Mig Welding Tips for Beginners

Beginners Tips for Welding
(Last Updated On: May 12, 2019)

Mig welding is generally known as user friendly and beginners welding option. However, you need to follow some rules to get it done correctly. In this article you are going to find Mig welding tip for beginners. Even though, Mig welding is easy you need to be cautious and follow necessary rules. In failure, you can experience worse results both architecturally and outwardly.

Tip No 1

First step is to prepare the surface for welding. If the surface, you are going to weld is made off steel and covered with rust or paint ensures that you clear that up beforehand. For that purpose, you can use tools like angle grinder with flap disc.

Also, keep the ground clean using the same method so, the current passes to steel with extreme force.

Tip No. 2

Tune your Mig welder according to the surface you are going to weld. The setting which plays vital role or needs changing are heat and wire speed. We recommend you choosing the Mig welder which have theses options and you can adjust it according to your needs. Well, you do not have to research as we already listed the best Mig welder for beginners.

Keep in mind that the material of wire should be similar to the material of surface which you are welding. Also, as a beginner you should test your welder setting on scrap steel and surfaces before using it on some serious project. It is very true that, “practice makes a man perfect”.

Tip No. 3

First two tips helped you set up your Welder. However, the most important rule you need to follow is safety. Before even starting any welding, project ensure that you are wearing gloves, welding clothes, helmet and every other safety items you need.

Now, we are assuming that you already covered in your welding suit. You have the surface and the settings are done accordingly. Its time to fasten the material to the ground after that place your welding gun with around one quarter of an inch of wire laying out and then pull the welders trigger to start welding.

Tip No. 4

Now your welder is running utilize side to side motion technique to weld. Keep your speed and motion consistent. If, your motion and angle will not steady your weld will not be steady either. So, consistency is the key. Again, we would highly recommend you as a beginner to practice every tip on scrap metal or any material you want before moving to actual projects.

Tip No. 5

Weld the material in sections instead of doing it at once. If, you are to weld at once you can experience overheating of one area which can wrap the steel. This tip is highly essential when you are working on steel.

Final Takeaways

  • Get a Good Mig Welder
  • Use Scrap metal
  • Follow the mentioned tips
  • Practice
  • Make notes about what works or not

Or You can also join Mig welding learning classes if you do not want to risk it yourself. There are plenty of good instructors out there and surely you can find one by doing a research in your Area.

However, if you want to start it yourself follow the tips, which we mentioned in this article. And please never ever compromise on the safety. Always wear all the necessary protective gears. If you decide to buy your own Mig Welder go for cheap options initially like Mig Welders under $500.

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