What is Mig welding used for?

What is Mig Welding Used for? Econsumermatters
(Last Updated On: September 11, 2020)

MIG is known as Metal inert Gas. So, Mig welding is a process which connects the wire to source current to seam the two pieces of material. (Most probably steel etcetera).

The gas passes through the wire and gun of welder which prevents it from contamination. The key thing about Mig welders is the speed which it allows you to weld metals.

So, lets get to the main question what is Mig welding used for?

We are going to answer in short to save your time. Mig welding is usually used for soft materials. This welding type is most popular among automobile industry due to following reasons.

  • Versatility
  • Its speed
  • And clean weld

Mig welders are versatile because they can weld many types of materials and alloys. The control of speed is another thing which makes it desirable to users. And its protective design like we said above that the gas passes through wire and gun which prevents contamination and in result you get the cleanest weld.

What are the Hazards of Mig Welding?

We have talked about the good uses of Mig welding and answered your question about Mig welding most common uses. However, like any other type of welding Mig welding comes with different types of Hazards and you should know about them before starting your journey of Mig welding. The most common and dangerous thing associated with Mig welding is known as Arc Eye. This welding arc eye causes when your eyes are exposed to harmful UV rays. And Mig welders are very famous in producing high levels of UV lights.

So, this can be very painful and harmful condition for eye that’s why we always recommend you that safety is must.

One more hazard which generates from this type of welding is the exposure to the fumes of metal vapor. When metal gets melted it produces harmful fumes which are very dangerous when you inhale them.

Also fumes of Aluminum alloy and zinc are poisonous. This welding type is well known for producing these fumes. Still, these hazards are preventable by following the safety tips.

What are Safety Measures for Mig Welding?

Above we have discussed the hazards of welding. And surely, we do not want that you or anyone suffers that so, keep in mind that safety is not optional but its compulsory and you should be covered properly with protective gears before jumping into the field of welding.

  • To protect yourself from harmful UV rays, wear the best Goggles which are designed for protection against UV rays and welding. Also, wear the right welding clothes.
  • Also, if you want to prevent exposure to poisonous fumes. Carry out welding in open and well ventilated area. Moreover, wear the safety helmet and masks to prevent any kind of poisoning. As, these fumes have no color and no smell. Learn about controlling Hazardous fumes during welding Here.
  • Ensures that Fire Extinguisher should be in your reach while you do the welding. Always cautious of Flammable materials in area and remove them before starting your work.


There is no doubt this type of welding is among the popular ones. Yes, it has many benefits which surely outweighs its drawbacks and dangerous. Also, safety measures are necessary which minimizes the dangers of Mig Welding. One last thing, we highly encourage to have the proper training before getting into welding. To assist you we have covered some basic Mig welding tips for beginners.

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