Best Tablets for Reading Comics In 2020

(Last Updated On: May 25, 2020)
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If you are looking for the best tablet for reading comics, CONGRATS! You are on the right site.

Comics are usually a narration expressed through images mixed with some text. Regular comic readers know how expensive it is to buy physical comics on a frequent basis.

Mobile and computers are not very good mediums for reading purposes. You cannot sit in front of it for a longer time. Even if you are tired, you cannot take the computer with you on a bed and lie down. On the other hand, mobiles are really small gadgets to read comics on it. This also affects your eyesight.

Tablets make it a good option for reading comics. As they feature large, widescreen, good battery timing, and you can carry it along with you anywhere, you desire. Either on a bed or on a road trip.

Not everyone is an expert on tablets and do not know what tablet is right for the objective of reading. Well, here is the good news: We have already searched, analyzed, and chosen three of the best tablets for reading comics out of a dozen.

In this article, we have mentioned all of those three tablets, along with their features, design, and limitations. At the bottom of the article, we have also presented a simple buyer’s guide. By reading that, you will be able to know what factors are important to consider while choosing and buying THE BEST tablet.

FYI: If you love playing games like hearthstone, we recommend checking these tablets.

Let us get started.

Quick search & comparison of best tablets for reading comics

Tablet Screen Size Screen Resolution
Apple iPad Air- Editor’s Choice 10.5 Inches 2224 x 1668 Check Price
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 Inches 1920 x 1200 Check Price
Apple iPad Mini 7.9 Inches 2048 x 1536 Check Price



Apple iPad Air- Editor’s Choice

best tablet for reading comics

This is the very first tablet we are going to examine.

It is no hidden fact that Apple has always ranked first in almost every gadget category, from mobiles, laptops to tablets. For many years, Apple has been providing ultimate performance.

Apple iPad Air is one powerful tablet that delivers the best performance and has the potential to run even the most powerful applications.

It was released in March 2019.

Let us briefly review its immense features.


We are going to examine its features one by one.

Display: First of all, we will talk about its display.

Apple iPad Air features a stunning 10.5 inches Retina Display. It features capacitive touchscreen technology and 264 PPI pixel density. With true tone and wide color, you can easily read in any light.

Camera: Moving further towards its camera, it features 7 MP HD front camera and 8 MP rear camera. You can now click and shoot some amazing shots and videos in 1080p.

Battery: It features a built-in 30.2 watt-hour rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, which offers up to 10 hours of battery timing. This is what makes it ideal for reading comics. You can take it along with you everywhere and use it all day.

Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi 802.11ac connectivity is available.

Other Connections: Bluetooth 5.0 is also accessible.

Chipset: Apple iPad Air features A12 Bionic chip with a neural engine that runs at a clock speed of 2.49 GHz, making it slightly faster than its predecessor.

Processor & Coprocessor: It features the Apple 64-Bit Hexa-Core processor and M12 coprocessor.

GPU: This tablet is equipped with Apple Quad-core GPU.

Its quad-core graphics let you experience reality effects in games, videos, and movies.

Security and Protection: In order to make your tablet secure, there is a Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor, which ensures that no one else except you unlock your device.

Apple Pay is also available to make secure payments and keep your accounts private.

Storage: Apple iPad Air features 64 GB internal memory, which allows you to store a large number of files, photos, and videos. So, you can easily download your desirable comics.

Attachments: What is most amazing about this tablet is that it comes with a smart keyboard and First-Generation Apple pencil.

With Apple pencil, you can take some fantastic looking notes. With a smart keyboard, you can write emails and make assignments with convenience.

Sim Card: It supports Apple nano sim.

Speakers: Stereo speakers are available.

So, you can also turn your stunning tablet in one mini laptop.


Accessories are sold separately.

Battery timing depends on usage.

This was all about its features and design.

Let us analyze its design.


Apple iPad Air is one smart and stunning tablet. It weighs 1 pounds only. Measures 6.9 inches wide, 9.9 inches high, and only 0.2 inches thick. This table is light, slim, and smart.

You can choose from three magnificent colors: Space Gray, Silver, and Gold.

Let us now see in which areas this device lacks behind.


Surprisingly, you will not find any drawbacks in it regarding touchscreen, hardware, or performance. There is a reason why Apple always stands in the first position. That is the reason.

But it is possible that you may receive a defective or already-used piece. In such a case, report to Apple Customer Care.

Let us quickly sum it up with the pros and cons.

