Best Printers For Teachers in 2020

(Last Updated On: February 6, 2020)
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A printer is one of the essential needs of a teacher. A teacher needs a printer to print documents, presentations and provide notes to the students as well as other additional study stuff. So, it makes sense for a teacher to invest in printers. If you’re a teacher and want a printer that best suits your needs, you should look for a printer that is able to provide fast, high-quality printouts in such a busy school environment.

It will be difficult for you to search such a printer in the market that best meets your requirements. As a teacher, you must definitely require a printer that uses low ink, is convenient to use, will assist you in carrying out school printing projects, has extensive duty printing capabilities and produce high-quality, multiple prints consistently. No need to worry! You don’t have to search markets for such a printer. We have already done this work on your behalf and have brought three best printers that surely have all these qualities. So, let’s start without any further delay!

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Quick Search & Comparison of Best Printers for Teachers

Printer Functions Max print Speed
Brother MFC-L8900CDW-Editor’s Choice Print,scan & copy 33 ppmCheck Price
HP PageWide Pro 477dw Print,Scan,Copy & Fax 55 ppmCheck Price
Brother Compact Monochrome HL-L2350DW Print only 32 ppmCheck Price


Brother MFC-L8900CDW- Editor’s Choice

best printer for teachers

The first printer in our list of best printers for teachers is Brother MFC-L8900CDW printer. It is undoubtedly perfect for a classroom environment as it has been designed to meet all the essential requirements of a workgroups including higher print volumes, low printing cost, easy and reliable document handling and professional quality output. It performs various functions of printing, scanning and faxing all in one place.

Let’s see what else this printer can do!


It generates documents quickly with its amazing leading-class printing and copying speeds of up to 33ppm in black and up to 33ppm in color. Get first print out in just 15 seconds!

Can you guess what amazing feature it has? Instead of ink lets, the printer use toner powder to provide you spot and mark free photos and documents. Moreover, it is capable of holding large volumes quickly at low cost per page.

There are 4 individual ink cartridges present in the printer. The ink palette includes the following colors; black, cyan, magenta and yellow. All these combined add bright and true to life colors in photos and crispiness in the text.

The printer has built-in wireless and mobile printing capability. It gives you the access of printing documents or photos directly from your smart devices. The printer also features Ethernet connectivity making it able to share its access to multiple users. This makes it super reliable. It is also compatible with Apple AirPrint for printing from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Google Cloud Print 2.0 for printing from android devices and free bother iPrint&Scan app for printing from both already mentioned devices. Moreover, it also has a high-speed 2.0 USB port that provides standard connection to your PC.

It features high color resolution of up to 2400×600 dpi to produce excellent quality and detailed documents and graphics.

The super high-yield replacement toner cartridges help you save a lot of time but reducing the time spent in replacing supplies and operating costs.

It also has multiple paper loading trays. The main tray has a paper holding capacity of 250-sheets at a time, the multi-purpose tray can hold 50 sheets at a time, an automatic document feeder is capable of loading 70-sheets at a time and the output tray has the capability to hold 150 sheets at once. This gives you the access of high volume printing and copying making it perfect for large group projects. Moreover, it has a monthly duty cycle of 6000 pages.

Along with printing, the printer also has various amazing copying functions including standalone copying, reduction/enlargement from 25-400%, sorting, duplexing, N-in-1 and ID copy. Along with all these, get the first monochrome copy out in just 16 seconds and color copy out in just 17 seconds.

The printer also includes a flatbed scanner with contact image sensor having an optical resolution of 1200x2400dpi and interpolated resolution of up to 19200x19200dpi. The scanner has exceptional scanning speeds of up to 29ipm in simplex and 5 ipm in duplex. Other various scanning features include continuous scan, ADF Auto Deskew, black page skip, ID scan and up to 25 scan profiles.

