Best Tablets For Writers In 2021

(Last Updated On: February 7, 2021)
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For some, writing is a hobby, while for others, writing is passion. And, to many, writing is pre-requisite for earning money. Well, either you use a laptop for writing or a smartphone, it is time to upgrade your device and switch to tablets. Tablets are replacing laptops rapidly due to their super lightweight and incredible portability. In this article, we have mentioned a few of our personal favorite best tablets for writers that offer an amazing writing experience.

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The factors that make a tablet ideal for writing purposes are its great portability, incredible battery timing, superb display, and responsive screen. We have discussed these factors in detail at the bottom of the article. But here’s a small reminder for you: Not all tablets are created equal! And, frankly speaking, it isn’t quite easy to search markets for one PERFECT tablet that does all. Nothing is perfect, to be honest. But there are undoubtedly some tablets that are better than the rest. You don’t have to go anywhere and search for tablets. Just continue reading this article till the end, and you will be able to find the best tablet that perfectly suits your needs. This is a mini-market at your doorstep!

Let’s get started.

Quick Search & Comparison Of Best Tablets For Writers

Tablet Display Size Weight
Microsoft Surface Pro 7- Editor's Choice 12.3 inches 1.7 lbs Check Price
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 10.5 inches 1.6 lbs Check Price
Apple iPad Pro 12.9 inches 2.25 lbs Check Price
Microsoft Surface Go 10 inches 3.53 lbs Check Price
HP Elite X2 12 inches 1.8 lbs Check Price



Microsoft Surface Pro 7- Editor’s Choice

best android tablet for writers

This is the very first tablet on our list.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is an excellent alternative for laptops.


Let’s look at its features.


It has great battery timing for up to 10.5 hours. So, you can take it along with you anywhere you want and start using & writing on it without even worrying about it, running out of the battery.

In just one hour, you can charge it up to 80% because of its amazingly fast charging.

Operating System

What’s make it more interesting is that it is installed with Windows 10 home so you can enjoy some fantastic Windows 10 functions. And it is also compatible with Office 365. So, do your work on it and save it in the OneDrive with great ease.


How do you want to use it? In a laptop, studio, or tablet mode? Yes, you can use it in three ways. Open up the kickstand, and it will be converted into a laptop, lower the kickstand, and there you go! The studio mode. And close the kickstand, and you have your tablet ready.


It features a 10th generation intel core processor that makes it faster than its predecessor pro 6.


It has both USB type c and USB type-A ports so you can easily connect it with play stations and other devices.

It’s time to examine its unique design.


Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is exceptionally thin and lightweight, so you can easily carry it. It barely adds any weight to your bag pack. To be precise, it measures 12.80 x 2.68 x 9.21 inches. It weighs 1.70 lbs only.

You can choose from two fabulous colors: Matte black & Platinum.


To enhance your writing and drawing more on Surface Pro 7, you can also purchase the Surface Pen.


You will be happy to know that there’s nothing majorly wrong with this product.

Let’s quickly review its pros and cons.

Pros Cons
Ultra-slim None
Upgraded processor
Convertible to three modes



Microsoft Surface Pro 7, on the whole, is an amazing device. It comes with Windows 10 Home. You can convert it into three different modes. It offers you exceptional writing and drawing experience. Battery timing is also right. Its upgraded processor provides ultimate performance. Because of its thinness and lightweight, it is pretty easy to carry anywhere. This tablet is worth investing your money.




Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

best android tablet for writers

This is the second product in our list.

Everyone is familiar with the fact that Samsung is neither behind in producing leading quality smart devices.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 was initially released in August 2019.


Let’s see what this tab can do.


The tab features 10.5 inches super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with screen resolution 1600 x 2560 pixels. With its crisp and clear display, you can bring everything true to life.

Operating System

It is initially installed with Android 9.0 (pie) and is upgradable to Android 10.


This tab features an octa-core processor that lets you multitask efficiently and provide improved, ultimate performance.


With Adreno 640, enjoy high graphic games.


The tablet has a dual primary camera. One is 13 MP while the other is 5 MP. You can record and edit 4k videos. The selfie camera is 8 MP. From selfie camera, you can record and edit 1080p videos.


Four loudspeakers are present to provide you with loud and clear sound.


Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac is available. Dual-band, WiFi Direct, and hotspot are also accessible. Bluetooth 5.0 and GPS are available. USB 3.1 type c port is present.


