Best Tablet for Sheet Music In 2021

(Last Updated On: February 7, 2021)
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If you are looking for the best tablet for sheet music, you have arrived at the right platform. We know how exhausting and annoying it is to carry papers with you every time at music performances. Well, you don’t have to take a bunch of papers everywhere now. You just have to bring one device that holds everything inside, from music sheet to daily-use apps.

Tablets are replacing smartphones and computers rapidly because of their big display size, ample storage space, and easy mobility. However, not every tablet is ideal for storing and displaying sheet music. There are certain factors that make a tablet perfect for this task. But not to worry! We have already searched, analyzed, and chosen three of the best tablets that are efficient in holding sheet music. Besides the list of tablets, we have also presented a simple guideline at the bottom of the article. Containing all those factors that create a tablet perfect or prominent than the rest.

FYI: we have listed best tablets for reading newspaper as well ?

Let’s get started.

Quick Search & Comparison Of Best Tablets for Sheet Music

Tablet Display Size
Apple iPad Pro- Editor’s Choice 12.9 inches Check Price
Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 10.5 inches Check Price
Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet 10.1 Inches Check Price



Apple iPad Pro- Editor’s Choice

best tablet for sheet music

This is the first tablet on our list.

It is no hidden fact that Apple rules the market. Their electronic gadgets are, indeed, the best in the whole market.

Apple iPad Pro is the latest, 4th generation iPad. It was released in March 2020.


Let’s review its immense features.

Display Screen

iPad Pro features IPS liquid crystal, a capacitive display screen with ProMotion, true tone, and wide color gamut. Everything that appears on the screen feels like reality. It is, certainly, the world’s most superior mobile display. The screen resolution is up to 2048 x 2732 pixels. The screen is scratch-resistant and coated with oleophobic.


Apple iPad Pro features A12Z Bionic chipset. With this chipset, Apple has left most of the PC’s behind. You can now handle countless games and flow of work with great convenience.


It is equipped with an octa-core processor that lets you multitask conveniently.


8-core graphics provide ultimate performance, and high graphics make everything appear true to life.

Internal Storage

Apple iPad Pro features 128 GB of internal storage. So, you can store a number of apps, books, comics, and whatever you like, with great ease.


The most exciting part is it doesn’t feature one camera nor two cameras. It features TRIPLE cameras, two main cameras, and one selfie camera. And it doesn’t end here! It also features a 3D LiDAR scanner. LiDAR scanner will not only improve the measure App but will definitely enhance the photography too. With 12 MP & 10 MP primary cameras and 7 MP selfie camera, you can now record and edit 4k videos and click some amazing shots. Also, you can scan and sign documents with great ease.


Apple iPad Pro features 4 speakers for louder and clearer sound. It also features 5 high-quality microphones so you can clearly convey your message without any disturbance.


Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/6 is available. Dual-band and hotspot connectivity is also present. Bluetooth 5.0 and GPS are also accessible. USB Type C 3.1 is present.


It features a fast 9720 mAh battery that provides up to 10 hours of battery life. So, you can now do whatever you like on your tablet without worrying about it running out of the battery.

This is all about its features.

Let’s examine its design now.


Apple iPad Pro is a pretty smart and good-looking tablet. It is 11.04 inches high, 8.46 inches wide, and only 0.23 inches thick. And weighs 1.41 pounds only. It is super easy to carry along with you wherever you desire. Say bye to big, bulky laptops.

You can choose from two fabulous colors: Silver and Space Grey.

It supports nano-sim and e-SIM.

The front is made up of scratch-resistant glass coated with oleophobic. The back and the frame of the tablet are made up of aluminum.


Well, frankly speaking, it is too big. 8 inches wide and 11 inches long! It is more than half the size of a laptop. Yet, it is an excellent replacement for laptops.

Let’s quickly review its pros and cons.

Pros Cons
Amazing display Too big
An excellent alternative for laptops
Very Fast



Apple iPad Pro has been made to perfection. Its considerably big, bright display screen and large memory storage is what makes it ideal for sheet music. Though it is quite significant in size, it is a great alternative for laptops. You can easily carry it with you wherever you go. It is definitely worth the purchase.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

best galaxy tab for sheet music

This is the second tablet on our list.

Samsung is neither behind in producing some amazing quality gadgets that provide ultimate performance. This tablet is one of them! No please do not start the Apple Vs. Samsung war here. ?