Along with printing and scanning, the printer also performs various faxing functions including exceptional fax transmission speed of up to 2.5 seconds per page. Some other amazing fax features include PC fax, duplex faxing, distinctive ring ready, out-of-paper reception, Quick scan, fax switch and document memory backup.

The printer is also ENERGY STAR qualified and consumed typical energy of 1.8 kWh per week.


Heading towards its design; for setup it requires a space that measures 19.5 inches wide, 20.7 inches deep and 21.6 inches high. It’s quite a huge thing! It weighs 63.1 lbs.

It is compatible with the following media types; plain, glossy paper, envelopes, bonds, labels, recycled paper, colored paper and letterhead. It accepts the following paper sizes; letter, legal, executive, A4, A5, and A6.

The printer features a 5 inch color touch screen LCD display that allows you to quickly and easily review and change settings.


Well, the only limitation that comes with this printer is undoubtedly its size! It is a huge thing which is difficult to on a desk in your home or office. It requires a vast space to fit in.

Let’s have a quick review of its pros and cons!

Pros Cons
Incredible speed Large in size
Excellent quality output
All-in-one printer



Despite being large in size, Brother MFC-L8900CDW printer works great overall. It has all the features needed for a small office. It prints much faster with improved efficiency. No doubt, this all-in-one printer is a great choice for teachers and classroom setting.


HP PageWide Pro 477dw

beautiful HP printer for teachers

The next printer in our best printers list for teachers is HP PageWide Pro 477dw color printer. It is a multi-function wireless printer that delivers significant value and speed. It offers professional-quality print outs. The printer is perfect for small and medium businesses. It is affordable and provides fast versatile documents.

Let’s have a look of its amazing features!


First of all, let’s talk about this PageWide feature. Well, it’s not a laser. It’s not an inkjet either. Instead, it’s the best of both. This printer is a new alternative for business printing. It is designed with fewer moving parts. Basically, a blend of the stationary, page-width print bar that enables super high speeds like never before, improved reliability and fewer replacement parts. All these combined provides exceptional quality prints at the lowest possible total cost. It delivers you interruption-free printing with improved efficiency and reliable performance. Moreover, it significantly uses low energy.

The printer offers amazing printing speeds to generate documents quickly. It prints up to 55 ISO ppm in black and up to 55 ISO ppm in color. Get the first print out in just 6.5 seconds!

Built-in wireless, Ethernet and mobile printing capability allow you to connect your smart devices to the printer and to share your printer’s access with multiple users on your network respectively. It is also compatible with Google Cloud Print 2.0 to print directly from your smart phone or tablet. Moreover, it also has high-speed USB 2.0 port that provides standard connection to your PC.

It has up to 2400x2400dpi color resolution to produce vibrant, bright colored, true-to-life photos.

The printer features 4 economical individual ink cartridges including black, cyan, magenta and yellow ink. You only have to replace ink cartridges when a color runs out!

What makes it perfect for classroom projects is its large paper holding capacity. The input tray is capable of holding 500-sheets, 37 envelopes, 100 cards and 225 labels. The output tray can hold 300-sheets., 35 envelopes, 100 card, 100 labels and 250 legal sheets. Along with it, it also contains an automatic document feeder that can hold 50 pages at a time. ADF ensures quick reloading of papers. The printer has a monthly duty cycle of 5000 pages which is beneficial for large jobs.

Built-in duplex printing feature allows you to print on both sides of the page without flipping it over manually. This helps in minimizing your printing costs.

The printer also contains a scanner with color contact image sensor (CIS) that allows you to scan large documents and reproduce exact colors by using its 1200x1200dpi optical resolution. Other scanning features include image adjustments, output quality setting, selection scan resolution 75-1200dpi, job notification, scan and save to destinations and OCR.

Along with printing and scanning features, it also performs various copying functions. It has amazing copying speeds of up to 55cpm in black and up to 55 ISO cpm in color. In addition to it, 600dpi copy resolution lets you generate copies quickly and also ensures efficient performance. Other copying functions include ID copy, two-sided copying, collate, binding margin, color access control, native authorization and authentication and much more!

