tv antenna offers the range of 150 plus miles, but will it gain that much? Probably not. However, high range antennas are a good option for rural areas as the towers are far. To obtain the maximum reception and to attain the best possible range, place the antenna on the maximum height, so you have fewer obstructions on its way.

Reception Quality

In rural areas attaining reception, quality is not smooth. You will need an antenna that offers less noise and more gain. In short, the less the noise, the better the quality of reception. So, again we recommend placing the antenna on maximum height to have the minimum signal obstructions. Also, look for an antenna that has long-range and high gain, as we mentioned above. There are antennas that offer now up to 8k quality of reception, depending on the obstruction levels. Above, we have listed only those antennas that provide the best possible quality of reception.

Weather Proofing

If you live in an area where the weather is extreme, i.e., the windy city, an area with a lot of snow. Thunderstorms or heavy rainfalls look for an antenna that offers weatherproofing to keep the good quality of reception. Those antennas are designed to minimize the impact of climate on them so, you can receive the excellent quality of signals; hence, uninterrupted and distortion-free channels.

Frequency Support

As you probably know, there are two major types of frequencies when it comes to tv antennas. The VHF and UHF. Some channels on air on VHF frequency and some goes on UHF frequency, We recommend getting antenna that offers both so, you can watch the maximum channels.


Signals amplifiers are a good way to boost the quality of signals. However, the amplifier also increases the noise levels that can cause snow on the screen and other issues while watching your favorite shows. Pre-amps are a good addition to have in your outdoor tv antenna. But again to keep the noise levels in check and to gain better reception place your antenna at the maximum height.

Antenna Cable

The quality of coaxial cable matters a lot. Also, the length. Confused? Don’t be. One end of cable gets attached with antenna and another end to the television. The better the quality of the coaxial cable, the less distortion you will get. Also, we said, length. Length matters in the coaxial cable so, you do not have any bends as bending can decrease the packets it carries from the antenna to your televisions.


We recommend avoiding splitters to keep quality. Splitters can allow you to watch channels on multiple televisions. However, there is a high chance that you will lose the quality and quantity of channels, especially in the rural area.

Direction and Placement

There are directional, multi-directional, and omnidirectional tv antenna’s. If you are opting for directional ones that are most common in outdoor settings. And extremely popular in rural areas. We highly recommend searching for the best tower and place your antenna in the right direction. Also, attach your antenna to the maximum height, as we said many times above. In fact, in every point of the buyer’s guide.

The higher the antenna, the less distortion, and obstructions in your way. And, you will get the maximum channels with the best possible reception. We have mentioned above some of the antennas that come with their own IOS and android apps to help you locate the best tower. However, if you have opted for an antenna that does not comes with an app. You can attain information of channels by using

Wrapping it up

Now it’s time to conclude this article. Above, we have mentioned the best outdoor tv antennas for rural areas that we have gathered after extensive research. We hope you will like this list as well. To make your shopping more comfortable, we have also listed the buyer’s guide. Also, if you have any questions regarding this list or have an opinion or anything to share with us, you can do it via contacting us or by simply commenting below.

Enjoy cutting the cord! ?

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