It was released in August 2018.


Let’s have a detailed look at its incredible features.

S Pen Included

This feature deserves to be listed at first! You don’t have to buy the S pen separately as it is included with the tablet. You can now take notes without even unlocking your tablet. And do you know what is even more exciting about it? It doesn’t need to be charged AT ALL. Yes, you read it right!

Far-field Mics

What if your tablet is not in reach, and you need to make an immediate command? Well, it isn’t a problem anymore with Samsung Galaxy Tab S4. With its far-field mics, you can get calls and play songs when you are nowhere near it. Amazing, right?


It features 10.5 inches super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen that provides a crisp, clear, true-to-life display. The screen resolution is up to 1600 x 2560 pixels.

Operating System (OS)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is installed with Android 8.1 (Oreo), and it is upgrade-able up to Android 10.


It has an octa-core processor which that lets you multitask efficiently and smoothly.


Adreno 540 provides you an ultimate and smooth performance.

Internal Storage

It comes with 64 GB or 256 GB internal memory. If you feel a need to expand it, you can add a micro SD card and can expand it up to 400GB.


The tablet features one primary camera, that is, 13 MP. You can also record and edit 4K videos. The selfie camera is 8 MP. So, you can also click your amazing shots.


4 loudspeakers are present so you can enjoy loud and clear sound. 3.5mm jack is also accessible. Not only this, but it is also installed with Dolby Atmos to provide you with true-to-life, cinema experience.


Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac is available. Wi-Fi Direct, dual-band, and hotspot connectivity are also present. Bluetooth 5.0 and GPS are also present. USB 3.1, Type C is present.


It has a 7300 mAh battery that provides long battery timing up to 16 hours. So, do your work, gaming, or whatever you like without any worry.

Let’s examine its unique design.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 has a modern, sleek design. It measures 9.81 x 6.47 x 0.28 inches. And weighs 1.06 pounds only.

It has impressive black color.

The tablet supports nano-sim.


Battery timing may vary depending upon the usage.

You can convert it into a PC by attaching the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 keyboard cover.


There is only one area where this tablet lacks behind.

It doesn’t have fingerprint recognition. So, you only have to rely on facial recognition. Many applications do not recognize facial recognition.

Let’s quickly review its pros and cons.

Pros Cons
S pen included Lacks fingerprint recognition
Far-field mics
Incredible display



Although it does not have a fingerprint reader, yet it is a very powerful tablet. Its far-field mics let you convey your message and also get other messages when you are not near the tablet. Its incredible display screen and Dolby Atmos bring everything true-to-life. It is definitely, perfect for writing, holding, and displaying sheet music.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet

Amazon Fire HD tablet for sheet music

This is the third and the last tablet on our list.

As we know, Apple and Samsung lead the market, but Amazon is neither behind. All of its electronic gadgets offer the ultimate performance and are made to perfection.

Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet was released in October 2017.


Let’s review its immense features.


This tablet features 10.1 inches 1080p full HD display with screen resolution 1920 x 1200 pixels. You can enjoy your favorite tv shows, movies or read books, comics in a crystal-clear viewing.

Operating System (OS)

It features Fire 5.3 operating system and customized Android 5.1 (lollipop).


Fire HD 10 tablet is equipped with Mediatek MT8173 chipset for fast and powerful performance.


It has a Quad-core processor that is efficient enough to run many powerful applications smoothly.


PowerVR G6250 provides you with incredibly high graphics and performance.

Internal Storage

It has a maximum of 64 GB of internal storage. If you find a need to expand it, you can add a microSD card and expand it up to 256 GB. Its large internal storage lets you keep your favorite movies, songs, pictures, books, comics, etc. on the tablet.


The main camera is 2mp. You can record and edit videos in 720p. You can also use a selfie camera, which is VGA, for video calling your friends and family.


Dolby Audio and stereo speakers provide cinema experience and bring everything true to life.


Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac and dual-band is available. Bluetooth 4.1 is present. microUSB 2.0 is accessible.


It is equipped with a Li-Po 3830 mAh battery that provides up to 10 hours of battery life.


Another plus point of having Amazon tablet is you get access to Alexa. Just ask Alexa, and she’ll do everything for you. From providing access to videos, music, games to setting alarms, seeing your calendar, news, to-do lists, etc. Alexa will do all!

Hands-free Mode

If your tablet is connected to a Wi-Fi, just ask Alexa, and she will respond instantly. You don’t even have to unlock your screen or anything.