It also features high-speed fax with 33.6 kbps modem, 100 speed dials and automatic redial that lets you to meet your office needs. Some other amazing fax features include digital fax-fax to computer, auto fax reduction, auto-redialing, fax delayed sending, distinctive ring detection, fax forwarding, fax phone TAM interface, fax polling, junk barrier, PC interface and telephone handset support.

The NFC capability uses a single touch to print via compatible mobile devices.

HP’s best-in-class security system helps in protecting your data and documents. It helps to secure your important information and allows you to work confidently and efficiently.

It is compatible with Windows 7,8,10, Mac OS X 10.6-10.8 and Linux.


Talking about its design, for setup it requires a space that measures 20.9 inches wide, 15.8 inches deep and 18.4 inches high. It weighs 49 lbs.

The printer is capable of accepting the following paper types; plain, light, intermediate, mid-weight, heavy, extra heavy, pre-punched, recycled, bond, photo, glossy, soft gloss, satin, matte, envelopes, labels, cards, specialty papers, glossy brochure, matte brochure, tri-fold brochure, Hagaki, greeting cards and others. It is compatible with the following paper sizes; letter, oficio, legal, statement, executive, 3×5’’, 4×6’’, 5×7’’, 5×8’’, No.10 Monarch.

It features 4.3’’ touch screen that makes operation simple.


Let’s have a look of the areas where the printer lacks behind!

Firstly, people find this printer expensive. It also has high costs of cartridges. This can be a major turn off for most of the people.

Secondly, its size! The printer is quite heighted which proves unreliable for most of the people.

Lastly, people complain that its screen never turns off. The constantly light coming from the printer’s screen can be annoying ad frustration.

Now, let’s move towards its pros and cons!

Pros Cons
Decent print speeds High purchase and inks price
Fast and efficient
Multiple connectivity options
Page Wide feature



The HP PageWide Pro 477dw is a 4-in1 printer. It is fast as hell. It prints exceptional quality documents. Its large paper holding capacity is what makes it best for a classroom use. It provides efficient performance. Also, a very good printer for a classroom use.


Brother Compact Monochrome HL-L2350DW

The last printer in our list is Bother Compact Monochrome HL-L2350DW. It is a mono laser printer that provides reliable and efficient printing. HL-L2350DW is a quite fast printer. It serves as a great choice for busy home and small offices. Also suitable for a classroom environment. It delivers excellent performance.

Let’s move towards its features!


This laser printer is compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

It has class leading printing speeds of up to 32ppm. Get the first print out in just less than 8.5 seconds. Lightning speed!

2400x2600dpi resolution combined with laser technology produces excellent detailed documents quickly.

Automatic-duplexing is also available in this printer which means you don’t have to turn over each page manually. This helps you in saving your time and effort.

The printer offers multiple connectivity options including Wi-Fi which allows you to directly from your smart devices and also has access to Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Brother iPrint&Scan and Wi-Fi Direct. Moreover, a USB 2.0 port is also available for wired setups.

Other amazing printing features include toner save, N-in-1 printing, watermark, poster printing, ID print, custom print profiles and booklet printing.

The main paper tray is capable of holding 250-sheets at a time which makes it beneficial in a classroom setting. In addition to it, it also has a monthly duty cycle of 15000 pages. Along with main paper tray, there is also a second tray which allows you to load full-size papers. This helps in improving efficiency with fewer refills. The output tray is capable of holding 100 sheets at a time.

A toner save mode helps you to save toner costs. Brother Genuine high-yield replacement toner delivers up to two times more prints and that’s how it saves your printing costs also!