Pros Cons
Amazing performance None
Incredible screen quality



Apple iPad Air is the beast of all. It delivers ultimate performance and features impressive design. Its wide, bright screen is what makes it ideal for easy reading in any light. Not only this, but its incredible battery timing also lets you use it all day. There are also many other great features in it. This tablet is absolutely worth the purchase.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

best android tablet for reading

This is the second tablet on our list.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A provides powerful performance and lively display.

It was released in March 2016.


Display: This tablet features 10.1 inches display with 1920 x 1200 resolution, which allows you to watch high-resolution content. You can enjoy the crisp text and true to life images with its incredible display.

Battery Timing: It features a non-removable Li-Ion 7300 mAh battery. Which provides up to 13 hours of battery timing so you can use it as much as you want. Play games, watch videos, read newspapers, and comics without constantly worrying about its charging.

Processor: Samsung Galaxy Tab A features an octa-core processor that delivers ultimate performance and allows you to multitask without facing any lag.

Samsung Quick Connect Feature: This feature lets you connect your smart tablet to your Samsung TV. You can share videos from your tablet to your TV with one just. Or, you can continue watching a TV show on your tablet.

Samsung Smart Switch: Do you find it hectic to move your data from the existing device to a new one?

Well, with Samsung Smart Switch, you can easily move your data, including contacts, videos, and images to your new Samsung Galaxy device.

Samsung Kids: With Samsung Kids subscription, you can limit the tablet time and also provide educational content to your kids. Samsung Kids provides you parental control.

Multi-Window: This allows you to perform two tasks at the same time. In one window you can chat with your friends, and in the other window, you can browse pictures, watch movies or read comics. In this way, you can do maximum work in a limited time.

Operating System: Samsung Galaxy Tab A features Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system. It can be upgraded to 8.1 (Oreo).

Chipset: It features Exynos 7870 Octa (14nm).

GPU: This tablet features Mali-T830 MP1 GPU.

Memory: It features 16 GB internal memory, which is expandable up to 200 GB. So, you can add, save, and download more videos, photos, reading content, and games.

Micro SD Slot: If you find a need to expand your memory, there is a card slot available on the tablet. You can add a Micro SD card whenever you like.

Camera: It features 8 MP rear camera and 2 MP front camera.

Speakers: There are loudspeakers available, and 3.5mm jack is present.

Wi-Fi: Dual-band, Direct Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac is available. The hotspot is also present.

Sim Card: It supports nano sim.

Other Connections: Bluetooth and GPA are also available.


Tablet’s performance and battery timing depend on usage and other factors.

There is some existing content present in the tablet which occupies a portion of memory.

The memory card is to be bought separately.

The device is compatible with Samsung Smart TVs only from 2015 to later models.

Samsung kid’s subscription is to be bought separately.

Multi-Window is not compatible with all applications.


Samsung Galaxy Tab A measures 10 inches high, 6.1 inches wide, and 0.3 inches thick. It weighs 18.5 ounces only.

The front is made up of glass while the back and the frame are of plastic.

You can choose from two decent colors: White and Black.

It is time to review its limitations.


One serious problem most customers frequently complain is that its screen gets shut off itself, the screen goes black, and it gets dead just after a few days. It is likely that you may also get such a defective device. In such a case, immediately contact the Samsung Customer Care and replace it with a new one.

Except for it, there are no such other problems with the device.

Let us quickly review the pros and cons.

Pros Cons
Amazing picture quality May get dead itself
Ideal performance
Incredible battery timing



Overall, Samsung Galaxy Tab A is one powerful and amazing tablet. Although there are many complaints about it getting dead and all, it is just typical that you may receive a defective device. It can be immediately replaced with a new one. There are no other problems with this device. Samsung Tab A delivers ultimate, smooth performance. It has incredible picture quality and offers excellent battery timing. Isn’t it all that you require to read comics conveniently?

Apple iPad Mini

This is the last and the final product on our list.

As we have already mentioned above that Apple never fails to provide immense quality products, this tablet is one of them.

Apple iPad Mini does all whatever you like. It provides excellent performance and has everything that a decent tablet should have.

It was released in March 2019.

Let us dig deeper into its features.


Display: It features 7.9 inches stunning display with 1536 x 2048 resolution. Its stunning, smooth, and clear screen allows you to read easily in any light. Its true tone and wide color screen are scratch-resistant.

Operating System: This tablet features iOS 12.1.3. It can be upgraded to iPadOS 13.4.

Chipset: Apple iPad Mini features A12 Bionic chipset, which is faster than its predecessor. It delivers ideal performance and runs the most powerful applications.