You can convert your tablet into a pretty mini desktop by attaching the keyboard with a built-in trackpad.

S Pen

S pen is included with the tablet. You can now sign documents, create pictures, take notes, and whatever you want, with great ease, with S pen. For the purpose of convenient storage and charging, it attaches to the tablet magnetically.


The tablet is equipped with a Li-Po 7040 mAh battery that provides 15 hours of battery life on a full charge. Yes, if you don’t believe it at first, like me, then reread it! ?


If you don’t feel like typing command, Bixby is there to listen to your voice. She does all – from providing access to songs to telling movies times!

Far-field Mics

With far-field mics, Bixby can listen to your voice even if you’re not near the tablet.

This is all about its features. Let’s have a look at its design now.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is a compact, lightweight tablet that comes in three appealing colors. It measures 0.22 x 6.28 x 9.63 inches. It weighs 1.65 pounds only.

You can choose from three pretty colors: Cloud Blue, Mountain Grey, and Rose Blush.

It supports nano-sim.

The front is made up of glass. The frame and the back are made up of aluminum.


  • Battery timings may vary depending on the usage.
  • The keyboard is sold separately.
  • The SD card is to be added separately.


There are only two issues that you’ll encounter while using this tablet.

First of all, it lacks a headphone jack. So, if you frequently edit videos or anything, this tablet is not for you.

Secondly, the fingerprint scanner is not that responsive. It will take numerous attempts to unlock the tablet.

Let’s quickly review its pros and cons.

Pros Cons
Amazing Display Lacks headphone jack
USB C port Unresponsive fingerprint scanner
Incredible battery timing



Despite the cons, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is definitely worth buying. Either you play games, watch movies, write, or draw, it provides ultimate performance and excellent battery timing. S pen is included to enhance your writing and drawing skills. With the access of USB-C port, you can quickly charge it and have access to other various devices. It is super light in weight.

Apple iPad Pro

Best IOS tablet for Writers

This is the third product in our list.

No lies, Apple rules the market! *Duh, everyone knows, Dumbo*

Well, Apple has never failed to meet the expectations of its users.

Apple iPad Pro was initially released in March 2020. It is a 4th generation iPad.


Let’s quickly review its features.


This tablet features 12.9 inches crystal-clear, liquid-retina, capacitive touchscreen with screen resolution 2048 x 2732 pixels. It has a true tone, wide color, and ProMotion. The screen is also scratch-resistant. So, you can enjoy and view crisp and clear text. Bring games and movies to reality with its incredible display.


It is equipped with A12Z Bionic chipset. Due to this chipset, the tablet delivers ultimate performance and speed that it has left many of the laptops behind.


The tablet has an octa-core processor perfect for smooth multitasking and switching between apps. Run games smoothly with its octa-core processor.


With 8 core graphics, say bye to all kind of graininess in the games and movies. Enjoy bright, high graphics games and videos from now on with Apple iPad Pro.


Two main cameras and one selfie camera are there to ensure you click perfect shots. So you can get maximum possible likes on your Instagram picture! ? Two main cameras are 12 MP & 10 MP respectively whereas the selfie camera is 7 MP. Not only this, but you can also now record and edit 4k videos with Apple iPad Pro.


It has four loudspeakers and five microphones that make sure that you receive and convey a loud and clear message.


Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/6 with dual-band and hotspot are available. Bluetooth 5.0 and GPS facilities are also available. As far as the USB port is concerned, 3.1 type c port is present that provides you great access to multiple devices and also facilitates charging.


With 9720 mAh battery, you can use the tablet for up to 10 hours. So, don’t forget to take your Apple iPad Pro with you on the road trip! ?


Apple iPad Pro has a unique, sleek, and elegant design. It has 11.04 inches height, 8.46 inches width, and only 0.23 inches thickness. And weighs 1.41 pounds only. You can quickly put it in your bag because of its lightweight.

You can choose from two decent colors: Silver and Space Grey.

Nano-sim and e-sim are supported, respectively.

The glass front is scratch-resistant, whereas the back and frame are made of aluminum.


There’s no surprise in it that Apple makes everything to perfection. The same is the case with this iPad. But one thing that MIGHT trouble is its TOO BIG size. 11.04 inches height and 8.46 inches width aren’t a small man! It appears to be almost like a laptop.

Let’s quickly review its pros and cons.

