Best Watches For Ultra Running 2020

(Last Updated On: January 18, 2020)
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If we briefly describe ultra-running that would be the race or running which is usually longer than a standard marathon run. It plays an important role in a life of a person to stay active and healthy. Running, be it for the sake of health or mere sports is however beneficial. So, investing your precious time into it would give no harm to anyone, rather the incredible results will be seen in no time.

It also helps with your mental health along with your physical health. In today’s world of advancement, modernism and luxurious lifestyle it has become a trend as well. Be it any class, people follow this trend. The running is made convenient and easy because of the tracks and trails, the paths being not so novel interests the runners and more and more people jump into this as a hobby or a trend, day by day.

We are the generation who demands the results on spot and always on the go, in the haste, always want something to keep track of our progress. We are so busy in this hasty life that we often tend to forget. But the advancement in the technology has made us keep track of things so easy. The biggest and the most difficult of the things are confined in the smallest of the techs. Science, if we talk about, has made life so easy. On the tips of our fingers we have galaxies and stars.

Talking about the ultra-running, we got the finest of the technology to keep record of our time, health, progress in the smallest of inventions, a watch. Watches are used to keep the progress into the consideration and to keep the record of your time, your running.

Hence, we are putting up a list of best watches for ultra-running down below for your convenience to choose the best for yourself. These watches will make your running interesting, motivating and fun, this we bet. So, let’s take a look at the watches specifically made for ultra-running.

Quick Search & Comparison of Best Watches for Ultra Running

Watch Weight GPS



Garmin Fenix 5s Plus- Editor’s Choice

best watch for ultra running

The first watch in this list for ultra-running is probably one of the best one out there. It surely is an expensive watch, but you won’t regret purchasing it once you get it and start using it. However, this might not be the one if you are on a tight budget.


Let’s take a look at the features of  Garmin Fenix 5s plus!

This Smaller sized multisport GPS smart watch is amazing in every way which estimates the heart rate at your wrist and also includes color TOPO maps featuring Trendline popularity routing to aid you follow and find the best paths. It also features the built-in navigation sensors which includes gyroscope and barometric altimeter, three-axis compass, along with the multiple satellite system (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo) network capability which helps to track in more challenging environments than the GPS alone.

You can’t go on a walk or for a run without listening to songs, and this watch easily stores and play up to 500 songs and connect it with your Bluetooth headphones (these are sold separately) for phone free listening. The Garmin Pay contactless payment solution (which is available for only supported cards from participating banks) lets you make easy and faster payments right from your watch.

What makes a watch the best is it’s battery performance for sure. In smartwatch mode it runs for up to 7 days and in GPS mode with music for more than 4 hours.


It is a perfect fit for your adventures with it’s unique, bold and decent design which features a large 1.2 inches sunlight readable display. It’s extraordinary stainless steel bezel, buttons and the rear case are strongly built. This watch is designed for rough adventures and is made from the finest premium-grade materials, these Fenix 5 Plus Series watches are sold in a variety of finish choices, including DLC titanium bezel version and PVD-coated stainless steel bezel.

It’s high-resolution, bright, and full-color Garmin Chroma Display with LED backlighting makes your that you can read in all circulating conditions. And it’s exceptional translative technology reflects and transmits light at a time and enables the watch face to become more readable under the intense sunlight.


Considering this watch is EXPENSIVE, you already know that it comes with a lot of features and is a sturdy watch with long battery life. But It does have some limitations, more of like tiny flaws which could have been a little better. It does not have any LTE option, which might be a turn off for some of you. Another one flaw you might feel like which could have been improved is that the IQ store does not have many non-fitness apps. And lastly, the automatic exercise recognition is not the best among other watches.

Following are the pros and cons of this Garmin Fenix 5s Plus

Pros Cons
Amazing sports tracking. Automatic exercise recognition might not be greatest.
Full color maps and accurate on-the-go routing. No LTE option.
Lightweight and Spotify support. IQ store does not have a lot of non-fitness apps.
Compact design.



This Garmin Fenix 5s plus is probably one of the best watch for running out there. It offers every feature you could possibly think of or need for your running. It’s great for both athletes and newbies who wants to start living a healthy lifestyle with lots of running. Despite of these minor flaws it has, it’s still the best watch out there.

Apple Watch Series 4

Apple watch for Ultra running

The second superb watch for ultra-running is by Apple, which might be a perfect choice for both athletes and newbies who wants to start taking running seriously. It’s both budget friendly, sleek and durable. Having all of the necessary features you will need for ultra-running in this low price is a good deal.


Considering this watch has been re-engineered and designed to make sure that you stay active, healthy and motivated all the time. It’s just like you have ECG on your wrist. It gives you notifications for high and low heart rate and even if there is an irregular rhythm. This Apple watch is built smart enough to detect if you fall and realize any emergency situations.

It’s also designed to alarm you for yoga and hiking workouts and has amazing advanced features for professional runners like, pace alerts and cadence. It lets you see up to five metrics at the same time while you cover all the ways to your destination. It gives you a chance of personalized coaching with monthly challenges, achievement awards, and head to head competitions with your friends.


Their watches have always been of a decent and appropriate shape and design. This one has the largest apple watch display. It’s designed with an electrical heart sensor to keep track of your heart rate at all times.


Now, let’s head over to the limitations of this watch and have a deep insight of what this watch does not have to offer. Or what we think could have been improved to give us all the best results. Firstly, though it does show a good running data, but it’s not at the top when we compare it with other watches out there. Garmin is still a step ahead of it in this feature.

