Best Routers For AT&T U-Verse In 2021

(Last Updated On: February 7, 2021)
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Although it is a must to use the same modem that is initially provided by AT&T U-Verse to enjoy their internet services, it is not necessary that you must settle for their router too. Their modem consists of an integrated router, but it is outdated. You cannot enjoy any new features, advanced technologies, better speed, and coverage while using their router. That is why, in this article, we have come up with a few of the best routers for AT&T U-Verse.

FYI: If you use COX internet, then check out the best routers for cox.

Having your own router allows you to extend the Wi-Fi coverage and enhance the internet speeds as much as you like. If you use the AT&T U-Verse’s router, you will have to pay a rental fee for extra speeds, which you will never experience, unfortunately. Secondly, their router offers inadequate Wi-Fi coverage. If you connect multiple devices with the Wi-Fi connection, you will ultimately experience congestion, poor Wi-Fi connection, buffering, lag, and delays. We know precisely how annoying it is when your movie starts buffering, or your game starts lagging. To avoid all these scenarios, it is desirable to have your own router.

Benefits of Having Your Own Router For At&T U-Verse

Let’s examine some of the significant benefits that you can derive by purchasing your own AT&T U-Verse compatible router.

Fast Internet Speeds

In the modern era, almost everything has gone online. From watching movies to paying bills, everything is done with a smart device. Practically every device in your home has to get connected with the Wi-Fi service for some reason. When multiple devices connect to the Wi-Fi connection, this results in a slow internet connection and unnecessary delays. With your own router, you can enhance the internet speeds as much as you like. You can also choose to stream and play in 4k or 8k without any buffering or lagging.

Extend Wi-Fi Range

The router that comes with the AT&T U-Verse provides signals to limited rooms. You have to sit in one room to stay connected to the internet, and as soon as you step outside that room, you encounter ‘No internet Connection.’ By having your own router, you can extend the Wi-Fi coverage as much as you like. The Wi-Fi signals reach every corner of the house, and you can easily enjoy the Wi-Fi services anywhere and anytime.

Advanced Technologies

You cannot expect to have MU-MIMO, Beamforming, parental controls, VPN, Firewall, etc. to be present in the original router that is provided by the AT&T U-Verse. However, by purchasing your own router, you can enjoy and experience all of these advanced technologies. All these features ensure that you get maximum productivity and output out of your router, and you enjoy a smooth & stable internet connection.


Most people choose to have confidential data online, while some people have children in their homes. By having your own router, you can block the various threatening networks and restrict the diverse content for your children. Besides, you can also protect your compatible devices from every kind of anti-virus and malware.


You do not have full authority on the router that is initially provided by the AT&T U-Verse. However, by purchasing your own compatible router, you can fully own, customize settings, and control the whole of your router.

This is all about the benefits of having one’s own router. Now, what are the AT&T U-Verse compatible routers? It is worth mentioning that not every router is compatible and approved by AT&T U-Verse. To save you from exhaustion and frustration, we have already searched and examined dozens of AT&T U-Verse compatible routers. We have chosen three of the best routers that will perfectly fit your needs as well as your budget. Along with the routers, we have also presented a simple guideline that will help you in making the right choice.

Let’s get started.

Quick Search & Comparison Of Best Routers For AT&T U-Verse

Router WIFI Ethernet Ports
NETGEAR Nighthawk R7000- Editor’s Choice AC1900 4 into 1G Check Price
Linksys AC5400 AC5400 8 Check Price
Google Wi-Fi system AC1200 2 Check Price



NETGEAR Nighthawk R7000- Editor’s Choice

best wifi router for at&t u-verse

This is the very first router on our list.

NETGEAR has never failed to produce incredible routers, and their nighthawk series has indeed outpaced many of the outclass routers available in the market today.

The reason why we have chosen NETGEAR Nighthawk R7000 as one of the best routers for AT&T U-Verse is because of its impressive features and design.


Let’s examine its features in detail.