Pros Cons
Crystal-clear display This thing is HUGE
Efficient in multitasking



Apple iPad Pro is made to perfection. It definitely, meets the expectations of its users. Ipad Pro 4th generation is super reliable to use. It is a great replacement for laptops. Its excellent battery timing proves to be a great companion of yours in the boring road trips. Its touch is so smooth that you’ll feel like you’re touching a rose petal. What are you waiting for? Click on BUY instantly.

Microsoft Surface Go

Best Windows Tablet for Writing

This is the fourth product in our list.

With Microsoft Surface Go, you can enjoy three amazing modes: laptop mode, tablet mode, and the studio mode, on the go. So, never get bored on the road trips again! Grab Microsoft Surface Go, and enjoy whatever the model best suits you.


Let’s review its features.


It features 10 inches PixelSense touchscreen with 1800 x 1200 screen resolution.


The primary camera is 8 MP while the front camera is 5 MP. Click amazing shots and upload them instantly!


It has Intel Pentium Gold 4415Y Processor that makes sure you get fast and high performance, and your games don’t lag.


With Intel HD Graphics 615, enjoy gaming and streaming in high graphics.


WiFi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.1 facilities are available. One USB c port and one Surface Connect Port is also available. One headphone jack is also accessible. If you feel a need to expand its memory, then microSDXC Card Reader is also present.


Stereo speakers with Dolby audio are there to provide you cinematic, true to life experience like you never had in your life before.

Let’s examine its design.


Microsoft Surface Go measures 15.7 x 10.4 x 4.8 inches. It weighs 3.53 pounds.

It is available in impressive Gold color.


Surprisingly, there are no issues in the tablet.

Let’s quickly review its pros and cons.

Pros Cons
Incredible display None
Dolby audio
USB c port



Microsoft Surface Go offers high-quality performance. It has good battery timing. The display screen is pretty much good. USB C port facilitates access to various other devices. It has good portability. You can easily carry it with you wherever you want. It is definitely worth purchasing.



HP Elite X2

Best HP tablet

This is the fifth and the final product on our list.

HP Elite X2 features the thinnest and the lightest design. It offers excellent durability and productivity.


Let’s have a quick review of its features.


It features 12 inches, exceptionally slim, Corning Gorilla Glass touchscreen with 1920 x1280 screen resolution that lets you enjoy a crisp and clear display.


With Intel Core m5-6Y54 1.10 GHz Processor, you can multitask efficiently. The processor powers through the heavy apps.


It has integrated Intel HD Graphics 515. Enjoy grain-free gaming.


You can easily convert it into a laptop by attaching the keyboard.

HP Pen

Create stickers, draw pictures, or take notes with HP Pen.


Bang and Olufsen speakers provide you with high quality, loud and clear sound.


The main rear camera is 2 MP while the selfie camera is 5 MP. Click like-worthy snapshots! ?

Operating System

It is installed with Windows 10, so you don’t miss out on any feature of Windows 10.


802.11AC WiFi is available. Bluetooth 4.0 is accessible. One USB type c and one 3.0 port are available. A headphone jack is also present.

This is all about its features.

Let’s have a look at its design.


HP Elite X2 measures 11.8″ x 0.3″ x 8.4″. It weighs 1.85 lb only. It is the lightest and the thinnest tablet you can ever have. Its lightweight is what makes it so reliable to take along anywhere. It barely adds any weight to your hands or in your bag.

It is available in decent Silver color.


You will be contented to know that there is nothing wrong with this tablet.

Pros Cons
HP pen None
Amazing display
Exceptionally light and thin



HP Elite X2 is a great tablet. It is so light that you can’t even imagine that it has the capability to perform some amazing functions. But, in reality, it does! It offers excellent performance and durability. It also comes with HP Pen so you can conveniently take notes and draw pictures. Due to its lightweight and slim body, you can carry it anywhere along with you and never gets bored! This tablet is best for writers and worth the money.


How to Choose the Best Tablet for Writers?

As we have mentioned earlier, not all tablets are created equal. There are certain factors that make a tablet superior to others. Although we have mentioned five best tablets, it isn’t possible to purchase all five of them! *Obviously* Anyways, if you’re confused which one to pick, no need to scratch your head. Below, there are some factors that will help you in making a good decision.

Display Size and Quality

This is the first necessary factor to account for while picking out the best tablet for writing purposes.

As a writer, you need to see the screen clearly and brightly. It is what most tablets lack! Their poor display quality is what makes them nothing more than a piece of garbage. Frankly speaking, if a tablet has everything and it only lacks behind in the display area, then trust me, it’s a complete loss.