Moving towards its design; the printer has a dependable and durable design. It has been constructed with strong, sturdy and robust material with the purpose of keeping up with your busy schedule. This is a compact printer and when set up requires a space that measures 7.9 inches high, 14 inches wide and 16 inches deep. It weighs 15.9 pounds.

The printer is compatible with the following media types; bond paper, envelopes, labels, plain paper, recycled paper, thick paper, thicker paper and thin paper. It can accept the following paper sizes; A4, A5, A6, executive, folio, legal and letter A size.

It features medium-sized 21 inch display screen that allows you to view and change settings easily.


Let’s have a look of its drawbacks!

The only drawback this printer has is lack of Ethernet port which somehow makes it unreliable. Absence of Ethernet port doesn’t allow you to share your printer’s access with multiple users on your network.

Let’s wrap this printer in the form of pros and cons!

Pros Cons
Excellent output quality Lacks Ethernet port
Incredible value
Competitive running costs



Overall, Bother Compact Monochrome HL-L2350DW is a fine printer. It is a laser printer and provides efficient performance and good output quality. It has large paper holding capacity. Moreover, it is also compatible with a wide variety of media types and sizes making it ideal for a classroom setting. It is reasonably fast with competitive running costs.

How to choose best printer for a teacher?

Here we have listed a simple guideline including all the key points that a printer should have in accordance to a classroom setting. This will make things lot simpler and clearer for you. It will help you in choosing the right printer.


As a teacher, you need to print out a huge number or documents for obviously huge number of students. You generally don’t have enough time to sit and wait for your documents to print. As a teacher, you need a printer that works super fast. The printer you should be looking must be able to provide large number of print outs at a very high speed. It should have exceptional printing speeds!

Paper Handling

As a teacher you not only have to print notes for your students, you also have to print presentations and various photos. Keeping in view this thing, your printer should be capable of accepting and printing a wide variety of paper sizes and types. A printer that has this quality is super reliable to use.


This is a feature offered in most of the latest printers. As a teacher, you might also have to deal with 2-sided paper printing. Obviously, no teacher has this enough time and effort to turn over each manually page again and again to get 2-sided printing done. For this purpose, your printer should be capable of auto-duplexing. This feature saves you a lot of time and effort which you always require being a teacher.

Paper Holding Capacity

In my view, this is the most important quality a printer for a classroom should have!

A class is generally comprised of large number of students and obviously you don’t always have to print single sheet documents. There are some assignments, projects or notes that involve numerous pages. A printer that has low paper loading capacity will immediately run out of papers making a frustrating environment for you. Your printer should have large paper holding capacity, for instance 200-250 sheets at a time. A printer that is able to load, hold and produce large number of papers at once is undoubtedly perfect for a classroom setting.


The next thing you should be looking in a printer should be its size! A compact, small and light weighted printer goes best with a classroom environment. Including all the chairs and other classroom stuff, you’re not left with much space. Fitting a huge printer in generally less space would be just hectic and impossible for you. Moreover, a light-weighted printer is easier to move from one place to another making it super reliable and convenient.

Ink Costs

A printer should be budget-oriented including its purchasing and ink costs. Obviously, you cannot spend a huge chunk of money every now and then to buy the printer’s ink cartridges. As a teacher, you’ll need a lot of ink to print large number of documents. So, you should look for a printer that comes with competitive running costs or have cheaper replacements of inks available.

Final Conclusion

Choosing a printer for a teacher or a classroom environment is not easy. You have to look for a number of things before you buy a printer. A teacher requires a printer that has some various additional features including excellent speed and output quality, compact and incredibly designed, has large paper handling capacity and competitive running costs.

Searching for such a printer in a market isn’t very easy to be honest. You need a lot of time for that. But what we are here for then? We have already searched and chosen out the three best printers that perfectly suit a teacher’s requirements. In addition to it, we’ve also provided a simple guideline that explains the essential features a printer for a classroom should have. We are hopeful that by now you’ll not have any confusion in choosing the best printer for your classroom. Good Luck!

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