Let’s quickly examine its elegant design.


Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet is one smart tablet. It measures 10.3” x 6.3” x 0.4”. And weighs 17.7 ounces only.

You can choose from three impressive colors: Black, Marine Blue, and Punch Red.


There is only one fact that is pretty much annoying rather than disappointing.

The tablet is, initially, heavily loaded with Amazon applications. And what’s more annoying is that you can’t even delete those. Well, there’s an alternative, you can create a folder and drag all of those applications, that annoys you, into that folder. In this way, they will be kept safe in one place rather than being scattered all over the tablet and pinching the eyes.

Let’s quickly review its pros and cons.

Pros Cons
Alexa Support Heavily loaded with Amazon Apps
Amazing Display
Good battery timing



Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet is one fantastic tablet. It is ideal for gaming and non-stop streaming. Its incredible display makes everything appear as real. If you don’t feel like typing or writing commands, you can simply ask Alexa, and she’ll be there to do everything on your behalf. In our opinion, this tablet is absolutely worth the purchase.

How to Choose the Best Tablet for Sheet Music?

It is neither simple nor easy to declare one tablet THE BEST out of the rest, especially when the competition in the market is pretty high. You simply cannot assume one tablet the best, on your own. However, there are certain factors that help in making a product better or prominent than the rest. As we mentioned earlier, not every tablet is suitable for storing and displaying sheet music. There are some elements that make a tablet capable of that. Here, we are going to discuss those factors. The purpose of listing down these factors is: you will be able to make the right decision and choose one tablet-based upon your needs, and if, at this point, you have any queries, they will also get cleared.

Display Size

This is the initial and most important factor to account for when picking a tablet for sheet music.

It is essential that the display screen should be big, and it has amazing quality. In most tablets, when you zoom in to enhance the text size, pixels get burst. As a musician, you will have to zoom in multiple times to have a clear view of your sheet music or notations.

So, carefully choose a tablet that has the biggest possible display size and maximum possible screen resolution.

Internal Storage

You definitely had experienced ‘’CAN’T DOWNLOAD, LOW STORAGE SPACE’’ a bunch of times in your life. Please tell me it doesn’t annoy you! Well, the truth is, it does. At that time, you realize, ‘’Wow! I have just wasted a great chunk of money on something useless.’’ *cries inside*

That is why it is so vital that you carefully analyze before making any decision. Go for the tablet that offers maximum possible internal storage or at least has expandable memory so that you don’t have to face trouble afterward. Having a large internal memory lets you keep your important apps, favorite shows, movies, music, and tons of music sheets in the tablet without going slow at all.


The processor is equally important.

It is desirable to go with a tablet that has a quad or octa-core. Both provide ultimate performance and let you multitask efficiently and play games smoothly.

Battery Timing

Without the right battery timing, a tablet is useless. Mark my words!

Imagine you just reached your music performance. You take out your tablet to watch your sheet music, and what you see instead is ‘LOW BATTERY, CONNECT CHARGER.’’ Ouch, that hurts!!!

Either you are playing games, streaming online, reading a book, or anything, a tablet that runs quickly out of battery is a total waste. When you have to choose one tablet from certain other options, go with the one that offers maximum possible battery timing.

A short reminder: battery timing also depends on your usage.

Convenient Portability

Tablets are made to use in the place of laptops because you simply cannot take laptop everywhere with you. That thing is massive, man! But imagine buying a tablet that weighs and measures exactly like a laptop? How can you carry that thing along with you? Your hands will surely be broken if you carry them for a longer time.

Modern-day tablets feature a sleek and slim design. So, choose one that is the lightest and thinnest.

Final Conclusion

In the modern era, nearly no one carries around papers containing sheet music on them. Everyone has either smartphones or tablets. If you are still lagging behind, it is time to switch to a smart gadget. Tablets are way better than smartphones when it comes to storing and displaying sheet music. Because they have a big, clear display with fast processors.

Instead of carrying hundreds of papers, you just have to take one device that has all of the papers stored inside. Unfortunately, it requires some specialized tablets to handle sheet music. To make things easier for you, we already searched markets and picked three best tablets for you. But the key is a pre-requisite to reach the right decision. So, at the bottom of the article, you have it. We hope that this article has helped you. Do share your feedback with us so we can improve our content’s quality according to your standards. Thank you and Best of Luck! ?


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