And secondly, it’s new flush side button is not the smoothest to press. Which is definitely not a feature to totally avoid this watch but could be one if you want your watch to be perfect in every way…

Below, we have mentioned the pros and cons of Apple watch series 4

Pros Cons
Great Battery Life. Running data is not at the top position.
Bigger and bright screen. It's new flush side button is not smooth.
Exceptional health features.
A good fit in a thinner body.



After analyzing this watch from every aspect and considering all the features. We still think it’s the best watch you can get for the money. It’s a great option for professionals and beginners, offering all the features you will need for ultra-running. The couple of downsides this watch has does not make it a no no for you.

Fitbit Surge Fitness Super watch

best watch for running

The list of best watches for ultra-running could not have been completed without adding this watch by Fitbit. It is no doubt an ultimate watch you will need for running. And it’s seriously the best value for the money.


No doubt this watch is the best ultra-watch for running, let’s take a look at the amazing features it has to offer!

It’s exceptional GPS tracking lets you see distance, split times, pace and elevations climbed and also reviews routes. It also keeps a track of your all day activities like your track steps, distance, floors climbed, active minutes, calories burned, your hourly activities and stationary time.

You can continuously get an automatic wrist based heart rate to keep a track for healthy living. This Fitbit watch also features SmartTrack and multi-sport modes. A good battery life is all you need in your watch; It lasts up to 7 days and GPS battery life lasts up to 10 hours.

It also features an auto sleep and alarms. You can also see calls and SMS notifications on your watch alongside with music control from your cellphone’s playlist. It easily syncs to computers and other smartphones without any difficulty.


Fitbit have always come up with a great and sleek design among all of the other watches. Their designs are user friendly and always stands out among other ordinary watches. They are not heavy on your wrist which irritates you the entire time you are wearing it. It’s super lightweight which gives an overall relaxed feeling.


Though, Fitbit is an amazing watch to own for ultra-runners, but it does have a few small flaws which might be a big deal for you based on what kind of running you do or your reason of buying it. Firstly, you cannot sync surge with your phone if the phone does not have any internet connection, which might be an issue if you are camping, hiking or are somewhere where you do not have access to internet.

And secondly, which is not a major one is that it’s not easy to set time on it when you change it’s time zone. Which might be a little annoying but not a completely turn off point.

We have mentioned the pros and cons of Surge Fitness Super watch by Fitbit below to help you decide if you want it for ultra-running or not.

Pros Cons
Heart rate monitor. Not easy to set the time on this watch when you change the time zones.
Lightweight and comfortable. You can't sync it with your cellphone unless your phone has an internet connection.
Classic watch clasp.



To conclude this Fitbit watch, we must add that it’s considered one of the best watches out there. Though it does have a design flaw which is not expected of such a well-known company, but it surely isn’t a design flaw for everyone. Based on individual requirements you might not consider it a flaw at all. Otherwise it’s an amazing watch to own in every way.

How To Choose The Best Watch For Ultra Running

Our major priority is to make your purchase valuable and easy. The following guide given will be helpful for you to choose the best product for yourself. We provide the maximum and best possible information about the product.

That being said, let’s take a look at the guide

Size and Weight

The watch being the best for ultra-running, has the best features and specifications. The size and weight of the watch matters a lot, though you might think that it’s not a big deal. But think of how many hours are you going to wear it? You would definitely prefer the one’s which have an appropriate size in comparison to your wrist and not too heavy that you feel it’s weight all the time.

It might not seem something of much importance now, but while running you would not want your attention to be on your wrist or watch. So, always go for the one’s you feel like will be good for you.

Design (sturdy yet comfortable)

The design of an ultra-running watch needs to be sleek yet sturdy. It should be extremely comfortable to wear at any time. You would love to wear a watch which has a sleek and fashionable design that it can even be worn at all times, at any place or event.


What do you expect from your watch? A watch which you specifically purchase for running? Obviously, GPS is something way important than you think it is, you need to keep a track of your way you are running at. Some watches even have feature which shows all of the jumps, or any kind of hurdles there are in your way, which is something really cool.

Heart Monitor

We believe, having a heart monitor right at your wrist all the time is probably way more than one can expect. It’s one of those features which is a luxury and a necessity at the same time. You would not mind having your watch, monitor your heart rate at all times and make you aware of your low and high heart rates. It’s good to keep your health under check and give importance to these features.

The choice, at the end is obviously yours.  Based on your needs!

Music player

Music is a medicine to soul, body and mind. An appropriate genre of music always helps.

It calms your mind and helps you focus. Music, therefore, make ultra running fun and exciting. So, having the option of playing music from watch would be amazing and a huge plus if you are a music lover. It’s definitely not the most important feature, but it’s always good to have extra features which comes in handy.

Battery life

Well, we all agree that a good watch should have a good battery life, we kept this feature in mind while looking for the best watches to give you guys good options to choose from. All of the watches mentioned above have good battery life. Although, turning on different modes might change the battery time mentioned above.

Overall Conclusion

So, to conclude this article about the best watches for ultra-running, we’d say that we have put our full effort into the research work to bring you the best in the market. We have mentioned all the specifications in detail for you to make your best purchase. The pros and cons have been mentioned about the watches. The details have been put about each watch separately with great detail so that you make the best possible decision for yourself. All of the watches mentioned above are the best used for the purposes mentioned, now off to you.

Happy running folks!

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