Wi-Fi Range

First of all, let’s talk about its range. It’s Wi-Fi covers approximately 1800 square feet area. It is far more than delivered by the original router that is provided by AT&T U-Verse. With NETGEAR Nighthawk R7000, you get to enjoy Wi-Fi services in every room of the house.


It is a dual-band Wi-Fi. The 2.5 GHz band delivers up to 600 Mbps internet speed, whereas the 5 GHz band offers up to 1300 Mbps internet speed. If you have light activities, you can assign it to the 2.5 GHz band, but if you want to stream or play in 4k or 8k, you can easily assign it to the 5 GHz band.


With NETGEAR Nighthawk R7000 router, you can connect the Wi-Fi connection on up to 30 devices. This means you can connect each and every device present in your home, from mobile phones, tablets, laptops to televisions, to the Wi-Fi connection with great ease.

Advanced Technologies

This incredible router is installed with advanced technologies like Beamforming +, Dynamic QoS, Smart Connect, and Amazon Alexa. All of these features enhance the speed, range, and performance of the router. Amazon Alexa gives you access to use your voice for giving commands. The router also supports WPA2, Guest Wi-Fi, VPN, DoS, and Firewall.

Parental Controls

If you have children in your home, you can easily view their site history, restrict various contents, and also pause the internet access. All thanks to this fantastic router!

Easy to Set-up and Control

To set-up, your device and manage it, all you need is the Nighthawk mobile phone application. Control of the router is in the palm of your hand.


NETGEAR Armor ensures that all of your compatible devices stay protected from every kind of virus and malware.

Wi-Fi standards

It is an 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi router.


The router has a 1 GHz dual-core processor that enhances the router’s performance.

This is all about its features.


It’s time to review its design now.

NETGEAR Nighthawk R7000 is a pretty-to-look-at router. It measures 11.22 x 7.26 x 1.97 inches and weighs 1.65 lbs only.

It has three antennas for better Wi-Fi signals strength and coverage.

The router has four 1 gigabit ethernet ports, one 3.0 and one 2.0 USB port, for the facility of easy and direct-wired internet connection.

It runs at 100240 Volts and requires 1 AAA batteries.


Let’s examine its downsides now.

First of all, we are not hesitant a bit to tell you that their QoS is not as much good as they describe. They generally have fewer configuration options.

Secondly, the VPN (that they claim to support) is only limited to the windows VPN.

Let’s quickly review its pros and cons.

Pros Cons
Better Wi-Fi coverage Fewer configuration options
Beamforming+ Only supports windows VPN
Neat design
USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports



Despite the downsides, NETGEAR Nighthawk R7000 is a superb router. It offers some amazing features and functions for its users. Also has better Wi-Fi coverage and internet speeds. It is a lot better than the original router that is provided by the UT&T U-Verse. Beamforming+ enhances the range and the overall performance of the router. This router is definitely, a smart choice. It is, truly, one of the best routers available today.

Linksys AC5400

best triband router for at&t u verse

This is the second router on our list.

Linksys AC5400 Wi-Fi router handles multiple users and multiple devices efficiently.

What’s so special about it?

Let’s find out!


Let’s have a quick review of its impressive features.

Wi-Fi Coverage

You can move freely from one room to another or even in your backyard and enjoy non-stop Wi-Fi services without any signals drop. Linksys AC5400 Wi-Fi router provides a range up to 3000 square feet area.


Linksys AC5400 Wi-Fi router covers more than 25 wireless devices. So, you can easily connect and enjoy Wi-Fi services on as many devices as you like.

Easy to Set-up

Setting it up and managing it is pretty simple and easy. All you have to do is install the Linksys application on your mobile phone and handle all of your router activities. You do not require any CD installation for its set-up.


