How To Fix High CPU Usage When Playing Games

(Last Updated On: March 13, 2020)

In this article we are going to talk about how to fix high CPU usage when playing games or doing any heavyweight tasks like video editing and running software’s which takes a lot of power of your CPU. As, we know that CPU (central processing Unit) is the brain of any computer and to make it think and work properly you need to keep it stress free.

CPU works like brain if you overload the brain of a computer it will crash. At the least, it will start acting weirdly like freezing and slowing which are very common issues now a days. Anyhow, In this article we are going to resolve the issue of high CPU Usage when playing games or doing any sort of demanding work.

Let’s Start with the basics first.

  1. Reboot Your PC (yes it can be as simple as that)

Fix high CPU usage

I know it sounds cliché but its not old wives tale. I remember that when I had my first PC back in 1998 if anything happens to it, I tend to restart it and the issues were resolved. Guess what? Then I had intel Pentium II now I have 8th generation intel core i5 and if my CPU usage gets too high, I simply reboot it and my laptop starts to work normally. Now let me answer you logically here otherwise my boring rebooting story will be of no use.

The reason is that I rarely shut down my pc. It stays on for weeks if not months like I said CPU is brain of PC if it’s not getting rest it will become sluggish. Understand this, you probably can relate umm! If you do not sleep properly, or not at all the next morning you will very bad, the brain fading, laziness, weakness overcomes you and makes you feel irritated.

Same is the case with your CPU, if its running for a longer period of time and not getting any rest it will push itself to spread the information to its body parts like RAM and graphics card and in result you will experience the higher Usage of CPU. So, moral of the story give a rest to your CPU. Reboot it! Rebooting will Jog its memory also remove the temporary stored files which can bloat overtime. So, rebooting your PC can be beneficial in longer run as well as can fix your high CPU usage. If not, then look at 2nd solution.

  1. End Processes Using Task Manager

our own screenshot of task manager at econsumermatters

After restarting your PC if the high usage is not solved and your CPU is still behaving abnormally you need to try this step. By pressing ctrl, alt and delete the task manager will open. You can also open task manager by moving your cursor on task bar and right clicking from mouse. It will show many options and one them will be option of task manger. After opening the task manager, it will show you the name of processes and the things they are using in first column you will see CPU, the second column will show you memory, the third column will show you disk usage and the fourth one will show you if the process is using any network which is your internet bandwidth.

For fixing high CPU usage you only need to fix on CPU column and see which app is using the most CPU, if its not window related and by ending it will not cause critical system error. In layman terms, if some unnecessary app is using too much CPU simply end it.

You can do that by right clicking on the app and clicking on end task after that see if your CPU usage has been lowered. If not, keep hunting for the unnecessary app and achieve the desired CPU usage. Note that CPU usage shows in percentage. The lower the percentage the less burdened is your processor.

See the images above to understand what I am talking about. If high CPU usage still not fixed move to third solution below.

  1. Update your Drivers (Really)


Many of us thinks including me updating drivers is overrated but its not. Drivers control the programs which are directly linked to your motherboard and keeping them updated is a good idea. Updating your PC drivers can fix the compatibility issues as well as bugs which can be generated due to various reasons. So, we highly recommend you update your necessary drivers. What are necessary drivers? Any hardware which is directly linked to your motherboard keep it updated.

Some bugs which causes unnecessary high CPU usage are linked with your BIOS and you can fix them by updating your BIOS. However, first identify and ensure that high CPU usage is causing by BIOS bugs otherwise you can face many issues. IF you do not know BIOS is a system firmware which is installed on your motherboard and plays a role of giving instructions to your PC other parts during starting your computer.

Usually, BIOS is not directly related in causing high use of CPU. So, that’s why I said ensure that the bug of BIOS is the culprit otherwise changing in BIOS can introduce new issues.

And, even after updating your drivers and BIOS the issue is not resolved. Try the 4th solution which is given below.