It is desirable to go with a tablet that offers the maximum possible display size and screen resolution. Moreover, too big sized tablets are no less than trouble. They are almost the size of a laptop, challenging to carry around and fit in the bag. So, while choosing the tablet, look carefully into these specific areas.

Battery Timing

Another necessary factor that you must not ignore in any case.

Either you’re gaming, streaming, writing, or creating, a tablet that dies instantly, is completely useless. You’ll always have to keep the charger plugged in the tablet while using it. You can’t even move it or take it with you while going out. This Actually SUCKS!

For this reason, it is preferable to choose that particular tablet that has not only fast charging but also provide long battery timing. Firstly, a book, then a smart device, is what proves to be your most magnificent companion on a boring road trip. So, choose wisely.


A processor is what determines how efficiently, smooth, and fast your device will run and function. Sorry to say, but many tablets out there in the market do feature-poor processors that result is lagging between the games, and you can’t even multitask on them.

As a writer, sometimes, you need to consult various sources to write your content. You need a tablet on which you can multitask and switch between applications easily without any stuck or hang. A processor is what improves a device’s productivity and performance.

Quad-core and octa-core, both are desirable to go with. Both these processors are efficient and powerful enough to let you multitask smoothly and doesn’t cause your games to lag at all.

Internal Storage

Storage is a big problem. You don’t even realize how quickly your device’s storage gets full. That’s undoubtedly not your problem, but it is your device!

Modern-day tablets are now equipped with up to 1 TB of internal storage. You should go with a tablet that offers maximum internal storage. So, after completing your writing work, you can save it conveniently. Besides, you can also download as many applications as you like, download your favorite books, comics, movies, music, and much more.


Graphics do matter a lot!

Many times, when you zoom in on a device, pixels get burst. This is the most annoying thing. You mostly have to zoom in to get a clear view of the text or to enhance your reading ability. For this particular reason, you need a tablet in which a good graphics card is installed.

If your tablet has a weak quality graphics card, you’ll instantly know as you will experience grains in the games. Pictures and texts won’t be that much clear. To avoid these problems, make a careful decision beforehand.

Operating System (OS)

All OS’s are excellent! But some just prove more convenient than others.

For instance, Microsoft tablets are installed with Windows 10 that let you enjoy all of Windows 10 functions and features. Secondly, they are easily compatible with Office 365. You can write your content and save it instantly in the OneDrive. Wherever you are, in-home, in-office, in the car, or on the road, just take out your tab and continue working precisely from where you left. This is a huge benefit.

Note: This isn’t necessary for you to choose Microsoft tablets. I just mentioned it specifically for writers who do utilize Office 365 for writing and working purposes. Otherwise, all the tablets, we have mentioned, have up to date operating systems.


Well, we have mentioned tablets for writing for the sole purpose that you can easily carry them along with you wherever you desire, unlike laptops. And, if you happen to purchase a tablet that is heavily-weighted so you can’t take it anywhere. Even you won’t be able to move it from its place. Yes, such tablets do exist. So, you don’t get fooled by any of them.

Choose a tablet that weighs like a feather and can easily in your bag pack. So, first of all, it won’t add any weights to your hand, and it will be quite reliable to use. Secondly, you can carry it in your bag pack wherever you go, either on the beach, at a party or a boring road trip. Boring? *Duh, Road trips are always boring! *


Writing isn’t as easy as it seems. My writer fellows know it better. And when it comes to writing on a tablet, it is even much difficult. You can realize from this fact that you can’t type more than a paragraph on a smartphone. *Which you do when you are fighting with your best friend, Lol*

Well, tablets that are easy to connect with keyboards greatly facilitate your writing job. Some come with a built-in keyboard, and with some, you separately have to buy keyboards. Both are fine, the main thing is they are CONVERTIBLE. That’s what you need.

Final Conclusion

Tablets are the best choice as far as the writing is concerned. No smartphone and no laptop can provide what a tablet can. Its effortless portability, lightweight and long battery timing is what makes it reliable for writing. There are many other factors to look, such as processor, graphics, memory, and so on. We have mentioned all of these factors in detail in the key provided above. Above, we have listed five of the best tablets for writers out of dozens. All these tablets have offer immense functions and features.

We hope that by now, you will have all of your queries cleared. If there’s anything we can do more for you, please let us know. Your feedback is of great importance to us.

Thank you, and Goodluck! ?

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