It is a tri-band Wi-Fi router, which means it operates at three different frequencies. Each band provides ultimate speed and combined, they provide blazing internet speeds for non-stop streaming and gaming. To be precise, the 2.4 GHz band provides up to 2166 Mbps internet speed, the 5 GHz band offers up to 1000 Mbps, and the other 5 GHz band delivers incredible internet speed up to 2166 Mbps. All these three bands combined provide blazing internet speeds of up to 5.3 Gbps. You can easily stream in 4k or 8k without any buffering and play games without any lagging.


This router features a 1.4 GHz dual-core processor that ensures the ultimate and smooth performance of the router.

Advanced Technologies

Linksys AC5400 Wi-Fi router is installed with the most advanced technologies, such as MU-MIMO and Beamforming. These features enhance the speed and range of the Wi-Fi internet connection. All these, ultimately, strengthen your streaming and gaming experience.

Wi-Fi Standards

It is an 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi router.

This is all about its features.


Let’s quickly review its design now.

Linksys AC5400 Wi-Fi router is full of antennas. It has eight antennas, which make the router look like an alien-ship. On the whole, it adds decency and beauty on your wall (if you have mounted it on the wall) or shelf.

The device measures 14.29 x 5.39 x 11.73 inches and weighs 3.25 lbs only.

It features eight-gigabit ethernet ports and two USB ports. (USB 3.0 port included)


Let’s see where this device lacks behind.

The ONLY problem you can face while using this router is that your compatible devices may frequently disconnect from the Wi-Fi connection. In that case, try disabling the MU-MIMO on the router to try making separate SSID’s and choose a single mode for each band.

Let’s quickly review its pros and cons.

Pros Cons
Eight Ethernet ports Be aware of the mixed-mode



On the whole, the Linksys AC5400 Wi-Fi router is a fantastic router for managing multiple users and devices at once. It provides exceptional internet speed to all the devices, and you can easily stream in 4k without buffering. It has an excellent Wi-Fi range. Tri-band works together to ensure you get maximum internet speed for your heavy online tasks. This router is definitely, worth buying.

Google Wi-Fi system

best wifi system for at&t u-verse

This is the very last device on our list.

Google Wi-Fi system – have you heard it for the first time? Don’t worry! We are going to give you an in-depth review of its features, functions, and how it works.


Let’s get started.

Replacement for Router

Google Wi-Fi system is a great replacement for a router and provides Wi-Fi internet services that reach each and every corner of the room.


It is compatible with almost all the internet services, including Comcast, FiOS, and time warner.


As you can see in the image above, there are three Wi-Fi points. Each Wi-Fi point covers up to 1500 square feet area, and all the three, together, cover up to 4500 square feet area. Amazing, isn’t it? This means you get to enjoy internet connection in each and every room of the house without any calls drop or buffering. If you feel a need to extend the Wi-Fi coverage, you can add as many Wi-Fi points as you like.

Easy to set-up and Control

Either it is setting the device up or pausing the Wi-Fi on your children’s devices, everything is done through a single mobile application. Controlling your device is just a snap!


Each Wi-Fi point features dual-band Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi standards

802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi standards are supported.

This is all about its features.

Let’s now see how many of these Wi-Fi points do you need?

If you are living in a small house or an apartment, then a single Google Wi-Fi point is enough for you as a single Wi-Fi point covers up to 500-1500 square feet area.

If you are looking for a Wi-Fi device for a medium house, let’s say that can cover up to 1500-3000 square feet., two Wi-Fi points are desirable.

Lastly, for a large home, three Wi-Fi points are preferable as they cover up to 3000-4500 square feet area.


Let’s examine its design now.

Google Wi-Fi system consists of small, pretty, and round Wi-Fi points. They are simply lovely to look at and add beauty wherever you put them. A single Wi-Fi point measures 4.17 x 4.17 x 2.7 inches and weighs 11.8 ounces only.

Each Wi-Fi point consists of two ethernet ports.

It requires 120240 Volts and 1 CR2 battery to run.


You will be happy to know there’s nothing wrong with this system.