  1. Hunt for Malwares, Spywares, adware (any sort of viruses)

Virus can make you sick as a human being. The human being created the viruses to make PC sick which is very sick thing to do but what can we do? We need to cure it otherwise it spreads and can kill your entire computer. And Prevention is always better than Cure. So, keep your PC safe by using some reputable antivirus and anti-malware.

Malwares are sneaky and deadly, the get into your system without letting you know and take the name of some very common process or app like famous one explorer. Exe. Yes, just like shapeshifter so, never know it’s a malware and using your CPU, graphic cards and even bandwidth and you maybe wondering how the hell am I getting too much billing for my internet usage? The high CPU usage, the unknown user of your internet all can be cured if you hunt down the malwares. Its easy now a days by using some of the best anti-malwares, antiviruses and system protection software’s.

Now, even after scanning for viruses your high CPU usage is not solved move to the 5th solution.

  1. Power Settings

Power settings of your computer can impact your CPU usage. To ensure they are not causing high CPU usage when playing games or doing processor consuming work you need to check them. You can access your power options easily by typing edit power plan in your taskbar search option. Alternatively, you can access them by right clicking and selecting power options on a battery sign if you are using a laptop. After opening that go to show additional plans. You will see an option to choose high performance select it. After selecting check out if, your CPU usage has been changed for good. If not, move to the sixth solution given below.

  1. Contact or See the guidance from Your Processor Maker

We cannot deny that, there are two major of processors Intel and AMD. They have plenty of models and their performance can vary. There is not a fix all solution for every processor. So, if nothing is working for your CPU check out Guide and tutorials offered by your CPU manufacturer on their website or you can simply contact them for the solution. You can also search for the solution on forums. However, to get the best possible solution you need to know the details of your CPU. And there is a tool known as CPU-Z which is very useful tool to know info about your computer.

  1. Reinstall your Windows

If nothing works, then the last option you are left with is windows reinstallation. I highly recommend you installing Fresh windows by wiping clean your whole hard drive. I know its not easy if you have a lot of data so, backup your data in external storage. Having external storage now a days is necessary as we tend to have a lot of useful data. So, get one.

One Extra Solution (tested but not satisfied)

We are going to mention one more solution which is fixing your high CPU usage by using Speed boosting software. There are plenty of software’s out there which claims to boost your PC’s speed. Some of them are just advertised for gamers and usually known as “Game boosters”. I tried them some of them work and some not.

And I am talking about the paid ones. I am not going to mention their names, although, they are pretty popular brands and they charge you for subscription, but I think they does not make much difference and I am not satisfied and will not going to recommend. As a consumer, I cannot recommend another consumer something which we disliked. And this is motto of our blog too. For consumers by consumers 😊.

But we are going to leave this to you. Please inform us if you know some speed boosting software which is truly helpful and what was your experience.

Final Solution and Conclusion of This Article

And even after formatting your hard drive, reinstalling your windows your CPU is still slow when you are playing games or doing any sort of stuff. Then, you need to realize software is not the issue here

Maybe, you are using an old processor which is not sufficient for the game you are playing. Know that every processor is different and build for different purposes. Yes yes, you may say that manufacturers just doing gimmicks to market their products, but we came to know by founding econsumermatters that they are not just gimmicks by sellers.

When we are doing research for best CPU’s for VR, we came across many processors but only some of them are capable of supporting Virtual reality properly. Similarly, we have listed some of the best CPU’s for GTX 1080 graphics card which is very famous for the gamers. So, yes CPU makes the difference according to the purpose. In short, CPU and other components performance goes hand in hand.

And, if software is not fixing the high CPU usage when playing games then, you need to look for hardware change.

Also, if you know some solution for fixing high CPU usage when playing games, you can share any sort of trick with us in comment section below. After all, the purpose of this article is to help ourselves and our readers to solve high CPU usage issues.

That’s all folks! Please do not forget to share this article.


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