Processor: It features a Hexa-core processor.

GPU: The tablet is equipped with 4-core graphics that provide true to real experience and quality.

Storage: It has ample internal storage of 64 GB so you can save a lot of photos, videos, movies, and your desirable writing content.

Camera: Apple iPad Mini features 8 MP rear camera and 7 MP front camera.

Speakers: Stereo speakers are available with 3.5mm jack.

Wi-Fi: Dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac is available. Hotspot access is also present.

Other Connections: Bluetooth 5.0 and GPS are also available.

Battery: It features a non-removable Li-Ion 5124 mAh battery, which offers up to 10 hours of battery timing. So, you can enjoy games, movies, videos and read books, comics, newspapers for as long as you want.

Attachments: This tablet is compatible with Apple’s pencil so you can create, draw, or take notes.

Sim: It supports nano sim.


Apple Pencil is to be bought separately.

Battery life varies and depends on usage.

Let us review its design.


Apple iPad Mini measures 8.5 x 5.71 x 1.89 inches. It weighs 1.25 pounds.

The front is made up of glass while the back and the frame are made up of aluminum.

You can choose from three stunning colors: Space Gray, Silver, and Gold.


Overall, there are no significant problems with the device.

But it is possible that you may receive a defective product. In such a case, please contact Apple Customer Care.

Let us quickly review the pros and cons.

Pros Cons
Incredible quality No major drawback found
Amazing performance



Apple iPad Mini is a fantastic tablet. There are no such major issues in it, making it perfect to buy. It has a wide, bright, smooth screen with a true tone that helps you to easily read in any light. Its incredible battery timing provides you a maximum time of entertainment. This device is perfect for reading comics.

How to Choose the Best Tablet for Reading Comics?

We have mentioned three of the best tablets for reading comics.

We may know that the type of questions is arising in your mind at the moment. Which one is THE BEST tablet from above? What factors do we need to take into account while choosing the best tablet? What features make a tablet ideal for reading purposes?

Well, do not worry. In this section, we are going to clear all of your queries. We are going to tell you about a few of the factors that make a tablet perfect for the objective of reading.

So, let us get started.

Display Quality

As we all know, comics are not just for reading. Comics are combined with pictures. You will need a tablet that offers immense display quality. It should be able to provide perfect crisp text and ultimate image quality so that you can better understand it.

Display Size

Why we switched from a mobile phone to a tablet is because of the SMALL screen. The tablet you are planning to by should have a big widescreen so that you can easily read and view it. This helps in clear understanding and also adds to your convenience.

Battery Timing

You will definitely do not want the tablet to die without letting you finish your comic. You will also do not want to use it with charging cable plugged in it. And in the worst scenario, you will never ever wish that you are taking a long drive, and, in the middle, your tablet dies, and you are left with nothing to do.

Well, to avoid all such situations, in the first place, go with a tablet that offers incredible battery timing.

Good battery timing allows you to read, watch, and play for a longer time.


Next comes the storage.

Often, you do not have access to the internet all the time. For this purpose, you usually download your desirable content beforehand. But what will you do if your device’s space runs out?

You should look for a tablet that offers maximum internal storage so you can download all of your desirable comics and enjoy them wherever you want.

A tablet that comes with an additional card slot is also desirable. Whenever you find a need to expand the memory, you can add an extra memory card and expand it as much as you like.


Performance matters a lot.

Often times, while reading comics, you may have to search something, reply to a text, watch a video, or anything. And when you switch tabs or windows, the device starts lagging.

We recommend you go with a tablet that delivers ultimate performance and allows you to multitask without lag or any other sort of problem.


It is also necessary that you should check the processor before purchasing a tablet.

A good processor will deliver excellent performance, allow you to multitask and also run powerful applications.

Final Conclusion

Tablets are an excellent choice to read comics as they have a big, widescreen, and good battery timing. You can carry them along with you anywhere you desire. Nowadays, buying physical comics on a regular basis is not affordable at all. It is best that you purchase a tablet all for once and enjoy your favorite comics for a long time. But unluckily, not all tablets are perfect for reading purposes. When buying a tablet for reading comics, you have to look for many different factors such as battery timing, display quality, memory, etc.

In this article, we have mentioned three of the best tablets perfect for reading comics. Along with it, we have also presented a simple guideline containing a few of the factors that are important in determining which tablet is the BEST.

We want the best for you, and that is why we have tried our best to describe and list everything possible. We hope that by now your all queries are cleared and now you will be able to make a wise decision.

All the best! ?

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