Here’s a little note and advise for you; buy the Google Wi-Fi points according to the structure of your home. If you are living in a small home, yet the walls are thick and concrete, you may need more than a single Wi-Fi point for better Wi-Fi coverage.

Let’s quickly review its pros and cons now.

Pros Cons
Pretty design No Major Drawback Found
Easy to set-up
Great replacement for a router



Google has, definitely, amazed its users by inventing this pretty little Wi-Fi points that can, amazingly, cover the whole house. It does provide great service and productivity as compared to many fancy routers out there in the market. If you are looking for something lighter and prettier, this system is definitely for you. You can choose as many Wi-Fi points as you like keeping in view the size and structure of your house. This system is definitely worth the purchase.

How to Choose the Best Router for AT&T U-Verse?

best routers for at&t u-verse buying guide infopgrahic

How do you know which router is the best choice for AT&T U-Verse? Which qualities to account for while choosing the best router?

Picking out the best router isn’t a problem anymore. If you still have any queries, this guide will definitely clear them up. Just continue reading till the end and find out.


First and the most important thing is the compatibility of your router with AT&T U-Verse.

There are many routers out there in the market that are not approved by AT&T U-Verse. If you happen to buy any one of those, it is entirely useless. So, make sure that the router you are choosing must be compatible with and approved by AT&T U-Verse.

Wi-Fi Standards

“ac” and “ad” are the most advanced Wi-Fi standards. You can go with either of them. But the cheapest is the “ac” one. However, if you want to go for the “ad” Wi-Fi standard, it will be a little bit expensive on your pocket. Most of the routers feature both the standards, but some feature only one of them. It is, totally, up to you which one you want to choose to keep in view your budget.

Wi-Fi Bands

The latest Wi-Fi band is tri-band, which operates in three frequencies. However, it is expensive as compared to the dual-band Wi-Fi. Both are good to go. But the third band in tri-band enhances the capacity of the Wi-Fi devices as well as the performance. If you want to choose the best one, go for tri-band. But if you’re looking for a budget-oriented one, then dual-band is definitely for you.


Ports provide an easy and direct-wired internet connection to your compatible devices. The more the ports, the better. As you have more options to connect your devices and you can connect as many devices as you like.

Internet Speed

Internet speed is measured in Mbps. Here’s a simple technique, you do not have to scratch your heads in complicated things. Just remember, the greater the number of Mbps, the higher the internet speed. If you have light online tasks, then the average internet speed is OKAY. But if you are looking for a router on which you can easily stream in 4k or 8k, then don’t settle for lesser internet speed.

Easy to Set-up and Manage

Many routers out there aren’t easy to set-up. After a long time and effort, you manage to get control of them. Many new routers in the market offer quick set-up and control, usually through a mobile application. Choose your router wisely and save yourself from long hours of frustration and exhaustion.

Wi-Fi Range

Choose your router carefully after examining the size and structure of your house. Many times, a router does offer a vast Wi-Fi signal range, but sometimes, they fail to pass the thick and concrete walls of your rooms. Make sure that the router you are planning to buy, produce Wi-Fi signals, powerful enough to pass through the walls of your rooms. Hence, you get to enjoy Wi-Fi services in each and every corner of the house.

Advanced Technologies

Never hesitate to choose a router that offers the latest technologies, such as MU-MIMO and Beamforming. MU-MIMO technology handles multiple users and multiple devices efficiently at once. Whereas Beamforming enhances the strength and range of the Wi-Fi signals. All these technologies are installed to ensure you get maximum productivity and output out of your device.


Here’s the simple thing!

The more the features, the better the router! Always go for the one that offers the maximum features.

Final Conclusion

In this article, we have covered the benefits of having your own router. The list of the routers that are best for AT&T U-Verse, and lastly, the buyer’s guide that will help you in making the right decision. Make sure that the router you are planning to buy must be compatible with AT&T U-Verse. Don’t wait now, shop the router that best suits your needs and budget and enhance your internet experience. Feel free to give us your feedback.

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